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Horse Whisperer Shot List - Accident Scene


1.) Medium 2-shot, girls ride up hill toward camera. Judith riding Gulliver in front, Grace riding Pilgrim behind.2.) MCU, horse hooves, same direction3.) MCU, Judith riding, same direction4.) Wide 2-shot, horses and girls move to screen left5.) CU Gulliver's hoofs slipping, same direction6.) Low angle MCU of Judith7.) Low angle CU of Grace8.) MS Gulliver's hooves, tilt up to Judith, side direction9.) CU Gulliver's hooves slipping10.) Low angle MCU Judith (angle crosses action axis)11.) Low angle CU Grace12.) MWS from side direction, Gulliver falls13.) Low CU of Grace14.) Low angle CU Judith15.) Side angle MS Gulliver, slipping backwards16.) Low angle CU Grace17.) Grace's POV, OTS, MS of Judith slipping toward Grace18.) Side direction, CU of horses colliding19.) Low angle CU of Grace clutching Pilgrim20.) Low angle MS of Judith as Gulliver rears up21.) Low angle side direction MWS Gulliver rearing up22.) CU GUlliver's hoof collapsing (with cracking sound)23.) CU Gulliver falling out of frame24.) Grace's POV, CU of Judith falling out of frame25.) MS same direction, Judith falling26.) MWS from higher on hill, Gulliver hitting ground27.) MCU Gulliver sliding down hill, Judith's leg crushed beneath28.) CU Judith's head hitting ground29.) Flashback MCU Judith30.) MWS Pilgrim rearing up (angle crosses action axis)31.) CU Grace/Pilgrim (difficult to see clearly)32.) Flashback MS Grace33.) MWS Gulliver dragging Judith down hill with Pilgrim's hooves in FG34.) MS Judith getting dragged35.) Flashback Med 2-sh Judith & Grace36.) M 2-sh Judith & Gulliver slide down hill37.) MS Grace & Pilgrim sliding down hill38.) MS Judith & Gulliver sliding39.) MCU Grace & Pilgrim sliding40.) MS Judith & Gulliver sliding (angle crosses action axis)41.) CU Pilgrim's face sliding42.) MS of Gulliver & Judith, Pilgrim slides into frame hitting Gulliver43.) same angle, MCU tilt down, as Gulliver tries to stand44.) MCU Pilgrim's head trying to stand45.) CU Pilgrim's legs46.) CU Grace still atop Pilgrim, holding on as he stands (this shot crosses action axis.)47.) CU of Pilgrim's legs (as in 45 above)48.) CU Judith49.) MS of Pilgrim's legs as he stands fully, Gulliver is upstage50.) CU of Gulliver starting to stand, Grace and Pilgrim are upstage51.) WS with curve in the road upstage52.) MS high angle showing Judith unconscious and dragged by Gulliver53.) MWS, framing out the curve in the road54.) MWS truck coming around the curve in the road55.) CU of Judith, tilt up to MCU of Grace trying to take the reins of Gulliver56.) ECU Grace's hand grips the reins57.) MWS Truck approaching from Grace's POV58.) POV of truck driver, through obfuscated windshield59.) Reverse angle MCU of driver60.) CU of drivers foot hitting pedal61.) CU of driver's hand on horn62.) MS Grace turns to look at oncoming truck63.) ECU of Grace's hand on Gulliver's reins64.) snap zoom in to CU of Grace65.) ECU of reins slipping from Grace's hand66.) CU of Grace67.) MS, Grace's POV OTS (sort of) of truck approaching68.) CU of driver's foot on brake pedal69.) Grace's POV, MS truck approaching rear of truck starts to jack knife70.) CU of driver71.) CU skidding wheels of truck, from front angle72.) CU skidding wheels, from side angle73.) Grace's POV, MS truck approaching and jack knife-ing74.) ECU of wheels skidding75.) OTS from the truck wheels POV, truck skidding toward Judith lying on the road76.) CU of a tree getting run over by truck wheels77.) Angle behind Grace looking toward truck, Pilgrim rears up78.) MCU of Grace falling into frame onto the ground with truck approaching upstage79.) Low angle MS of Pilgrim rearing up80.) CU of Pilgrim's face, from driver's POV81.) Pilgrim's POV, CU of oncoming truck82.) MS, side view of Pilgrim rearing up83.) MS side view of truck84.) ECU of Grace watching horrified85.) MS, side view of Pilgrim rearing up (as in 82 above)86.) MWS side angle of truck colliding with Pilgrim87.) ECU of Pilgrim's hoof crashing through windshield (angles cross the action axis here)88.) CU of driver89.) driver's POV[...]

Horse Whisperer clip


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