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best imitation of myself

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the two shall become one


Chris and I have decided that since I'm half of CScott Photography, it would make more sense if I post on the company's blog (see link "chris" in "web sites i frequent"). So for exciting updates on our lives you'll have to go there.

But for now... I've had a stomach bug for 3 weeks (not how I was planning on losing pre-wedding weight), Mom and Barb are flying in this weekend for 5 days (super excited- they haven't seen the ceremony or reception sites and we've got wedding gown shopping to do), and Wilson's ears stand up all the time (he's a big kid now!).

I think that's about it. OH, and I'm on spring break for the next week and a half. Good timing with getting sick, at least. The worst of it has been over the break so far.

So... peace, Adrienne's blog!



This time it's been a bit more difficult to move because we have a puppy. For a while I let him run around but it was really difficult to pack socks while he was in my lap trying to attack each pair. So for the remainder of the packing he stayed in his crate.

Unfortunately, Chris has been sick with a pretty wicked cold. So while he was sleeping off the sick, I packed and loaded part of the U-haul. He had to help with the big furniture, though. Luckily, by the time we got to the new apt Chris was feeling well enough to help unload.

Things are definitely still in boxes (and we still have a lot of stuff to get from the old apt), but the majority of the move is complete.

I'm paying an arm and a leg to live here by myself, but I love it so far. It's a one bed, one and a half bath townhouse apt. No garage parking until the new townhouse is built, but I'm sure spending 5 more months parking in a lot will get me that much more excited when we've got a garage. I've got my own entrance and Wilson only has to go down 5 steps to go potty (unless he's upstairs in the bedroom). I've got a little kitchen nook with a pass-through window, a tiny dining room area, an almost-as-tiny living room area, and basically floor to ceiling windows for 2 stories, because the upstairs is a loft. Right now I've got the iHome playing upstairs and I can hear it here in the dining area. Great for 1-2 people. Oh, and I've got a washer and dryer AND a dishwasher! This is the liiiife. =)

* No U-haul's were harmed in this move.

we're engaged!!!


Yes, Chris popped the question. And I was completely surprised.

A photographer/friend told us an engagement session canceled but she'd already paid the shooting fee for the location and asked if we wanted to have a free photo session, which I said yes to, enthusiastically. So I picked out our matching-but-not-twinsies clothes and we headed out after church. She took photos of us walking through a park and onto a bridge and told us to just have a conversation and she'd take some more photos.

And that's when Chris said he loved me so much that he'd been planning this for a while. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, to which I did say yes.

So the next day, we got a contract on a townhouse, which is supposed to be built and ready to move into in June, and we're planning a November/December (ish) wedding for this year.

Oh, and Chris got a raise and a promotion the day we got the townhouse.

I'm also trying the South Beach Diet, which is very difficult sitting here in Panera. I joined The Biggest Loser at our school where a bunch of faculty are doing it, so that's giving me a bit of a push. Unfortunately I've got so many after school rehearsals (3-4 days a week) while the ladies are working out in the gym that it's difficult for me to go home at 6 and work out when I know I have to make dinner and the next day's lunch and get to sleep by 9 (which hasn't been happening lately).

I guess that's all my news. =D

the $1300 road cone


Yes, the road cone is costing $1300 to repair. This is when I'm glad I have to have full coverage on my auto insurance since I live in the city.

But, some good news: today Wilson went to the vet. He did a great job and made everybody's morning. He's a healthy 3-month old puppy and weighs 7.5 pounds. that's 2.5 more pounds than 3 weeks ago. No wonder he's so clumsy!!

Chris is out in Johnson City (East TN) doing some photography stuff so it's been just Wilson and me. We got the vet visit out of the way, got some movies from Blockbuster, got my car's oil changed in preparation for the monstrous 14-hr drive to NoVA for Christmas (YAY!!!), did some grocery shopping, cleaned the apt some, and watched some movies.

I watched "The Queen" because Chris didn't really want to see it. It wasn't a thriller, a comedy, or an action movie. But it was awesome. I highly recommend it. As long as you're okay with serious, not-much-action-but-awesome-acting movies. Then I watched "The Muppet Christmas Carol," which is probably my most favorite Christmas movie. I had to rent the DVD because I couldn't find my VHS. We're going to show the movie during classes Monday and Tuesday because at this point the kids really can't do anything that has to do with thinking or retaining info. Instead of watching the regular version, since I've seen it so many times I can basically recite it while it's playing, I watched the version with Brian Henson's commentary. It was awesome to learn how much it took to make the movie, like having the entire set 4 feet off the ground with movable flooring for all the puppeteers to maneuver around, and how many times they had to use robot puppets and do the green/blue screen stuff.

That's about all the excitement I could handle for the day. Oh, and I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Because, you know, they're healthy enough to eat for dinner. I'm attempting to get over this cold/bug thing I've had for a couple weeks that seems to be going around the school.

Hope everyone's having a great time getting ready for the holidays!!



I'm definitely ready for winter break. And I was sick this past week and was only at school 1 day. The next week is going to be ridiculously busy with all the after school rehearsals and going to sing places and having an in-school concert from the local high school band, our in-school concert, and our evening concert.Wilson's doing really well. He's got "sit" down, as long as he's in a standing position and isn't really excited. Not so well with "shake."Chris shot a wedding yesterday and some of the photos he's shown me are AMAZING. He's so talented! Hopefully we'll start making time for him to really teach me and for us to go through some sessions so I'll be a good second shooter. Eventually I'd really like to quit teaching and just do photography with Chris. I know that won't happen for probably at least 5 years, but it's something to look forward to. Don't get me wrong, I love teaching. But I'd much rather be a business partner with Chris and get to be artsy fartsy.So while Chris was at a wedding yesterday, I was busy running over road cones. Okay, really what happened was I was on a highway going to see some apts because my current lease is up at the very beginning of March. I was driving behind an 18-wheeler and there were a couple of those 2-foot orange road cones next to the lane. The cones were so light, and the truck was going so fast, that the wind created by the truck swooped the cone out in the middle of the lane in front of me. Being on a 2-lane highway, going 60 mph, with it misting out, and cars everywhere, I had no choice but to hit the cone. First of all, I have no idea where the cone ended up. But I know it hit the front of my car on the bumper's grill, seeing as half of the grill is now gone. Of course I called my parents crying. But I called USAA, my amazing insurance company, and the helpful lady talked me through everything. Since I'm living within Nashville's city limits, I have to have full coverage on my car. So repairs will only cost me my $100 deductible. And I learned the hard way to pay a couple extra bucks a month for rental car coverage, so USAA will pay up to $30/day while my car's being repaired. Maybe this is a good time for me to rent a car I've wanted to buy... well, as long as it's $30/day or less!! (Yeah, right.)So the start of the apartment hunting didn't go so well. Oh, and I forgot to mention that Wilson was with me and he'd knocked his water bowl over in his crate and spilled it all over the newspaper and everything was soaking, including Wilson, who was shivering. This happened pre-cone. So I'd done what I swore I'd never do and put him in my lap. All he did was sleep on my lap, until the cone incident, at which point he was hurled onto the floor. By my feet. Not so fun when I'm the one driving. He shook for the next 3 hours.Back to the apartment hunting... I went to a couple complexes closer to school and liked them both. But one place had this weird lease term situation where they can only have a certain amount of people moving out at the same time, so depending on what day you sign your lease, you could only have a 15-mo option, or a 7-mo option, or a couple other options. Not what I'm looking for. And they won't know what places they'll have until the end of December. And the places available may or may not end up being in my price range. Each floorplan is priced according to base price, extra for each floor, extra for a water view, etc. And washer/dryer hook-ups would only be a possibility in some apts (although there are pay-laundry facilities throughout the 80-acre complex).The second place has 2 1-bedroom places available when I need to move in. Although they do have 6-mo leases, I'll have to pay an extra fee per month, but I'm okay with that. And one floorplan is a townhome! It's got a loft bedroom, and upstairs is the full bath and walk-in closet. Downstairs has an extra half bath and a breakfast bar. AND both floorplans have a washer and dryer. So today after[...]



We got a puppy!!!!!

For Christmas, on Thanksgiving Day Chris and I drovoge 20 hours to Carthage, NC and back. Fun points: we made a huge event out of it; we got to stop by Biltmore (but did not pay the $55 per person to go on the tour!); we got a freaking puppy. Not so fun points: we had to leave at 3 am; nothing's open, including fast food, on Thanksgiving.

We absolutely love Wilson. He's adorable! He tries really hard to be a good dog, too. We're doing really well with "Sit" and I'm starting to work on "Shake." And as long as he goes out every couple hours he doesn't go potty inside.

He likes to stuff his toys underneath his bed in his crate so he's more comfy. He's a really picky sleeper. Everything has to be perfect. He moves around about 10 times before he's got the perfect spot. He's like a cat and will climb all over you (and sometimes when he whines he meows). He thinks he's sneaky by bringing his squeaky toy, Mr. Elephant, over to something he'd rather chew on and "accidentally" switches to my shoe.

So, it was an awesome Thanksgiving, and I got an awesome Christmas present!!

You can see a slideshow of photos of him on my blog!

Raced for the Cure


I did it! The Race for the Cure yesterday went well. I raised over $1000!!! So a HUGE thanks goes out to everyone who financially and emotionally supported me!

Next year hopefully I'll raise a good amount and actually be able to run some of the Race. There were 10,000 people there, so since I didn't get close enough to the runners I got stuck in a pack of walkers, which isn't bad. I walked with my team (headed by members of my school's county's educators association (read: union). I stayed with them for the first mile but it took 30 minutes and Chris had a photo shoot to get ready for, so I excused myself and walked as quickly as I could for the other 2+ miles. Then after the race I did get some free stuff, but I do have to say I was a little bummed that I didn't get to the Ford tent until they were out of scarves. Apparently they hand out really cool scarves every year. Chris and I did get some free Sun Chips and Panera bagels, and I got a free visor from Shane Co. (a jewelry store).

Then it was off to, well, change my air filter. We'd walked by a couple auto stores on the way from where we parked to where the race started, and I was in dire need of a new air filter. So we bought one and Chris helped me change it (he did most of the work).

Then we went to Famous Dave's for a celebratory lunch then to the photo shoot at Fellowship Bible Church, where Chris and I have been going to church out in Brentwood the past few months. He's on the email list for a photography club through the church, and he got to be one of about 5 photographers for family portraits. The first two families (each family had an hour with a photographer) were really difficult. The third family was awesome and it made everybody's day. Chris finally had a fun time and got some cool stuff.

Next on the schedule was the drive-in! We love going to the drive-in. It's inexpensive (including the food), fun, and we get to see 2 movies instead of 1. We saw "Michael Clayton" (the new George Clooney movie) followed by "The Brave One" with Jodie Foster. Neither are feel good movies but I liked them both.

So after a really long 19+ hour day, we got to turn the clocks back (yay!).

And I think we're going to Cracker Barrel for breakfast!

fall break!


For the past week I was in NoVA. It was a great time. I had way too much to do and didn't get to do it all, or see everyone. But it was great nonetheless. Plus, Mom got me a bunch of fall clothes (always a plus).

Now it's time to go back to work. Okay... it's not yet. Man, I love a two-week fall break!

Other than seeing some awesome friends and spending some time with the rents, I got some quality sleeping-in time a couple mornings, I went walking solo or with Mom for an hour to an hour and a half every day, and went down to VA Beach to help Chris' family celebrate his sister's awesome graduation from massage therapy school. And I got to read some magazines I put off during the school year.

Hopefully I'll be able to get back to NoVA over Christmas break to do some more stuff I didn't get to do, like going to see some friends' houses, going to church at Reston Town Center, eating at Big Bowl, and visiting more people.

Maybe a two-week fall break isn't as long as I thought it'd be...

chugging along


Things at school are basically going well. I wish I had a more supportive administration. Chimes meets after school on Mondays, chorus meets after school on Tuesdays, and starting next week the musical rehearsals will be after school Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Chris has been super busy working part-time as a school photographer (think picture day and yearbook stuff including sports teams) and doing his own photography stuff on the side. Last weekend he shot a horse show for the whole weekend and I helped out on Saturday and Sunday. I had an awesome time. I do have to admit I'm not the biggest fan of dressage (where the rider has to make the horse do certain things like walk and canter and turn with the least amount of movement as possible). I'd much rather go to a rodeo (something I still haven't done out here). The best part was that I got to pet a bunch of horses. It made me realize even more how I'm completely happier when I have animals around me (nice animals, that is). So I've decided I want to take some horseback riding lessons for a month or so just for fun. Hopefully my friend Katie, who owns some horses, will be my teacher. I really hope it works out.

Also, I've joined the Nashville Race for the Cure. I'm running (err, walking... err, crawling) in honor of my mom's mom, my granny, Alene Bohanon. She had breast cancer when I was little and had a mastectomy. I'm on the Wilson County Educator's Association (county my school's in) team, so I'm hoping I'll get to know some other teachers and people working in the county. And I'm hoping to raise some money for breast cancer research. If you would like to help me reach my goal of $1,000, you can go to my website for the race. I'm super excited about this!

stupid finale registration


I just spent about 6 hours working on some hand chimes music. I basically had to take 4 songs and cut them apart (musically/notationally... if that's a word... speaking) and rewrite them all in Finale NotePad. I would have loved to use the version of Finale I bought back in college, but I loaned it to too many people and can't register the software on my newish laptop.

I will probably never want to hear Jolly Old St. Nicholas, Jingle Bells, Up on the Housetop, or We Wish You a Merry Christmas after the chimes group is done with them.

We're working on getting the musical approved by our principal. I hope it's approved. My team teacher really wants to do it (and I don't really but that means I'll be able to do the one I like when I'm teaching solo). It's a new kids' musical called Dreamcatcher. The teacher I work with is all into Native Americans and ghosts (she says she can communicate with ghosts and wants me to go with her to the Bell Mansion to see if she can communicate with the Bell Witch Ghost... on halloween). Last year's musical was some spinoff of The Wizard of Oz and it was almost not approved because there's a witch/evil/scary stuff. Mostly evil. I mean, this is the first year where if the chorus sings a Christmas carol (We Three Kings, for instance), we also have to sing a secular Christmas song (Jolly Old St. Nicholas). We weren't even allowed to sing any songs with the words Christmas or Jesus when I was in elementary school. (Sidenote: apparently this school system drove out the ACLU a couple years back, and when we do the moment of silence we actually have to bow our heads and close our eyes.)

Next week is my first observation and I'm not too excited. The state of Tennessee has so much paperwork for observations that it's taking me longer to do the paperwork than prepare for the lesson! And I don't know what this administrator wants so I'm not positive what kind of lesson will make her happiest. From what I can tell, anything that connects to other subjects is good. Basically involve as little music as possible, and as much social studies as possible.

But I'm finished for the afternoon, so that's good! I learned that a new teacher spends an average of 70 hours per week working. So it's great to have a little break!

so it's been a while


I've been SO tired with my new job. It's been pretty exhausting but a great time. Even though I'm at school for 12 hours at a time, I don't feel as, well, depressed as I did with my previous job. We'll see how it goes for the rest of the year. I do know, though, that Wilson County Schools doesn't have appreciation for the arts like Fairfax County (but really, most school systems don't).

I'm getting over the 2nd week sickness. My team teacher (there are 2 general music teachers for the school since we have over 1,000 K-5 students) has been sick as well. Turns out the school's ventilation system has no air filters. We asked them to come in and clean our vents, so some guy showed up, put plastic bags under the vent (on top of the desk directly below the vent), and swept it with a broom. The end. He didn't even take the bags up. Oh well. Like my team teacher, Emily, says, it could be worse!

Now I'm ready for my first full weekend off. Not this weekend though. I have my second full-day Saturday In-Service. Ugh. At least I'm having a good time with a new 2nd grade teacher at my school.

I'm going to save my money throughout this school year so I can take an Orff I certification class that will be a week long in the summer. It'll teach me more about general music, which is especially great since I didn't have much coursework in it and I only subbed for a music class for a few weeks after I graduated.

I'm excited to go back to NoVA for 8 days in October. I guess one good thing about working for this county is we start with the kids in late August, but we have 2 weeks off for fall break and then 2 weeks off for spring break and are finished with the kids on, like, June 1 or something crazy.

That's about it from me. I'm just, well, it's my bedtime.

everyone has one



(image) I want a scooter. But I don't know where I'll be living in the next few years, so I've decided it's not the best investment. I don't want to end up living in Hermitage and riding my scooter downtown.

Our gift shop manager has one (blue with red/yellow flames). One of our gift shop employees has one (red). One of our food/beverage people has one (blue and silver, I've heard, although I haven't seen this one). And somebody else that works here has one because I keep seeing a light silver one by the "bike rack" (photo on right).

But for the record, I wanted one first!!!

today is lisa's birthday





So I have a screw stuck in one of my tires. Luckily it's stuck straight in with nothing on the screw head sticking out. And it's stuck on the "fleshy" part, not in a tread or anything. I noticed it on my way to my car this morning. Since that last time I drove my car was last night around 7, and it's now after 8 am and still looks okay, like it hasn't lost any air, I'm going to stick out the work day and take it to a place after work.

A couple (other than the obvious) things suck about this. 1) I'm going to some end-of-the-season party being thrown by a coworker tonight and I have food to make (antipasta salad; got the recipe from the Real Simple Magazine website). 2) I've never had any experiences with car repair places out here so I have no idea where to go. 3) I've never had any experiences with something stuck in my tire, so I basically have no clue what I'm doing. But I did call Dad and he asked me questions about how it's stuck and whatnot and seemed pretty positive I'll be fine to have it parked out here. And at least I have AAA, so if it does turn into a flat I'll give them a call and have them put the spare on (hey, I pay for AAA, I'm not gonna put the spare on myself!).

On another mixed note, yesterday my supervisor told me I need a suit for a meeting today. So I think, "Okay, I'll go home and try on my suits to make sure I can wear one of them." After all, I've gained about 20 pounds in the last few months, so who knows. So I got home and... couldn't find my suit pants! The other suits I looked at were definitely not working. Awesome. So I drove out to the mall, went to Dillards, found the petite sale section, and tried them all on in my size. Usually it takes a good 6 hours or so to find one or two good suits that fit well and don't cost a fortune. But I found one. Yay! AND, yesterday morning I found $50 in a purse I'd never used that my mom gave me. So that paid for almost half the suit. Suits are expensive!!

At least it's Friday!



I was watching the news this morning and they showed this group, B.A.C.A. (Bikers Against Child Abuse). They go to court to support children of child abuse and help them feel safe/unafraid of their abusers. They meet the children before their court date, tell the kids who they are and what they believe in, give them a B.A.C.A. teddy bear with their hotline phone number on the back, and will even camp out overnight if the children want them to. Then they go to court in their B.A.C.A. gear (lots of black leather) and sit through hearings/trials to support the kids if/when they have to go on the stand.

These bike (mostly) guys are HUGE with lots of tattoos. And they're empowering abused children everywhere and making them feel safe. Isn't this great?!?

On a completely different note, I've been reading books about Boston terriers and other dog owner books (a great one I'm reading now is an ASPCA book about dog ownership). So last night I had a dream that I had one maltese and one beagle puppy. It was awesome.

pet store


Yes, I went to the "Puppy Mill" we also refer to as the pet store. And they had 3 Boston terriers and I played with one. I wanted to take him home but 1. it's a pet store. If I'm going to get a purebred I want to get it straight from the breeder to learn about the line and any hereditary problems and from someone that knows about and loves the breed. 2. It was Sunday afternoon and you're supposed to get a dog when you'll be home with it for a few days before leaving it alone for a whole day. And 3. after getting a library card and checking out 3 books about Bostons and a book by the ASPCA about dogs, I've learned I know absolutely nothing about dogs and refuse to take a living being and attempt to keep it alive and healthy and happy without knowing anything. So I'm reading and taking lots of notes. Did you know pugs and Bostons, because of their nasal cavaties, don't handle extreme heat well? Well, now you do. Yeah, that's right, I'm going to do this dog owning thing the right way. But I really did want to take him home. He was completely adorable, was good at playing with the toys instead of my clothes and shoes (mostly), would give me the toy when I asked, and when he was tired he was ready for me to hold and love him.

Sigh. And I guess Chris should be with me because he'll be partly responsible for taking care of the dog and we want to be sure everybody's happy with everybody. Chris is livin' it up in VA Beach for a week without me (I'm completely jealous, seriously).

Also, I got to talk with my old roomie Katie, who I haven't talked to in a month or so, and it's always a great time catching up. I love my current roomie Melissa, don't get me wrong, but I miss Katie bunches!

granny, events, etc.


Granny's home (yeah, I don't know... I wouldn't want to be home either) and my uncle and aunt have been staying with her until my parents get out there so Dad can install new doors. Mom and Dad are driving, again, out to Oklahoma and are stopping tonight on their way. Poor parents, that's a whole lot of driving back and forth in the last few months.

Chris and I met Big Kenny (see photo; Chris didn't take this one) of Big and Rich at a MuzikMafia show at Fuel downtown Tuesday night (Big Kenny: "Hi, I'm Big Kenny." Chris: "Yeah... I know."). He's a really cool guy. Now I really feel like I live in Nashville. Damien Horne and Michael Inge did a great job and it was an awesome way to start the 4th of July holiday.

We (Chris and I, not Big Kenny) went out to our friend Katie's for a barbecue on the 4th. Burgers and hot dogs done on Katie's new grill, homemade mac'n'cheese, rice pudding, apple crisp, and other goodies abounded. I'm not really used to the legal fireworks in Tennessee (Virginians, think big firework shows). But it was cool because we could see a few from Katie's back deck.

Chris is going to VA Beach for about a week. Although I know we'll miss each other, it will be a great opportunity for him to visit family and hopefully shadow a wedding photographer, and a great opportunity for me to have some girl time and go to the gym. Then he'll be back in time for us to go to Chattanooga next weekend!



A new tv show on Fox! It's going to be a part-reality part-documentary show about the music industry. It will feature local music venues, coffee shops and restaurants. Fridays at 9 beginning in mid-September.




Mom's mom (Granny) is in the hospital. The doctors think it's something wrong with her gall bladder but we don't know much yet.

Granny's been living by herself since Papa passed away about a month ago. She'd been afraid to stay home alone but wanted to be brave so she was staying by herself.

While my uncle was at the hospital with Granny, Granny's house got broken into. Someone kicked the door/deadbolt/entire door frame in. Before they broke in, though, they cut the phone line. They stole everything of value like Granny's jewelry, all the electronics (which probably wasn't worth it since everything is like 10 years old), and all the cash in the house. Some of the house was trashed, where Granny had everything valuable; the rest of the house was left untouched. Sounds like the person knew where things were.

Mom and Dad are going to drive back out to Oklahoma and will probably stop over in Nashville during the weekend. I guess Mom's really not doing well. Understandable.

I'll update when I know more about how Granny's condition is.



I'd love to get an iPhone, but I happen to be on my parents' Sprint plan, and they pay for it, so it's either buy a new expensive phone and pay for the service (I'm sure it's cheap), or continue paying $0/month. Plus, I'm totally waiting until the iPhone has GPS service and collaborates with Google. I mean... really... Apple came up with the iPhone, why not a Google GPS? Although, Google told me to get on I-40 and merge onto I-24, and so did my GPS, and it's totally illegal.

In other news, I still don't have a puppy. But we did go clothes shopping for Chris over the weekend. Then Sunday we went to church, met Katie for lunch, and saw Live Free or Die Hard. As for church, we've gone to Fellowship Bible Church twice now and we both pretty much like it (building/location, message, worship music). Now to tell you about Live Free or Die Hard. It. Was. AWESOME. Now, I'm not the best movie critic to pay attention to because as long as I'm entertained by the movie I usually like it, whether or not there's a viable plot or not. But this movie really was awesome, with some great one-liners. I'm A Mac did a great job, and he and Bruce Willis seemed to work together well. A+! Although some scenes/details were pretty unbelievable (example: an unmarked, non-military non-government helicopter would not get into DC airspace), the action scenes were awesome, there were no obnoxious explanation dialogue scenes (where you think, aren't they being chased? Do you think they should sum things up a little quicker?), and the action scenes were awesome. Okay, I know I said that last part twice, but that's how awesome they were.

Okay, I'm ready for my 4th of July vacation day now.



This guy decided to live in his truck. He had a job and was a college student and doing okay, but hated paying rent. So he decided to be homeless. Crazy! But I can imagine he saved a LOT. Well, okay, he was really just trying to get out of debt. If he hadn't been in debt he would have saved thousands! Here's his blog.



Dan and Lisa are engaged! Yay! I'm SO happy for them. They're such awesome friends, a great couple, and deserve the very best. Dan proposed while they were on a vacation in England. Awww!

the drive-in


Chris and I went to a drive-in movie theater last weekend. It was the first time I'd gone to a drive-in, and it was AWESOME. We saw Evan Almighty and Shrek the Third (Evan much better than Shrek). It was only $6 for each of us for two movies! We've decided to never go to a regular movie theater again. I doubt that will be the case once winter hits, mostly because I'm pretty sure the place will be closed for the winter.

Also, Chris got a (paid!) gig shooting at a triathlon close by. It was a great weekend... although I've been sick. With what the doctor thinks is a staph infection. Gross. I went to the doctor's yesterday. Apparently I had a fever of 100, so I'm glad I got antibiotics to help me out. Hopefully it won't be the resistant strain we saw on the news last night. They (you know, They) said the resistant strain has infected 10 times the amount of people as usual... kinda scary.

And if I had a puppy I totally wouldn't be sick. I read about it in a magazine at the doctor's office. Okay... it said people with pets are happier and in turn healthier. And I found an article from ABC News about it.



Funny how this American Symphony Orchestra League's Conference is called "Conference." It really sounds dumb unless you can say "the Conference." But you can't. Just "Conference." Like, "Are you going to Conference this year?" I really can't stand it. BUT it's been pretty fun so far. I really enjoy meeting other people from orchestras around the US and Canada. Last night was the under 35 party. Way too late of a night for me to be at work at 8 am today, but it was a good time. And I left at like 11:45 when the band started. And I do have to say it was awesome going to Steve Turner's loft which is, I dunno, like, 8000 square feet or something crazy. There's a sauna in the bathroom. In a loft! There were two open bars too, which was really nice.

Interestingly, the recurring theme during the Opening Plenary Session was music education (YAY). And I met a lot of people my age last night. I hope today is as good.

A couple days ago Chris and I rented the first 2 Die Hard movies. We're preparing for the new Die Hard movie (Live Free or Die Hard) coming out this summer. We watched the first one a couple nights ago. I'm psyched. The best part? A kid at the Blockbuster register looked like a 16 year old Ben Folds. It was awesome.

i don't seem to get it


Every time I finally feel like I'm doing well at work, I make a mistake. This is the first job I've had where I just don't seem to "get it." It's so frustrating. A lot of the time it's because I don't know something. But a lot of the time I just seem to overlook it. I've never felt so... slow?