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Do You Know the Real Meaning of Memorial Day?


There is something special about observing Memorial Day and it involves reconciliation. In other words, the history of this observance finds its genesis in the Civil War and the families who carried on with their lives after losing loved ones in combat.There are a lot of claims as to its actual beginnings, with many cities claiming to be the birthplace of Memorial Day. Organized women groups

Obama's Strategy on Afghanistan


It is difficult, even impossible, to accept President Obama's "New strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan" as described by him in a formal speech on March 27. It fails by imperial and non-imperial standards. First the imperial: Chalmers Johnson, a former CIA agent, reports in his book Nemesis: "The Carter administration deliberately provoked the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan... In his 1996

The Expanded Role of the National Guard


When I enlisted in the Air National Guard it was never in my mind that I would be traveling all over world and becoming involved in major conflicts for my country. I thought of the National Guard as defending the USA from attacks and preforming duties in possibly other states or providing disaster assistance.Now some 26 years later I have seen the role of the National Guard change into an

How to Send Care Packages to Troops Overseas


Care packages for troops on duty overseas are not only needed, but are still the best way to 'thank you'. While most basic needs of troops are already provided for, there are always certain items that are in short supply.For example, prepaid phone cards are the best and most useful things to send troops overseas, according to the Army & Air Force Exchange Service, whose phone campaign is called

Connecting With Our Armed Forces


In the light of our proud soldiers that are stationed throughout the world to protect our freedoms, a strategy has been put in place for them to text message home. Our soldiers find themselves having a lack of communications with friends and family here in the United States. They have a right to be able to share with their loved ones, what they choose to share on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

USA Patriotic and Armed Forces Charms


US Army American Flag and Statue of Liberty Italian Charm American Flag Black Laser Charm America Peace Symbol Photo Charm American Flag B2 Bomber Peace is Patriotic Photo Charm

Support Our Troops & Their Families


Remembering our armed forces both foreign and domestic is an important way to show support for our country regardless of how you feel about our government policy.A gourmet gift basket online is a unique affordable way to send a little pick me up to someone who may have to spend the holidays away from their friends,family and community.A chocolate gift basket would surely raise the spirits of a

National Anthem Project Concludes With Grand Finale Events


By Samantha L. QuigleyAmerican Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON, June 15, 2007 – In the shadow of the Washington Monument, with its 50 American flags snapping in the breeze, the “President’s Own” U.S. Marine Band helped kick off the grand finale of the National Anthem Project here yesterday.The National Association for Music Education’s multiyear project to get America singing its anthem again

Simple Ways To Support Our Troops


Are you looking for simple yet meaningful ways to support our troops? Below are 4 low cost ways to do just that.Sending Gift CardsSending Care Packages Sending Calling Cards Being A Pen Pal Sending Gift Cards - You could also show your support by sending gift cards. Sending Care Packages - If you choose to support our troops by sending care packages, be sure you know what to put in them. Iraq is

Family Life and the US Military


Life in the Armed Forces is not for the faint hearted. This goes double for their spouses and children. There are many special challenges for dependents of service members. One of the first are periodic moves to different locations. Uprooting a life with friends and known conditions is at best harrowing even if everything goes correctly. When something goes wrong, such as belongings that show up

Drunk Driving Vs. The War In Iraq


There’s a really popular trend right now of bombarding Pres. Bush with criticisms for a lot of reasons, but particularly for the current conflict in Iraq. I can’t attest that his reasons for entry were flawless or that we “should” or “should not” be there (that’s so grey, in spite of what a lot of hard-headed and self-important protestors think). Basically, I feel that I, along with most

Progress in Iraq


At the beginning of this year, the Multi-National Force-Iraq military command released its annual report on the state of affairs in the war-torn country once dominated by Saddam Hussein’s dictatorial regime. Called “Iraq: 2006 Year in Review,” the 25-page report offers some valuable insight into the progress being made, even as anti-war activists and members of Congress call for the withdrawal of

Why George Bush Was Right To Invade Iraq


George Bush was right ton invade Iraq for many reasons. Saddam Hussein had cancelled numerous planned weapons inspections by the United Nations installing fear in the USA that he had them. Saddam Hussein was a brutal dictator who massacred nearly a million of his own citizens. He told his country he was a direct descendant of Mohammed. Saddam Hussein was a crazy and brutal dictator.He gassed and

A Quick Overview of the US Armed Forces


The United States divides its military forces into five services. The Army is the largest and is intended to be the primary ground combat force. The Navy is in charge of operations at sea and includes a powerful air component. The Air Force is the youngest service and is in charge of aerial operations. The Marines are primarily intended to deploy combined arms forces in response to crises around

Military Exoskeleton Suits


Most of the exoskeleton suits are still in work and some of them work pretty well, but they are thinking too small and are too much under budget. Exoskeleton suits as everyone knows can be used for just about anything on the ground, combat or non-combat alike. If the current exo suit is as good as it says, I think they should look to a higher view. Of course this is a good starter but not good

Rally the Troops with Inner Fire


Many who thrive in the workplace are those bursting with drive and determination. These folks who are motivated by their jobs.Every person who works have personal reasons for working. While most work for money, others work because they love their jobs and because experience a sense of fulfillment. Some work because they desire to aid others or to feel distinguished in a field. People work because

A Military Wedding Complete With Military Wedding Cake Toppers


For many couples one of the great things about getting married today is the fact that they are no longer bound by the customs and traditions that ruled the arrangements for their parents' wedding, but are able to plan a wedding that very much suits their own personalities and lifestyles. But what about those couples who are planning a military wedding?The basis of a military wedding is of course

Pentagon Channel Launches In-Flight Service on Military Charter Flights


By Jim Garamone and Petty Officer 2nd Class Carolla Bennett, USNAmerican Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON, April 24, 2006 – The Pentagon Channel has launched "Pentagon Channel In Flight," a military news and information service that will be aired on military charter flights worldwide."Pentagon Channel In Flight is another way in which we can introduce service members to the Pentagon Channel and

Bush: Victory in Iraq Will be Blow to Terrorist Ideology


By Kathleen T. RhemAmerican Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON, April 24, 2006 – A successful democracy in Iraq will be a major tactical and ideological blow to the totalitarian vision of Osama bin Laden and his lieutenants, President Bush said in California today."One, it will be a tactical blow. We'll deny them that which they want," Bush said in a speech in Irvine. "But secondly, it will be a

Ten Ways to Support our Troops Overseas


You know the situation our troops face everyday. We live in dangerous times and our soldiers are laying down their lives to keep all of us, you and me, safe and secure at home.Maybe you know someone in the military. Perhaps you son is in the Army, your brother is a Marine, your niece is in the Air Force or your neighbor serves in the Navy. You may even have been in the National Guard at one

South Park Takes on the Mohammed Cartoons


I just finished watching an episode of South Park that I'm certain will be generating its share of buzz tomorrow.SP creators Matt Parker and Trey Stone gave their audience alot to chew on, so I'm going to recap from memory and TiVo best I can.The show's plot centered around the Mohammed cartoon controversy, opening with a scene where main character Stan is startled out of bed by his hysterical

Funerals - Military Funerals


In this article we're going to discuss funerals that have more tradition associated with them than probably any other. Military funerals.Military funerals are loaded with tradition. A final farewell to a fallen comrade is one of the most glorious events that any person can attend.The first thing that one notices at a military funeral is the flag draped casket. The blue field of the flag is placed

Obligatory 24 Posting


I don’t watch 24 on TV, I wait until the DVD comes out, block off 3 days, and watch them back-to-back. Here is why I do this: If Jack Bauer was in a room with Hitler, Stalin, and Nina Meyers, and he had a gun with 2 bullets, he'd shoot Nina twice.If you get 7 stars on your wanted level on Grand Theft Auto, Jack Bauer comes after you. You don't want to get 7 stars.Jack Bauer does not sleep. The

Seattle Seahawks- Terror Targets?


As I was driving up Interstate 5 to my TDY motel room, the local radio talk show host in Seattle was ranting about the Super Bowl. I know the Seahawk fever has seeped into the town, but the host was afraid that this would be the Super Bowl that the terrorists would attack- nuking the Seahawks into oblivion. I don’t believe that Al Qaeda hates the Seahawks, per say, but the point is interesting

The Just War Theory and Iran


An excellent way to clarify the justification for military action against the Iranian regime is to examine the crisis through the lens of the Just War Theory. The JWT is a philosophical compass, orginially designed by two of the most brilliant Catholic theologians --St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas-- as an ethical field manual for Christian soldiers. The driving concept of the theory is that