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Preview: Webkinz - Webkinz Animals Toys Blog

Webkinz - Webkinz Animals Toys Blog

Everything about Webkinz Polar Bear, Googles the Platypus, Cheeky Monkey, Hippo, Chihuahua, Beagle, Frog, Pug, Panda, Pig, Rabbit & more! Shop online

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Webkinz Ganz Large Skunk August 2008 Brand New Release Hm-213


This was a fast, and perfect condition item, that came very quickly. I would recommend buying this product as so many stores no longer carry the Ganz Webkinz. My children are serious collectors, and it is very hard for them to find that Webkinz world says new animals are available, and we can not find them The sites with free shipping, make it just as affordable ordering online, as driving to different stores, only to find they do not have the Webkinz they want. Paying shipping charges is still a better option sometimes, now with the price of gas. We always want the newest ones available, and so far Amazon has delivered with great pricing.

Webkinz Siamese Cat Plush Stuffed Animal


(image) My son and I named our (two) Siamese twins "Tai Tai" and "Mai Tai"....
This is our favorite Webkinz...and the old-fashioned applehead Siamese who used to guard the King of Siam's palace and ride around on the Monks'
shoulders are the ancient originals.

Remember (the old days) of the Singing Siamese in "Lady and the Tramp", and "That Darn Cat!"? Well, this baby Meezer takes you back to those fun
and innocent days...You and your child will love her/him!~~~

If you detect a fondness for this breed, I loved one for 18 years...she was incredibly intelligent and my best friend..."Tai". They talk alot! and
want to be with you always~~~

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Webkinz Plush Stuffed Animal Crocodile



Webkinz Plush Stuffed Animal Crocodile

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Webkinz Ganz Rottweiler : New Webkinz


I recieved the Webkinz Rottweiler as a gift, and I couldn't have been more thrilled!!! This little guy will just melt your heart. His coloration/features are very realistic. If your're a fan of the Webkinz "puppies" or just Webkinz in general, this is one that you will definately need to add to your collection. I highly recommend this toy!

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Webkinz Plush Stuffed Animal Leopard Lizard


(image) Webkinz Plush Stuffed Animal Leopard Lizard

I think the Webkinz toys are wonderful tools for internet learning that's based on a strong work ethic and teaching the concept to children that everything in life is worth working for. So many of their internet sites are just blatant ads for products and tv shows with no real learning involved. It also teaches nurturing to children which is something you can't just tell them to do. They take great pride in clothing and sheltering their "web children".
Just a great idea.

Webkinz Gecko by Ganz


(image) Webkinz Gecko by Ganz

My son saw this in a museum gift store and begged me to buy it. It was pricey, so I told him I couldn't. However, I'm going to surprise him with this for his birthday. I have received it, and it is very cute, soft and cuddly. I know my son will love it. It was a good price, and it shipped quickly.

Webkinz Tie Dye Frog


(image) Webkinz Tie Dye Frog

The Webkinz Tie Dye Frog is a stuffed animal that comes alive online in webkinz world. The frog is yellow and green in color. This frog loves to hop, swim and have fun with you. It looks colorful, bold and has a personality to match. The amazing amphibian is sure to brighten your day.

My boys love the Webkinz and have a large collection. Each one comes with a secret code that lets you play games, safely talk to friends, and take care of an animal. Each pet has a special prize and food that it comes with. This fuzzy frog has gone straight to the top of their favorite list!

Webkinz Plush Stuffed Animal Chicken


(image) Webkinz Plush Stuffed Animal Chicken

I think this stuffed animal is an awesome toy. To bad some kids don't get to play with it like the kids in Africa. I Feel soooooooooooooooooo bad for them. But over all I love this toy! You can do so many different things with it play with it, love it, play with it on the internet, or something else that you think of! SOOOOOOOO FUN.

Webkinz Plush Stuffed Animal Chicken

Webkinz Bengal Tiger


(image) Webkinz Bengal Tiger

My son has the Bengal Tiger and he just loves it. It looks very cool online. We love Webkinz!!

Webkinz Velvety Elephant


Webkinz Velvety Elephant

The Webkinz Velvety Elephant is a stuffed animal that comes alive online in webkinz world. The velvety elephant is cool, funny and is totally terrific. The velvety elephant is a lot like the elephant cousins but it is just a bit softer. If you want to make your velvety elephant totally happy just pick up a delicious peanut parfait.

Webkins World Store

This Webkinz is appropriately named due to its feel. It has a soft velvety feel--not rough like some velvet fabrics are--and is soft enough for a child that likes a nice feeling, soft stuffed animal. Its oversize ears just make it plain adorable!

I do recommend this for your collection!

Webkinz Plush Stuffed Animal Wacky Zingoz


Webkinz Plush Stuffed Animal Wacky Zingoz

This toy is cute overall Wacky says a couple of things when you push his stomach.When you enter him online you geta game.But thats all I mean if it was a regular webkinz you could adopt it that would Rock!!!!!!!!
But I know how some of you webkinz lovers feel its so cute!
Hope I helped...........

Webkins World Store

Webkinz Plush Stuffed Animal Tiger Snake


Webkinz Plush Stuffed Animal Tiger Snake
Meet this sssuper new friend ? the Tiger Snake! The Tiger Snake is quiet and intelligent and sssimply loves to sssnack on exquisite Eel Enchilada! Want to make this reptile really happy? Visit the Arcade and play a few sssensational games!


Webkinz Ganz Kangaroo


Webkinz Ganz Kangaroo

Webkinz Ganz Kangaroo is new Webkinz release on Febuary 2008

Get them now

Tags : Webkinz Ganz Kangaroo , new webkinz , webkinz 2008 , Kangaroo ,

Webkinz Ganz Himalayan Cat


Webkinz Ganz Himalayan Cat

Webkinz Ganz Himalayan Cat is a new Webkinz release on Febuary 2008

Buy Now at our Store

Tags : Webkinz Ganz Himalayan Cat , new webkinz , webkinz 2008 , Himalayan Cat ,

WEBKINZ - Black Bear



The webkinz bear is one of the cutest webkinz of them all. This toy, to my surprise, is not very popular. But that is the cool thing about it. When you go online, you don't see that many of them. I have shown my friends this bear and they all want it, and agree that it is just adorable. It's a little different than some of the other webkinz, but that makes it a unique cutey.

It keeps in really good shape, and is really very interesting. I think any age could enjoy it. My 5 year old cousin is simply in love with it. I also think that any boy would like it as well. My 8 year old cousin (who is a boy) loves it and wants one, too. I think the bear will get popular once people realize how wonderful it is. Get the webkinz bear: whoever you give it to will love it for sure!



The cow is very cute, and fun. It is great to play with too. I would definateley reccomend this to other kids my age. it also looks really cute on the computer image. The cow is very soft and comfortable.I love to spend most of my free time playing my webkin and it is very special. A reccomendatino for Webkinz is that you should go to the arcade and play the wheel of wow, and the wishingwell to get money, and to go to the curio shop, and hunt for gems.

At first webkinz is a little confusing on what to do, and where to go, but dont get frustrated because you will understand it soon. Always rember to feed and let your webkin sleep or it will get sick and you will have to take it to the clinic and the doctor will tell you what to do. You will usually beable to tell if your pet is sick. in the corner of the screen there will be a picture of your webkin, and if it is sick it will have an icebag on their head. always rember to take good care of your webkin.

Web kinz Lil'Kinz Gorilla



Web kinz Lil'Kinz Gorilla

The Gorilla Lil'Kinz by Ganz is a smaller soft shaggy pet about six inches long. Each Lil'Kinz - Webkinz pet comes with a secret code to bring your pet to life on the web! Discover a virtual world of Webkinz. Collect them all! Not recommended for children under the age of three.

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Webkinz Turtle Hm150


(image) Webkinz Turtle Hm150

Ganz just release of a Webkinz Turtle. This is a new Webkinz animal just released last month. I think this is going to be one of the cutest and most poplular Webkinz animals!

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How to make your webkinz happy


Making you pet happy is the most important thing in webkinz world. It is the key in which you bond with your pet.Here are somethings that you should do to make your webkinz happy.

1. Always visit your pet everyday
2. Talk to pet and ask how he or she is doing
3. Buy your pet lots of thing they love.

4. Buy them there favorite food it give you pet some extra boostf for the day
5. Play in the acade and win lots of money for your pet.
6. Invite a friend over to play with your pet.
7. Take it to the clubhouse to talk to poeple so it won't be lonely.
8. Buy another webkinz so he won't be lonely when your gone.
9.Put on clothes that make them look nice or cool
10.Last but not least give your pet lots of love by caring for it.

Love ~Coolchick1995~

Economics of Webkinz, in comparison to other MMOs


Posted by Harpalyce from Kinz-land forumOr, "Really, Harpalyce, you're on break from college, you don't have to be like this",or, "How to impress your parents with how Webkinz really is educational!".Silliness aside, this is one of my 'pet subjects'. So prepare for a crushing wall of text!Economics in Online Games: Building an Economy from ScratchPart of the challenge in any online game involving currency is the fact that one must essentially build an economy from scratch. In the real world, even if Texas suddenly decided to be its own country today, it would "inherit" most of its economy from the United States. Economies nowadays thanks to the internet and trading currency are deeply interconnected, so attempting to build an economy from scratch is hard.However they are all interesting to observe from an economic point of view because it gives us an idea of what's good and what's bad to do when building an economy from scratch. We can then take this idea and apply it to economics as a whole.The first and greatest challenge of building a virtual economy from scratch is inflation. Inflation simply means that if you have an object - a piece of bread for instance - it will cost more to buy it if the economy is suffering from inflation. Some inflation is natural - just ask your parents what a pint of milk cost when they were your age - but it is tied to how much people are making. (As a relative percentage of income, the pint of milk still 'costs' the same; its price has risen as people have been paid more on average.) Inflation becomes a problem when people's wages DON'T rise, so that slice of bread may end up being 50% of their income.Inflation was a huge problem during the Great Depression, but is most readily seen in the economy of the Confederate States of America during the Civil war. The expression "not worth a Confederate dollar" comes from this. During the war the Confederacy decided that to pay back their debts, they would simply create more money. This meant that the value of a dollar dropped as there became many dollars in circulation, and inflation became rampant and out of control.Free Market Gone Wrong: NeopetsIn terms of a virtual economy, inflation must be kept in check in terms of "money sinks". This means that while you are creating money through payoffs on games, etc, you also must take money out of the economy somehow so that the value of your virtual dollar does not fall to the point where inflation becomes a problem.Neopets is a great example of what happens when this goes wrong. When I started playing Neopets, a loaf of bread cost 5 neopoints, a reasonable percentage of the money you would win through daily games. Now, using those same games, I would need to save up to buy bread due to skyrocketing prices. Because they have many sponsors like McDonald's that want you to come play their game, Neopets has not implemented many money sinks, if at all; instead they just have increased payoffs from games. (If a game doesn't give you that satisfaction of having earned a lot of virtual money, it's rare that you will go pay it, and Neopets' sponsors are counting on having a lot of publicity!)Because new money is always being created, but never taken out of the economy, Neopets' economy is analagous to that of the Confederacy - inflation is out of control. Thusly, it stops being quite such a fun game to play, because one is always trying to stay a few steps ahead of inflation to save up for an item.Free Market Gone Right: World of WarcraftThe economy as presented in the MMO [...]

Guide to getting Kinzcash fast


I found this guides on Kinz-land forum Posted by MissyMossie

Wonder how we have so much money to buy all Arte's rare stuff in the Curio Shop?

Here's the inside scoop.

I discovered that if you fill a whole room up with just strawberries you get the best payout of kinzcash when you sell it back to the W-Shop. Better than any other fruit or veggie. If you are going to use this method, make a separate account so you don't have issues, buy your curio shop rares and mail them to your regular account. You never need to water the plants. You just need to rake everyday. This saves a lot of time. I guess it rains every night in WW.

Here's how many strawberries you can get from that one harvest:

You can sell those stawberries at the W-Shop and earn 7 Kinzcash per bunch.
Let's do the math, 309 stawberries at 7 Kinzcash that's
309 x 7 = 2,163
Kinzcash within 10 days!

The average per harvest is 3 strawberries per square, and there are 100 squares in each yard. That comes out to average 300 Strawberries per harvest time. Every 10 days you will earn 2,163 Kinzcash.

The strawberries cost 50 Kinzcash per packet and there are 100 squares in each yard. So, 50 x 100 is 5,000 Kinzcash.

50 x 100 = 5000 + 1000 for the yard
6000 kinzcash, if you don't have the yard already.

After three harvests or 30 days, you have paid for your seeds and the rest is profits!!!

If you don't have the 5000 kinzcash up front, start out small. Buy 10 strawberry seeds each day until you fill up the whole yard. Then you can work on making more yards as your profits roll in.

I hope you guys get alot of kinzcash and good luck farming,


Thank Missy

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New Webkinz Collie


Ganz has announced the release of a Webkinz Collie Dog plush toy. This new Webkinz animal will be released in September, 2007.

Latest Webkinz release date


Latest release dates for webkinsz and lil’kinz including the delayed charcoal cat, pinto horse and penguin amongst others below

CHARCOAL CAT (Approximate ship date: late November)
COLLIE (Approximate ship date: late November)
PINTO HORSE (Approximate ship date: late November)
TURTLE (Approximate ship date: December)
PENGUIN (Approximate ship date: December)
LOVE FROG (Approximate ship date: January 2008)
WHITE EASTER DUCK (Approximate ship date: March 2008)

KOALA (Approximate ship date: late November)
PERSIAN CAT (Approximate ship date: late November)
LEOPARD (Approximate ship date: January 2008)
BULL DOG (Approximate ship date: January 2008)
PENGUIN (Approximate ship date: February 2008)

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webkinz yellow lab



webkinz yellow lab

Webkinz Yellow Lab Plush Stuffed Animal

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