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Hey everyone. Great news! This is going to be our final post on blogger. After 551 posts, we have finally figured out this intertube thing and have moved over to our own domain. Goodbye blogspot, and hello! We ask that you please reset your rss feeds and bookmarks and continue to visit us on a daily basis for the most up to date news on New York City nightlife and hospitality.

Good on ya!

Rebranding the Chelsea Pub and Hotel


(image) What happens when a big, fancy developer opens a new hotel down the street from you and has the audacity to steal your name? That's the predicament that the Chelsea Pub and Hotel found itself in when the casino-less resort was dubbed the Chelsea Hotel. So the original Chelsea Hotel hired themselves Hotel Internet Strategies to rebrand themselves, lest anyone be confused. HIS has suceeded and let us know about it, saying "just wanted to inform you that The Chelsea Pub and Hotel is now the Chelsea Pub and Inn". Genius! Please note this down so you don't get confused making reservations this summer.

The Smokeless Nights


You can put up all the signs you want. Drinkers still love to smoke, and they love to do both at the same time. So despite the smoking ban that Mayor Mike passed in 2002, some places still turn the other cheek when their patrons light up. But can the state use a tax increase to do what the City couldn't? We are about to find out, because "on Tuesday, the state tax on cigarettes will rise by $1.25 a pack — to $2.75 from $1.50 — driving up the cost of a typical pack in New York City to around $8.50." That is also the cost of one Manhattan beer (when you factor in tip). You have to think that while the die hards and casual smokers will smoke no matter what, this may help some in the middle decrease their habit, and that may just make your favorite nightlife spots even that less smoky. Gratzi NY State.

· $8.50 A Pack! Why Not Quit? [City Room]

[Photo Credit]

Economy Ruining Summer Party Season


Is the woeful economy going to ruin the Summer of 2008? It just may if there are more people like our Little Birdy and their group of friends who have cancelled plans to head to the Hamptons to hit the hot spots, saying it "seems many of my friends from last year aborted attending [Hamptons] for financial reasons....can't blame em given the state of the economy". We feel your pain, but would reccomend selling some clothes on consignment or plasma to raise the money to hit up Lily Pond. We want to see some NYC hustle.

Pros and Cons of subMercer


Our first few trips back to the recently re-opened subMercer have been pretty positive. Division Street, a seemingly brand new brahg, has also gone and has come up with a handy list of pros and cons, which we would love to share with you.
Pros of Submercer:
* No reception = no drunk dialing/texting. Saving us all from sending this text: "out at submrcer, but woud rather be with u”…to more people than we’d like to admit.
* "You called me? Are you sure? I was at submercer, the reception there sucks. Sorry. Maybe we’ll hang out next weekend!?"
* Bomb scare? I know where I’ll be.

Cons of Submercer:

* No one can really meet you there on a whim. It has to be planned and finalized before going under. Like marriage.
* Rolling out around 3:19am and receiving these 3 messages from New Crush:

“Hey” 12:58am

“Still want to hang out? Would love to see you!” 1:39am

“Ok. I guess you’re not into it. Call me never.” 3:18am

Curses! You were THISCLOSE to sealing the deal…
* The ceilings are about 3 inches lower than Beatrice. Which is officially too low. Models: get ready to put “the slouch” to use.

The verdict: Great for parties, nice change of scenery, and by the time you make 5 lefts and 3 rights and another left before getting in, you'll feel like James Bond.
Cheeky Division Street. We'll be watching you.

[Photo by Phillip Angert]

Donald Trump Serves Up a Margaritaville


(image) Donald Trump is the greatest real estate developer and casino operator in the entire world. Hell, he is the greatest person ever. Fact. So what happens when the Trumpster built his fabulous Trump Marina Hotel Casino in fabulous Atlantic City. Well, not so much. Apparently, King Donald has sold the property to Coastal Marina LLC, an affiliate of Coastal Development LLC, for the bargain basement price of $316 million. But here is the kicker - they are turning it into a Margaritaville! As in Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville, the biggest kick in the groin a resort town trying to re brand itself could ask for. And as our Little Birdy points out, "they're trying to market that chelsea hotel there as the AC hipster property, right? but any hipster worth his salt (heh!) would choose to go to margaritaville for purposes of irony." 100% correct. Stay classy Atlantic City.

· Trump Marina sells for $316M, turns into Margaritaville [Crains]

Ins't or Ous't: Antik


Name: Antik
Address: 356 Bowery, NYC
Statu: Ous't

Don't tell us you're shocked. While this place seems to consistently attract a crowd, it's Antik's operation that has branded it officially Ou'st. We aren't sure what ad wizards decided to open a lounge without a bar, but it is one of the worst concepts we have ever seen. Because of the weird operation, most people make a bee line for the basement bar King's Cross, which when we went was staffed by one bartender, totally overwhelmed by a normal size crowd attempting to order drinks in a room that had no air conditioning. Impossible. So it's back back upstairs to Antik, only to remember that there is no easy way to order drinks there. So in that situation, what else can you do but leave without ordering anything?

To add insult to Antikury, a Little Birdy lets us know that he was threatened by the Antik doorman 45 feet from the entrance, saying "I walked out Antik because it was so terrible, and the doorman was busy talking to girls rather than manning the rope. I just walked around it and he told me that I have to wait for him to let me out. I told him that he should relax, and he started yelling at me for no reason. After walking down the street, the guy wouldn't shut up, and wound up running after me to get in my face, threatening me. What kind of bullshit are they running? Place is a joke"

Customers that can't get a drink, no air conditioning, and door men that threaten people is a losing combination. Antik is officially Ous't.

The End of LeNell's?


(image) Some sad news to report. Racked has learned that LeNell's, perhaps the finest liquor store in New York and a Red Hook staple if there ever was one, has lost their lease and may have no where to go. According to Tanya "LeNell" Smothers herself:
Our lease is officially up this month. I know it will take months for a formal eviction should it come to that. Sad to say that the space that we had a draft lease for fell through this week.
Tragedy. There seems to be no other options in the area, and no other part of Brooklyn will suffice. The only possible rainbow in this vast real estate storm is that LeNell's may be willing to consider Manhattan if no Red Hook space materializes.

Mondrian NYC Sets Its Plans


(image) The still under construction Mondrian on South Lafayette still hasn't locked down an opening date as of yet, but that doesn't mean the folks at Morgans aren't busy little hoteliers. We have heard that they are close to locking down a deal with a restaurateur for the hospitality space. Most importantly, a Little Birdy tells us Morgans is working with "a great creative mind on a new lounge concept." Too bad it's not DBTH. Wouldn't that be something. As always, we will keep you posted

Sex and the City Premiere Eats Bunny Chow


(image) Didn't get into the Sex and the City premiere last night? Don't cry - you are probably better off. No need to fret, because Bunny Chow has the next best thing, a SATC shindig featuring a cocktail reception from 10-12! Oooh, cocktails! That's what Carrie drinks. Ooooh.

Serious Singles Get Ready For Loving


(image) Are you lonely? Do you love WNYC? Hallelujah, your prayers have been answered. WNYC is hosting a series of singles events throughout the summer and you are all invited! The first one is June 18 at the Chelsea Museum and is geared for the LGBT community, and is described as
There’s an art to meeting the right person, so head over to The Chelsea Museum. Mix, mingle and have a glass of wine with other WNYC listeners at the second annual LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) Singles Event. Richard Hake, Local host of The Takeaway, emcees the evening. Complimentary wine and hors d'oeuvres included.
Hate to break it to the organizers, but that sounds like everyone's cup of tea. This is the first of four planned mixers, so hopefully there will be one catered to you.

Randolph Switcheroo


(image) There is more than just basement work going on at the Randolph. A recent stop at the Broome Street bar reveals that the space has been rearranged. Gone are the banquettes that previously lined the wall, and in are several smaller booths that create a more intimate space to enjoy the expanded cocktail list. And also the Hunt parties every Thursday night. Hurry on down to say hello.

Surf Lodge a Smashing Success


A lot haters tried to throw cold water on the opening weekend of the Surf Lodge, the rehabbed waterfront property in Montauk. But it seems that the opening weekend couldn't have gone any smoother. According to a Surf Lodge insider:
It was so crowded. I don't think montauk has seen so many people before. All elements of the property (the hotel, the deck, the bar, the restaurant) were running at full capacity. The on-site Tracy Feith boutique opens this week. There were many locals, industry types, and celebs in attendance. Many for multiple nights in row. And everybody was raving about Sam talbot's food.

What everybody needs to realize is that this is not a nightclub and to not compare it to those other places. Its a chill spot, open seven days a week. If someone's first thought is "Montauk?" Then its probably not for them.
These pictures sure look like they are telling the truth. Check out that sky behind Julian Marley! Like co-owner Jayma Cardosa said, Montauk is just a bit different, and they don't expect a Dune type scene. Different strokes for different folks. Early congratulations all around.

[Photo Credit]

Living It Up at Lily Pond


We sent our most trusted correspondent Nicolette from Nicolette and the City out east for the weekend to have a little looksee at some Hamptons night spots. On Saturday night, she checked out Lily Pond and lived to tell the details.

Summer 2008 started off with a wild Saturday night at Lilly Pond. We arrived at 11 and the valet was already full, with a crowd of at least 60 people trying to argue their way into the club. After finally finding parking on some side street, I walked along the side of the road in four inch heels back to the club. When we arrived, there were now about 100 people trying to fight their way in. Great. It was chaotic but about twenty minutes later we finally made it in with a little help from Kristian Laliberte, one of my hosts for the evening.

Once we got in we headed over to the Unruly Heir table, where UH creator Joey Goodwin and Kristian were holding court. They were there celebrating an event they held earlier in the day at Blue and Cream in East Hampton. Hanging next to their table was Whitney from The Hills and there was also a special performance by Estelle (unfortunately sans Kanye West), followed by DJ Berrie, who played mostly house with some random mixes of rock. The place was pretty small and insanely crowded; there were white and navy striped couches that served as bottle service areas in the middle of the “dance floor.” There were also banquettes along the side of the wall that served as posts for bottle service. There was an elevated stage at the back end of the club which had a few tables (ours and Whitney Port’s), which doubled as the stage and DJ booth.

The crowd was all twenty something’s that consisted of trendy Manhattan goers, a few socialites and models – think Tenjune on a Tuesday night except with all house music. There was one bar at the entrance of the club, which was impossible to get to and it took about twenty minutes to get a drink. Bottle service was a little slow here – they could use a little bit more staff, but I forgave them since it was Memorial Day Weekend. By 2:00 a.m. everyone was more than intoxicated and the place started to clear out. Overall, Lilly Pond went beyond my expectations. I didn’t expect this place to be anything great and I didn’t think anyone would show up – let alone Whitney Port (although she isn’t quite A-list) or a performance by Estelle. The party had everything you wanted - great music, booze, hot people, a few “celebrity” sightings and it wasn’t that far from their competition down in Southampton (on the way back we were by Pink Elephant 12 minutes after leaving Lilly Pond). I will definitely be going back.

More Monday Madness


The Page gets in on the Monday Night debate, detailing the feux fued between Butter and Bar Martignetti's Monday night parties. The Sixers state:
Bar Martignetti on Broome Street, which takes a dig at how celebrity-infested Butter's bashes are, hosted its first one last week. "Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, but after five years it is clear that everyone prefers the real thing. All Butter alternative products should remain on the shelf," quipped Akiva. Bar Martignetti owner Anthony Martignetti replied with, "Our party is a lot more fun."
Maybe they can settle this with a butter fight - where they all lather each other with butter and fake butter and wrestle on Lafayette. Who wouldn't watch that?

The Average Cost of a Table


(image) As you and your share house friends prepare for your big weekend night out, we suggest your first check your bank accounts before you agree to go in for a table at one of Suffolk county's summer hot spots. And why is that? Because a table is going to cost you. According to a Little Birdy, "Hamptons folks seem to have colluded to all charge $2k a table at Lily Pond, Pink and Dune....and they're going fast as per a host friend of mine." Of course they are going fast, since people want to lock in at this low price before the summer gang of 3 jacks it to $2500. But imagine how cool you will feel when all of those other losers have to stand all night watching you and your friends sitting at your table. Now you see.

Photo Credit



(image) It's officially Memorial Day Weekend - the start of summer. We are off to the beach (or somewhere similar) and will see you all Tuesday. And for the record, we chose None of the Above.

Marquee and the Mortgage Crisis


(object) (embed)
Glen Pizzolorusso became a mortgage banker straight out of college, right when the housing market was exploding with ARM's and sub prime loans that were making many people temporarily rich. So how did he spend his money? By balling in New York City of course. In this clip, we hear Glen's heartwarming tale of living the high life, spending nights dropping thousands of dollars at Marquee with his friends.

Now we bet you are wondering - what does all of this really have to do with nightlife? Well, everything. You see, people like Glen fell ass backwards into jobs that paid him close to $75k a month for a job that any monkey could do. And when the monkey got paid, he decided to throw it around in nightclubs, which helped make others very rich. And now that monkey money is gone - but the successful clubs have paid a price. Some have seen declining business, others have dealt with rising rents they can't afford to pay anymore. Just proves that this credit crisis has an impact everywhere, in ways many haven't imagined.

Clip courtesy of This American Life.

Love For the Surf Lodge


While the voting is still going on, one new Hamptons spot that didn't make it to the poll is the Surf Lodge in Montauk. The refurbished hotel and restaurant space is a late entry to the game, but whispers from all around are leading many to believe that this could be the place of 2008. And with the all star Cain team, Kamali, and Sam Talbot all lined up behind it, you'd be a fool to bet against them. Just yesterday, Jayma Cardosa let us know her thoughts, saying
I have and will always love entertaining and sharing the joys of life with my friends. One of my secret joys has been my summer retreats to Montauk. It is here that I've found moments of great happiness, peace and enjoyed the simplicity of beach life. It is also in Montauk that I will realize one of my life time dreams of owning a hotel. I hope to see you this summer in a beach town that I hold doubly dear to my heart.
She sure knows how to sell it. So maybe, just maybe, it's location in Montauk is a benefit, making sure those who go the extra mile will be justly rewarded. Only time will tell, but our money is on the Surf Lodge.

On the Circuit: Letter From Cannes


So, we decided to entrust a Little Birdy to be our on the scene eyes and ears at this year's Cannes Film Festival. Big mistake. We wound up not hearing from them for days, until finally we heard from them this afternoon. So Little Birdy, what do you have to say for yourself?
(image) So, I just got back from the Jade Jagger Belvedere Dagger Party. It was a lot better than it sounds. Jade Jagger, P. Diddy, Ed Norton, Goldie Hawn, Kelly Brook, Billy Zane, Mike Tyson, Vikram Chatwal and me partying at club VIP. Belvedere all over the place. It was raining but the turnout was still pretty incredible. One of the production people told me over 2000 showed up. Funniest part was Diddy (what is he doing in Cannes?) showing up with an entourage of 30 people, scooping up as many Belvedere drinks that he could get his hands on. Isn't he the face of Ciroc? Good thing they pay him all that money. Anyway, Marc Ronson was the DJ, music was awesome, and this whole week has been awesome. Sorry to not check in sooner but I am too busy living the life.
You know what Birdy? If we paid you any money we would have to fire you. But we don't so we love you. Stay dry and try to check in more often.

Getting to Know Matt Abramcyk


Matt Abramcyk sits down for a little one on one time with the Observer to talk Beatrice, Chelsea and everything else, and boldly states the Beatrice Inn has "become one of the best places in the world of all time". You've got to love the moxy on this one. Plus, the author got some quotes from a familiar face, so please give it a read.

· Baron of Beatrice Inn Branches Out [Observer]

Paging La Playa


(image) Our good Tim from the Pink Elephant checks in to clarify the PE crew's summer plans, saying "Pink Elephant will be operating as usual at Capri Hotel. The Tavern space will be now called La Playa. Same owners but unaffiliated with Pink Elephant. Two separate nightclubs with 2 different crowds. Hope this clears up PE’s role out East this summer. Pink @ Capri will be in full effect. Expect to see big things." Well, that's Capri apparently without the outdoor space, but still Capri. This makes our super DBTH Poll a little less accurate, but just a little.

Dark Room Drama


IMG_1633, originally uploaded by R. K..

We thank our hated enemies at Eater for sending a trusty intern to sit through the Community Board 3 Economic Development Committee meeting last night, where Dark Room's liquor license renewal permit was denied! According to Eater:

The committee rejected Ludlow Street's Darkroom for a liquor license renewal. They cited several infractions including noise complaints a few counts of selling booze to minors. The bar will have to plead its case with the full board later this month.
Underage drinking? In the Lower East Side? No! Maybe we need to bring back prohibition! We predict that they will make their case to some sympathetic Board members and the license will be renewed at the full meeting. What else would go into that basement space besides a bar? It may as well be Dark Room.

DBTH Poll: Hamptons 2008


OK Birdys - In honor of the start of the 2008 summer season, we bring you the next installment in our DBTH Poll series. What will be the hottest spot in the Hamptons this season? Answer now and answer often, because the world is watching. Oh yes, the world is watching.