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Preview: Small business public relations & marketing

Small business public relations & marketing

John Hicks, a Member of the Institute of Direct Marketing, Director of the UK-based Headline Promotions, Press & PR consultancy shares his experience and expertise on marketing, small business public relations, exhibitions & events management and promotio

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Jack Smink at The Henegar Centre

Fri, 27 Feb 2009 07:30:00 +0000

Jack Smink and the LST Band and Vocalists
Invite you to experience
A Tribute To Elvis

Saturday, March 21, 2009
The Henegar Center for the Arts
625 E. New Haven Avenue
Melbourne, Florida 32901
(321) 723-8698

All Seats $28.00
Also Visit:

New internet radio station for Bracknell and the Royal County of Berkshire (UK)

Thu, 01 Jan 2009 18:53:00 +0000

Community internet radio station, Radio Bracknell, launches on 1st February 2009.

Bracknell, Berks, 01 January, 2009:
Radio Bracknell, a new community internet music radio station, launches on 1st February to broadcast around the clock to Bracknell, Berkshire and, through the power of the Internet, around the globe.

The radio station, founded by marketing and public relations consultant John Hicks, who has close family connections with Bracknell, seeks to involve local people by encouraging them to share their passion for music by presenting their own shows or, in the case of local musicians, facilitating them showcasing their work to a larger audience.

Listeners can enjoy the programmes on their computers at work, PC’s at home, wi-fi radios, many models of mobile phones, Playstation PSP’s and in-car entertainment systems through Bluetooth enabled hands-free mobile phone kits.

John has been involved in several internet and local radio stations previously including being co-founder, along with international country music radio and television personality Lee Williams, of the very successful country music station, CMR Nashville ( which had a global listening audience of 2 million people in the year ending September 2008. But he says Radio Bracknell will be different.

“We will be at the heart of the local community, despite also being listened to by people around the world. Enabling young people, local DJ’s and music enthusiasts to produce and broadcast their own shows is only the first element of that community involvement.” John said.

Elsewhere, John has worked with schools and youth groups to enable young people to produce programmes so time has been allocated in the Radio Bracknell schedule for such programmes.

“Our website will have comprehensive links to sources of “what’s on” and job vacancies information. It will also support local retailers, venues and outlets by facilitating local businesses offering our listeners special promotions through membership of our RBXclusive listener club.” John added.

Local people who would like to be involved can volunteer to help by maintain and developing the websites (including MySpace, Facebook and Next2Friends presence) or promoting the station in the local area. John said: “Volunteering enables local people to become part of a small team supporting a local project whilst having fun at the same time as gaining new skills”.

The choice of music is very wide, from pop and dance through to jazz and country. Some shows are being syndicated from the United States with some stations there taking Radio Bracknell programmes on a reciprocal basis.

“Some people ask why I am proceeding with the launch in the current economic downturn here in the UK. Having weathered the economic storms over many years in business, I know these things are cyclical. Like all businesses, radio stations take several years to gain credibility so launching now means that we will be established by the time the UK economy shakes off the recession. Besides, we all need cheering up and Radio Bracknell will be fun, interesting and useful so perhaps the timing is perfect.” John says.

The Radio Bracknell website, where further information can be obtained, is at and John can be contacted at

Basingstoke security fencing contractor extends product offerings

Sat, 22 Nov 2008 18:23:00 +0000

PRESS RELEASE - for immediate release Basingstoke, UK November 20th 2008Basingstoke security fencing contractor extends product offeringsHampshire’s Asset Fencing, specialist security and perimeter fencing contractors operating nationwide, have extended their portfolio of products by the addition of automated gates, bollards and barriers from leading European manufacturer BFT.BFT Automation (UK) Limited are the UK subsidiary of BFT S.P.A., an Italian manufacturer of access automation technology who specialise in gate and door automation for the home and commercial markets as well as providing a range of technology solutions for car parking systems.Stuart Davies, Operations Manager of Basingstoke-based Asset Fencing said “We are constantly seeking to widen the range of choice offered to a commercial and domestic customers and the addition of the quality BFT range does that. They offer cost-effective solutions to our customers’ needs who will receive the same high level of service whether they are buying a budget kit to automate a gate or a fully functioning parking revenue system.”For swing gates, Asset Fencing offer a selection of swing gate equipment classified under the headings: ‘Electro-Mechanical’ and ‘Electro-Hydraulic’. Electro-Mechanical equipment is generally designed for the domestic user and has a duty cycle which suits family residences and entrances that are not busy throughout the day.Electro-hydraulic equipment is generally designed for a higher duty cycle and is suitable for busy entrances and prestige gates. Our hydraulic gate equipment is fully serviceable and, if properly maintained, will give many years of reliable service.As an alternative to swing gates, sliding gates offer a number of advantages over swing gates and are generally the more popular choice in mainland Europe. Why ..?A sliding gate does not need the space that a swing gate requires to open. This leaves the full length of the driveway usable for parking vehicles (useful where space is restricted.). A closed sliding gate offers better resistance to being forced than a pair of swing gates and therefore higher security. Additionally, sliding gates will work across an upward sloping driveway where a pair of swing gates would not open inward."Other products from the BFT range include rising bollards and car park barriers” added Stuart. “These extend our current offering of wooden and steel fencing, window grilles, CCTV installation, monitoring and maintenance, crash barriers, car park and building access control solutions, anti-ram raid barriers, security lighting and window hoardings as well as temporary event security fencing.”Asset Fencing offer free site surveys and further details which can be found on the Asset Fencing website ( or by calling 01256 329742.Asset Fencing is a subsidiary of Facilities Resource Limited (http://www.facilities which manage outsourced facilities and security management for blue chip and smaller companies in the UK. [...]

USA TODAY leads rave reviews of "Love Won Out"

Thu, 30 Oct 2008 07:30:00 +0000


Tokyo Rosenthal's new CD, "Love Won Out", received the latest in a series of rave reviews today from USA TODAY.

The review, written by acclaimed BNN music reviewer Simon Barrett, was published on USA TODAYS web site and joined many other positive reviews in the short time that the CD has been released.

Rosenthal, fresh off a tour of The Netherlands, was ecstatic over Barrett's comments. "It's not often that a reviewer takes the time to analyze a CD the way Simon did", said Rosenthal. "And I'm glad that after listening so closely he liked what he heard. So far, while it's only been several weeks, the experts seem to like what I've done and for me that's the 'acid test'. I thank them all for their time and consideration."

Additional reviews are available on Toke's web site(

To purchase or sample Tokyo Rosenthal's new CD "Love Won Out" go to

For further information on Tokyo Rosenthal or where to catch a live performance visit

Maximising the impact of your marketing in the credit crunch

Tue, 28 Oct 2008 09:15:00 +0000

Ten Ideas for Marketing in a Recessionby John Hicks of Headline Promotions, Press and Public Relations Even the British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, is now using the “R” word. Yes, Recession is here! I fully believe that, because of it, just about every business and organisation out there is having to cut back on expenditure in some areas of activity, become more efficient, and more effective with their spend.It’s nothing new, we are always being asked to do that, but this time it’s serious. It hasn’t been this serious since the 2001 Dot Com bust.I was with a client earlier this week and we were brainstorming a marketing strategy for this recession and I was asked for my top ten ideas for marketing through these stormy seas. I thought I would share them with you.1. Existing customers are key: In times of economic uncertainty, when budgets are getting cut back, people buy from who they know. This means you’ve got to engage with the customer base more frequently and deeply than ever before. Look at your communications strategy for customers remembering that it is far more expensive to attract new customers than it is to retain existing ones.2. Supplier relationships. You will have already looked with your suppliers at ways of cutting costs and/or improving service. You will have already reviewed your purchasing policies and procedures to ensure maximum value. Now look for opportunities to work with them on joint promotions, joint marketing and advertising including newspaper and radio advertorials, links to and from their website or other ways in which you can help each other. These other ways might include attending trade fairs together or setting up regional/local seminars, workshops or exhibitions. Now is the time to be creative whilst limiting exposure to costs!3. Joint ventures. Try and look for new working relationships. I was talking to a manufacturer who was seeking marketing advice. I talked myself out of the job because the solution was actually to go out and license the product to an existing High Street retailer who has the outlets and sales volume. I was lucky enough to develop a working relationship with a management consultancy and they introduce clients to me, and vice versa. No cost to either of us!4. Measure Everything: Know what works, and what doesn’t, and stop what doesn’t. We do this in normal times but the pressure is now on to do it as effectively as we possibly can. I was working with my client Sunset Lingerie and during the last few months we found that 36,000 hits were from people in the US. Result? We established a US mirror image site with US graphics, US sizes and priced in dollars. A low cost attempt to capitalise on the reality of who is using their website meant that they have an additional income stream.5. Invest in Communications: Communications becomes a high ROI tactic in tough times. Use it! Make sure your PR firm is using all the social media tools at your disposal to get your message out. If you don’t have a PR firm then start a FaceBook page, start a blog, brand a You Tube channel, create a corporate page on Next2Friends and develop some viral content. Its low cost and it works. Use your PR firm to also push out some articles across the web to help raise your profile and make it easier for people to find you. And, do not forget to get out there! Be seen at trade fairs, have a stand at the local xmas fayre, donate a prize to the childrens ward xmas party, whatever is appropriate. It needn’t costs much money at all. Look at the Chicago Rock Cafe promotional car in the photograph above, this cost nothing! Yet, the profile of the venue was raised significantly over the twelve months of the sponsorship deal from the local Chrylser dealership!6. Data is king. Review both your data and the way it is collected and maintained. Ensure that the collection system is comprehens[...]

An outstanding example of a community based PR, helping our friends the honey bees

Wed, 22 Oct 2008 10:31:00 +0000

By John HicksHeadline Promotions, Press and Public RelationsI admire a brilliantly produced and executed public relations campaign, especially when it has social worth. Let me tell you about one of the best examples I have come across, from across the pond in the US.We know of the plight of the modest honey bees that are responsible for pollinating more than 100 different crops, $15 billion worth annually over in the U.S., and they play a critical role in the agricultural industry’s ability to provide food products to the rest of the world. But, honey bees are dying at an alarming rate. Over the last several winters, a substantial percentage of the honey bee population in the United States and Europe has vanished, many under mysterious circumstances. This is a new phenomenon. I remember back in the early 1960s going with my father to visit his hives in the rural English countryside and the bee population was thriving. Honey was abundant and we spent many happy hours spinning the handle on some sort of antiquated contraption to extract the honey from the comb. And, oh, was that taste wonderful. For Häagen-Dazs ice cream, the reality of this threat has spurred the superpremium ice cream maker to launch a national campaign in the US to protect these tiny unsung heroes. Everything from poor nutrition to invasive mites to Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) – a phenomenon where bees from a colony abruptly desert the hive and die – is affecting the bees. This disappearance has scientists stumped and has the potential to affect many of our favourite nuts, fruits and berries – key ingredients in some of the most popular Häagen-Dazs flavours. In fact, more than 40 percent of Häagen-Dazs all-natural ice cream flavours include ingredients dependent on honey bees for pollination. To discover and prevent what’s killing our honey bees, the US Häagen-Dazs brand is launching the Häagen-Dazs loves Honey Bees™ campaign to fund sustainable pollination and CCD research at Pennsylvania State University and the University of California, Davis. “Häagen-Dazs ice cream is made from the finest all-natural ingredients, and the plight of the honey bee could mean many of the ingredients used in our top flavours, like Vanilla Swiss Almond and Strawberry, would be difficult to source,” said Häagen-Dazs brand manager Josh Gellert. Putting all its marketing might behind the issue, the Häagen-Dazs brand has launched an amazing website, supported by print, television and online advertising, dedicated to educating Americans about the problem and seeking their help to spread the word and join the campaign. The effort includes information in retail stores and Häagen-Dazs® Shops and a full public relations campaign. To further spotlight the issue, the Häagen-Dazs brand launched a new honey bee-dedicated flavour – Vanilla Honey Bee which I must go and try just to check if I can recapture that flavour I remember from my childhood. The brand is also tagging all of its honey bee-dependent flavors – from Häagen-Dazs Wild Berry frozen yogurt to Caramelized Pear and Toasted Pecan ice cream - with a HD loves HB™ icon. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the new flavour and all HD loves HB tagged flavours will be used to fund the $250,000 donation to UC Davis and Penn State. Häagen-Dazs has recruited prominent university researchers and beekeepers to serve on a Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream Bee Board to provide insight and consultation on the complex honey bee situation. “Honey bee health and sustainable pollination is a major issue facing American agriculture that is threatening our food supply and endangering our natural environment,” said Diana Cox-Foster, Ph.D., leading CCD researcher at Penn State and Häagen-Dazs Bee Board member. “Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream’s generous donation to Penn State’s research programmewill provide immediate funds for research, outreach an[...]

Valuing social networking sites in terms of my valuable time

Sat, 18 Oct 2008 12:42:00 +0000

Popular social networking sites, including the giants of these, MySpace and Facebook, have undoubtedly changed the human fabric of the Internet. Largely the domain of a predominantly youthful user base, they are also well supported by older users. There is also a firm base of professionals using it for business purposes also - from advertising to networking. You will know the names: LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebook, Next2Friends, FastPitch, Ecademy, Photobucket as well as the plethora of blogging and photo sharing sites. Time is precious to everyone, none more so than to a small business owner like me. Over the past few years I have joined many, often following an invitation by a friend, colleague or business acquaintance. The trouble is that I now find that I do not have the time to use them to full advantage and my inbox is inundated every day, especially as those creative geniuses at Facebook devise ever increasingly obscure ways to persuade members to spend time not only theirs but, by spreading the web, encouraging me to spend my time too. This week alone, I received two more invitations to join new social networking sites! So, I have decided to cull my memberships of these sites. It was an interesting exercise so I would like to share this experience with you. My interests divide into four key areas: business (networking and blogging), personal and music (live music being my passion). Music was easy. Of all the memberships I have, MySpace is the most dynamic and user-friendly. I have maintained old relationships and made lots of new ones through MySpace and, especially as I rarely get e-mails from them, I am keeping my page ( Business more difficult to weed out. Of all the networking sites I belong to for networking, only one has actually generated any business contacts - either suppliers or customers. That is WeCanDoBiz ( I do like this site and it has proved successful business-wise. It was very simple to register and is free. Blogging was not an issue. Blogger dotcom (hhtp:// is no useful and so easy to understand that I would not for one moment consider changing. Some of my blogs are well read (such as my Headline Promotions, Press & Public Relations blog site: so that speaks for itself. Others are actually the website content for my domains (e.g. my world record attempt resource so are effectively free hosting sites and, because of their ease of use, avoid the employment of webmasters to maintain them! For personal contacts, because of the sheer number of contacts I have on there, I have to remain with Facebook, annoying though that is. It is peoples’ obsession with inviting me to play bingo, or poker or hangman that cheeses me off. Just recently, spammers have got in there and I now receive misspelled invitations to see myself on friends videos; clicking on the link reveals that it is spam with viruses so I hope that Facebook take urgent action to stop this. I am aware that I can reduce the volume of daily e-mails by changing some of my notification options and I am going to do this very shortly to ease the burden on my inbox! I did actually look at Facebook for advertising but the sheer volume of targets and the time it took to try and work out what and how to maximise the impact of any campaign outweighed any advantage over my existing and effective PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns on Google. Somewhere in between business and pleasure is a relatively new social networking platform called Next2Friends. I have not yet fully grasped the full potential of this site either for business or pleasure but I am sure it is huge. I have created a corporate page for Headline Promotions, Press & PR and am working my way through the site to try and grasp how I can use it best. But [...]

Personal memories contain marketing lesson

Sat, 18 Oct 2008 09:18:00 +0000

I received a letter this morning from Premier Travel Inn at Yeovil. It thanked me for leaving a feedback form and expressing their thanks for making positive comments about the Travel Inn and the Airfield Tavern pub next door.The feedback I gave was very positive. The standards in both the hotel and the Airfield Tavern were superb and the staff in the pub and hotel were very hospitable. The food, from their extensive Table Table menu, was excellent both in terms of quality and price. All this made the weekend very enjoyable. Yeovil holds such fond memories for me even though I haven’t been back there for years.Working with some fantastic people - from the wonderful Dudley and Aileen Miller at The Foresters’ Arms in East Coker in my younger days through to that larger than life character, Adrian Hopper (now Marketing supremo at Yeovil Town Football Club and whose hospitality, when I popped in, was up to his usual standards) who rather foolishly encouraged me to be the editor of the business and the leisure & entertainment sections of his Clarion Newspaper.It was in this beautiful country market town in rural Somerset that I first got the buzz from marketing and public relations, that buzz still giving my life a sparkle even today.Yeovil has given me some amazing memories. Let me reminisce for a few moments.I was so lucky to work with the legendary Bruce Welch of The Shadows. Bruce had just come back from Cliff Richards’ birthday cruise with some wonderful tales of that trip and “the good old days” when he and Hank Marvin established the band. We put together a charity Shadows reunion show at the Westland’s Sports and Social Club, a magnificent live music venue, well worth visiting if you are down that way. The sponsors were Vale Motors of Wincanton, the local Subaru and Hyundai dealer. It was a magnificent show and Bruce was brilliant to work with.Another of my memories was holding a motor show for, coincidentally, Vale Motors in the aforesaid Westland’s Sports and Social Club. It was a terrific event and Bryan, the Dealer Principal, pulled off real coup when he persuaded Hyundai to let us launch the new Hyundai Sonata at the event. It was well supported and the bottom line was that cars were sold as a result! I would mark it as an eight out of ten. It would have been a ten out of ten if two little mistakes had been avoided.Firstly, the Mayor of Basingstoke - a wonderful man called Councillor John Cruddas, well loved by the townsfolk - unveiled the new Hyudai Sonata. Bryan’s guests included the government Trade & Industry Minister and a senior executive from Hyundai. It was unfortunate, therefore, that the Mayor announced that he was unveiling the new HONDA Sonata. An “oops moment“!The second “oops moment” came when the fanfare sounded. Imagine the scene. The lights in the main hall were dimmed and the spotlight fell on the car on the stage which was shrouded in a cover. The whole room went hushed and then the big fanfare sounded - it was the Space Odyssey theme tune - one of those nerve tingling moments.Sadly, the track was from a cheap CD I had picked up in Woolworths for a few pennies. It sounded fine on the car CD player. Imagine my horror when it went out at ten thousand watts through the house PA system as the most awful crackly and unmelodic offering ever heard. The strobe lights flashed all round the building as the wires lifted off the cover to unveil this magnificent car. But the sound was awful and, still reeling from the Mayor’s mis-branding, I was just wanted to go in a corner and fade away. Luckily, the client saw the funny side of it and no harm was done!Of course, my introduction to the nightclub and leisure scene, which stood me in good stead for the rest of my career, was leaving The Clarion to join Chicago Rock Café Yeovil as its Marketing Manager. Gene[...]

Crisis management: handling bad publicity in the credit crunch

Fri, 10 Oct 2008 09:24:00 +0000


Barclays Bank spending half a million pounds on a three day jolly for well-heeled clients would not attract media during normal times, but these are not normal times, we are in the throes or a recession caused by, and exacerbated by, banks.

So, Barclays taking 320 executives and customers to Italy for a lavish banquet on the shores of Lake Como, with an evening of music from Milan’s world famous Scala Opera, may be viewed as a PR gaffe particularly as, days earlier, the media had slammed the bankers for taking executives on a lavish trip to Monte Carlo.

The story featured heavily on TV and radio news, egged on by full page coverage in The Sun newspaper under the heading “Credit Crunch Hasn’t Hit Fatcats”.

So, if you were handling the PR for Barclays, how would you respond?

Well, The Sun quotes a Barclays spokeswoman as claiming Sun readers would not be interested in the trip. She is quoted as saying: “This is an event for bankers and clients. It’s not a story for your readers.”

That isn’t an opening line I would have recommended. However, perhaps it gets better.

She is then quoted as saying: “You can’t stop doing business just because of the credit crunch. This is not a jolly going to dinner, it’s an educational seminar. It’s more important than ever to keep this kind of thing going in the credit crunch.”

Personally, I think she almost got it right. Emphasising that any company must do their utmost to keep their business together in this tough economic climate is the right thing to do. Stressing that it is an “educational seminar” is, quite frankly, fruitless.

I guess that, invitations having gone out, Barclays could not have cancelled but I suspect the executives in charge, caught up in the excitement of packing their best bib and tucker, did not give cancellation a moment’s thought.

Equally, they would not have thought about the PR downside of this trip. That should have been the starting point but, as the event has gone ahead, what would be the best way to handle the negative PR?

Barclays’’ spokeswoman was correct in saying that there is a sector of the market which is still capable of generating business for the bank. The target customers are used to being treated in a special way and, if they do not work in this way, it opens the door for their competitors to step in. I would have added, if it were true, that these events are being scaled down and that more opportunities to use UK facilities are being explored.

The media and the public might not like this but they would accept the reality.

In truth, in a matter of weeks this will be “old news” and forgotten - until some over-enthusiastic bank official heavy-handedly seeks to evict a family from their home for being late with repayments, or they hike up bank charges still further!

Prince Andrew’s helicopter goes on display

Tue, 07 Oct 2008 14:50:00 +0000

Prince Andrew’s helicopter goes on display

During the 1982 Falklands conflict, His Royal Highness Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, flew a Westland Sea King helicopter which will take pride of place in a special exhibition next year.

The Prince’s Sea King, XZ574, was built by Westland Helicopters of Yeovil in the UK and first entered service with the Royal Navy on 6th October 1976. The aircraft was finally retired from service on 7th October 2004 having flown 9,168 hours and then held in reserve until it was decided that it could no longer be returned to active service.

AgustaWestland, the successor company to Westland Helicopters Limited, have fully supported a restoration project by completing a re-spray of the aircraft, restoring it to its original 1982 colour scheme.

It is planned to display the aircraft within the Fleet Air Arm Museum, at Royal Naval Air Station (RNAS) Yeovilton, next year when this icon of Naval Aviation History will add to the Museum’s new exhibition celebrating one hundred years of naval aviation.

However, there is an opportunity to have a sneak preview as the internationally-acclaimed Museum will open the doors of its extensive reserve collection at Cobham Hall, opposite the main site, from 10.00am - 4.00pm on Thursday Oct 23rd. Entry price is just £3.00 for adults and £1.00 for children

The reserve collection includes over thirty historic aircraft, including one of the largest collections of Westland Helicopters in the world so there is plenty to see, especially the Prince’s Sea King for those impatient ones of us who cannot wait until next year!


Note to Editors

The UK’s Fleet Air Arm Museum is located at Ilchester, Somerset adjoining the Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton.

It’s mission is “To collect, preserve, interpret and make accessible, material relevant to all aspects of the history of naval aviation and the operations of the Royal Naval Air Service and the Fleet Air Arm, the aircraft they have flown, the people who have served with them, and the ships and stations where they served, in the context of the development of aviation at large."

For more information about the Museum and this event please contact
Jon Jefferies, Head of Marketing
Fleet Air Arm Museum
Tel: +44 1935 842638 (International)
or 01935 842638 (UK)

Photo of the helicopter available – please e-mail John Hicks (below) for jpeg

Media enquiries to:

John Hicks M.IDM
Headline Promotions, Press & PR
Telephone: +44 1256 329742

Lingerie fashion trends dictated by changing breast sizes

Tue, 07 Oct 2008 08:30:00 +0000

Fashions and trends in lingerie retailing are not just about changing tastes and style. Here in the UK, womens’ breasts have jumped a cup size in just five years requiring lingerie retailers and underwear wholesalers to reflect on their product ranges.In these times of boom and bust, there really is only one statistic that looks certain to keep on growing. As new figures revealed this week show, British women are now boasting bigger breasts than ever.In the past five years alone, the average bra size in the UK has increased by an entire cup size, following a global trend for increasingly ample cleavage.The average bra size in Fifties Britain was a modest 30B. But factors such as better diet, cleverer cup measuring and even, it has been claimed by some, the increase in female hormone oestrogen in our water supplies, have all contributed to a massive increase in the size of British women’s busts.A mere five years ago the average woman sported a bra size of 34C. But now she’s had to increase the size of her underwear to a 36D.Of course, it isn’t just around the chest that women are expanding – they are also slightly taller today at an average of 5ft 4in and even weigh more, too, at an average of 9st 6lb.Modern women also have larger waists, now 34 inches, and bigger hips, measuring 40 inches. It’s a trend being echoed throughout the world, too, as shown by our statistics of the average woman aged between 20 and 40.But in this global economy of ours, are the British ladies alone?In China in the Eighties, the average bra size was 34A but in the past two decades this has increased by two cup sizes to 34C, just like actress Bai Ling. Canadian women too have proved that breasts are getting bigger, moving up from an average B cup to a C cup.But busts are not heaving voluptuously throughout the world. Actress Milla Jovovich is a typical svelte Russian and her waif-like figure reflects the trend among her countrywomen. They are on average 5ft 6in tall and have smaller chests.At 5ft 7in Milla herself may be taller than most of her female friends at home in Russia but her fashionable washboard chest at 32B is similar to that of the average Russian woman, although considering that Milla works mainly in America she would often be surrounded by women with much more ample bosoms.American ladies are known for being that little bit rounder thanks to their more calorie-laden diets. Curvaceous Mariah Carey, for example, has an ample 36C bust, as does former Cheers star Kirstie Alley.UK on-line lingerie retailer Sunset Lingerie’s spokesperson, John Hicks, says that the larger cup sizes it sells, in sizes from D and above, now represent 40 per cent of sales and that, increasingly, hits to its website are for their “plus size” ranges.But John says that women often go up several cup sizes when they are properly fitted for a brassiere. UK television shows such as BBC1’s “What Not To Wear” and ITV’s “How To Look Good Naked” are encouraging customers to ensure they have correctly sized bras.“So, Sunset Lingerie’s Plus Size model, Laura Leigh West, whose 36D chest will feature in a new range to be launched in 2009 will be “normal” whereas she would have been exceptional just a few years ago.” John added.Article first published in October 2008 by on-line publisher SearchWarp.Photo courtesy of Sunset Lingerie[...]

Back-to-School Retailers Target Young Consumers Online

Wed, 27 Aug 2008 18:50:00 +0000

Article Summary:In a tough economy, more retailers are turning to social media as an attempt to reach their target audience. With a shaky economy expected to impact the amount of money consumers spend on back-to-school shopping, retailers are using social media to capture the attention of younger consumers, drive brand recognition, and develop market awareness. But one UK social networking company has, according to John Hicks of Headline Promotions Press & Public Relations, come up with a novel idea to capture our imagination as parents.At this time of year, clients in the consumer market often ask about how they take advantage of the return to school trade. I am particularly interested in the use of social networking sites to help them do this. Jupiter Research, a leading authority on the impact of the Internet and emerging consumer technologies on business, has found that an increasing number of retailers are using social media to target teens and young adults during the 2008 back-to-school shopping season.As a result, social media has emerged as an important marketing platform as many retailers use the popularity of social networking sites like Facebook to carry-out their marketing campaigns.“The back-to-school season has grown in importance for retailers and leads into the all important fourth quarter sales period,” explained Patti Freeman Evans, Research Director and Online Retail Analyst at JupiterResearch. “With the shaky economy expected to impact the amount of money consumers spend on back-to-school shopping, retailers are using social media to capture the attention of younger consumers.”Retailers are experimenting with a variety of Web 2.0 technologies to host their back-to-school marketing campaigns, including the use of virtual worlds, social networks, social shopping sites, visual search engines, interactive video content, and widgets.To promote its two new clothing lines, department store J.C.Penney created an online game called "DorkDodge" in which a girl has to navigate through a number of undesirable boyfriends to find her dream date. The retailer also launched an integrated marketing campaign showing teens how they can “get that look” with an array of clothing brands sold at J.C.Penney stores, featuring the theme of “The Breakfast Club.”A similar campaign by Sears features actress Vanessa Hudgens, from the TV movie sensation “High School Musical”, playing characters who represent different styles that can be recreated from clothing sold by Sears.Retailers like Apple also value relationships with universities as college-aged consumers are a key demographic. As part of Apple’s US back-to-school promotion, students and faculty of an accredited university receive a free iPod with the purchase of a computer.According to David Schatsky, President of JupiterResearch, “Retailers experimenting with Web 2.0 experiences will largely find benefit from them in the form of branding and awareness building rather than direct sales as social media has shown little direct impact on actual online retail sales.”But for those of us who are also parents as well as marketers, the impending return to school brings the opportunity to capture some images we can share with others and keep for a lifetime. But how?Do you grab the digital camera? The camcorder? Extra memory cards? Batteries? It’s dizzying the number of choices you have. And then what if you want to share those precious moments with grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends? You’ve got to spend all that time uploading or sending individual pictures and videos. After all is said and done, we’re talking at least a couple hours of time, and probably more.I have come across a unique offering from a UK company. Next2[...]

How to become a lingerie model

Mon, 04 Aug 2008 22:30:00 +0000

If you are looking for an opportunity to become a model you need to ask yourself a question: “Do I really want to be a model”.Despite the glamour and hype you have seen about the modeling profession, it's hard work. It's boring (sometimes) and it can be tedious. Prepared to be constantly rejected, get ready for some major ups and downs. Modelling is a lifestyle, not a 9-5 job. Not all jobs pay well. Unless you are seriously committed about modeling, willing to work at it on your own time, live a healthy life style, etc., you will not succeed as a model. You have to understand that there are lots of other people who want to be models, it's a very competitive business. Are you willing to put the time and energy into competing with pretty much everyone you meet, 24 hrs a day?But it can be great fun and you can earn some good money. I think one of the great things is that you make many friends.So where do you start? You'll need a modeling portfolio, I'm sure you'll all know what one of those is but for those that don't it's basically a selection of pictures showing yourself in different outfits and poses. The standard size for the photos is 9 by 12 inches and you'll need around 10 - 12 photos. Make sure you focus on quality rather than quantity, remember, you're only as good as your worst photo. Make sure your portfolio has a selection of both head shots and full body shots. Make sure you get a variety of different looks such as swimwear, catalogue and lingerie, you get the idea, also get a couple of black and white shots in there. Avoid using pictures of the same shot.It can be very advantageous to have photographs from different photographers in a portfolio. This will show the versatility in terms of styles and it will prove that a model can work with a variety of different people. Obviously, the cost of hiring different photographers for a portfolio is prohibitive, but there are many excellent photographers out there who will do prints for time - and of course many more bad ones. If you research what's on offer well, it can be an excellent alternative.Before going ahead with a photo session ask to look at the photographer’s portfolio to see if you like his style of photography. No doubt if you go to the photographer’s studio to book the appointment he will have examples of his work on display anyway. If you've never done modelling before this will also be an excellent practice run for you. Avoid photographers wanting to take nude shots and, if possible, take a friend with you to the shoot.From then on, it’s the long haul round the agencies. It’s a bit like traipsing round the recruitment agencies and signing on to get onto their books. Same information each time but it’s a chore you have to live with to get on. Do not sign exclusive deals, you need to be able to accept work from a variety of agencies.If you particularly want to model lingerie – and many do because there are opportunities to develop into catalogue and calendar work as well as promotions activity – one UK company is offering a new opportunity.Sunset Lingerie offer an extensive yet quality affordable range of sexy & exotic lingerie, adult fantasy costumes, designer glamourwear, clubwear, prom outfits, plus size lingerie, babydolls, pvc & fetishwear, sexy shoes & boots, dance wear and bridal underwear or honeymoon lingerie.They are looking for models to work with Playboy model Candice to represent the brand, appear in the on-line catalogue and to host nightclub lingerie parties. You can see the range at which is pretty extensive.But if you are not a size 0, do not despair as Sunset Lingerie are looking for attractive ladies over 18 and of all sizes.[...]

Marketing and promoting shopping malls to generate additional footfall

Mon, 07 Jul 2008 19:08:00 +0000

Marketing and promoting shopping malls to generate additional footfallHere John Hicks shares some ideas from his years at Headline Promotions, Press & Public Relations here in the UK:· Place yourself at the heart of the community and partnered up with all the local schools & colleges by offering a fraction of a percentage of the proceeds of receipts from your shops back to the schools through a rebate programme. Work on some strong marketing materials for the schools to use.Offer new computers to the school that has the most receipts. I did a similar exercise for an IT company and we had huge PR from this and business from the schools.· Street entertainment such as fire eaters or magicians etc will give people who come out something to remember for ever. Live music or karaoke in the street, can also be successful parts of an overall campaign.· In school holidays, lay on plenty of children’s entertainment including face painting sessions, story telling and model making.· In the UK you normally have to pay a fortune to park your car before you go shopping to spend more. At Brent Cross the parking is free and you find people will travel to it. Negotiate with local car parks to get free off-peak parking and cheaper peak time rates – or offer a refund on parking if they spend more than £50 in one day.· One of the most successful of my projects was for a garden centre complex that encouraged shoppers to save their receipts. For every £100 in mall receipts, they received 1 entry in an annual drawing for a new car. The winner had to be present to win, so that day the centre was unbelievably crowded. We ran the project jointly with a local car dealership who, in turn, received dealer support from the manufacturer.· Create events:Health fairs with free screenings, health information, etc.Craft fairs highlighting local artistsFashion showsCooking demonstrationsEvents tied into various holidays or causesRecord launches· If you can increase the number of woman visiting your mall the men will follow automatically and your footfall will increase dramatically. Have special women oriented events like beauty workshops, events, have a special women's day where they are given 10% off their purchase.· A good TV celebrity which appeals to a wide age group will be expensive but my experience shows that it has always, and I mean always, paid dividends!· At Christmas time, help busy employees of local firms by providing personal shopping assistants before work, during lunch breaks and after work.· Last, but certainly not least, think about establishing your own on-line radio station. UK Internet Radio Developments can create one for you in 24 hours with music programmes 24/7 – visit their website at you need practical advice on marketing, PR and promotions for shopping centres and malls in the UK? The contact John Hicks at Headline Promotions, Press & Public Relations or by e-mail at how to market shopping centres, how to promote shopping malls, marketing, promotions, public relations, PR, advertising retail, Christmas offers, xmas shopping, shopping for gifts, gifts, marketing, internet advertising, target marketing, press releases, press release distribution, search engine linkings, selling online, malls, promotion, outlet centres, uk pr agency, increasing mall footfall[...]

Basingstoke agency helps launch new fashion retailer

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IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASEBasingstoke, Hampshire UKJuly 7th 2008Basingstoke agency helps launch new fashion retailerEurope's newest lingerie on-line retailer has appointed Basingstoke’s PR, marketing and promotions agency, Headline Promotions, Press & PR, to handle the campaign for the recent launch of their new shop at which is expected to attract substantial orders during the summer and autumn wedding season and in the run up to Christmas.Richard Davies of Luxembourg-based Sunset Lingerie said: "Our PR and marketing agency, Headline Promotions Press & PR, will undertake the website search engine optimisation, media relations and an on-line advertising campaign across Europe. The team came highly recommended and presented a credible campaign strategy."Headline Promotions Managing Director, John Hicks, said: “We will be working with photographers in the region to build a portfolio of models to help present the products in the on-line shop and at events. Negotiations are progressing with a major glamour model for the design of her own-label range to be retailed exclusively through the website. This is on top of our web marketing and advertising campaign so we have a busy time ahead.”With the UK economy struggling, is this a good time to launch a new retail outlet? John Hicks said: “In a recession, people will still want quality lingerie for special occasions, including weddings, and to give as presents. We will use the next couple of years to develop the brand name Sunset Lingerie into a household name in time for when the economy recovers.”Part of the launch campaign includes a celebrity launch party in Windsor in a few weeks when some new inclusions in the range of sexy underwear and lingerie will be unveiled. Demand for invitations is expected to be high!Further details of the Basingstoke PR agency can be found at Photo: John Hicks of Headline Promotions, Press & PRNotes to Editors:Headline Promotions, Press & PR was established in 1996 in Basingstoke, Hampshire, to provide PR, promotions, event management, marketing and web design support for small business in the UK by John Hicks, a member of the Institute of Direct Marketing, bringing together many years of experience across a wide range of business sectors in the UK and Far East.John and his small team's particular speciality is in the manufacturing, retail, internet radio, security, professional services, hospitality, leisure & entertainment sectors but are well-versed across many sectors.Media enquiries to:John Hicks M.IDMHeadline Promotions, Press & PRMobile: 07771 575 Sunset Lingerie, sexy nighties, glamour models, on-line retailers, bridal wear, autumn brides, summer brides, Christmas presents, xmas presents, Richard Davies, Headline Promotions, John Hicks, Basingstoke, retailing in a recession,This press release was issued and distributed by the UK’sPress Release Writing Service[...]

More misery as wild dolphin captures continue in Solomon Islands’ waters

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PRESS RELEASELondon, UKJuly 2, 2008FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEMore misery as wild dolphin captures continue in Solomon Islands’ waters A further 12 Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins have recently been captured and are waiting in sea pens to be exported to marine parks.This comes nine months after the controversial exports of 28 wild caught dolphins from the Solomon Islands to Palm Atlantis in Dubai last year, and by further captures of dolphins by local fishermen who wanted to start a “dolphin business”.As a charity working for the protection and welfare of dolphins worldwide, the Marine Connection has huge concerns for not only the welfare of the captured animals but, also, any further captures and exports as the number of dolphins around the Solomon Islands is unknown and any further taking of animals could have a devastating effect on local populations if the government allows captures to escalate.Once again, these captures were authorised despite no adequate peer reviewed scientific surveys being undertaken to assess that the removal of the animals from the wild will not be detrimental to the survival of the species in these waters. This is a basic requirement of international legislation as outlined by CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), whose aim is to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival.Under CITES law, no captures should be allowed until a Non-Detriment Finding (NDF) has been issued by the exporting country. The Solomon Islands have issued this declaration due to methodological flaws of the study the charity is challenging the effectiveness of this NDF.Unfortunately the cruel market for wild dolphins is fuelled by the popularity of marine parks and tour operators that promote them. Marine Connection allege that holiday giants Thomson (a branch of tour operator TUI) are promoting excursions to the Palm Atlantis resort in Dubai, the facility that purchased and imported the dolphins from the Solomons last year. Ironically, TUI are also partners of 2007 “Year of the Dolphin” an initiative launched by the United Nations which aims to highlight the many dangers dolphins face in the wild and has been extended into 2008.The charity has concerns over the inclusion of TUI, as one of the major threats to wild dolphins today is their direct capture and trade to supply marine parks. “Captures are most likely not sustainable and may have significant conservation implications” – these facts were acknowledged by all “Year of the Dolphin” partners and TUI should prove its commitment by pledging to cease sales of this type of excursion.A spokesperson for the Marine Connection, said: “Tour operators such as Thomson and Virgin who promote and profit from captive dolphin facilities have a huge responsibility today - environmentally, socially and ethically. Excursions to captive dolphin facilities, artificial enclosures which confine these socially complex and predatory animals, are an inherent contradiction to this tremendous responsibility. As long as tour operators promote these facilities and people continue to visit them, wild captures will continue.”Further information can be found at www.marineconnection.orgENDSFor media-related inquiries, or images contact:Janja Novak, Campaigns Development Officer, Marine ConnectionTel 00 44 (0) 20 7602 1574 email: janja@marineconnection.orgNotes for EditorsThe Marine Connection is a London-based charity, working both nationally and internationally for the welfare, protection and conservation of dolphins, whales and porpoises [...]

Fleet Air Arm Museum Veterans' Day "A huge success"

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1st July 2008

Veterans young and old thronged to the Fleet Air Arm Museum on Sunday 29th June 2008 to be awarded their Veterans badges.
The presentation of badges was officiated by Admiral Terry Loughran and David Laws MP supported by veteran CPO Stu Rainsbury, WO1 Julie Halford and 22 year old Marine Chris Turner who has recently returned from serving in Afghanistan .

The presentations took place under Concorde accompanied by Musicians from the Royal Marines Association Concert Band.

Elsewhere throughout the Museum, surrounded by aircraft spanning almost 100 years, exhibitors and Museum staff encouraged visitors to reminisce and record their memories related to bygone days. WW2 memories were brought sharply into focus by AsOne Theatre Productions who performed a programme of nostalgic wartime classics.

Says Museum Director Graham Mottram . “We were delighted to see so many families, often spanning three generations, as grand children watched their grand parents receive their badges. The day was a huge success and much enjoyed by all.”

Helping to receive visitors and answer their queries throughout the day were children from Bucklers Mead School in Yeovil.


Caption 1: Veterans badge
Caption 2: David Laws MP presenting Veterans badge to WW2 veteran


Media Enquiries: Jon Jefferies Head of Marketing. 01935 842638

John Hicks M.IDM
Headline Promotions, Press & Public Relations
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Hampshire RG24 7BG
Tel: +44 7771 575 654

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Nightclub marketing and promotions get helping hand

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PRESS RELEASE26th June 2008Basingstoke, EnglandNightclub marketing and promotions get helping handNightclubs, late night bars and restaurants, cue sports bars and live music venues are all facing a difficult time as the UK economy falters.Basingstoke Public Relations consultant, John Hicks of Headline Promotions, Press & PR (, deals with this particular sector and is confident that effective marketing and promotions will enable them to keep their head above water until times get better.Back in 1969, John established an on-line resource site for owners, operators and managers in the hospitality and entertainment industry. This offers advice and information about all aspects of the business sector, from marketing through to the use of celebrities for special events.John’s background is that he has worked in public relations, marketing and promotions for many years, across many sectors. He specialises, however, in the leisure, internet radio broadcasting, hospitality and entertainment sectors.He formerly operated a busy 750 capacity 24/7 snooker and pool hall, Chinese restaurant, sports bars and live music venue in the south of England - in addition to previously being a national promotions manager for a division of Europe's leading late night venue operator and a promotions manager for a global drinks manufacturer.Now, John has re-launched the Nightclub Marketing website with a new-look design, in the format of a book with chapters on specific topics including new developments such as “running your own radio station”.The re-launch coincides with the introduction of his new Mentoring Scheme.The mentoring programme, allows for a venue management team to have in-depth support from John for a week. During that time, they will work together to devise a SWOT and competitor analysis, a marketing and PR programme, training needs analysis and a customer relations strategy.After the week, John will remain available for telephone support for a period year for the management team. This transfer of knowledge will enable the team to manage their own destiny and help prepare newer staff for future management roles.Of course, effective marketing and promotions will not ensure business success on their own. They have to accompany high standards of customer care and service. The new website and John’s unique mentoring service will give them the edge however.Further details can be found on John’s re-launched website information can be obtained from:John HicksHeadline Promotions, Press & Public RelationsBasingstoke, 07771 575 654You can read John’s occasional blog at: has worked in public relations, marketing and promotions for many years, across many sectors. He specialises, however, in the leisure, local radio broadcasting, manufacturing and entertainment sectors. He formerly operated a busy 750 capacity 24/7 snooker and pool hall, Chinese restaurant, sports bars and live music venue in the south of England - in addition to previously being a national promotions manager for a division of Europe's leading late night venue operator and promotions manager for a global drinks manufacturer.John also writes for several UK and US newspapers and blog sites as well as having contributed to a number of published works. He has also acted as an occasional advisor to City funds and investment banks with interests in the UK leisure sector.His principal business is Managing Direc[...]

Top ten tips on how to create free publicity for company anniversaries

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A client asked me for small business public relations advice for his retail store in relation to their 10th anniversary of trading. I thought that I could usefully share my thoughts with you. Whatever the nature of your organisation, company, small business or retail store the fact that it is celebrating its 5th, 10th or 20th anniversary it is important to you so, naturally, you want the world to know. But if all you do is call the reporter at your local newspaper and announce the anniversary, don’t be surprised if the reporter says, “Who cares?” You need a clever hook to get free publicity if you're celebrating an anniversary. Here are several ideas to get you started:1 Sponsor a contest in honour of your anniversary. A men’s clothing store can have an Ugly Tie Contest, put the entries on display and ask customers to vote for the ugliest tie. Create your own day, week and month of the year. 2 Call the local radio station and donate prizes for their presenter to give away. Tell them they can have the prizes to give away however they wish, as long as they mention your store and your anniversary. 3 Take a poll or survey and announce the findings on your anniversary date. A bookstore, for example, can poll readers on the one book they would most like to have with them if they were stranded on an island. 4 Sponsor a free class at your store. A gourmet food store can invite patrons to a free class on cooking with wine. You might even invite a local celebrity chef to be the teacher. Be sure to hand out free samples of the food. 5 Ask customers to explain in 50 words or less the most unusual or outrageous way they have used one of your products or services. The winner gets a cool prize. 6 Team up with a local school or charity such at the homeless shelter, and donate products or services they can use. Ask them if they will work with the media to try to get free publicity for the donation. 7 Try and tie-in any anniversary announcement with news of a successful bid for new work, or get a testimonial from a long-standing customer (especially if that customer was with the business right from the early days!). 8 Ask your local newspaper if they will feature a competition for which you will supply the prize. If you are a club or bar, call a party! That is what you are good at so invite your regulars and get a supplier to sponsor some product to give away. It always worked for me! 9 One of my favourite stunts was to celebrate the anniversary of a restaurant. Chef baked an enormous cake and iced it in the shape of the company logo. We then took large chunks round to the local elderly persons' homes - the press loved it and we received great newspaper and local radio coverage 10 Invite a celebrity in to sign a few autographs. It costs a little but is worth every penny! There are loads of agencies you can contact or I can always put you in touch with one (see my e-mail address below).In terms of free space in the local newspaper, you could always consider a special feature where your suppliers are all contacted and asked to support an advertising feature. The newspaper then provides you with editorial coverage and a photo. I am sure you have seen the sort of thing I have in mind. Newspapers call these “advertorials” and, basically, the suppliers pay the costs. A good photo and a good supporting photograph can make these very readable and interesting. Poor copy and a poor photo will consign your advertorial to the dustbin of history so consider spending a few pounds with your local PR consultant to make sure this is a[...]

Aviator Steve Wood receives Royal recognition

Mon, 09 Jun 2008 23:01:00 +0000

Congratulations to Headline Promotions, Press & PR client: Steve Wood.............Our congratulations to record-breaking aviator, the irrepressible Steve Wood, who went to St James' Palace last week to be presented with The Air League's Scott-Farnie Award by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.The FAI has just ratified another 35 records giving him 64 world records at present - with another 14 pending!We have been looking at how many world records he could have claimed using the official start / finish times submitted to the FAI for the records he has claimed.It gets complicated as the FAI Has changed its rules three times in recent years to stop ridiculously slow speeds being claimed. Up to 2006, any speed could be claimed which is why some records are down to just 8 km/h (5 mph). From 2006 to 2008, speeds below the clean stall speed of the aircraft (or 100 km/h if the stall speed was not known) could only be claimed if other records were claimed on the same route which were above the stall speed. From 1 March 2008 the FAI has simplified the rules and now only speeds above the clean stall speed (or 100 km.h) can be claimed.We have also been researching the records set by Sheila Scott - who is generally regarded as having set the most aviation records of any British pilot up to now. In the Encyclopedia Britannica she is reputed to have broken "more than 100 light-aviation records" between 1965 and 1972. However, she claimed only 77 official FAI world records (which is why Steve has claimed 78 records) and of those 77 records 30 were duplicate 'Feminine' records which have been superseded by the FAI as no longer valid as there is now no 'feminine' category.It seems that Sheila Scott may have set more than 100 aviation records but only claimed the 77 world records. Based on the same rules as existed when she set her records, Steve actually set a massive total of 320 world speed records, but of course has only claimed 78 world another 5 British National records.Under the 2007 rules which applied during all but his last flight, Steve could have claimed 197 FAI world records, plus the 5 British National records. Under the 2008 rules he could have claimed 161 FAI world records, plus the 5 British National records.I hope you are keeping up! But let me summarise.All of Steve’s 78 claimed records meet the 2008 rules and, if you apply the 2008 rules to other pilots records, the situation changes dramatically. Based on claimed records:Steve become no. 1 in the world for the number of records ever set in a homebuilt aircraft as the previous 'top scorer' (H G Schmid) claimed 168 records of which only 61 records would be valid under the 2008 rules. This compares with Steve’s 78 claimed, and still valid, records!Sheila Scott's total of 77 records would reduce to just 38 valid records. Another British pilot, Victor Davies, claimed 62 records and this would reduce to 28 records. Judith Chisholm originally claimed 56 world records but 29 of these were 'feminine' and her total would reduce to just 16 records under the new rules. Interestingly the number of records set by a British pilot in a single year back - 27 records set in 1952 by T W Hayhow - stays unchanged, but, in any event, Steve smashed this total by setting 78 world records in a single year.Of course, irrespective of the changes in the FAI rules, Steve is now the top scoring British aviator in the history of aviation presently holding 64 FAI world records with another 14 world records pending ratification.We are all very proud of [...]

SEO Top Ten Tips to maximise the impact of your Press Release

Sat, 07 Jun 2008 08:17:00 +0000

SEO Top Ten Tips to maximise the impact of your Press Release on the webBy John HicksIf you have gone to the trouble of writing a press release and want to maximise the on-line potential then think about how search engine optimisation can help you. I was recently consulted by a client, Asset Fencing ( who specialise in protecting UK businesses’ assets with perimeter systems - through physical deterrents, detection and monitoring systems with the supply, installation & maintenance of industrial, commercial and security fencing, barriers, CCTV, access controls and the like. They wanted to initiate a press release campaign on the web over a number of months. Their question was how to maximise the impact of a press release on the Internet. Here were my top ten suggestions to help them and I thought it would be useful to share my thoughts. 1. Choose and use your keywords. Think like your reader. What words are most likely to be searched for by people looking for what you want them to find in your release? Choose/use those words multiple times. By the way, do remember to name your images on your website and in press releases after one of your keywords; a simple tip often forgotten. 2. Use bold, italics, headlines and subheads to make key phrases and keywords more visible. Emphasised text may help your release stand out and can positively impact search engine results. 3. Keep your headlines short. Google recommends headlines between 2 and 22 words for optimum visibility and search results. And Google results display only the first 63 characters of each headline. 4. Keep it readable. While your goal is to appear high in search engine results, don't miss the mark by writing copy that's overly repetitive, spammy or unreadable. You want search engines to find you and for readers to click through to your text. Strike a balance. 5. Be careful with puns, innuendo and double meanings. Search engines, spiders and robots have no sense of humour. Keep this in mind when trying to attract their attention. 6. Write timely content that provides useful information to readers. Provide tips, advice, or analysis in your press release that is relevant to your industry or your customers' interests. Search engines are more likely to include releases that are honestly useful in their results. 7. Utilise hyperlinks and anchor text, but don't overdo it. Too many links can flag your release as spam and get you kicked out. One link max per 100 words is recommended. Choose relevant links that direct traffic to the specific pages you are promoting rather than generic company links. 8. Be consistent. Some words have multiple spellings— such as "t-shirt" and "tee-shirt," or "email" and "e-mail." Stick with one spelling to avoid appearing illiterate, preferably choosing the more frequently searched spelling. 9. Keep it fresh. As releases age, they tend to drift lower in the search engine results pages. A campaign of several releases is more likely to drive results than a single press release. 10. Publish on your own website. Be sure to publish releases to your own website also. Since links are like votes, link to them. And work with your web team to make sure your site is optimized. Make sure you copy them to your local media – newspapers, radio, internet radio stations and TV stations. I would wish you “good luck” but, in business, you make your own luck. Finally, if you are struggling to produce a professional press release then ask a professional PR c[...]

Nightclub marketing opportunity for sale

Sun, 30 Mar 2008 11:42:00 +0000

An exciting website is an uncompleted project and it is a shame to see it go to waste.

Conceived originally as a resource for UK nightclub, late bars and leisure businesses, venue operators and their staff would have immediate access to suppliers of relevant products and services, artist and performers, recruitment opportunities, advice and information on marketing and promotions plus the latest industry news. The public could find their local venues, to see what's on and gain VIP access or discounted admission.

Whilst work has been done on developing some content on it’s accompanying blog, other business priorities mean that it has not reached its true potential. Headline Promotions, Press & PR are, therefore, offering the domain name for sale.

This can be an outright purchase of the name or, as we have a fully operational website design almost ready for launch, we would sell the name and the website.

If you require a fully operational website for marketing to nightclub and late bar personnel and/or customers but do not wish the hassle of maintaining the site, Headline Promotions Press & PR would be pleased to quote for supplying the content and promoting the site for you, at modest monthly fees.

For an informal discussion without obligation please call John Hicks on 07771 575 654 or e-mail him at

Headline Management’s Steve Wood receives international media coverage

Fri, 21 Mar 2008 11:50:00 +0000

Steve Wood featured in EAA journal

Following world record breaking aviator Steve Wood’s confirmation from the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI) that he set a total of 29 world speed records in his GlaStar, during the second "four corners" flight around America in 2007 media coverage has been secured around the globe.

That achievement breaks the record for the most FAI world records ever made in a U.S.-registered homebuilt aircraft, exceeding Bruce Bohannon's 28 achieved in his modified RV-4, the Flying Tiger. Steve, whose airplane is affectionately known as GOOFY (N-600FY), flew his first four corners flight in 2005 and continues to set new records.

Headline Management issued a press release through Headline Promotions, Press & PR announcing the FAI recognition. This was picked up by a whole host of media but Steve was particularly pleased that the US’s premiere aircraft association’s magazine, the EAA featured him in this month’s issue.

Steve is represented in Europe by Headline Management of Basingstoke, England

Read the article on-line:

Resort of Okinawa brings death to its golden beaches

Sun, 17 Feb 2008 16:02:00 +0000

Drive hunts return to OkinawaOkinawa is the southernmost prefecture of Japan. It occupies the southern part of the Nansei (Southwest) chain of islands which stretches over 1,200 km from the southern tip of Kyushu to within 100 km of Taiwan. Okinawa prefecture consists of around 160 of these islands, 46 inhabited.The prefecture takes its name from the largest and most populous of the three groups of islands that form it, the other two being the Miyako and Yaeyama group. The Okinawa group is centered on the largest island in the prefecture, Okinawa Island; the Miyako group on Miyako Island; and the Yaeyama group on Ishigaki Island.But don’t be misguided by the tourist guide image.The city has recently re-commenced dolphin hunting. Nago hunted dolphins 20 years ago but the barbaric practice was stopped due to opposition by conservation groups and bad publicity the city received for allowing these hunts. However, the practice is still alive, as a small percentage of fishermen still retain licences to kill dolphins.A few days ago, around 100 dolphins appeared off Nago Bay which resulted in six boats setting out to sea and the fishermen driving the dolphins into the bay, where they were slaughtered. This is a sad reflection on Japan’s attitude towards the continued and rising international condemnation of drive hunts in the country.Despite the fact that the number of dolphins killed in this instance was lower than the hunts conducted in Taiji where the number of dolphins slaughtered reaches in excess of 20,000, the practice is equally inhumane and unnecessary.Yet the world stands by and does nothing. One marine conservation charity has spoken out. The Marine Connection ( condemns this expansion of drive hunts in Japan and is calling on the authorities at Nago abolish the hunt with immediate effect. But will the world listen?Just don’t go there on your holidays!Further information can be found at For media-related inquiries, contact The Marine Connection: Janja Novak Campaigns Development Officer Marine Connection 00 44 (0) 20 7602 1574 Email: The Marine Connection is a London-based charity, working both nationally and internationally for the welfare, protection and conservation of dolphins, whales and porpoises - from the smallest to the largest species, they all need protecting. One way the charity achieves this is through a mix of campaigning, education and research. The Marine Connection has achieved – or contributed to – many important victories for dolphins and whales, however whilst an actively campaigning organisation, education and research also play a vital part of the charity’s conservation work. One of the charity's main objectives is to ensure everyone understands the importance of protecting these marine mammals and their natural habitat.[...]