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Confessions of a Foodie

From clean eating to modified paleo, from my versions of the Mexican dishes of my childhood to vegetarian and vegan recipes, this San Diego based food blog written by Anita L. Arambula is about cooking whole, seasonal and locally sourced foods from scratc

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Soyrizo Bean Sopes { #Lenten #Recipe }


Have you ever had sopes from your local taco shop? They’re a thick tortilla, anywhere from a 1/4-inch to 3/8-inch thickness, with a crispy outside and a soft middle. These babies are then smeared with a good portion of refried beans and are topped with shredded beef or chicken or any number of guisados (stewed meats or vegetables).  Did you know they’re super easy to make at home?  p.p1

Musacaa - Egyptian-Style Stewed Eggplant with Chickpeas { #Lenten #recipe }


My favorite color is purple. Have I mentioned that to you before?  Equal amounts of high energy red and calming stable blue, it's a well balanced, luxurious color.  And it's the color of one of my favorite vegetables. Eggplant is often described as having a creamy texture with a meaty flavor. But really, it all depends on the preparation. I have recipes here on this site that

Dad's Tuna Patties in Spanish Sauce { #Lenten #recipe }


Lent always reminds me of my childhood. We didn't grow up eating fish. It's why I am, at 51 years of age, still learning to appreciate seafood. Even when we went fishing with Dad, we went for the one-on-one time we had with him, certainly not for any caught fish. If we did catch anything, Dad would clean it and cook it for him and mom to enjoy while us kids got hot dogs, which was fine by us.

Chicharrones en Salsa Roja (pork rinds in red chili sauce) #Recipe


{a breath} The phone ringing finally got me out of bed. It was a Friday. I don’t have to be at work until 11 a.m. on Fridays so I usually have a bit of a lie-in. “Ani?” It was my niece. “Hi sweetie, what’s up?” She was at the market in my neighborhood, just a few blocks from the house. “I want to make breakfast for Grandma. Do you know what kind of salsa Grandma likes for chicharrones?”

How to Make Caldo de Res, a Mexican Beef Vegetable Soup { #video }


Even when it isn't chilly out, I often go searching for a bowl of something comforting and nourishing. I'm one of those people who can eat soup for lunch or dinner pretty much any time of the year. One of my favorites is a soup I grew up on, it's a beef vegetable soup called caldo de res. The recipe is pretty basic but, like most dishes, every family puts their own spin on it and this dish

Tu Taco Taco Shop {dining out}


"I'm building an empire," 23-year-old Victor Osuna told me during a recent visit. The owner and driving force behind Tu Taco Taco Shop in Chula Vista, just blocks from Hilltop High, grew up in the business – his mother owned two taco shops which are currently run by his uncle and brother. Though Victor never performed the duty of cook, he did practically ever other job in his mother's

Top 5 Recipe Posts of 2017 on Confessions of a Foodie


Happy New Year, friends!  Well, 2017 wasn't as productive here on Confessions as I had originally planned. Not going to start the new year with negativity or regrets. Instead, lets focus on the positive, shall we?  A new year brings a clean slate: 12 new chapters and 365 chances to do something you love, to grow, to share, to live in gratitude.  With that said, here are last year's

How to impress a bunch of food bloggers {#IFBC2017} + Mini Sage & Delicata Frittata {#recipe}


Ever eat something at a special event and think, "Man! I could eat this every day!"? Then you go home and you can't stop thinking about it. Like, ever? That's this mini frittata. But more on that later. First let's chat about the event that started this frittata obsession of mine. "I want everyone to feel good after eating something I've prepared," Chef Kimberly Medici, owner and

Need to indulge? True Pound Cake to the rescue


It’s the scent that grabs hold of you first.  Escaping through the nooks and crannies and crevices, seeking out a willing host, penetrating your nostrils as it races towards the memory center of your brain and suddenly, you’re 7 years old again, pulling out your very first cake from the red Easy Bake oven you got for Christmas just a few days earlier.  You can’t help yourself. You

Is it real or fake? Learning about extra virgin olive oil with Cobram Estate + Olive Oil Tea Cookies with Rosemary & Lemon { #IFBC17 }


The extra virgin olive oil scandal continues but with a little knowledge, you can become an olive oil shopping expert. Read on to learn what to look for when shopping for your next bottle of EVOO. One-year-old olive trees on Longview Ranch, one of the Yolo County growers partnered with Cobram Estate in California. Cobram grows 14 varieties with an aim towards the high-end market. An

{ in the kitchen with … } Jo's Grilled Soy Sauce Chicken
with Cold Sesame Noodles and Tofu Salad


Hanging out in the kitchen with my friend Joanna cooking up some easy Chinese food perfect for summer. Want an easy vegetarian meal? Skip the soy chicken–the sesame noodles along with the tofu salad make a great vegan meal. Grilled Soy Sauce Chicken using Joanna's homemade teriyaki marinade. It started with a text. Jo: “

How to cook beef tongue, Part 3: Chile Verde Lengua Tacos


Part three of a three-part series on how to cook a 5-pound beef tongue for three different Mexican dishes. Today, it's chile verde style! Chile verde is not something I learned to appreciate until well into my 20s. Dad made it occasionally with its most frequent appearance at my grandmother's table for special dinners during the holidays or my grandfather's birthday. And even then, it

Moroccan Vegetable Tagine {vegan}


Bringing the taste of Morocco home is made easier with the help of Mina Tagine Moroccan Cooking Sauces. Today I'm sharing the one formulated for fish which I've used to make this satisfying vegetable tagine. I'm back with another tagine sauce today from Mina. If you've been following along on this tagine journey of mine, you know that tagine is Moroccan and it refers to both the cooking

How to cook beef tongue, Part 2: Lengua a la Mexicana


Part two of a three part series on how to cook a 5-pound beef tongue for three different Mexican dishes Even though I'm Hispanic, the only time we heard Spanish in the house while I was growing up was when either set of grandparents came over. Being third generation, none of us girls learned how to speak the language. I was around it enough to get the gist of a conversation when I hear it

How to cook beef tongue, Part 1: Chile Colorado Lengua Tortas


This is the first in a three part series on how to cook cow's tongue (lengua) then use it in three different Mexican dishes: chile colorado tortas, a la Mexicana, and in chile verde for tacos. First up: chile colorado tortas (sandwiches). When I was probably about 5 years old, Dad asked me to go to the kitchen and grab him a drink from the refrigerator. I remember happily bouncing to the

Easy Beef Tagine brings Moroccan spice home


Last month I introduced you to a new line of tagine sauces. It was a big hit in my family so this month I'm sharing my results with Mina Tagine Moroccan Lamb or Beef Cooking Sauce. Hands on time is 15 minutes and depending on the cut of meat, you can have dinner on the table in about an hour-and-half. The smell while this is cooking? Oh my goodness, I just can't stand it! All those warm

My Favorite Buttermilk Cornbread Recipe


I love cornbread. It’s pure comfort food. One that I still indulge in every once in a while. Cornbread can be a very controversial subject so let me just get something out right here and right now: This post doesn’t profess to be sharing the definitive cornbread recipe because I have no intention on stepping on anyone’s toesies. I’m not going to get into the sugar/no sugar debate because

{ cooking for one } Fava Bean Toast with Poached Egg


a breath … grief can linger so don’t beat yourself up over it May Gray has transitioned into June Gloom here in San Diego. For a city that has the reputation for being bright, sunny and easy going, this weather is contrary to the image my hometown likes to project. Truth be told, the gray weather kinda suits my mood these days. I’m going to talk a bit about this awesome breakfast

Chicken Tagine with Lemon-Scented Herbed Couscous


Bringing the taste of Morocco home is made easier with the help of Mina Tagine Moroccan Cooking sauces.  There is something really comforting to me about the smell of chicken roasting. It brings back memories of an easier time when all you needed to worry about was which sneakers to wear to school and whose backyard you were going to play in this weekend. Roasting a chicken at home

First Look: The Migraine Relief Plan + Maple Sesame Glazed Chicken


For my first post of 2017, I'm taking a look inside the new book by health and wellness coach and life-long migraine sufferer, Stephanie Weaver called "The Migraine Relief Plan: An 8-Week Transition to Better Eating, Fewer Headaches, and Optimal Health." Copyright 2016 by Laura Bashar I get headaches. Sometimes I get them accompanied by nausea, light sensitivity, or dizziness. I've

Test driving Blue Apron {review} + Cabbage Pizza with Romaine & Apple Salad {recipe}


Imagine not having to spend hours of your weekend at the grocery store, list of meals for the week in hand and having to buy more than you know you need for any given recipe (how often will you actually use oyster sauce or an entire can of chipotle in adobo sauce?). I've been cooking, styling and photographing a lot for the newspaper over the last few months and with the emotional roller

Rosemary Olive Oil Popcorn with Garlic, Parmesan and Smoked Paprika {Recipe+Travel}


Inspired by my recent trip to Capay Valley, this rosemary olive oil popcorn is a spicy variation of my classic stovetop version. When it comes to salty snacks, popcorn is at the top of my list. Growing up, the smell of popcorn being made in the large lidded pot normally reserved for making a big ol' pot of frijoles de la olla would bring all of us girls streaming into the kitchen in

Roasted Cherry Vanilla Bean Frozen Yogurt {recipe video + product review}


Try this healthier frozen treat that is lower in fat with less cholesterol and sugar than a traditional custard-based ice cream. Most cooks love kitchen tools that make prep easier. I'm no exception. I recently received a cherry pitter from Crisp, a line of tools created to promote healthy living. When our SoCal weather went from warm to hot, I knew that I wanted to put this new tool to

Traveling to Sacramento? Visit Tequila Museo Mayahuel for a killer flan


California State Capitol Building If you follow me on any of my social media channels, you might already be aware that I just spent a long weekend in Sacramento, California for my second attendance of the International Food Bloggers Conference. It’s also my second visit to California’s capitol, the last having been more than 15 years ago in which we only spent a little time visiting a few

Mujadara, aka, a big o'bowl of comfort #MeatlessMonday


Follow my blog with Bloglovin With a few personal tweaks, I show you how to make Mujadara, easily one of my favorite comfort foods. Here, I've used Royal Brown Basmati to add another layer of fragrance and flavor. The roasting onions filled the kitchen with one of my favorite aromas, a nice pay off after enduring those tear-inducing fumes just minutes earlier.  I slit open the bag of Royal Brown