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A Closet of Curiosities

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An Announcement about Reposts


I know it's been a long while between new posts. Unfortunately, this post won't have anything new available as DrEyescope and I are very busy with our careers and various projects nowadays. I do not know when there will be anything new here. This post is about addressing reposts. I just found out that ADrive is planning to discontinue its services for free accounts on November 16. (I also found

Lutoslawski, Penderecki, Cage, Mayuzumi: String Quartets


LaSalle Quartet - Lutoslawski, Penderecki, Cage, Mayuzumi: String Quartets CD released in 1987 LaSalle Quartet: Walter Levin - 1st violin Henry Meyer - 2nd violin Peter Kamnitzer - viola Jack Kirstein - cello The string quartet was one of the supreme achievements of an age when music came nearest to the nature of speech, an age when themes could be stated and discussed in a language that

La légende d'Eer


Iannis Xenakis - La légende d'Eer CD released 2003 La légende d'Eer (diatope) 8-channel electronic tape Played by Electronic Studio Westdeutscher Rundfunk Köln From the back cover: Minimalist and wild, incisive and graphic, La légende d'Eer unfolds to the rhythm of the crackling of merging timbres in ductile electronic sound. Associated with a lighting device calling for one thousand six

Afternoon in Amsterdam


Afternoon in Amsterdam released on LP featuring Gavioli Draaiorgel "Jupiter" recorded in Holland From the liner notes: The subtle pastel coloring of the aged buildings reflected in the canals' calm water; the incredible cleanliness of the worn sidewalks and streets; the happy sounds emanating from the big and colorful hand-cranked barrel organs along the Kalverstraat: these are Amsterdam

Black Angels


The Cikada Quartet - Black Angels released on CD in 1995 recorded at the Academy of Music, Oslo, Norway: March 25-27, 1994 The Cikada Quartet: Henrik Hannisdal - violin Odd Hannisdal - violin Marek Konstantynowicz - viola Morten Hannisdal - violoncello tracks 1-13 Black Angels composed by George Crumb tracks 14-16 String Quartet Op. 28 composed by Anton Webern tracks 17-18 String

The Music of Lou Harrison


Lou Harrison - The Music of Lou Harrison released on CD in 1991, originally released on vinyl in 1971 tracks 1-7 performed by the Oakland Youth Orchestra, Robert Hughes - conductor tracks 8-11 performed by Beverly Bellows tracks 12-13 performed by Lou Harrison tracks 14-16 performed by William Bouton - violin along with Richard Dee - cheng, William Colvig - sheng and fang-hsiang, Lou



Pierre Boulez - Domaines reissued on CD in 1988, original release date 1971 (likely copied from a vinyl copy) performed by Ensemble Musique Vivante under the direction of Diego Masson clarinet solo: Michel Portal ...originally intended for solo clarinet when it was premiered in 1968. Two years later, Pierre Boulez adopted a circular arrangement made up of six instrumental units, with the

More Updates Including a New Twitter Account


Hello to all. I recently finished reuploading several posts. They're listed on the "Updates" page. I am considering no longer using the "Updates" page instead posting updates on a new Twitter account I created for the blog. It may be a better way to keep up with updates rather than remembering to check the "Updates" page. It may also be a little more efficient for me and DrEyescope as we

Some More Updates for Old Posts


I hope everyone is enjoying the Ratchet Orchestra, Marshall Allen and Danny Ray Thompson concert. I would like to thank DrEyescope for sharing it here. It's one of those concerts that I wish I could have been there in person. I reuploaded a lot of the old posts, this time focusing on the avant-garde/modern classical and electro-acoustic records. I still have some more to reupload. Hopefully, I

Ratchet Orchestra with Marshall Allen and Danny Ray Thompson


As a small number of you out there know, I am a part-time musician.Living where I do, I get the chance to play with some pretty incredible musicians, both those who live here and those who pass through.I have been playing with the Ratchet Orchestra, an ever-changing monster led by Contrabassist Nicolas Caloia, for about 20 years now, and this past May 15 we were all honored to

Bird Songs in Your Garden


Arthur A. Allen and Peter Paul Kellogg - Bird Songs in Your Garden book and accompanying 10" record released in 1961 Produced by Peter Paul Kellogg and Arthur A. Allen from recordings made for the Cornell Library of Natural Sounds. List of species included in book and record: Wood Pewee, Cardinal, Robin, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Catbird, Scarlet Tanager, Song Sparrow,

Meditations sur le mystere de la Sainte Trinite


Olivier Messiaen - Meditations sur le mystere de la Sainte Trinite released on a 2-LP set in 1973 by Musical Heritage Society (same as 1972 release on Erato) performed by Olivier Messiaen himself Organ used on this recording is that of the Church of Sainte Trinite, Paris. Composed in 1969, the mystical Meditations sur le mystere de la Sainte Trinite (Meditations on the Mystery of the Holy

Hall Overton / Lester Trimble - Split Release (CRI 1972)


Notes (reprinted in spite of the fact that I find them really rather annoying) excerpted from the back cover (included).Pulsations is the last in Overton's considerable catalogue and is probably the work that most perfectly fuses his own equal and opposite musical loves, concert music and jazz. In his words, it "explores various aspects of rhythm. Instead of avoiding the

Sun Ra Arkestra- Media Dreams (Saturn Records,1978)


Sun Ra Arkestra- Media Dreams Here's the last of my Saturn Records, which I am posting to celebrate the 90th birthday today of Marshall Allen, alto saxophonist and electronic wind instrument player, current leader of the Sun Ra Arkestra- still going strong!On a personal note:I had the opportunity to play with Marshall Allen on the 15th in celebration of the 100th

Sun Ra And His Omniverse Jet-Set Arkestra-Journey Stars Beyond (Saturn 1981)


Today is Sun Ra's 100th birthday.Here is another of the Saturn Records which Ra and the Arkestra released independently.These records are very often entirely unique, with the hand-made artwork sometimes being silk-screened stickers, sometimes magic-marker scribbles, and sometimes both or neither.This one, as you can see, has magic-marker scribbles on the front cover and

Repost News


I re-upped a lot of stuff recently including most of the requests. They're all listed on the "Updates about Old Posts" page. I'll take care of the remaining requests soon. Also, new posts are forthcoming.

The Moog Strikes Bach


Hans Wurman - The Moog Strikes Bach...To Say Nothing of Chopin, Mozart, Rachmaninoff, Paganini and Prokofieff LP released in 1969 This is one of those "switched-on" (classical music performed using Moogs or other synthesizer) LPs that were released on the coattails of the popularity of Walter (Wendy) Carlos's Switched-On Bach record. I often find these hit-or-miss. The LP featured in this

Arpa Paraguaya


Jorge Gurascier - Arpa Paraguaya LP released in 1971 Unfortunately, there is not any useful information to be found about Jorge Gurascier or this particular LP. No liner notes have been provided by the label. All I can say is that if you enjoyed the Paraguayan Harp, Vol. 2 post from last year, you'll enjoy this one. Tracklisting: Side A 1.  Pajaro Campana  {4:23} 2.  Canto del

Frog Talk


NorthSound - Frog Talk CD released in 1990 I figured it was time for an actual new post. As usual, my time lately has been occupied by real life. But, hopefully, I can find time to post a little more often as well as re-up more material. I do promise that there will be another new post within the next few days. BTW, check the "Updates about Old Posts" page. I re-upped several posts earlier

CAPAC Musical Portraits #3


Here is another installment in the CAPAC Musical Portrait series posts.This one features the Larry Lake record missing from the post of January 14,2013 (featuring the work of the other members of the Canadian Electronic Music Ensemble).At the time of that post, I was missing the record from the sleeve and I promised to post it if I ever found it. Well,it's been a stretch but, (ahem)-PRESTO! here



FYI-in case you were wondering:I know I haven't posted much lately-(an understatement if ever I heard one!), and it seems like all of my Rapidshare links of the past two years are now dead.I'll post this (above) on a site which has proven relatively trustworthy so far (though not without its own inevitable drawbacks) but I'm not sure if they will be more or less dependable in the future...That

It Was Twenty Years Ago Today


(Well, maybe not EXACTLY today, but close enough)...that Uncle Willie closed up shop at UWEB; the  Residents fan club.While I regret not having taken advantage of all of the "members only" Residents cd's offered there, I can still look back with some satisfaction for having taken advantage of the pool of like-minded musical minds to be found among the members there. Ca. early 1992 I sent the

Chamber Concerto/Ringing Changes


Charles Wuorinen - Chamber Concerto/Ringing Changes released on LP in 1971 I'm glad that I am able to have a new post in what has been a few months. Chamber Concerto composed in 1963 for cello and 10 players Fred Sherry - cello The Group for Contemporary Music: Harvey Sollberger - flute Josef Marx - oboe and English horn Jack Kreiselman - clarinet and bass clarinet Donald MacCourt -

The Music of Cheops


Steve Douglas - The Music of Cheops released on LP in 1976 I found another LP where the music was too recorded in the Great Pyramid. I thought the Paul Horn - Inside the Great Pyramid was the only album of its kind. Now I wonder if there were more albums recorded in the Great Pyramid and if so, how many. Throughout most of his career, Steve Douglas (1938-1993) has been a session musician

African Tribal Dances


various artists compilation - African Tribal Dances released on LP From the liner notes: "The greatest free show on earth!" These words were used by an overseas visitor to Africa to describe the African Tribal Dances heard on this hi-fi recording made on the Witwatersrand. Every Sunday morning various mines take the turn in presenting to the public, visitors in particular, a cross section