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Preview: Northern Virginiastan

Northern Virginiastan

Monitoring how Islam is subverting public institutions in Northern Virginia and the greater DC Metro Area

Updated: 2017-08-03T15:51:35.746-05:00


Elitist Horseface Snob @JohnKerry speaks at #iftar dinner at ADAMS Center


SECRETARY KERRY: Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you. Assalamu alaikum and Ramadan Kareem. I’m very honored to be with you. I’m holding this mike very close because I was in the Arctic the other day. You can hear my voice. I caught a cold. I think I got too close to the icebergs.
But it’s an honor for me to be here. Shaarik, thank you for a very generous introduction. More importantly, thank you for your wonderful service to the United States State Department. I think all of you can feel his energy and his enthusiasm, can’t you? And he is doing a terrific job for the State Department. (Applause.) 
 A wonderful good evening to you all. I want to express my appreciation to Imam Pastor Magid and also to Pastor Imam Roberts – (laughter) – very appreciative for their – very grateful for their wonderful words of faith, their words of an expression of our common ground that brings us here, and which more and more people really need to understand. And to all of the distinguished leaders of faith who are here, particularly if you don’t mind if I single out my old friend, His Eminence Cardinal McCarrick, who is such a wonderful leader here. (Applause.) I want to thank you all for hosting us here today. I’m looking out at this audience, and I want to know why there are more cameras focused on Angelina Jolie than me. What’s going on here, guys? (Laughter.)
To read the rest of Lurch's comments and watch video, visit Remarks at the Interfaith Iftar Reception at the State Department's web site.

Probe or dry run on DCA-MCO flight?


Rep. Don Beyer (D, VA-8) with Imam Johari Abdul-Malik of the 9/11, er, Dar al Hijrah Mosque

Major Nidal Hasan's court martial


Look into the eyes of a murderer if you dare
Over at Jihad Watch, Robert Spencer has been covering the shenanigans surrounding the court martial of Major Nidal Hasan, the jihadist who murdered 13 people and wounded another 32 at Fort Hood.

Northern Virginiastan has discussed Hasan's extensive ties to the DC area.

Hasan insists on keeping his newly grown Muslim beard, while the judge threatens to shave it.  Of course, the beard is a ruse, but there's an even more sinister motive behind it: the beard could preclude positive identification of Hasan as the murderer.

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Virginia Politicians And The Dar Al- Hijrah Islamic Center


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About Dar Al-Hijrah (with thanks to Denise), quite the web of Wahhabism (links from Wiki for convenience):

That mosque produced two 9/11 jihadists, one Ft. Hood mass murderer (Maj. Nidal Hasan worshiped there when he was stationed in the D.C. area) and Imam Anwar al Awlaki ,who emailed back and forth, advising Maj. Hasan and also praised the 1999 valedictorian of the in Alexandria Omar Abu Ali (who is now serving a life sentence for his part in joining Al Qaeda and attempting to assassinate President Bush); Al Awlaki glowingly compared Omar Abu Ali to Rosa Parks.


The real victims of the Fort Hood massacre


Our mainstream media has portrayed Nidal Malik Masan as the victim: a troubled individual who snapped due to harassment because he was a Muslim. It has displaced where our sympathy should lie: with the victims and their survivors. Here is the list of the 13 people who died in the Fort Hood massacre:

1. Lt. Col. Juanita Warman, 55, Havre de Grace, Md.
2. Maj. Libardo Caraveo, 52, Woodbridge, Va.
3. Cpt. John P. Gaffaney, 54, San Diego, Calif.
4. Cpt. Russell Seager, 41, Racine, Wis.
5. Staff Sgt. Justin Decrow, 32, Plymouth, Ind.
6. Sgt. Amy Krueger, 29, Kiel, Wis.
7. Spc. Jason Hunt, 22, Tillman, Okla.
8. Spc. Frederick Greene, 29, Mountain City, Tenn.
9. PFC Aaron Nemelka, 19, West Jordan, Utah
10. PFC Michael Pearson, 22, Bolingbrook, Ill.
11. PFC Kham Xiong, 23, St. Paul, Minn.
12. Pvt. Francheska Velez, 21, Chicago, Ill.
13. Michael G. Cahill, Cameron, Texas [civilian]

We extend our condolences to the family and loved ones of those who died in this massacre. Let us also not know forget those who were wounded, including woman warrior Sgt. Kimberly Munley who took down Hasan, suffered gunshot wounds of her own, and lost so much blood that doctors thought that she might not survive.

NOTE The Obamas will be attending memorial services for the victims tomorrow. The apologist-in-chief should apologize for the cold, unfeeling tone that characterized his initial comments about the Fort Hood massacre at the American Indian forum.

Surprise! Fort Hood murderer attended 9/11 Mosque


I call the Dar Al Hijrah mosque in Falls Church the 9/11 mosque because two of the 9/11 attackers worshiped there. In addition, it's the mosque where splindly terrorist wannabe Omar Ahmad Abu Ali, a frequent subject on Northern Virginiastan, taught children. The wife of Randall Todd "Ismail" Royer, who recruited for LeT, the terrorist group behind the brazen Mumbai attacks, worships there. This mosque has questionable ties to terrorism and terrorists.Now we learn that Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan might have attended the mosque at the same time as 9/11 attackers Nawaf al-Hazmi and Hani Hanjour. His family held his mother's funeral at Dar al Hijrah mosque on May 31, 2001. Nawaf al-Hazmi and Hani Hanjour attended the Dar al Hijrah mosque in April 2001. Imam Johari Abdul-Malik, outreach director at Dar al Hijrah, said he did not know whether Hasan ever attended the mosque but confirmed that the Hasan family participated in services there. Abdul-Malik said the Hasans were not leaders at the mosque and their attendance was utterly normal.The Falls Church mosque is one of the largest on the East Coast, and thousands of worshippers attend prayers and services there every week [my italics]. Abdul-Malik said it's a mistake for people to conflate regular attendance at a mosque with extremism [yawn - heard that one before].Many Muslims pray at the mosque multiple times a day, he said. "It's part of family life. It's like going out for ice cream after dinner."Now, isn't that precious? (not) We've profiled Abdul-Malik on this blog, and through that, Michelle Malkin mentioned Northern Virginiastan on her wildly popular blog.I wouldn't be surprised if it's revealed that Nidal Malik Hasan attended the Islamic Saudi Academy.Get this: it wasn't American media that first reported the potential link between Hasan and the mosque, but The Telegraph (UK).Meanwhile,Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey said Sunday it's important for the country not to get caught up in speculation about Hasan's Muslim faith, and he has instructed his commanders to be on the lookout for anti-Muslim reaction to the killings at the Texas post.He says focusing on the Islamic roots of the suspected shooter could "heighten the backlash" against all Muslims in the military.No doubt about it, political correctness is killing us, and it's penetrated the military, which is supposed to protect us.[...]

Major Malik Nidal Hasan's Virginia roots


Major Malik Nidal Hasan

I'm watching CNN's coverage of the Fort Hood massacre. From Jihad Watch, here's information about murderer Major Malik Nidal Hasan's Virginia roots:
Hasan was a U.S. citizen, according to Virginia voting records, and his parents are Palestinians from the West Bank, according to his aunt, Noel Hasan of Falls Church. He was born at Arlington Hospital Center.

Hasan, 39, had lived in Montgomery County, Md., and Arlington, Va., in addition to Roanoke and nearby Vinton, Va. He graduated from Virginia Tech and earned his medical degree at Bethesda's Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, records show.

Hasan attended the Muslim Community Center in Silver Spring and was "very devout," according to Faizul Khan, a former imam at the center. Khan said Hasan attended prayers at least once a day, seven days a week, often in his Army fatigues.
I did not have access to media all day, so I'm only learning about the massacre now. I'm listening to the reporting on CNN. All the talking heads (Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper) say is that Hasan wanted to get out of the Army because he felt he was being harassed. They do not say that Hasan was disciplined for proselytizing: that came from NPR (via Jihad Watch) - NPR! CNN also included the pro forma statement from Nihad Awad of the "Muslim civil rights organization" CAIR. How clueless can our media be?

Now I'm listening to some reporter who interviewed the clerk at the convenience store that Hasan frequented. According to the reporter, the clerk reported that Hasan didn't want to put in the position of attacking other Muslims. CNN is oblivious to the irony that Hasan apparently thought that was OK to murder American soldiers.

We at Northern Virginiastan extend our condolences to the family and loved ones of the victims and care and support for the survivors and comrades.

The Hotbed of Radicals in Virginia


See this post and the comments over at Infidel Bloggers Alliance. The post is titled "Hey! Always on Watch! What The Hell's Going on Down There?"

Much of the material has previously been covered here at Northern Virginiastan. But there are also some pertinent updates.

The Islamic Veil


In the past several months, I've noticed a greater presence of muslimatoon wearing various forms of the Islamic veil. In fact, the halal supermarket in Falls Church frequent has customers in full burqas going in and out of the store.In France, quite a reaction has set in with regard to this garbing up even though here in the United States the same garb is not causing much of a stir. One can't help but wonder if, at some point in the future, a similar reaction will be present in the United States.From this August 9, 2009 article in the Washington Post:...French people have long been accustomed to Muslim women wearing head scarves and long dresses. But the sight of women covered by black veils, increasingly frequent in some towns, has become the latest test of France's uneasy role as host to the largest Muslim population in Europe, nearly 6 million out of 64 million. Because of its stark distinction from the way European women dress, the full veil has generated a public outcry, becoming a symbol widely perceived as an assault on France's secular values."It's ridiculous," sneered Jose Aparecio, 66, a retired plumber surveying the busy square in Venissieux. "I don't know what they're trying to prove."[...]Most of the outrage, particularly among Paris commentators, has centered on women's rights, based on a supposition that women who wear full veils are forced to do so by their husbands. For instance, the Council of State, France's highest administrative tribunal, upheld the government's refusal to naturalize a veiled Moroccan woman because it said her attire "clashed with the values of a democratic society and the principle of sexual equality."But more broadly, the decision to wear a full-length veil has been interpreted as a way to defy the ideal of integration, which traditionally has underpinned France's attitude toward Muslims and other immigrants. By ostentatiously refusing to blend in, women wearing such attire have generated intense resentment among European-stock French people long uncomfortable with an unaccustomed religion in their midst.To some extent, the resentment also has spread among Muslim immigrants, particularly the elderly, who from humble beginnings worked hard to become part of the society and now see fellow Muslims challenging their adopted values. "If they don't like it here, they can always leave," sniffed Mustafa Zemaoui, 65, a retired locksmith who was sipping on a little glass of rose wine as the lunch hour approached.[...]...[T]he women become "walking prisons" behind their veils and, more important, are part of a campaign by hundreds of politically oriented Islamic fundamentalists to spread their views among Muslims in poor neighborhoods near the major cities of Lyon, Paris and Marseille....Read the entire article HERE.I'm not sure that I have recently seen in print in a mainstream-media publication that wearing the burqa is promoting "Islamic fundamentalism," which might be better expressed by the words "Islamic terrorism." Of course, using the words "Islamic terrorism" is tabu as those words interfere with singing kumbaya with those sworn to our destruction.What's the new euphemism? Man-caused disasters, or something like that?[...]

More coverage on the approval of the ISA expansion


Thanks to Snapped Shot

You may find more coverage on the approval of the ISA expansion at Crystal Clear Conservative, Snapped Shot, and Marooned in Marin.

The Fairfax County Times article Board approves expansion for Saudi private academy closes with the words of Supervisor John Foust (D-Dranesville):

“I think a lot of the charges that were directed at your school were misplaced,” Supervisor John Foust (D-Dranesville) said, speaking directly to academy representatives in the board auditorium. “We are fortunate in Fairfax County to have you as an educational alternative.”

Evidence of editorial bias on the part of the Fairfax County Times?

Foust's district abuts Sterling (Loudon County), where the All-Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) mosque is located, near the county line. According to the ADAMS website, ADAMS serves Chantilly, Centerville, Sterling, Great Falls, Ashburn, Leesburg, McLean, Herndon, and Reston. Membership is 2200 and ADAMS serves nearly 5000 families. Now you know who his constituents are.

Foust's district covers Herndon. Herndon is one node of Northern Virginiastan, the other being Falls Mosque, er, I mean, Falls Church. As noted in, the buildings at 500 and 555 Grove Street, right by the Herndon Post Office, housed dozens of Muslim shell organizations.

Approval Given For Expansion Of The Islamic Saudi Academy


At the madrassah's Popes Head Road location in southern Fairfax County.

Atlas Shrugs has the videos.

Jihad Watch also has coverage, and the comments section is quite lively.

HURRY to oppose ISA expansion!


As local activists know, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors will vote on expansion of the Islamic Saudi Academy at its Monday, August 3 on 3:00 PM.

Keeping in mind that political officials often respond better to phone calls than letters, I called the offices of Linda Q. Smith, Supervisor, Providence District, and Sharon Bulova, Chair of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. Not surprisingly, Smith and Bulova were in meetings.

Smith's staff member asked if I supported or opposed expansion of the Islamic Saudi Academy, as Smith's office was keeping a tally. She took down my phone number and said that she would have Supervisor Smith to call me.

I shared the following talking points with her senior aide "Lynn":

* The re-sentencing of Ahmed Omar Abu Ali to life imprisonment only this past Monday

* The possibility that 2003 ISA grad Raed Abdul-Rahman Alsaif was attempting a 9/11-style coordinated attack.

* With respect to the concerns of Springfield District residents about traffic safety on Pope's Head Road, I pointed out the 2005 accident caused by ISA bus driver Abdelrazeg Abdalla.

No oral statements will be taken at the August 3 meeting; however, written statements, submitted for the record, will be allowed.

Supervisor Pat Herrity of Springfield District will make the motion on expansion of the ISA.

Please email or fax a written statement for the record to Nancy Vehrs, Clerk to the Board of Supervisors. Email:; Fax 703-324-3926. Reference case number SE 2008-SP-025.

HURRY! Written statements must be submitted by COB Friday, July 31, 2009.

You are urged to read Urgent Action Alert: Help Defeat Terror School in Virginia from ACT! for America: Northern Virginia/Washington, DC Metro Chapter's Official Blog and ACTION ALERT - AUGUST 3, 3:00 PM from Saudi Watch for more information.

Also listen to a full hour of local perspective on the trouble with the Islamic Saudi Academy: Criminal, Legal, Land Use, and more via Radio Free Dar Al Harab (hat tip: ACT! for America: Northern Virginia/Washington, DC Metro Chapter's Official Blog)

UPDATE Legal jihad


From The ACLU has filed a lawsuit challenging limits on group prayer on behalf of Randall Todd “Ismail” Royer, whom we’ve discussed on Northern Virginiastan, and another inmate, Enaam Arnaout. Both Royer and Arnaout are inmates at the Federal prison in Terre Haute, Indiana. They are being held in the Communications Management Unit (CMU), which seeks to monitor inmates’ outside contacts. Thirty of 40 inmates – that’s right, 75% - in the CMU are Muslims.

Randall Todd “Ismail” Royer has had contact with blogger Umar Lee since incarceration.

“The ACLU contends that [restricting group prayer] violates a federal law barring the government from restricting religious activities without showing a compelling need.”

The Federal government has it right this time: there is a “compelling need” to restrict religious activities, in this case, group prayer, as it would be a means of the prisoners to conspire among themselves.

Royer, a former communications specialist for CAIR, was part of the Virginia paintball gang. The mainstream media (MSM) portrayed the Virginia paintball gang as just a bunch of guys engaged in fun and games. The truth is more damning.

Counts 2-5 of the indictment against Royer and his comrades state that Royer and others had commenced an expedition against a friendly nation, namely India. Some Americans might consider these charges to be dubious: how do these charges impact the U.S.? Royer was recruiting for the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) terrorist group. LeT was behind the brazen terrorist attack last November in Mumbai, India, in which Americans were targeted and murdered.

UPDATE: Anti-terrorism activist Debra Burlingame, sister of pilot Charles F. “Chic” Burlingame III, whose jet was crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11, has an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal about conducting jihad from prison (hat tip: Atlas Shrugs). While Ms. Burlingame's article focuses on the lifting of security measures imposed on Richard Reid, the notorious "Shoe Bomber," she cites the case of Royer and Enaam Arnaout towards the end of the article.

From 30 years to life


Our favorite splindly terrorist wannabe and 1999 ISA valedictorian Ahmad Omar Abu Ali was re-sentenced today. He will now carry a life sentence, not the original thirty years.

The usual suspects (L to R): 9/11 Mosque iman Shaker Elsayed, lawyer Ashraf Nubani, and Abu Ali's dad, after the re-sentencing. The three men have been previously covered by Northern Virginiastan.

Abu Ali remained defiant:

"I would like to remind you that you too will appear before the divine tribunal with me and everyone else," he said in a brief statement to U.S. District Judge Gerald Bruce Lee. "That day there will be no lawyers ... If you are comfortable with that, you can decree what you will."

To which I say: