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Preview: Comments on: Weekly Movies, July 16-23 (The Week of Harry Potter)

Comments on: Weekly Movies, July 16-23 (The Week of Harry Potter)

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By: brenda

Mon, 23 Jul 2007 20:47:53 +0000

I get her need to be like "...and they all lived happily ever after and had babies and Harry never had any problems again" but yeah "5 years later" would have been good, or even just having the future actually show as much thought as the rest of the book. Like, what happened to them besides getting married? I found myself thinking it would be great if Harry wound up being Minister of Magic or something -- it would follow from the whole speech Dumbledore gave him about how he was a great leader because he didn't want to be a leader to have Harry go on to, you know, do something cool with his life after he vanquished Voldemort. Sigh. I liked the rest of it, though. I wish Tonks hadn't died after being MIA bearing a child for most of the book though.

By: Rach

Mon, 23 Jul 2007 13:56:13 +0000

Oh, Princess Diaries. One of my favourite movies ever. (Shut up. It's awesome!)

The epilogue blew; it read like bad fanfic. I can understand why she threw it in - the fans were always pestering her to OMG RITE MORE HARRY STORYS AFTER BOOK 7 IT DOESN'T HAVE 2 B TEH END!!!11!!!, and I think she wanted to firmly CLOSE the series so that there was little room for people to push her to write more - but, still... it blew. I can't believe her editor let it end like that. If there really had to be an epilogue, I would have preferred a "5 years later" sort of thing, at either Ron/Hermione's wedding, or Harry/Ginny's - all the kids running around just seemed so cheesy.

Personally, I'm going to pretend the book ended in Dumbledore's Office. I thought the rest of the book was really good - I actually started getting goosebumps around the time they ended up on the way to Hogwarts with Neville. (Oh, Neville! With the freedom-fighting!) I'm going to need to read it again for more in-depth stuff, but I've already lent my copy to a friend.

By: Jaya

Mon, 23 Jul 2007 13:46:14 +0000

I thought the book was a big let down. The first 200 pages were completely pointless, much like the first 3/5ths of The Order of the Phoenix. Where pretty much all that happens is us finding out how everyone thinks Harry is an attention seeking liar and that Umbridge is evil. Here all that happens is we find out the Death Eaters are hot on Harry's heels.

I was a bit disappointed with how Wormtail dies. I thought it would be a bit more elaborate, not some lameness about how a moments hesitation ends up costing him his life. Another big let down for me was how Neville and Drace dont really do much.