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A personal journey to find the deeper meaning in life’s everyday moments. Sometimes, just a funny story or thought. And, to be honest, sometimes none of the above.

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CLOSED for Business


It was about a year ago that I shut down my little consulting business, RP Business Development, to accept a full-time job offer. Here are the final words left on the "front door" of the business (i.e.- the landing page for the website that is now, as of today, turned off by my former web hosting company):

RP Business Development is no longer operating. We sold our company to the Federal Government for $127 Billion Dollars in stimulus money. Thank you for your interest, and your tax dollars. I now live on my own island near Tahiti.

Some good news- there were two new jobs created by this stimulus spending- my new private beach bartender, and my personal beach waiter/assistant/chair-boy. The bad news- the jobs are in Tahiti.

RP Business Development is now being operated as a new company called "Government Business Development" and managed by the government's Consulting Czar, DeWayne "New Paradigm" Peterson. The government is running it a bit differently- they're consulting community organizations but instead of charging a consulting fee, the community organizations get to charge the government.


Paul McCartney Nashville Show, July 26th, 2010


(image) I couldn't help but jot down the track list of last night's Paul McCartney show. What an amazing evening Michelle and I had listening to Paul and band rock out for 3 hours. Here's the rundown:

Sir Paul is on.

On the Hofner bass...
• Venus and Mars straight into...
• Rock Show straight into...
• Jet. Some stage banter and into...
• All My Loving with Beatles multimedia show, more banter and into…
• Letting Go
• Got To Get You Into My Life

On electric guitar...
• Highway by alter ego Fireman
• Let Me Roll It and then a Jimi Hendrix jam, told story about Jimi memorizing Sgt Peppers the weekend it came out and opening his show with it. And asking Clapton to tune his guitar in the middle of the show.

On piano...
• The Long and Winding Road with bizarre photos of Arizona
• 1985
• Let 'em In
• My Love, talked about writing it for Linda

On acoustic guitar...
• I'm Looking Through You
• Chiquita jam
• Two Of Us

On acoustic all alone...
• Blackbird with opening comment about 60s and civil rights
• Here Today with touching intro about John Lennon

On Mandolin…
• Dance Tonight

On acoustic guitar ...
• Mrs. Vanderbilt
• Eleanor Rigby

On Ukulele...
• Ram, then talked about how good a ukulele player George Harrison was, and told story about how George gave him one. Paul learned one of George's songs and played it for him- and into...
• Something with awesome photos of George

On Hofner bass...
• Sing the Changes
• Band on the Run with awesome vintage footage of the photo shoot for the album cover
• Obla di obla da, never heard live until this tour
• Back in the USSR Back

On electric guitar...
• I've Got a Feeling
• Paperback writer (using original guitar Paul recorded the song with) and a wrap jam

On Hofner Bass...
• Day in the Life straight into...
• Give Peace a Chance

On piano...
• Let it Be
• Live and Let Die

On Psychedelic piano...
• Hey Jude

Encore (on Hofner bass)...
• Day Tripper
• Lady Madonna
• Get Back (with a goofy Mexican kid from the audience)

2nd Encore...
• Yesterday
Then he signed the back of a girl who had a Hofner bass tattooed on her back

3rd Encore...
• Helter Skelter, final comments and closed with...
• Sgt Peppers (reprise) straight into...
• The End


Coming soon to America!


(image) I don't think its too wacky to think that this headline may someday appear in the United States- just replace Putin with the President's name (or perhaps US Rep. Bob Etheridge) and there you go. Instant future headline for some unlucky Tea Bag Party member or critical thinking dissenter.

Police seize 100,000 anti-Vladimir Putin books

Russian police seized 100,000 copies of a book critical of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin that activists planned to hand out at the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum.


Vuvuszel Horn Sickness


(image) I tried to watch my first World Cup soccer game yesterday. I had heard about the vuvuszel horn craziness, but I hadnt ever heard one. After 10 minutes of watching the game and hearing the constant buzz of the horns I started to feel a bit dizzy and stick to my stomach.

No more World Cup for me.

Here's an interesting article from The Guardian/UK:

World Cup 2010: BBC may offer vuvuzela-free matches

South Africa defends plastic horns which have sparked global debate over loud drone and are selling out in Britain

The BBC was investigating the possibility of transmitting an alternative "vuvuzela free" version of its World Cup coverage tonight, as the fierce debate over the buzz of the horn looked set to be heading for football grounds all over Britain.

As players, fans and coaches weighed in on whether the loud drone of the plastic horns was an annoying irritant or joyful expression of African culture, South African organisers hit back and encouraged visiting fans to export them back to their own countries.

At the same time, fans in Britain have been snapping up the horns at the rate of one every two seconds and suppliers claimed the UK had been gripped by "vuvuzela fever".

"Vuvuzelas are here to stay and will never be banned," said Rich Mkhondo, a spokesman for the local World Cup organising committee. "People love the vuvuzelas around the world. Only a minority are against vuvuzelas."

And yet again... I'm in the minority.


The Coming Dictatorship


Before you play this video, first imagine a new world, a new Peoples Republic of America. Then, imagine you or someone else walking down the street with a video camera running. Suddenly- like in North Korea- a powerful party leader sees you and gets in your face. Who are you? What are you doing? You must tell me! Show me your papers!

Now play this video and realize what this country is coming to... this was posted on YouTube on June 14, 2010, and shows a United States congressman who is obviously acting out his fantasy that he and the federal government have absolute power over the masses.

If he's not thrown out on his ass by the people of North Carolina and the members of the US Congress within 30 days, you'll know its too late to save the country.

(object) (embed)


Interesting Quote of the Day


(image) Interesting quote of the day:

"During an interview on CNN’s Reliable Sources on Sunday, Rabbi David Nesenoff, known for exposing Helen Thomas’s anti-Semitic views, informed viewers that, up until now, he has considered himself to be a liberal Democrat – who even opposed the Iraq War and supported Barack Obama – but now asserts that...

"I have to really reevaluate liberal and conservative and really find out where I stand because I think I've been a little blind."


Return to Sender from the Blue Dog Democrats


(image) Last night I took a few moments to write a heart-felt NON-FORM LETTER email to Kristen Hawn, communications director for the Blue Dog Coalition.

I really did pour my heart out about my concern regarding the massive, intrusive, liberty-killing, overspending piece of legislative poop called ObamaCare.

I begged them to hold strong to their earlier stated objections to this legislation and expressed desire to start over and write meaningful legislation that addresses the real problems of health care portability, tort reform and bringing competition and the free market back into the medical care business.

This was the response I awoke to this morning:


From: []
Sent: Monday, March 15, 2010 9:09 PM
Subject: Undeliverable: A dad, wife and four girls

Delivery has failed to these recipients or distribution lists:

dog, blue

The recipient's mailbox is full and can't accept messages now. Microsoft Exchange will not try to redeliver this message for you. Please try resending this message later, or contact the recipient directly.

Generating server:

Thank you US Government. I expected nothing less.


If I Were President


(image) My 8 year old girl R completed a 1st grade school project, “If I Were President.” It’s a 7 page packet with lead-ins for each panel, and a space for her to add her thoughts and ideas. In 2040, please consider her as you vote for US President.

If I Were President by R

If I were President, the first thing I would do is:
Help everyone. But I would not take money from the rich and give it to the poor. Because the poor did not earn that money.

If I were President, I would eat:
good things like broclie, corn and beons.

If I were President, I would travel to:
Hawaii and Montana.

If I were President, I would have a pet:
dog and cat named Bella and Nickey.

If I were President, I would pass a law that: There would be no bullying! (I guess they don’t teach 1st graders yet that Presidents don’t pass laws).

If I were President, I would help: everyone. (Not just ACORN and the unions. OK- that last bit was mine).

Final Comments: I don’t think I would like to be the President. I think it is too much work! I mean, I would love to help people, but it would not work.


Carrie Underwood is no Paul McCartney


(image) I’m a huge Paul fan. Huge. If I ever got to meet him I’d for sure lose my cool and start babbling on and on like an idiot peppering him with comments and questions that would ID me as a crazed fan in an instant. I loved this and that song! What did you mean when you wrote this line? What was it like writing and performing with John Lennon? Could you sing ‘Michelle’ for me right now so I could record it on my phone and show my wife? And on, and on…

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet and spend time with Carrie Underwood as part of a project at work I’m involved with. I knew who she was- I’m not living under a rock- but I had never listened to a song by her, nor spent the last 30 years memorizing all her music, learning it on guitar and piano, and trying to imitate her voice and delivery style. For one reason at least… she wasn’t even born 30 years ago. To me- she was a famous singer that I knew little about and I was thrilled that she was part of our project. End of story.

So when I got to meet her, it was like meeting anyone else- simple and honest conversation. Where are you from? Tell me about your family. What’s going on in your life? What’s next for you? It was great getting to know her, learning she’s a neighbor (has a place right down the road from us in Leipers Fork and her main home is up the road a bit farther away), and sharing about our respective favorite music, people, places and food. Later in the week there was a party for the folks on the project and I even got to sit next to her and ended up harmonizing on a song when the party shifted from chit-chat to group sing when a couple guys got out guitars. It was Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours.”

She is a lovely person, wonderful voice, great spirit- and now I’m a fan. Started listening to her music and it’s amazing. I’ve been missing out. But- If I get the chance to hang with her again, I’m afraid I might come off a bit different now. And of course I’ll want pictures with her and for her to sign my shirt with a sharpie.


High School Food


(image) I know school food is bad, but this is what's on the menu today for Franklin High School in Franklin TN:

Beef Sticks, Nuggets, Mashed Potatoes, Green beans, Gravy.

Beef sticks and nuggets? Disgusting. What happened to good old Salisbury Steak?


Buy Me Some Hope


Just fooling around trying to get creative with a Facebook profile pic, I Bing'd (aka Googled, but using Microsoft instead) "Obama Hope" looking to find the ubiquitous Hope poster image.

While I did find that, I also found this fun image:


And here's my new Facebook profile pic. I know- It's not perfect, but know this- I'm am not a designer... and this took me 3minutes.



Kiss Your Butt Goodbye


On April 3rd of this year I wrote a post entitled “Revealed” which talked about the really stupid things some people say after someone dies, especially words that attempt to shed light on character that, in death, is evident to be completely opposite from the flowery words offered up.

Below is an article regarding the unfortunate passing of Solange Magnano, a former Miss Argentina. In it there is a quote from a close family friend, Roberto Piazza, that truthfully, honestly, and directly speaks what needed to be said. Mr. Piazza seems to have his head on straight, and I wish Ms. Magnano would have sought his counsel before deciding to undergo the knife to enhance her hindquarters.

And if he did have the opportunity to speak into her decision prior to the procedure, I wish she would have listened. Article below…

Ex-Miss Argentina dies after cosmetic surgery
Monday, November 30, 2009
(11-30) 17:37 PST BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) --

A 38-year-old former Miss Argentina has died from complications after undergoing cosmetic surgery on her buttocks.

Solange Magnano, a mother of twins who won the crown in 1994, died of a pulmonary embolism Sunday after three days in critical condition following a gluteoplasty in Buenos Aires.

Close friend Roberto Piazza said the procedure involved injections and the liquid "went to her lungs and brain."

"A woman who had everything lost her life to have a slightly firmer behind," he said.

Magnano's burial Monday was shown on Argentine television.

Dr. Gonzalo Cortes y Tristan said she arrived at his hospital with an acute respiratory deficiency. Her condition deteriorated until she suffered the embolism.


Email Sweetness


(image) Coffee in hand, ready for a productive day of work this morning, I opened this email from my 11 year old daughter A and a good morning quickly became an awesome one...

From: A
Sent: Friday, November 27, 2009
To: digitalrich
Subject: happy thanksgiving!

Happy thanksgiving..........late thanksgiving. i just want to thank you for everything you have done for me. you have no idea how much you have impacted my life. you are very special to me.....thanks!

and my reply...

From: digitalrich (aka Daddy)
Sent: Monday, November 30, 2009 7:21 AM
To: A
Subject: RE: happy thanksgiving!

Thank you sweet heart. You have no idea- until you have children of your own- how deeply mommy and I love you and your sisters. Bigger than the whole universe.

Love always, Daddy.


Fraudulent Charges... Again


(image) A couple months ago while doing my routine Saturday morning bill paying, I stumbled upon a charge to my debit card I didn't recognize. A couple hundred bucks charged at a motorcycle and moped store in Belgium. Figured pretty quick it wasn't me.

I called it in to my bank (SunTrust), and the automated voice instructed me to send a letter to them outlining the details and they would look into it. Within a few weeks the charge was reversed.

This morning it happened again. Same place, this time for $305.55, on a different SunTrust account (my business credit card). This time when I called and was instructed to write a letter, I pressed zero and spoke to a live person.

"No. I will not write a letter. I didn't do anything here- you were the ones that either let my data get hijacked, or processed a fraudulent charge for some other reason. YOU write ME a letter and fix it."

They said ok- they would send me a letter that I could sign and return and would take the charge off. Stupid bank.


Eighth Annual Leipers Fork Chili Cook-Off


A couple Saturday's ago I was mowing the yard in the early afternoon and I smelled what I thought was the annual Leiper's Fork Chili Cook-Off wafting through the air from nearby "downtown." I was mistaken. It was just the wild onions in my yard.I thought for sure I missed it this year, just like last. Although, truth is, we didn’t really miss it last year. We showed up late, all six of us, and most of the chili was gone. And even if it wasn’t, we had forgot to bring cash to the cash-only event.My disappointment was fueled further when a friend mentioned a couple days later that the cook-off had happened already. Turned out it didn't. While we did miss the Heritage Day event on Oct. 3rd, the Cook-Off wasn’t until Oct. 17th. And that day is today.It was a perfect day for a chili cook off- 45 degrees, cloudy, with a stiff wind blowing and rain barely held back. The place was packed, with far more people then I recall seeing the last few years.I paid my $5.00 (I was all by myself- Michelle was taking L, A and R to make-up piano lessons, and K had no desire to go), grabbed my spoon and voting ticket (to be dropped off in a numbered bin representing my vote for "people's choice" award), and hit the circuit.Here's my booth-by-booth rundown of the contest:Booth #1: One of my favorite Puckett's staff members and his wife-to-be were sitting under a canopy of white with wedding bell decorations. They're getting married NEXT weekend and were competing for the $1,000 grand prize to help with expenses. Their chili was very traditional, very meaty, with a moderate amount of spice.Booth #2: These guys win the award for best staging. They were decked out in cowboy attire, and even had a "set" framing their spicy offering. The best part of the chili was the huge pieces of jalapeño peppers. Other than that bit of solid food, the rest was too soupy for me, and even reminded me and my tasting neighbor of minestrone. Gotta love it when someone uses a 2" by 4" to stir the chili.Booth #3: Wow. If Booth #2 got the prize for staging, booth #3 wins my vote for performance. A trio of folks decked out in wacky clothes and spooning out "Pork in the Fork" chili. It was solid, chunky, but not spicy enough for me. Booth #4: Definitely unique- a traditional chili base, loaded with organic ground beef and full of tomato tastiness and a secret ingredient- locally roasted ground coffee beans. They offered it in mild and spicy, and I tried both. Hands-down my favorite chili of the day easily winning my vote for "People's Choice."Booth #5: With a banner proclaiming "Cajun Salsa Chili" I was prepared for a spicy feast. I was half right. Incredibly spicy and demanding some quick hydration (made possible by the bottles of water they were selling), it almost had my vote. The down side for me was too much salsa-taste, and too little meat.Booth #6: Owls Hill Nature Center offered a surprisingly (and sort of disturbingly) sweet chili. The best way I could describe it would be "desert chili," if of course such a thing existed.Booth #7: These super nice and enthusiastic people ladled up some very veggie chili. There might have been meat in there somewhere, but I either didn’t luck into some in my tiny cup, or it was ground into minute pieces. Booth #8: Two very nice ladies were offering very traditional tasting chili with a bit of various peppers thrown in. Good, solid, everyday chili... but it didn’t light me up.Booth #9: Well... this one threw me for a loop. I got my little cup of "chili" and downed it in one gulp. And I almost spewed it out all over the people standing around me, many looking like they were about to do the same thing. Turned out it wasn’t chili at all. It was [...]

Bug Zapper


(image) I finally did it… I bought one of those campy creepy bug zappers for the back porch.

I’ve always wanted one- just something about that crackle and pop indicating a pesky gnat, moth or some other flying thingy just got juiced. I had no intention of buying one when I went to Lowe’s yesterday, but it was on special, on the power isle, and I just couldn’t resist.

The thing that pushed me over the edge to lay down the $45 for the “Stinger Outdoor Ultra Insect Killer” was the packaging. More specifically, the call-out box that informed me:

“How it works: A 40 watt ultraviolet black light excites insects and lures them into the electric grid, where they are electrocuted and fall harmlessly to the ground.”

Something about the brutality and compassion all rolled into one just moved my heart.


I Want Obama To Fail


You cannot go head to head with Obama until you take him down. Take him down, make him pay, and then we can have a conversation.We will take to the streets right now, we will delegitimize Obama, discredit him, and do whatever it takes, but never accept him!We certainly don’t want him to succeed too much.I certainly hope Obama doesn’t succeed.Republicans aren’t particularly thrilled that the recession appears to be one the wane. One top Republican advisor said privately, ‘No questions, it’d be easier for us if things were bad. That’s the dilemma of being in the opposition. You have to hope for the worst.’”I don’t care for the way the Obama administration conduct themselves. I think as Republicans, we don’t want to see anything nice to happen to the Democrats, and you don’t want them to have progress.I think Obama is a loser.You know, God bless him, bless his heart, Obama is a total failure, losing all credibility with the American people on the economy, on the war, on energy, you name the subject.And on the war on terror, these last words…Even if the military escalation in Iraq showed signs of progress, efforts by Obama to stabilize the country have been a complete failure.Let me be clear- There is NO military solution in Iraq, and there never was.My guess is that a few things are running through your head if you’re still reading this post all the way to this point. First, that I really hate Obama, and second, that I am not able to string together sentences and paragraphs into a coherent post. You'd be wrong on both accounts.Before you get too angry at me, or leave nasty comments on how I should, as an American citizen, accept Mr. Obama as my president, that he’s the leader of all of us now, that I should accept the will of the majority that elected him, that my spouting off about Obama is un-American and counterproductive, even treasonous, know this…The words above are not mine. Including the post title. They were spoken by others about George W. Bush. To read them correctly, wherever you read OBAMA, replace it with BUSH. And wherever you read REPUBLICAN, replace it with DEMOCRAT, and vice versa.Now, read the post again from the top, and be aware of who spoke these words (in order of appearance above):Nancy PelosiJesse JacksonBill Press (Democrat pundit on CNN)James CarvilleThe Philadelphia InquirerJohn StewartNancy Soderberg (Former Bill Clinton aide)Harry ReidNancy PelosiBarrack ObamaBarrack ObamaEnjoy reading the post again, and challenging your perspective of those who want Obama's agenda (not the person, or the office, or the country) to fail.Visit DigitalRichDaily at[...]

Counter Culture


(image) I think I am. I think I’m rock solid counter-culture.

The evidence?

1. I not only didn’t vote for Mr. Obama, I’ve actually not listened to a complete sentence he’s uttered since taking office. While not voting for him isn’t counter-culture (you may recall 60 million people voted against Obama), I think not listening to him read his teleprompter counts for something.

2. I’ve never watched a single episode of any reality TV show. No survivor, no Great Race, Biggest Loser, or anything else. Ever.

3. I cant stomach pop culture heroes or celebrities. On my short list of things I would get rid of if I ruled the world, celebrity shows and rags would be pretty high on the list.

4. I’ve never watched a full episode of American Idol. I’ve seen bits and pieces, and its just too painful to watch.

5. I believe in and support a few no-brainers: a secure border and immigration law, low taxes, a reduced federal government (by 50% or more) and reduced state government (by 30% or more), an end to most entitlement programs, the privatization of social security, and much more. Don’t tread on me baby.

6. I put God, family and country ahead of everything else.

7. I believe the United States of America is this worlds last great hope for personal liberty, peace and security…. And its about 60% gone as we’ve come to know and love it.




My little girl is getting not so little anymore. K is growing up fast, and she's developing several skills and talents. Among them is an eye for a solid picture, as well as editing digital images to pull out complex colors, shading and texture. Here are a few of my favorites. Enjoy. Visit DigitalRichDaily at[...]

Calling The Kettle Black


For more than 25 years I’ve been sitting at the intersection of faith and entertainment. I approached this joining of two “roads” when I became a huge fan of Larry Norman, Randy Stonehill and Keith Green as a teenager. These three gents did an amazing thing- they joined contemporary music and melody hooks to social commentary and faith messages in a way that challenged and grew me- heart, mind and soul.This affected me deeply in various ways. It helped mature my faith, made me more self-aware as a follower of Jesus and how I relate and treat others, and also lit a flame inside of me to join in a movement. A growing chorus of artists and fans that were excited to engage faith and the arts at the same time.I taught myself guitar and piano, and started to write songs. My goal early on was to follow in Keith Green’s artistic footsteps- piano-based pop/rock with lyrics that delivered a compelling and challenging message. As those skills developed it lead me to participate in a rock band during high school and land a gig handling all the music at a Christian youth camp. Fortunately it became clear to me early on that I wasn’t a good enough musician or vocalist to make writing and performing my vocation, but I knew music would remain a key part of my life.There is no shortage of people that criticize faith-based music and film. One of the chief complaints, from inside and outside the church, is that the art is second rate, and becomes unpalatable when a “message” is shoved into a song or film and spoon fed to the listener or viewer. Another common refrain is that music and film should be more subtle, gently weaving a great story that may have a moral or thickly veiled message that we can draw from. And from outside the church, besides those types of comments, we also hear things like “I hate Christian movies- too preachy, always shoving values and morals down our throats.” And multiple variations of that, far too many to outline here.There’s also great criticism of the marketing and promotional machines that are Christian music and film companies. That these folks put to much emphasis on packaging and marketing “MESSAGE” versus “ART.”I’d like to point out a few items that have come to my attention in the last month- namely that some of these same types of people that despise faith-based music and film for using the arts to push a “message” or “agenda,” are genuine, good old-fashioned bona fide hypocrites.---------------------------------------------------From the NY Times, May 1st 2009:“Seeking to Save the Planet, With a Thesaurus“ by John M. BroderWASHINGTON — The problem with global warming, some environmentalists believe, is “global warming.” The term turns people off, fostering images of shaggy-haired liberals, economic sacrifice and complex scientific disputes, according to extensive polling and focus group sessions conducted by ecoAmerica, a nonprofit environmental marketing and messaging firm in Washington.Instead of grim warnings about global warming, the firm advises, talk about “our deteriorating atmosphere.” Drop discussions of carbon dioxide and bring up “moving away from the dirty fuels of the past.” Don’t confuse people with cap and trade; use terms like “cap and cash back” or “pollution reduction refund.”EcoAmerica has been conducting research for the last several years to find new ways to frame environmental issues and so build public support for climate change legislation and other initiatives. A summary of the group’s latest findings [...]

The Things I Look For In Friends…


(image) Ten things I look for in guy friends:

1. Guys that mow their own lawn

2. Guys that would rather go out and play sports (even poorly) than sit and watch them (even excellently) on TV

3. Guys that would skip an important meeting to fulfill a family commitment

4. Guys that know how to run a good war (via board game or Xbox/Playstation)

5. Guys that, whether single or married, don’t ogle at or comment about other women and their physical assets while I’m around

6. Guys that greet with a hug rather than a handshake

7. Guys that have a dream and vision for their family

8. Guys that are engaged in politics and debate passionately, fairly, and never use pre-canned talking points

9. Guys that like very, very, very spicy food

10. Guys that care about the real dangers and threats to their family (kids peers that influence towards the bad, drugs, alcohol abuse, drunk drivers, predators, wealth that leads to indifference and selfishness, lack of passion, laziness, hyper-sexualized culture, and much more) versus the conjured threats (global warming, carbon, rising sea levels, fossil fuels, swine flu, etc)


And This Is The Problem With News...


It's been raining like crazy this season in middle Tennessee, but you won't see this headline:



What Causes Global Warming?


(image) THE SUN.

And I can prove it. Every single morning.


Had Enough of Tripe


For the last six months I've been trying to unsubscribe to Pew Research email newsletters. The old unsubscribe process was impossible to navigate- I had to remember my user name and password (I forgot both), and without one or the other I couldn't get off the list. They finally changed their system where I could click a link in the email and go to a simple unsubscribe box. Finally.

This is a screen shot of my final comments to the fine folks at Pew.



I Can See (Susan Boyle) Clearly Now


(object) (embed)

First Paul Potts. Now, Susan Boyle. The electricity that shot through the Britain’s Got Talent audience in the hall for both performances is undeniable. But why?

Why do tears come to my eyes when I watch these? You can actually see people crying (including the judges) during Paul Potts performance. Why?

I have a theory.

It’s spiritual.

We see the outward, we see the broken and sometimes unattractive appearance of a person, and we expect little. When people see an attractive person, it is proven that all sorts of unearned positive attributes of the person is assumed. They’re attractive, smart, have it all together, probably have money and possessions, hang with the right crowd, and are someone anyone should get to know and hang with.

On the other hand, when people see Paul Potts or Susan Boyle, maybe there are some other attributes, not so positive, assumed about them. This is human nature. This is how people see the sum total value of another person all too often.

What happened when Paul and Susan opened their mouths and the songs filled the room? They also filled hearts. They filled spirits. The empty space in so many had a bit of life poured in.

Are Paul and Susan the best vocalists anyone’s ever heard? Of course not. Is it unusual to hear a great singer on Britain’s Got Talent or American Idol? Absolutely not. Then why the worldwide phenomenon for both these video clips? Why the tears, the inspired hearts, the dropped jaws?

Because- for a moment- we saw Paul and Susan as God sees us all. Beautiful and yet broken. Stunning and yet flawed. Lovable but still prone to despise others. He sees in us immeasurable value and potential, and for a glimmering moment, too quickly forgotten in our every days lives as we pass by everyday people, we saw Paul and Susan… and ourselves… through the eyes of God.

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