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Where It Stands

Conventional wisdom. Scaled. (At least that's the objective anyway.)

Published: 2009-11-18T22:43:54-05:00


Can't win them all Barry



President Obama has won a lot in the last year. But the sexiest man of 2009 goes to Johnny Depp.

Fringe Parties



Kudos to the new Tea Party and the old Green Party for fighting for what they believe in.
Not that has or will do much good.

Health Care Bill



It passed cheered the Democrats. Squeaked by is more like it.
Course this was expected and the simplest vote in the process.
Now it's on to the Senate. Yeah, Obama good luck with those tightwads.

#27 - Yankees



The New York Yankees spent a quarter billion in the off season. And it paid off very well.
Congrats to them on their 2009 World Series victory.

Oh Glen, you're funny


Give Glen Beck credit. He is getting attention, ratings and coverage.
And that means he's making himself rich.


Now lets see Cash For...



Cash for clunkers seems to have made people spend for new cars.
Now how about some incentives for other programs...




27 up. 27 down.
Mark Buehrle pitches perfect one with a big, big assist from DeWayne Wise.

Well done both of you.

How Michael Jackson will be remembered in 10 years



Over time, the music will over shadow the weirdness and personal problems.
Which Michael fans, should be happy about.

How Michael Jackson will be remembered (2009)



Michael's recent history and last decade of crazy antics, molestation charges and bankruptcy over shadow his amazing talent and music.
While many want to remember him for his music, it's hard to separate the personal life from the music when the personal is what's top of mind.

Economic Re_something....



I'm afraid I don't share the rosy news about the economy. Banks giving back bailout money is just banks trying to get the government out of their hair.

Wall Street is still filled with crooks. Main Street is still hurting. And it's not going to get better anytime soon.

What Obama should say about Iran



Nothing or little if anything.
We should not add fuel to any fire. Or stoke the current power structure. The Iranian people are doing a fine job by themselves provoking their government.

Sometimes not meddling in others business is the right course of action.




I guess they could have let GM fail. And it still might. But they had to try to keep it afloat.
Even if it just lets the country down easy.

It's time for you to go...



You've had your moment. Now, move on please.

Army, Scared


If you want to put fear and horror into the American military complex, just announce your gay.
Nothing scares those Army, Navy and Marine folks more.

The situation with Dan Choi is a prime example.


Historical scale: Democratic Party 2002



The same thing people are saying about the GOP today they were saying about the Democrats just a few years ago.
The GOP will resurface.