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The Purple and Gold Standard

Updated: 2018-03-21T03:00:01-05:00


Wednesday Open Thread: March 21, 2018


We’ve made it half-way through another long, off-season week Merry Hump Day, everyone! Alright, this time of the year is the toughest for me, I’m sure I’m not alone. There’s no football, no baseball, the weather has sucked for what feels like a decade, and I can’t really go fishing. I’m ready for spring training & some open water walleye fishing. It can’t get here soon enough. I apologize for not being on much lately, I’ve had less than zero time (not possible, I know, but it feels that way), so I’ll make sure I get through more often to check in. Around the DN since our last open thread: Chris shared a very bizarre story involving Cayleb Jones and his brother, Zay. Another new pro football league is coming in 2019, per Chris. Ted gave us the update we’ve all been waiting for. Kai Forbath will be returning next year, as he signed a one-year deal with the Vikings. Chris, Ted, and Eric have a tracker where you can keep up on all the Vikings’ free-agency moves. Vikings news from other sources, and news from around the rest of the league: From the media vault, get an inside look as Kirk Cousins becomes a Viking, Brian Baldinger at the NFL Network lists his top 10 rookies, and Pat Elflein made the list. The Sporting News has a tale of the salary cap woes you’ll have if you kick the can down the road too long, featuring the Dallas Cowboys. Hey, those bills are gonna come due eventually. We come to today’s media selection. Here’s one that southparkskolman turned me on to a while back. Enjoy! src="" style="border: 0; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; position: absolute;" allowfullscreen="" scrolling="no"> Again, we all know the rules, but in case someone is new: -No discussion of politics or religion-No feeding of the trolls-This isn’t a male version of The View, so leave the gender hatred at the door-Keep the bad language to a minimum (using the spoiler tags, if you must)-Speaking of which, if discussing a newer show or movie, please use spoiler tags-No pictures that could get someone fired or in serious trouble with their employer-If you can’t disagree in a civil manner, feel free to go away-While navigating the open thread, just assume it’s sarcasm With that, the beer light is on and the bar is open. Belly up & tie one on. Don’t forget to tip your waitress, & try the head cheese. [...]

Cayleb Jones involved in bizarre incident with his brother, Zay Jones



And he may have saved his younger brother’s life

A pretty weird story has just hit the news, and it involves a member of the Minnesota Vikings’ practice squad and his brother, who is also a receiver in the National Football League.

TMZ Sports has video of Buffalo Bills’ wide receiver Zay Jones acting quite bizarrely in a downtown Los Angeles apartment, and wrestling with his brother Cayleb Jones, who spent last year on the practice squad with Minnesota. You can see the video below.

WARNING: Zay Jones is naked in the video, but there’s a blur on the video as well. There are also some shots of blood on the walls of the building.

According to TMZ, Cayleb was trying to keep Zay from jumping out of a 30th-story window.

Zay eventually broke free, and ran in the direction of Cayleb’s gf’s apartment ... you can hear her screaming. We’re told at some point, he ran back out of the apartment, entered a public balcony area and smashed his foot through a window.

Zay then tried to escape, but Cayleb managed to keep him restrained until the police arrived. He is currently being kept under observation in the medical ward of the L.A. County Jail.

I honestly have no idea what the hell transpired that led to all of this, but it would appear that Zay Jones is definitely not well. It also appears that his older brother (Cayleb was undrafted in 2016 while Zay was the Bills’ second round pick in the 2017 Draft) prevented him from doing something really, really terrible to himself. To this point, neither the Bills nor the Vikings have offered any comment on the situation.

Kudos to Cayleb Jones for taking charge of what could have been an incredibly tragic situation. Here’s hoping that Zay Jones gets whatever help he needs.

Another new pro football league is coming in 2019


And Jared Allen is part of the group behind it We’ve all heard by now that the XFL is going to be rebooted in 2020, though we don’t really know a lot of the details behind it yet. However, there’s another new startup league that appears to be ready to get the jump on the XFL by starting up a year earlier. . .and, by all accounts, it appears that they’re already a bit better organized. The Alliance of American Football is set to kick off its inaugural season the weekend after the Minnesota Vikings win Super Bowl LIII. Yes, on 9 February 2019. . .which is less than eleven months away. . .the league is set to get underway. They will roll out the list of cities that will be hosting their eight teams next month. The league will feature a 10-game regular season and four teams in the playoffs, with the championship game set to take place on the weekend of 26-28 April. Unless I miss my guess, that would put the AAF Championship Game the same weekend as the 2019 NFL Draft, though I’m guessing the game could be done on a Sunday so they wouldn’t have to compete against it directly. Or, perhaps, they want to compete directly against it. Why knows, honestly? The main forces behind the league are Charlie Ebersol, the son of legendary NBC Sports executive Dick Ebersol, and former NFL GM Bill Polian. There are a lot of NFL players that are involved with the startup of the league, including Jared Allen, the former Minnesota Vikings’ defensive end and future Hall of Famer. Hopefully it won’t derail his curling practices too much. More importantly, the AAF already has a television deal, as they are partnered with CBS. The league’s debut and the championship game will both be broadcast on the CBS Sports Network, and they will also be airing one regular season game each week. The rosters will be made up mostly of players that have been cut from other leagues, whether it’s the NFL or CFL or what have you, as well as stars from indoor football leagues. The league will also have bonuses for performance and “fan interaction,” as well as an app that will stream games free of charge. The AAF is going to have plenty of rules designed to speed up the game, including the elimination of kickoffs, much like they currently do in the NFL Pro Bowl. Instead, as they do in the Pro Bowl, each team will simply take over at the 25-yard line. Now, this also eliminates the option of the onside kick, but the AAF has an interesting way of dealing with that. Should a team decide that they want to try to keep the ball after a score, they will have the option of attempting a “4th-and-10” play from their own 35-yard line. If they convert the play, they get to keep the football. If they don’t, then their opponent would get possession on what would be a very short field. So, if you’re looking for your spring football fix. . .and I’m sure there are many that have been looking for such a thing for quite a while. . .we won’t have to wait until the XFL kicks off in 2020 to be able to do that. It’s less than a year away, as things stand right now. [...]

Report: Kai Forbath Returning On A One Year Deal



He will sweep the leg in purple at least one more season

Entering today, 30 of 32 NFL teams had themselves a kicker on the roster. The Minnesota Vikings were not one of those teams:

Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network has reported that Wright will be signing a two-year contract with the Carolina Panthers.

Wright joins a couple of Vikings that have made the move to Charlotte over the past couple of seasons. Offensive tackle Matt Kalil and cornerback Captain Munnerlyn both signed with the Panthers last offseason, as did wide receiver Charles Johnson (who did not make it out of camp with Carolina). The Panthers are also, reportedly, hosting offensive lineman Jeremiah Sirles today, so Wright could have more former Vikings to hang out with on his new team.

It’s important to note that, because he was released, Wright will not affect any potential Compensatory Draft picks that the Vikings may receive or lose because of free agency moves.

Jarius Wright has found himself a new home. We wish him the best. . .except, of course, for when he plays against the Vikings.

Ted Mock Draft 1.0


Because nothing says ‘fun’ like an exercise in futility with people getting hashtag mad in hashtag real life over said exercise Hi kids. With the Vikings going big early in free agency, the headline moves are probably done with, and now it’s time to settle in until it’s time for the next Significant Emotional Event in our off-season calendar, The NFL Annual Selection Meeting, some one month from now. SO HOW WILL WE KILL THE TIME YOU ASK? Mock drafts, of course. Yeah, guys I hate mock drafts. I’m not gonna go all ‘get off my lawn’ on you or anything because I know I’m in the minority here, but even the best guys in the business get 90% or more of the picks wrong, especially in a seven round mock draft. And a seven round mock draft done by anyone this time of year anytime, ever, is about as accurate as a depiction of the Earth made by the Flat Earth Society. And I am literally one of the worst in the blogging business at please, do with that information what you will. But damn it, so many people love mock drafts that I will give you what you demand, you addicts. Like I have done in years past, I decided to forego this month’s water and sewer payment, and fork out a enormous sum of money* on Fanspeak’s Premium on the Clock Mock Draft Simulator, so yeah when I come to your house to take a shower and use your toilet you’re not allowed to complain.** *It was like 10 bucks **Totally showering and dropping a deuce at your house though In determining my picks, I’m going by what I feel are the biggest needs for the Vikings, now that free agency has ended: Offensive Line Defensive Line depth Running Back or Wide Receiver depth Cornerback Depth With that in mind, let’s look at the Vikings draft picks: My draft strategy is to try and mimic GM Rick Spielman as much as possible—controlled aggression to get players that are dropping (see Dalvin Cook) or the best players available at a real position of need (see Pat Elflein). I know Spielman likes to have 10 picks heading in to draft weekend, and if he doesn’t have them he’ll make trades like teenagers make excuses when they’re in trouble to get to ten picks on draft weekend. But my ultimate goal is to get the best players I can assemble, not assemble 10 players. ON TO THE FICTIONAL AND WON’T EVEN BE CLOSE TO REALISTIC MADNESS MY FRIENDS: 1st Round: I didn’t make any trades up in round one, nor was I offered any trades when the 30th pick came up. Here’s what my big board showed me: Whew, lots of good options here at real positions of need. I think Austin Corbett is a bit over valued here, and either WIll Hernandez or Billy Price are much better prospects. Price has already had surgery for his partially torn pec suffered at the Combine, and shouldn’t be that much of a draft risk. If you think that might be too much of a risk, Hernandez is sitting there, too, and a lot of folks like him as much if not more than Price. But holy crap Vita Vea is sitting there, too, and darn near everyone projects him to be a top 10-15 guy. And a DT like that REALLY solidifies the Vikes interior rotation with him and new toy Sheldon Richardson. What to do, what to do... Selection: Will Hernandez, G, UTEP Really, you guys thought I’d pick Price if he was available, didn’t you? I think Price will be a great offensive lineman, but Hernandez is a guy that is a natural guard (Price would be switching from center) who’s athletic enough to get to the perimeter on a pull or a screen and consistently win his matchup. And he’s not coming off a partially torn pec like Price is, although that shouldn’t hurt Price moving forward. Second Round: But as the second round opens up, I see the Big Board set up like so, and I’m kinda excited by what I see: Man, Vea or Price would look really good in purple. So, I call Cleveland GM Sonny Weaver, Jr., and try to strike a deal (LOOK IT’S ALL MADE UP JU[...]