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Preview: Our Journey Through Life

Our Journey Through Life

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Simply Lally Blog


I have moved the contents of this blog and am regularly (well semi-regularly) posting over at my other blog  Simply Lally

If you would like to continue getting updates to the blog, head over there and become a follower or subscribe with your email.

Its been a while...


I have been missing blogging since we moved and hope to start up again soon. I love picture blogging here and since dial up internet is what we have that is not really feasible. Yes, I said dial up. lol I have posted several times over at Lally, though the posts are sporadic at this point. One day soon I will get the hang of this internet thing and be back to regular posting.

In the mean time whats been going on? Since my last posting we have moved to a rental about 25 miles east of our previous location. Its about 10 miles from a little town and 25 from bigger shopping options. We have had 6 birthdays starting in December with Madeline and ending in May with Joe. Our chickens have been expanded from four to about 30-40ish right now. Some will be dinner soon, others are the laying flock, and 4 are the kids show birds for 4H. The garden season started with much anticipation and excitement. 3 garden shares have been sold and this is our biggest garden ever! The weather has thus far been uncooperative with about 3 non rainy days in all of May. Mind you I said non rainy and not sunny. We have had hail the size of golf balls and well I have never been so unsuccessful at growing greens. lol I am not even going to tell you about the tomatoes and the peppers. Its just sad, very sad. The poor things couldn't be in the house any longer and they had to go out. That's the last few months in a nutshell. I hope to be back blogging soon as I really miss it. Just need to figure out a workable option for me with photos. For some reason blogging is not the same for me without photos. :)

We are here


We moved in on the 10th and are still unpacking. No photos yet but soon I promise!! The kids are really enjoying all the areas to explore in the yard and I am completely enjoying the peace and beauty that is out here. Madeline told me the other day that the air smells good out here. :) I am starting to plan our garden and am really enjoying unpacking and setting up house again. lol Hope you are all well just wanted a quick update on here as its been a while. See you soon with pictures...

November/December 2009


These are in no particular order. In fact I think they are backwards. lolWhat do your kids do when you pack all of their toys without thinking? They make a mouse house! Marah enjoying the snowNaomi not really sure what it was Christmas Eve reading the bible The three older kids and Joe went to zoo lights.Someone turned 9!! Gingerbread cookies Drawing with Daddy They played dress up This is a game called Star Mars. Think StarCraft and Mars Mission combined. The kids made it and its really quite fun. Michael checked out this book from the library and fell in love with it. Its The Little Red Hen only with a burrow who grows corn and makes tortillas. We of course had to make our own tortillas. If you haven't heard yet we are moving! This Saturday to be exact. The house is wonderful and on an acre. We are super excited. Not sure how much blogging I will be doing as the house is so far out in the country that the options are dial up or satellite. Satellite is not in the budget yet so we are giving the stone ages, I mean dial up, a go. I posted more about the move over on my blog with some pictures and I will try to get new house pics up there if I can later. have a great 2010 everyone!![...]

2009 Family Photos


This year we had our photos done by Nicole Renea Photography. I can only say wonderful things. Nicole was amazing to work with. She was patient and kind when dealing with our large brood. 2 adults, 4 kids, and 1 camera make for some hard work on the photographers part. I have to say that Nicole truly captured our family. There are no perfect posed photos here, just perfect photos that reflect our family. She was amazing with the kids and listened to their ideas for photos. She followed us around for over an hour snapping away while sometimes being pulled in different directions. Getting more than two kids in one spot for more than a millisecond was next to impossible, but she did it. I cannot say enough how much we enjoyed this years photo shoot and I hope that if you need photos in the future you will contact Nicole. Her website is here or you can become a facebook fan here to get updates.I had a hard time choosing just a few photos to post today, so you get a bunch. :) [...]

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October Days


A few photos from October.We went to Bonneville Dam. The kids had a great time. So much to see and do. Sadly the only pictures taken were by Madeline while we ate lunch. We were enjoying everything so much we didn't even think of taking photos.Marah is potty training! She insists most days on getting her clothes on by herself. :) There has been a lot of play with this old stop watch we found in the garage. Maddy had a friend over. This is H. Photo by Maddy. We have been working on a new science curriculum. Maddy more than Michael. This day was all about Mollusks. Michael enjoyed this huge shell. Michael made a loaf of bread all by himself. Starcraft night. Micheal was able to play his first game with Uncle Terry and Joe. They brought the dining room table into the living room. lolSetting up.Madeline watching. She was going to a sleep over but her friend was sick. Instead she was able to go to a friend's birthday party. Her and I did crafty things while the boys played. Banana Split night 2009. Lots of ice cream, lots of toppings, one pasta serving bowl, 5 spoons. Then popcorn and a movie. The kids look forward to October 31st every year for Banana Split Night. Naomi was asleep through it. As soon as she can sit through a whole movie hours after bedtime she can join us. :)[...]

Sewing Alley



I've been busy and hope to do a photo update of the last month soon. It is the holiday season which means bazaars and lots of sewing for me. I am excited to announce that Sewing Alley is (finally) re-opening on November 6th! Previews are up now. You can see them here. I am also still stocking toys on the first Tuesday of every month at Hidden Element Congo on Hyena Cart.

The giveaway is still going on over at Sewing Alley Blog as well! Make sure you check it out and enter for a special gift from Sewing Alley. Get the details by clicking on the link above.

September Update


I love that this is considered fun for the kids. Michael found his Miquon math workbook the other day and asked what it was. I told him and he asked if we could do it. Sure! So Maddy got hers out to and they spent the next hour and a half or so doing math. At one point Michael was struggling with something and Madeline asked him if he wanted to copy her work. He said "No thanks, all the answers I need are in my brain." I love this, just love it. :)Even snack can turn into a fighter jet. Didn't you know? In case you wonder its cracker with peanut butter, an apple slice, and banana slices. Look it really flies and even has missiles.We sold the chicken run and 5 of the chickens. I was really sad to see them go but its for the best right now. We still have the coop and 4 of the chickens. Maddy is hoping to take them to another 4-H chicken show in the next few months.We have been canning. If you want to know what it all is head on over to Lally. I just did a canning post. Kids being silly. Our church, Living Hope Church, had a family fun night/come and meet the Kids World teachers. Marah's teacher asked if people could bring snacks. Cupcakes, yum! Marah got to choose the frosting color since they were for her classroom. Which she actually goes to now and no she no longer hits other children over the head with chairs. Amazing really how much she has grown in the last year or so. lol So soon when Naomi will let us take her to childcare we may actually get to leave the parents room. Head on over to the Sewing Alley blog for previews of some items that will be stocking on October 6th over at Hidden Element.[...]

August Update


Not so much to post this month. Majority of the month was taken up by illness and the Skamania County Fair which I posted about earlier. Lots of photos taken by the kids in this one.We made pasta sauce with our garden tomatoes!One morning bright and early, or should I say dark and early, someone woke up and decided to take self portraits, hundred of self portraits. Also photos of chairs and carpet fuzz. Here are a few of the ones I kept. I did a trade with a mama friend of mine. A sewing machine that was not working out for Madeline for some knitting. The yarn was supposed to be longies but it did not want to be longies. I don't knit so I can't really tell you how yarn can do this but L tells me it happens. The yarn decided it wanted to be a dress. The most beautiful little dress that will double as a shirt when it gets too short. We love it!!I could just eat her up. Joe went on a Daddy play date. They took the max to the zoo with some friends. I stayed home with a napping baby and sewed. It was wonderful! They had fun too.That's it, I will try and take some more photos this month! See you then. :)[...]

Skamania County Fair


Last month Madeline participated in the Skamania County Fair with her 4H group. They camped for 5 days. It was originally supposed to be Joe and the two older kids but stomach flu hit the first night and Michael came home so Joe took Marah. Once Michael was better we traded again and then me and the little girls at home got sick. Oh it was an interesting week.Chickens had to have a bath. I guess it strips their feathers and then stimulates them to produce oil which will make them nice and shiny for the fair. They were not enjoying themselves. "What are you guys doing?" We had to be careful not to get the water in their faces so only dunked and swished from the neck down. A soppy wet Goldie. She was not happy and proceeded to dust bathe after an hour long grooming session to get all her feathers back in place. "Poor chickens" The carnival at the fair.Kids had a blast on the rides. Michael did NOT enjoy the zipper. Best slide ever Madeline's show chicken Little Bo Peep. One of her other chickens won Reserve ChampionAnother won Champion. All dressed up for showing her chickenAll lined up for the judges.Blue ribbonOn the last day Michael was stepped on by a cow. He is fine and I thank God. 1200 lb cow plus Michael's foot could have been a lot worse than the bruise he recieved. Maddy and one of her 4H buddies.And I will leave you with this. There was a playground at the park and this tree was in the center. Do you see it? Very fitting as I sat and nursed Naomi right here. [...]

A Great Giveaway


A great giveaway over at Hip Mountain Mama of natural art supplies. Click on the photo to go to the actual giveaway.

July Update


Another busy month.Fourth of July. Marah was old enough to stay awake this year. She really enjoyed watching the fireworks. Michael spent most of the night like this. Then fell asleep on my arm. He insisted he did not want to go inside though. We made boats.We had lots of cool baths when the weather hit 107!! Michael lost his first tooth.Naomi gave Marah a black eye.We went to the beach twice. This is trip #1. Cannon beach was warm and we had a blast.This one of Naomi's many faces. Another face The kids love the wavesRUN!!!Madeline could live on the beach. Beach trip #2 was cold and wet! We camped for two nights and it never really warmed up. Once we were about 5 minutes east of the ocean on the way home the clouds cleared though. We were at Sunset beach which you can drive on. It was neat to just park out there. I think you bring home more sand this way though. It doesn't have time to fall off on the walk back to the car. lolI have hopes of blogging regularly at some point. Right now I am re opening Sewing Alley and am going to concentrate on the Sewing Alley Blog and getting some sewing done. See you next month!![...]

What We Have Been Up To: June 2009


Its been another busy month here. A quick update to let you know what we have been up to.Visiting Great Grandma's and Grandma Karen's. The creek.I love this tree in Great Grandma's front yard. I used to play under it in the summers. There is almost no traffic in this end of the highway (literally) town. I spent many summers coloring the road and bike riding here.Grandma Karen with the older two kids exploring the creek.All the kids throwing rocks. Naomi climbed right in and sat down in the water. Marah tired of rock throwing quickly so we joined Great Grandma on the bench overlooking the creek and lake. Her house is in the background on the right. Her "boyfriend" lives next door. lol It is a good thing she does not have internet access cause she would not be pleased with me about this. We got a really large egg one day and this is what was inside!! A triple yolk.A recent activity in the backyard. We filled socks with cornstarch and sprinkled them in different spots to find spiderwebs. It was a lot of fun.Uncle Robbie came to visit and brought Flower Girl shirts for the youngest, a Ring Guard shirt for Michael (its the camo one above), and Maddy's Jr. Bridesmaid shirt is on the way.Michael dug a hole in the digging spot. Nomy likes it I think. :)We met M, L, and E at the zoo. The kids playing in the grassy area after lunch.This is L. Joe's "mom", isn't she beautiful. Maddy took all the zoo pics.E making a goofy face. Some how we have no pictures of M. We played in the grass. Lots of grass. The grass is always greener on the other side, at least to the chickens. They also had some fingers. I think they think hers are worms. I keep hoping she will learn soon but she does this over and over and over. They do not break skin or anything but I am sure it is not a pleasant feeling. Madeline Nomy has helped herself to most of our strawberry harvest this year. She eats them stem and all. The reason for the lack of June updates. Yeah typing was not easy, or cutting, or diapers, or well anything. Another zoo trip just me and the kids this time. Self portrait by Maddy.[...]

An old man, a fish, and some hair. Lots of hair.


Yet another birthday in our household. Check out this old man!Check out his birthday cake I made! Vanilla bean ice cream, oreo crust, oreo layer, topped with carmel, hot fudge, and what else but more oreos. A beautiful girl. Madeline made carmel corn.Such long hair!A large pile of hair! A brand new haircut!Another haircut though no personal haircutting was involved with this one. lol The cat loves to bring us mice, moles, birds, and other such treats. We were a bit shocked one morning to see that he had brough us a fish! Where you ask in the land of suburbia did he find a fish? Umm in the neighbors Japanese Garden. They won't miss it right?Sick Nomy on her favorite sleeping spot. She won't sleep on me as she just wants to nurse (and puke). Other news. We got rid of the two aggressive chickens. Love Craigslist where we sold them for $15 each. The 4 month old pullets seem to have adjusted now. Took about 3 days but they will now come out of the coop and run into the outside grassy area. The other chickens don't seem to notice them. With the exception of Goldie who I believe is now top hen. She definately tells them she is boss but does not attack them like the Rhode Island Reds. We are down to 10 chickens now with 6 laying currently.[...]

More Birthdays and other Random Photos


Marah celebrated a birthday! 3 years old.She had been asking for pink cupcakes. Well the day came and she decided she wanted purple cupcakes with pink frosting. I made a new recipe out of the cookbook and added purple food coloring. They turned out this funky mauvish color and taste awful! The kids enjoyed them but a friend and I agreed they were bad. At least the frosting was delicious. He is so a little brother. Notice the mischevious grin. Now he lets go. Marah was annoyed at first and then realized what was happening and thought it was great fun. lolMadeline taking pictures of her siblings.She is saying "let me out!" Now that she has discovered outside she will always go outside if you ask her. She practically runs for the door when I say "do you want to go outside?"I was inside with the other kids doing something and as I walked by I noticed Joe and Marah playing ball together. Marah was just so excited to be actually hitting the ball and Joe looked like he was really enjoying the one on one time with Marah. I had to snap this quickly before Marah noticed. Not sure whats up with Joe though. lolThis is Marah's garden. Notice the large patch in the middle thats snap peas, on the right pole beans, on the left radishes and carrots. She also planted lettuce, corn, squash, zuchini, pumpkins, tons of flowers, cucumbers, and more. Note that her garden is only about 2 feet by 1.5 feet.We had to put the Rhode Island Reds in chicken time out. Someone at 4H suggested it as they were tag team attacking the new chickens.Joe went to St. Cupcake for my birthday cupcakes. YUM![...]

Happy Birthday Marah and Her Birth Story


3 years ago you made your entrance into the world. It was a wonderful day and though it did not go as we had planned I loved your birth. You are very strong willed and have opinions on everything. I love seeing you explore new things everyday and swear I can see your brain thinking about things.Happy Birthday Marah!Here is Marah's birth story cut and pasted from a message board I posted on shortly after she was born. Its long!I had been having contations on and off for about a week. They would start about 7pm and go for a few hours. On Wednesday, 4/5/06, I was having alot of them and though this may be it. Well contax continued for most of the night but I was able to sleep in between them. Finally about 6am I could not sleep through them and got out of bed. I went back to bed about an hour later and slept for a little while. The contrax were strong but not regular in length or time between them at all. So I decided to go do a bunch of errands (had to get my drivers license renewed before the 11th) in town. I asked my brother to go with me in case I went into labor he could drive me home. So I continued to have contrax through out the day. Some of them were coming closer and at one point I really though I should not be driving around. LOL. So errands done I dropped my brother off at his house and started for home. At about 1:00 I called my DH to ask him a question and he answered the phone with "no you cannot be in labor now." He was joking and I told him no I was not. He was in class until five. When he got home I thought that maybe this was it but did not want to get to excited in case they stopped like previous times. So we took the kids on a walk and I had a ton of contrax while we were out. Then we went to dinner and the grocery store. I think I scared some guys (we live in a college town) in the dairy aisle. I had to stop and breathe through some of the contrax. When we got home we put the kids to bed, by now it was about 7:30pm. We did some cleaning and then decided to watch a movie. About 30 minutes into the movie I said I cannot watch any more because I cannot remember what is going on. I decided to call my best friend who had a three hour drive and tell her that it might be tonight. We decided to set up the birth tub and make the bed up, which I had been holding off doing because I was still thinking that these would stop. Well this took 45 minutes and I called my friend back and told her she should come. A while later ( I think about midnight??) my DH called our doula who said she was on her way. I asked her if I should call my MW (she is also this MW's apprentice) and she said that was up to me and do what felt right. So I had Joe call her because I was being very vocal through the contrax. MW heard me in the back ground and decided she should leave for our house which was 30 mins away. Well MW arrived first and then our doula. My friend Jennifer arrived shortly after this. I asked MW to check me and I was about 5cm. I was a bit dissapointed because I had been 3-4 about a week ago. Because baby was still posterior I had been laboring on hands and knees as this was most comfortable. But our doula suggested doing stairs with my feet really far apart. I could get down and then back up the stairs before a contraction came and I would plop down on my hands and knees. I had to have someone doing the double hip squeeze on me!!!! I have no idea how long I did this. At some point in here my DD woke up and we decided to call our "kid doula". DS slept through all of this though, except for yelling about tractors in his sleep, LOL. But finally I decided I wanted a shower. The shower was not th[...]

Birthdays and Legos and Anniversaries oh my!


March was a busy month. Nomy turned one, Michael turned 6, and Joe and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. I cannot believe we have been married 7 years and together for 10! I have been planning our garden and enjoying the sunny weather when it comes. April is coming which in our family means birthday season. There are at least 7 April birthdays I can count off the top of my head!We had Uncle Terry over for birthday cake and dinner on Michael's birthday.The chickens are all laying now. We regularly get 8 eggs a day and come July will be getting even more once the others start laying. We have started selling eggs and have someone coming weekly to pick up. Aren't they so pretty!Michael recieved a bunch of Lego's for his birthday and this is a Mars Mission umm alien thingy. He was very proud to finally get it all put together! Look at his face, such excitement! Nomy is now walking more than crawling. It is really cute to see her toddling all over the house. Michael had a birthday party and invited some of his friends. He only wanted to invite C, G, and N but I told him their sisters would most likely come too. lol One night after dinner (an early 5 o'clock dinner at that) I was loading the dishwasher while Nomy finished eating only to look over and see this. lol [...]

Bread Recipe


I keep getting comments and emails to share my bread recipe. First I will say it is not my recipe. :) I found it on someone elses blog (drawing a blank on who???) and tried it out. Now I just want to say that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this recipe. It is so easy. It requires no kneading and it keeps in the fridge for a few weeks, that is if it lasts that long. We have yet to make it three days with a batch of this bread. I love that I can make so many different things with this one recipe by just adding different ingredients. I have made Naan, dinner rolls, sandwich buns, loaves, cinnamon rolls, and even made it in a loaf pan for white sandwich bread. I also use the whole wheat recipe, which is several pages in to the article. I make at least 2 or 3 batches of ww dough a week and we use it for toast, sandwiches, everything. I do find that I get less loaves per batch but I make them really big. :) So no more from me here is the recipe:

Okay just a little more from me. The article suggests reading the whole article/recipe before you start. Take their advice. lol There are lots of tips in there on how to handle this gooey, sticky mass of runny wet dough. It took me several batches before I understood how to shape the loaf. The ww dough is even wetter! Each recipe has a different technique on how to do it, well the artisan loaf and the ww anyway. I have not made the other recipes just made variations of my own. So go enjoy some fresh bread!

Today's loaves of ww sandwich bread baking in the oven

Tonight's sandwich rolls rising for Salmon sandwiches.

Happy Birthday Michael!!


Happy Birthday Michael! I cannot believe you are 6. You have grown into such a wonderful person. You are everything boy and love to run, jump, build, and play rough. You are also very kind and gentle when you need to be.One day oldYes thats you in your sisters pink pajamas at about 6 months old. [...]

Birthday girl, chicks, and baking day


Small update for March. We had to build a second fenced area for the chickens. They used to come out and free range all over the yard but the poop was just too much. We realized Naomi cannot even crawl around the backyard this spring unless we somehow get rid of the poop. So fence it was. We will figure out how to move this every so often or split it in two so that they can have a fresh area all the time.The coop, run, and new fence.Chicken bottoms. Don't try to take their picture when you just threw them a bunch of scratch. lolBaking day. This is a no knead 5 minute artisan loaf. You can refridgerate it for up to 3 weeks and we get about 3 loaves in the batch. It says 6 but we make large loaves I guess. It takes about 5 minutes to mix and then you let it rise and then in the fridge it goes. I have also made Naan, rolls, and cinnamon rolls out of this dough. Yummy!Pancakes for the freezer.A busy baker making cookies.The pancake flipper.The painterNomy's first birthday. We had dinner and cake. Look mom I'm one! Really its look at this sugary slimy stuff, should I eat it?Her first cake, carrot with cream cheese frosting.The baby chickens getting out while I cleaned the brooder.This is Michael playing the drum set he created the other day. allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />[...]

Happy Birthday Naomi


I cannot believe she is already one year old. This year has flown by! Her first year went so much quicker than any of the other kids it seems.Naomi we thought you were a boy and I was so excited and surprised when you came out and your big sister announced you were a girl! You are so little (the smallest of all the kids we think) and have no fear. I am constantly finding you inside or on top of things. You can climb on and off the beds, the couch, and yesterday I found you in a stock pot in the kitchen. You say mama and dada but don't really have a need for other words. You sisters and brothers talk so much for you. You have gone from rolling, to crawling, to standing, to yesterday walking about 9 steps across the room. Soon you will be running wild and I will be exhausted from chasing you. I am so blessed that God gave you to us and cannot wait to see what year two brings us.Happy Birthday Naomi (aka Nomy)Minutes old One weekMarch 08April 08 May 08June 08July 08 Aug 08Sept 08 Oct 08Nov 08Dec 08Jan 09Feb 09March 09 [...]

Projects, Maddy shots, and Falling


So its not the end of Febuary and these are the last of the pictures I have to get on here. :)Madeline loves to take pictures and here are some Maddy shots from this month:This is our wall and I think that is hair.This would be a sideways MarahMaddy's eyeOkay back to Mommy shots here.Marah did a project. It involved lots of glue. She is so proud of her work I had to take her picture! It also involved her sisters head. A little in her ear... A little on the top... Some on the forehead. Nomy thought it was great fun. I have not taken any pictures in the last 2 weeks or so. It has been pretty hectic. Joe hurt himself while hiking with clients. He fell down 10 feet or so of hill and then off a 15 foot cliff. He broke his nose, sprained his ankle, got a concussion, and had a lot of cuts and bruises. He landed 3 feet from the lake and was hypothermic (or close to it, not remembering now) when rescue got to him. That was 2 weeks ago and yesterday he had surgery to fix his nose so he is in a lot of pain and enjoying some percocet. :) I thank God he is still here. A few more feet and he would have been in the lake. Even the firemen, paramedics, and doctors are surprised he is not hurt more. It has been a crazy few weeks and I am ready for it to be over. :) [...]

Bread, Drawers, and Storage!!!


A rare moment when Michael asked me to take his picture!

Nomy loves to empty out the drawers and climb in them.

A new sandwich bread recipe. I really like it!

We bought a new van and I had to take a picture of the back after a Costco trip. We do one trip per month to Costco and buy a lot to freeze and store. Normally the back would be full, the front full, the sides full, and things in between the kids seats. Everything fit in the back nicely!

I have yet to take a picture of the actual van its a 2008 Town and Country.


Michael Counts to 1,000


Last night Michael announced he was going to count to 1,000. He started with spinning in the dining room and slowly moved around the house and he did make it to 1,000. Notice in each video he is in a different location and moving around as he counts. I am so glad he is able to learn in his own way and not have to sit still in a classroom. :)

The quality of the videos is messed up. I think someone around the age of 8 played with the settings when they took pictures earlier in the day. :)

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You can hear him in this one saying he is going to count to 1,000,000 next. He started today while we were at Costco. lol Currently he is at 1,129 and asked me to remember that so he can start again later. :)
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