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Preview: Comments on: The breastfeeding debate continues

Comments on: The breastfeeding debate continues

The Diary of a Midwife

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By: TinaH

Wed, 28 Jun 2006 12:26:30 +0000

I think that nursing advocates also need to march themselves to groups like the US Chamber of Commerce (the voice of America's business) and begin convincing them of the workplace benefits to employers for enabling their employees to nurse.

By: heatherw

Tue, 27 Jun 2006 15:41:13 +0000

I do think we need to change the image of breastfeeding in our culture... and I think these new commercials and getting "angry" over our lack of rights are steps in the wrong direction. Breastfeeding educators need to be teaching pregnant women some manners, not just that they have the "right" to strip half naked in the middle of a bus station and wave a gigantic brown nipple at a kindergartner. Many women that I know who got a good start to breastfeeding and then gave up did so either because of barriers (real or perceived) to pumping in the workplace, or because they were afraid to nurse in public, and got sick of sitting at home. I've nursed and worked full-time for a total of over two years now (I have two children, one still an infant), and I have found that I get every accomodation I need by being clear and specific about my needs, and frequently saying "Please", "Thank you", and "I truly appreciate all the help and accomodations that you have given me." Then "Thank you" once more and another "Please". How could I "stand up for myself", and then ask for help in locating a utility closet near enough to an electric outlet? That's rude! I think lactation educators need to be teaching women how to nurse discretely in public. Why aren't they? Do they not know how? Are they afraid that, if they teach women how to cover themselves up, they will be promoting the idea that the breast is shameful? I think that learning some simple skills - like how to tuck the corner of a receiving blanket into a bra strap, and work the buttons of a shirt underneath the blanket with one hand - would empower more modest women to continue to nurse. In my opinion, it is unrealistic to think that greater awareness of the benefits of breastfeeding is going to change our society's attitude to having boobs on display. I think a lot more women would nurse in public if they had the tools to do it politely. I, personally, have never gotten any comments or stares while nursing in public. By and large, no one knows I am doing it. No one sees me, and I am like every other mom around. When people think of nursing moms, I think a lot of them are stuck with the image of that lady in the bus station. "Fighting for our rights", and getting angry at the patriarchy is only going to reinforce that negative stereotype.