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No Police State

No Police State Girls blog is about everything No Police State and other random thoughts.

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A Holy War Again


And so I turned on the news today and there one of the many headline news of the day read, "Israel Attacks Targets in Syria After Iranian Drone Enters Israeli Airspace and Jet Crashes", and as usual, world war III and all of those other religious fanaticism thoughts of Israel, Jerusalem, The Middle East, the holy land, holy war, that Dome of the Rock and the Temple Mount that seems to be written in bible prophecy somewhere start coming to mind, here on planet earth, enough to make me want to sign into this blagh again in another attempt to maintain web 2.0 social media user generated content for this blog and my other blagh whenever blaghers block possible. And so I thought to post another one of those The The Prophecy of John of Jerusalem posts again, as I seemed to have posted on this blog many times in times past. Is Israel becoming a nation?  The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous. - George Orwell.The Prophecy of John of Jerusalem VIII"When the millennium that follows this millennium ends, Men will have finally opened their eyes.They will no longer be imprisoned in their heads and cities,But will be able to see from one end of the Earth to another, and understand each other.They will know what makes one suffer hurts another.Men will form one huge body of which each will be a tiny part.Together they will form the heart of this body.There will be a common language spoken by everybody, and thus, finally, a glorious humanity will come into existence...Because Woman will arrive to reign supreme; She will govern the future and decree Her philosophy to Man.She will be The Mother of the Millennium that follows the millennium.She will, after the days of the devil, radiate the gentle sweetness of a mother.She will, after the days of barbarity, embody beauty.The Millennium that follows the millennium,Will metamorphose into an age age of lightness:Men will love each other, sharing everything, dream,And dreams will turn into Reality...Thus Man will have his second birth.Spirit will possess the mass of men,Who will be united in brotherhood.So an end will be proclaimed to barbarity.It will be an era of a new strength of belief.The dark days at the beginning of the Millennium that follows the millennium, will be ensued by days of jubilation:Men will once more find the righteous path of humanity,And Earth will find harmony once more...There will be roads that connect one end of Earth, and the sky to the other;The woods will once more be dense, the desert will once more be irrigated, and the water will once more be pure.The Earth will be like a garden:Men will take care of every living thing,And he will clean everything he dirtied,He will understand that the whole of Earth is his home,And he will think with wisdom of the morrow.Man will know everything on Earth and his own body.Diseases will be cured before they are manifested,And everybody will cure themselves and each other.Man will have understood that he has to help himself to stay upright; And after the days of reticence and avarice,Man will open his heart and his purse to the poor;He will define himself curator of human species,And so, finally, a New Era will begin. When Man has learnt to give and share,The bitter days of solitude will be at an end.He will once more believe in the Spirit,And barbarians will once more be unheard of...But all this will happen after the wars and the fires.And this will arise from the ashes of the burnt Towers of Babel.And a strong hand will be needed to bring order to chaos, and to put Man on the right path. Man will learn that all creatures are bringers of light, and all creatures must be respected.Man, in his lifetime, will live more than one life,And will learn that the Light never goes out."[...]

A Mayday Space Social Justice Holiday Market


allowfullscreen="" class="YOUTUBE-iframe-video" data-thumbnail-src="" frameborder="0" height="266" src="" width="320">And then to Ridgewood Market....Another year has rolled around here on planet earth and the end of the Gregorian calendar year is here again. California is still on fire and in Texas and the deep south it is snowing and climate change is still real.  And with that end of the 2017 year comes those holiday events, holiday markets and even New Years Eve events not far behind. And according to METRO and the skint, there are 20 holiday markets, a Union Square Holiday Market and more this weekend in that New York City area. And so I spent this day in an attempt to vend those DecorForU #blacklivesmatter, #notmypresident, #occupywallstreet, #nopolicestate, #berniesanders, #yoga, #bushwick, #ridgewood & #brooklyn necklaces, magnets, key chains & pins @ those holiday markets of Mayday Space 1st Annual Social Justice Holiday Market for $2 each and @ Ridgewood Market Sat. Night Bazaar at Ridgewood Market! Free Entry! Food & Gifts! for $1 each.  And Mayday Space, that really cool alternative space and beyond space in Bushwick, Brooklyn facebook event invite read something like:Saturday, December 16 at 12 PM - 5 PM ESTJOIN US AT MAYDAY for a delightful indoor gathering of 50 small vendors selling all things social justice-y... so you don't have to buy corporate crap for your loved-ones, and can instead uplift local artists, makers, and community-led efforts.➟ photobooth pics➟ ➟ beats by DJ Sabine Blaizin➟ ➟ ➟ hot cider & other yummy treatsaccessories + art + body care + books + buttons + calendars + cards + clothes + comics + cosmetics + food + herbals + home decor + jewelry + kids stuff + photos + posters + stickers + textiles + vintage + zines y mucho más!most vendors are poc, immigrant, queer, femme, low-income and/or longtime local residents. many are donating proceeds to a range of causes and are part of broader grassroots movements and the solidarity economy ✊🏻✊🏽✊🏿PARTICIPATING VENDORS:12:24: Horn: NoiseBlack Queer Magic: www.BlackQueerMagic.Bigcartel.comBlott: & Roses: Defense Committee: Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners CalendarCommon Notions / Nociones Comunes NYCCrystal ChimeraCrystal ClarityDanni Hu-Yang: La Tierra Blends: MartinezThe Doula ProjectExistence Is Resistance & Tarin Andrea DesignsFemmescapes + Moons: Boro Story ProjectFree-I Buttons: Lee Design: NY / International Women's AllianceGammykillz: Hanger ProjectThe Homegirl BoxHoney Brain // Rudy Lazzaro Designs: Inc: www.katianainc.comK. M. Kralowec: www.kathleenkralowec.comLmnopiMayday by IdaMiles HiltonThe Militant Manatee: Gal: Shut It Down Arts Collective: Youth Movement (PYM)- حركة الشباب الفلسطينيPop PorcelainPracticing Democracy: Manitas: MediaRocking Chair ClassicsSangawali: StorybooksSarvnaz PressSecret Riso ClubSimply ArteTiti Liz Blankets: Studi[...]

Climate Change Is Real


And if must blogger say, I have written, or typed about the topic of the weather and climate change on this blog before. And in the midst of reading about gun violence, those St. Louis protests over police violence and other headline news of the day, I have also found myself reading about the weather gone wacky again with extreme weather and unprecedented record breaking weather events seemingly becoming the norm starting with that massive ice shelf that broke off of Antarctica a while ago like a scene from straight out of the movie The Day After Tomorrow, and all of these earthquakes, wildfires and hurricanes in that country of North America and planet earth this past month, between Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, Mexico, California, .Oregon, Montana, Idaho and the Caribbean Islands all being affected by natural disasters of earthquakes and wildfires or from being underwater from hurricanes and tropical storms with names like Harvey, Irma, Jose, Maria and beyond this past month, and it all has me wondering all of these theories of if Jesus Christ wants to return again or if Revelations XII  is here or about to be here or something, or if the earths magnetic poles have shifted or if that planet Nibiru is headed towards or passing by planet earth, or if it is the beginning of armageddon and the apocalypse and the first five minutes of that movie The Day After Tomorrow, with I think all of these weather disasters seemingly having started after that great American solar eclipse, the first solar eclipse in 99 years, and every eye shall see him... and not to mention those 7 Theories About The World Ending On September 23, 2017 According To Astrology, Planet X Predictions, And The Bible or simply is the world ending or about to end or if the end is near as it always has been since the beginning of time I think. There are no words I can blogger think of to describe this all except to say Mother Earth is upset and climate change is real.[...]



Hey again bloggers, or whoever could be reading this blagh. And so this post finds itself another one of those
attempts to maintain web 2.0  social media user generated content for this blagh and my other blog whenever blaghers block possible. And so that topic of racism has been in the news a lot lately. So much that it has spawned a bazillion or more Facebook event invites having to do with racism, fascism and beyond. And in my own thoughts, someone said to me at Union Square Park the other day as I was vending those DecorForU #blacklivesmatter, #notmypresident, #occupywallstreet, #nopolicestate, #berniesanders, #yoga and #berooklyn necklaces, magnets, key chains and pins for $2 each with that Black Lives Matter sign that I usually display that creates dialogue and conversation, amongst the most comments being "Yes they do" or "All lives matter".  Though again, just this past week someone, a couple of people asked me within the span of an hour the same question that sticks in my mind, "When did racism begin?", both of these people asked. And it was sort of the same answer with both of these people. Since the beginning of time, in the bible or something, when Satan was cast out of heaven or when he betrayed Adam or Eve or something and this discrimination was passed on through Jacob or John or Abraham or one of those disciples in the bible or something throughout all his descendants and generations. And for some reason I find their theories believable. And then there is that comment again from that Black Lives Matter Art Show at Northside Festival this past season or so from another person who commented on that topic of Black Lives Matter, or I guess racism, how can something be changed that has been instilled in us, in humanity, since the beginning of time when black means bad, dark, evil and white means good, light? These questions I am unable to answer, only to say is another world possible? No one is free when others are oppressed.  And then there is this t-shirt I read somewhere with the words Black, White, Red, Yellow, Brown..... Human. And what, if anything, does this have to do with a No Police State?

A Go Africa Harlem Street Festival 2017


And even though according to Jeff Stark’s Nonsense NYC list,Friday, July 14* What the Float: Summer in the Park, Manhattan* Rural Route Film Festival Opening Night, Queens* Max Power Presents, Queens* Literati: A Comedy Show About Books and the Idiots Who Write Them, Brooklyn* Camouflage: A Comedy Show, Brooklyn Saturday, July 15* Third Annual Chicken Shit Bingo, Brooklyn* A Gathering For Introverts, Brooklyn* Thirteenth Annual Filmshop Presents Showcase, Brooklyn* Love Hotel, Brooklyn* Rubulad Proudly Presents Revival, Brooklyn* Out in the Streets, Brooklyn* Flooding With Love for the Kid, Brooklyn* Southern Comfort: Atlanta to Astoria, Queens* Str8 West Coastin’, Brooklyn Sunday, July 16* Out in the Streets, Brooklyn* Procession, Manhattan* The Grand Victorian Garden Tea, Manhattan Tuesday, July 18* Rock ‘n’ Roll Bingo, Manhattan* The UnSex Show, Brooklyn Wednesday, July 19* Flashback the 70s: Vol. 2, Brooklyn* Drunk Science, Brooklyn Thursday, July 20* Exhabitations, Manhattan* The 3D VHS Festival, Brooklyn* Ridgewood Social’s Super Belated 5-Year Anniversary Party, Queensand a host of other events are happening in that New York City area this week, I still somehow found myself attempting to vend those DecorForU #blacklivesmatter, #notmypresident, #occupywallstreet, #berniesanders, #nopolicestate, #yoga, #brooklyn and #harlem necklaces, magnets, key chains and pins for $2 each at this years Go Africa Harlem Street Festival much the same as I did atlast years Go Africa Harlem Street Festival.  And the photos that find themselves posted above kind of remain the same, yet they are a little different.  And this years Go Africa Harlem Street Festival 2017 Facebook event invite reads something like:We are hosting our Third annual 1 day street festival within the boundaries of Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard (7th Avenue) and Frederick Douglass Boulevard (8th Avenue) on 116 street on July 15th, 2016 between the hours of 10am – 7pm.Visit for more information.The street festival will take place within the boundaries of Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard (7th Avenue) and Frederick Douglass Boulevard (Eighth Avenue) on 116th street on July 15th in the year 2017 between the hours of 10am – 7pm.Parameters and ScopeThe Street festival among other things be a celebration of the city’s African diversity with excellent displays of the unique goods and services provided by African & Caribbean merchants on 116th street and throughout the NYC metro area.We will also have two pavilions (2) showcasing dance, art, music and dress from various regions throughout Africa and the Caribbean with direct participation from the African community & Cultural groups, consulates and embassies from the city’s five boroughs.Preference has been given to African Merchants in the city of New York for space during the event on a first come, first served basis. All merchants, vendors, and services entities would be required to be licensed and have valid permits by the applicable agencies in the City of New York for selling, promotion, solicitation, and delivery of their goods and services.Have a great Go Africa Harlem Street Festival day and more.[...]

A Harlem Arts Festival 2017


allowfullscreen="" class="YOUTUBE-iframe-video" data-thumbnail-src="" frameborder="0" height="266" src="" width="320">                                        And so I find myself blaghing about Harlem Arts Festival on this day, that annual festival that takes place in Harlem at Marcus Garvey Park each year, and even though there are lots of performers and artists on that schedule for this years event, this gave me the opportunity to vend that DecorForU  #blacklivesmatter,#notmypresident,#occupywallstreet, #berniesanders,#nopolicestate, #yoga, #brooklyn &#harlem necklaces, magnets, key chains & pins for $2 each at their festival again as I did at their Harlem Arts Festival 2016 event last year and to post photos and video from this event that find themselves posted above. And after the rain passed earlier that morning, the sun seemed as if it became a thousand degrees. And according to those Facebook event invites, there is a Harlem Arts Festival Official #HAFterparty as well.  And I have also read online that the rapper  Prodigy who was scheduled to perform at this festival has passed away and  Harlem Arts Festival is to Honor the Late Hip-Hop Legend at their Sixth-Annual event this year.  And any other closing words for this passage and blog post seems to be passing me by. Have a great Harlem Arts Festival day and more.[...]

A Squatter May Day Concert


photo by Marina Marchand allowfullscreen="" class="YOUTUBE-iframe-video" data-thumbnail-src="" frameborder="0" height="266" src="" width="320">Well it's that time of year again where that Gregorian calendar rolls around to where I can just recycle those Memorial Day blagh posts in an attempt to maintain social media web 2.0 user generated content for this blog and my other blagh whenever bloggers block possible. Though instead, I guess I will just post some of those photos and video I took at that Spook City in Tompkins Square (Part 2) concert in Tompkins Square Park this past Memorial Day weekend, as I have found myself going to those Squatter May Day Concerts in Tompkins Square Park every so often, or what not.  And so I found myself singing a no police state song and vending that DecorForU #blacklivesmatter, notmypresident, #Occupywallstreet , berniesanders. #nopolicestate , #theshadow , #eastvillage & #lowereastside necklaces, magnets. key chains & pins for $1 each at Chris Flash's concert this year.  And I can't exactly remember what year anniversary this squatter May Day concert is, though I think it is around a 25 year anniversary since those Tompkins Square Park Riots happened in 1988. And that Spook City Facebook event invite reads something like as follows:FREE show In keeping with the traditional Squatter MayDay shows from 1988 onward and in commemoration of the Memorial Day Riot of May 27, 1991. On the side, there will be band merch, literature, and info tables.Featuring:• The Undead• The Omega Men• Coach N' Commando• SPIKE Polite and Sewage NYC• After The BurnAnd what else can words say, as every picture tells a story as in those photos and video that find themselves posted above.  And what if anything, does this have to do with a No Police State?  Have a great Memorial Day Squatter May Day Spook City concert day and more. [...]



And so it's actually been a while since I have posted anything about music, music and more music on this blog. And so this post happens to be about Musicians friend epiphone sg g 400. And if you happen to be looking for that electric guitar or information about that electric guitar, finding it and all about it can be just a website visit away.As music makes the world go around.

May Day NYC


And so according to that Gregorian calendar on the wall, or table, yesterday was that International Workers Day of May Day in that city of New York and around the world I assume.  And those global revolutions of May Day, Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter are still moving fast, I think.And according to that Mayday Glitter Graphics website, May Day - Beltane The first of May has long been celebrated with the traditional rite of spring. Dancing around the May pole is a tradition in many different cultures that dates back for centuries. While May Day has its roots in the pagan festival of Beltane, it is still celebrated throughout England and Europe as a celebration of fertility and the coming of the new spring. And so I found myself passing by the peripheral and outer edges of one of those May Day events at Union Square Park in New York City yesterday, enough to take a few photos with that social media cell phone camera as in those photos that find themselves posted above of that Peoples Power Assemblies, NYC Shut It Down: The Grand Central Crew #blacklivesmatte, International League of Peoples' Struggle - ILPS US, Cosecha NYC and Workers World Party May Day Strike to Defend Migrants, Refugees & All Workers! May Day event. And according to that Facebook event calendar, some of those other May Day events in that city of New York area on this day were #MAYDAY: WE SHUT IT DOWN #maydaynyc, Mayday Anti-Speciesist + Anti-Decolonial Nonhuman Rights Bloc and May 1st NYC: Basta Ya! Stop The Attacks on Immigrants. And what does this have to do with a No Police State. Have a great day after May Day and more.[...]

Decor For U


allowfullscreen="" class="YOUTUBE-iframe-video" data-thumbnail-src="" frameborder="0" height="266" src="" width="320">Hey again bloggers or whoever could be reading this blog. And so when I can't think of anything to blog about on this blog in an attempt to maintain web 2.0 user generated content for this blog and my other blagh whenever bloggers block possible, I guess I find myself  posting about DecorForU #blacklivesmatter, #notmypresident, #occupywallstreet, #berniesanders, #nopolicestate, #NoFascistUSA, #yoga, #eastvillage, #harlem and #brooklyn necklaces, magnets, key chains and pins that are now available at Quimby's Bookstore NYC, Anyone Comics, Sisters Uptown Bookstore and Cultural Center, Inc., Revolution Books New York and Bluestockings Bookstore for $2 each! in that New York City area after finding themselves being vended at various markets and bazaars in that New York City area and even Union Square Park when the weather permits, or something like that. And so what else is there that I can blogger say about this Black Lives Matter jewelry that I have not already said in Black Lives Matter jewelry time except that on this day finds itself as Occupy Wall Street day one thousand and something, I think. And those all things global revolution Occupy Wall Street and all things police brutality and beyond Black Lives Matter movements are still moving fast, I think.  And what, if anything, does this have to do with a No Police State? Have a great DecorForU jewelry day and more. Black Lives Matter. Occupy Art. Occupy Wall Street Worldwide.[...]

First They Came For The Immigrants


And as this Gregorian Calendar year still finds itself as the year 2017 here on planet earth, I still find myself reading those headline news of the day, many of which still seem to have to do with those United States Presidential Elections 2016 that still seem to be resulting in a million or more #notmypresident, March 4th for Standing Rock and now No Ban No Wall Union Square NYC Vigil protests and beyond.  Though it is those Protest to Resist ICE Raids and statements on Facebook that read something like "ICE is setting up checkpoints & demanding papers on the 6 line. Two seen at 149th & Southern Parkway.  Anybody without documents should avoid the 6" and "information from a colleague: A restaurant owner just told me I.C.E is getting on subways after 10 pm to look for undocumented immigrants getting off their shifts in restaurants. He's already lost two bus boys. Use buses, walk as much as possible, use a bike, or try and get off earlier. If you're on the subway and see someone being bullied by I.C.E stand up for them. Make a scene. Film it on your phone and post it. Follow them and announce their presence outside subway stations." and "ATTN #BROOKLYN: AVOID CHURCH AVE FROM 35th DOWN TO UTICA THERES AN IMMIGRATION CHECKPOINT !! Update: they're also stopping dollar vans/ cabs on Flatbush, Church Avenue, and Utica Copy and paste, don't share. THIS IS INSANE THAT WE ARE ACTUALLY HAVING TO SHARE THIS KIND OF INFORMATION.", that brings to mind that First They Came For The Socialists passage that also brings to mind all of those passport posts that I have posted on this blog before that seem to have something to do with banning immigrants, deporting immigrants that seems to have something to do with technology, globalism,  the passport,  travel, the microchip, the RFID  bar code that finds itself posted in that photo above, a cashless society and that 666 anti christ mark of the beast save no man that he may buy or sell except he have the mark of the beast on his right hand or forehead thing in the world we seem to live in these days, I think. The PassportFor what reason is the number of that passport immigration law that prohibits freedom of travel amongst humanity anywhere on planet earth, and that Section 666 Social Security Act, cashless society, national I.D., the number of your name to receive any state services and everything else in between thing, 666? Is this that save no man that he may buy or sell except that he have the mark of the beast thing in the book of Revelations. Is this written in prophecy somewhere. Did George Orwell or Nostradamus predict this? Is that a coincidence or on purpose that this law has the same number of that beast thing. And who or what is the beast, and what is that mark on ones right hand or forehead. What does that mark represent or mean, if anything. And what's up with that UPC bar code photo that I placed in this blog entry. And for what reason do all universal product codes contain this number. What the heck does that mean? Is that the number of the beast, the number of man? And what's that New World Order, Verichip and RFID tag thing all about. Big Brother, Brave New World and technology are here and that's a whole another blog posting. And I have heard so many green card immigration nightmare stories about green card marriages, lotteries and green card everything else in between. Of people leaving a country and not being able to return for whatever reason. And the stories of loss of life while crossing a border, whether by land or sea. And for what reason are there boarders, divisions, restrictions, barriers and territories of land in this world. And for what reason are people n[...]



And in the midst of having drummed up another one of those art shows in that city of New York, I still find that it is a new year 2017 and that America has still descended into what seems like one big anti inauguration protest these first few weeks of this Gregorian calendar year as a result of those United States Presidential Elections 2016 according to that Facebook news feed and the headline news.  And when I am at a lost as for what to post on this blog and my other blagh, I sometimes find myself recycling those blog posts in an attempt to maintain web 2.0 user generated content for this blog and my other blog whenever blaghers block possible. And I sometimes find myself drifting to that same "I Am No Queen" passage, that same poem and those same photos that find themselves posted above, over and over and over and over for some reason. And life continues, the cycle of life continues.  And death is a part of life and I guess life is a part of death, or something like that and whatever other quotes, philosophies and saying about life and death there may be. The only thing constant is change and some stories do not end as you expect and it is the saddest story ever told. I am no QueenI sit a widow and shall see sorrowI kannot walk any furthermy journey may end herethere are no words to take away the painto replace a person who is gonemy eyes are dim and heavy with griefI kannot close themI do not wish to see the darkness they holdthis thing which I have greatly fearedhas come upon me with tremblingkausing all my bones to shakeI am scared with dreams and terrifiedwith visions of what will my funeral be likewhen I die today at this very momentwill there be a funeralwho will come and who will paywill they eulogize me and what will they sayleave me to sit and decaymake me your centerpiece in a chair dressed up deadpreserve me with spices, mummify melet the birds of the air pluck methe beast of the field tear metill I be consumed by maggots anddust and fly away when I diethere hath been no greater love thanthat which hath beenit is the sound of Rachael mourning forthe children that never wereno one to comfort herno where to wail lament save the oceanwhy died the not from the wombwhy died they not the breast prevent them from suckwhy died they not the knees prevent themwhy died they not give up the ghost thatno light shine upon this daycursed be the man that saith the child is born this dayit is the wake of a funeral procession about to beginit was a sunny day that day across the street from the graveyardand we all laid down in our coffins to dieHave a great life, death and poetry day.[...]

A New Year 2017


And I guess now can be a good time to post some sort of holiday season, New Year’s blog post on this blagh again in an attempt to maintain web 2.0 social media user generated content for this blog and my other blog whenever bloggers block possible. Another Gregorian calendar year has arrived, or passed and who knows what the next year will bring. And there seems to be a few good riddance 2016 Facebook events going around on Facebook with this end of the year 2016, as well as Brooklyn Bazaar’s The Greatest New Year’s Party Ever! F#CK 2016 ! party which considers 2016 to be possibly the worst year on record and the person of the year seems to be the grim reaper. And then there’s that New Year’s Resolutions That Are Actually Realistic link that I find myself posting in internetland every so often with one of those photos that reads, “FORGET PAST MISTAKES AND PRESS ON TO EVEN GREATER MISTAKES”.  And so Jeff Stark’s, nonsense nyc list sent another one of those weekly emails for those parties around New York City if you happen to subscribe to that mailing list.  And if I were to copy and paste part of this weeks nonsensy nyc list, it would read something like:NOTE: We are 16 years old. We are still a little awkward, and we’re always late these days.The reason why Nonsense still exists is because it serves a community. You are part of that community. And we still believe this community is vital to New York. Because in these dark times meaningless nonsense is more meaningful than ever. Collective joy brings us together. It is not a substitute for hard work and struggle. It is how you meet your people. It is our release.We ask for a little help with this project once a year. Your donation covers real costs and keeps us an independent, ongoing resource for do-it-yourself, do-it-together culture in New York City. Please consider donating $15 if you find this list useful — and a little more if we list your events. There’s a link here: you so much for your support. May we all find joy at 5 in the morning; may we all wake up to go another, Jeff Stark and the Nonsense NYC staffFriday, December 23* Rock ‘n’ Roll Bingo, QueensSaturday, December 24* The 10th Annual Menorah Horah, Manhattan* House of Yes Misfit Christmas, BrooklynChristmas* Good cheer, EverywhereThursday* Get Real, BrooklynFriday, December 30* New Years Divinations, Manhattan* Rhinestone Gorilla Burlesque: Dystopian Holiday, BrooklynWishlist* Bitch busSpectre* Nazi Cocaine MoneyOverheard* FruitLearning* CompostNOTE: For some navigation help, or an explanation for what this is all about, scroll all the way down to NONSENSE. You can donate to this project at Also: We make a lot of mikes, especially with dates; you should always double check our work before you go out.XXXXX COVER ART XXXXXHildegard hallucination.XXXXX FRIDAY, DECEMBER 23 XXXXXRock ‘n’ Roll BingoRock ‘n’ Roll Bingo is coming to town with tons of prizes to stuff your stockings and free booze to cure your holiday blues.Sweet Jane’s64-02 68th Avenue, at 64th Street, Ridgewood, Queens8-11p; $ SATURDAY, DECEMBER 24 XXXXXThe 10th Annual Menorah HorahA Hanukkah burlesque show. Drop that dreidel and hold on to your latkes. The Schlep Sisters are heating up the holidays with Hanukkah’s Hottest Hebrew Hotties.Celebrate eight dreidel-spinning nights of Hanukkah in one special evening of music, laughs, latkes, and burlesque. The world-class Schlep Sisters — Minnie Tonka and Darlinda Just Darlinda — are joined by premier burlesque stars: Fancy Feast, Jonny P[...]



And if I must blogger say, it was 23 degrees on this night in the middle of December during that holiday season that I found myself on one of those twice monthly Freegan trash tours, also known as dumpster diving, in that city of New York last night, that usually take place after their meetings, this one being at the Sony Public Atrium on 55th Street and Madisoin Avenue. And after that freegan meeting, this trash tour group of about ten or fifteen people made its way ten or fifteen blocks toward what seemed like about 70th street, stopping at what seemed like 10 different spots of various supermarkets, coffee shops, deli's and any other kind of food stores along the way. And it was said that this was a slow night, as usually food is found at every spot, or every other spot, more than one can carry, and on this night food was only found at two or three of these ten spots, with most of the food being found at the last spot of what seemed like a gourmet natural health food store at the end of the night as in those photos that find themselves posted above. And there is also to be a freegan feast a day later after this dumpster dive of that freegan food that was found, to be shared at someones home with everyone. And from what I know, these trash tours usually take place during the hours of 9pm and 11pm, during that two hour window of when the food is put out on the sidewalk or dumpster and thrown away to when the food is picked up by the garbage trucks to throw it away. And so what exactly is freeganism and dumpster diving?  Well, it has something to do with capitalism, consumerism and saving the world.  And according that website, What is a Freegan?:Freegans are people who employ alternative strategies for living based on limited participation in the conventional economy and minimal consumption of resources. Freegans embrace community, generosity, social concern, freedom, cooperation, and sharing in opposition to a society based on materialism, moral apathy, competition, conformity, and greed. After years of trying to boycott products from unethical corporations responsible for human rights violations, environmental destruction, and animal abuse, many of us found that no matter what we bought we ended up supporting something deplorable. We came to realize that the problem isn’t just a few bad corporations but the entire system itself. Freeganism is a total boycott of an economic system where the profit motive has eclipsed ethical considerations and where massively complex systems of productions ensure that all the products we buy will have detrimental impacts most of which we may never even consider. Thus, instead of avoiding the purchase of products from one bad company only to support another, we avoid buying anything to the greatest degree we are able. The word freegan is compounded from “free” and “vegan”. Vegans are people who avoid products from animal sources or products tested on animals in an effort to avoid harming animals. Freegans take this a step further by recognizing that in a complex, industrial, mass-production economy driven by profit, abuses of humans, animals, and the earth abound at all levels of production (from acquisition to raw materials to production to transportation) and in just about every product we buy. Sweatshop labor, rainforest destruction, global warming, displacement of indigenous communities, air and water pollution, eradication of wildlife on farmland as “pests”, the violent overthrow of popularly elected governments to maintain puppet dictators compliant to big business interests, open-pit strip mining, oil drilling in environmentally sensitive areas, union busting, child[...]

A Standing Rock Indian Reservation


Now I am not exactly sure what the Standing Rock protest is all about that has been in the news a lot lately, though before the United States Presidential Election 2016 results turned America upside down, as if it weren't already turned upside down, Standing Rock was just about the only thing, besides Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street and other topics, that seemed to appear on that Facebook news feed everywhere that I find myself looking at every so often in my internetaholicness. And according to Wikipedia, Standing Rock Indian Reservation is a Hunkpapa Lakota and Yanktonai Dakota Indian reservation in North Dakota and South Dakota in the United States. And also according to Facebook, Standing Rock is the latest cause to stand for, the latest cause that has resulted in seemingly endless protests, rallies, standoffs and Facebook event invites for even more protesta, rallies, standoffs and Facebook event invites that has gained support from seemingly across the nation with the hashtags #NoDAPL and #StandwithStandingRock and a #NODAPL National Day Of Action 11.15.16. And I think this #NoDAPL has something to do with No Dakota Access Pipeline, which I guess has something to do with the blood for oil industry and fracking or drilling or running a gas line or some kind of pipeline through everywhere the blood for oil industry can find, and I guess in this case, in the middle of or near an Indian reservation. And though I am no rocket scientist on this topic, those pictures that find themselves posted above from Rob Wilson Photography and Stand Step Up Speak out Loud in Prayer for Standing Rock of what looks like a police state in the middle of the desert from 1492 when America was supposedly discovered, speak for themselves. And according to that American Indian Prophecy,  Legend of the Rainbow Warriors and Hopi and Sioux Prophecy:"When the earth is dying there shall arise a new tribe of all colours and all creeds.  This tribe shall be called The Warriors of the Rainbow and it will put its faith in actions not words.""There will come a time when the earth is sick and the animals and plants begin to die. Then the Indians will regain their spirit and gather people of all nations, colors and beliefs to join together in the fight to save the Earth: The Rainbow Warriors." Water is sacred. Water is life. Save the water. No blood for oil. And what does this have to do with a No Police State. [...]

A Village Halloween Costume Ball


And it's that time of year yet again where another one of those holidays rolls around to where I can just recycle this blog post and post about that same holiday all over again.  And in all honesty, I find myself blaghing on this day because it is Halloween on this day again, and I found myself taking a bunch of photos at that Theater for the New City Village Halloween Costume Ball yet again in that city of New York.  And then there's that annual Village Halloween Parade to be found in New York City on this day also.  And that day of the dead, when the dead come to life, or something like that, started out with that guy all lit up in lights for this Halloween night at Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City, as in those photos that find themselves posted above, and it continued with people all dressed up, and lit up in Christmas lights and all kind of lights on this night.  And the costumes are always amazing to see on this day.  If only every day were Halloween, then we would be free to be who we want to be, I think. Happy All Saints Day.[...]

A HONK Festival 2016


allowfullscreen="" class="YOUTUBE-iframe-video" data-thumbnail-src="" frameborder="0" height="266" src="" width="320">And I guess it's that time of year again when that annual HONK! Fest rolls around, that festival of activist street bands that finds seemingly a ton or more activist street bands performing in Somerville, Massachusetts every year around this time of year for a weekend event. And I guess it's also been a while since I have been to one of those HONK Festivals.  And since this blagh has seemingly become about events, events and more events for when that google page rank update does not get get rich internet quick, I find myself blaghing about yet another event.  And then there's HONK NYC, which I guess you could call the New York City version of HONK! Fest, as HONK NYC has seemingly a million or more bands performing around that same weekend thereafter as HONK! Fest also, as there are so many Facebook event invites for bands performing at so many places in the New York City area that it is hard to keep track of them all, I think, such as HONK NYC! at World Maker Faire 2016, HONK! Barbès with Slavic Soul Party & The Nevermind Orchestra!,  HONK NYC! at Snug Harbor with SI Museum & SI Childrens Museum, HONK! for Staten Island Art Parade and Concert!, HONK! Dance Party with Frank London & Marching Cobras, HONK NJ! at WFMU's Monty Hall, HONK Rubulad! Brass-Tastic Blowout, HONK NYC! Percussion Workshop with Scott Kettner of Maracatu NY, HONK for More Gardens! Procession, Workshop & Performance and HONK Harlem! is Tomorrow! Whoot!, which is actually today as I type this blagh post.  And so it was that Underground Horns band at that HONK NJ! at WFMU's Monty Hall event that I found myself at for some reason or another as part of that Honk NYC event, as in some of those photos and videos that find themselves posted above. And that description for that Monty Hall Facebook event invite reads something like as follows:HONK NYC and WFMU's Transpacific Sound Paradise w/ Rob Weisbergbring international brass band mayhem to NJ!Get there EARLY for a special appearance by the Merasi Master Musicians of Rajasthan, India at 7:30! Followed by the sights and sounds of Brooklyn's Funkrust Brass Band; New York's first and foremost Balkan brass powerhouse Zlatne Uste Balkan Brass Band; the uproarious Le Pompier Poney Club of France; and the transglobal adventures ofunderground horns!Merasi: Uste Brass Band: Pompier Poney Club: Horns: concert will be recorded by the fine folks at WFMU Studio. Check out last year's show:'t miss this over-the-top international activist brass band performance spectacle in JERSEY CITY. Marching band music like you've never imagined, plus off-kilter dance routines, twisted baton-twirling, absurdist acrobatics, hysterical histrionics, and high school marching formations from an alternate universe!And HONK! Fest and HONK NYC Rock.  Have a great music day and more.[...]

A March To Close Rikers Island


width="320" height="266" class="YOUTUBE-iframe-video" data-thumbnail-src="" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>And so there was a CLOSErikers March, Rally & Vigil yesterday in that neighborhood of Queens, New York.  And this march to close Rikers Island day seemed to belong to the students and JustLeadershipUSA. And there have been other marches to shut down Rikers Island, that slave plantation, concentration camp torture chamber of a prison named after a slave catcher and bounty hunter that has been compared to Abu Ghraib prison. And even those these marches have come to pass, as far as I know, Rikers Island is still open for business. And so that CLOSErikers March, Rally & Vigil Facebook event for this event read something like:For decades, the notorious Rikers Island Jail Complex has been marked by violence and corruption and impervious to substantive reform. The#CLOSErikers campaign was formed in 2016 to break the political gridlock and achieve real solutions that are guided by directly impacted communities. Led by JustLeadershipUSA, in partnership with the Katal Center for Health, Equity, and Justice, the #CLOSErikers campaign includes 90 diverse organizations across New York City that have joined the call for Mayor Bill de Blasio to close Rikers. The campaign to #CLOSErikers is calling for New Yorkers to boldly reimagine the city’s failed criminal justice system and become a national leader in ending mass incarceration.Join us in sending Mayor de Blasio the message that the City is united. On September 24th at 1:00pm we will be meeting at 30th Ave. & Steinway St. and marching to the Rikers Island bridge. We will then hold a rally and vigil at 19th Avenue and Hazen at 4:00pm. Do not miss this historic event!For more information, or to get involved, please contact:Erin George:408-691-7372 // erin@justleadershipusa.orgAnd what, if anything, does this have to do with a No Police State.  Shut Down Rikers.  #shutdownrikersisland[...]

An Occupy Wall Street 5 Year Anniversary


allowfullscreen="" class="YOUTUBE-iframe-video" data-thumbnail-src="" frameborder="0" height="266" src="" width="320">And so I came across this Occupy Wall Street 2016 event at Zuccotti Park in facebookland the other day and found myself at this event just yesterday, an event where there seemed to be more polizei in attendance than people, in an attempt to vend those DecorForU #berniesanders, #blacklivesmatter and #occupywallstreet necklaces, magnets, key chains and pins or $1 each at this event that was systematically shut down years ago. And Occupy Wall Street and that all things police brutality and beyond movements Black Lives Matter are still moving fast as in those photos and videos that find themselves posted above. And that Occu - Evolve schedule for that Occupy Wall Street 5 Year Anniversary at Zuccotti Park read something like:OCCUPY WALL STREET 5 YEARS (STILL HERE)!SCHEDULE10:00am Homecoming-Meet and Greet11:00am-Press Conference11:30am-7:30pm- Presentations,Tour and Panels12:00pm-1:00pm-TPP Panel(Time of Specific Panels and Topics TBA)1:00pm-How to Stop The Empire-Special Performance by Dan Kinch1:00pm-3:00pm-Intenational Livestream Call In @Zuccotti2:00pm-2:45pm-System Change NOT Climate Change8:00pm-Assembly of the 99%8:30pm-City-Wide Convergence-MarchFrom Wall Street to City Hall to One Police Plaza to the African Burial Ground so what else is there that I can say that has not already been said in Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter time except #occupywallstreer2016, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street Worldwide. And what, if anything, does this have to do with a No Police State.[...]

Your Thoughts On Black Lives Matter


 And even in the midst of when that Google page rank update still wants to send me in search of a fifth full time job for when that get rich internet quick does not get rich internet quick, and it seems as if the world around me could be going to hell in a hand basket,  I still find myself blaghing on this blagh and my other blog in an attempt to maintain web 2.0 social media user generated content whenever blaghers block possible.And on this day finds itself as Occupy Wall Street Day one thousand and something, I think.  And Occupy Wall Street and that all things police brutality and beyond movements Black Lives Matter are still moving fast.  And so that Black Lives Matter Art Show at Chashama has come to pass that I blogged about a few weeks ago on my other blog.  And so I thought to post some of those "Your Thoughts On Black Lives Matter" comments that were written on those banners to be found at that Chashama space, for when the prevailing thought seems to be All Lives Matter, followed by the color of ones skin with a few quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King thrown in as follows:1.  My Life Matters2.  Listen, do you want to know a secret?  All Lives Matter.  Stop the hate.3.  (in response to #2), yet this totally disarms #blacklivesmatter and continues the hate.  Ironic.4.  Let's be clear.  Black llives have always mattered.  What the Black Lives Matter is saying is that black lives in the judicial system are not being recognized as life lost.  Legally we stopped being property less than 200 years ago.  So since we are free black & magical - are we less protected by law because we are no longer property. Black Lives Matter is all you ever need to know.  #______ my life matters.5.  If we don't get justice they wont get no peace.6.  Love your blackness.7.  I love black people8.  We are one.  No one is different.  All the same.  Same love.9.  Fight the good fight.10.  Keep fighting.  Keep loving.  Freedom is the soul of equality.  Do not rest until we are all equal.11.  The people united will never be defeated.12.  You are my brother.  You are my sister.13.  Jesus Loves Black Lives.14.  Focus on the progress.  Not hate.  Otherwise they win.15.  It's so sad that even in 2016 we are still living in a white supremacist capitalist colonial patriarchy where people of color are routinely silenced and murdered.16.  A white male police officer told Karyn Gains "I can't believe you're raising your kids this way", meaning raising them to defend themselves and resist police violence.  5 months later, she was murdered in her home and her son was shot by police.  When will we stop blaming people of color for their own victimization under white supremacy.17.  We are a billion cells of pure knowing.18.  Black Lives Matter19.  All Lives Matter (in response to #18).20.  Together we can21.  Jesus22.  No God.  No Peace.  Know God.  Know Peace.23.  There's history, power & strength of my skin color.  Always love your black in all ways.24.  Step the fuck up white people.25.  My life does matter and my skin is beautiful and important.26.  My skin color is beautiful.27.  Black is beautiful.28.  Silence is not an option, but listening is just as important.29.  Race is a socia[...]

A 2016 Tompkins Square Riot Reunion Concert


-The place was martiallawville two thousand and oneand everywhere I looked I saw people with gunsstanding on the corner in uniformsfull of torture devices for if you stray from the normthey'll stop you over here and they'll stop you over there they'll stop you anywhere and they won't even careas they shake you down and throw you on the ground put their foot on you and then kick you around they'll punch you and they'll beat you till you're almost deadI couldn't take it no more and so I saidNo Police State. yeah, that's right, no policy state. I screamed No Police State. No Police State. And so, I left the street and then I went to the store but as I walked through the metal detectorI could not get through because this man at the doorin a uniform called security with a criminal record worser than you and mehe took my bags and my belongings tooand he said the words we are surveiling youwith plain clothes spies and close circuit camerasinspection devices and ten way mirrorsand so I started shopping from aisle to aislebut I could hear them all the whilethey murmured, they whispered and then they saidcome with us your time is at handto be mocked, scourged, tried, tempted and afflictedand crucified and persecuted in this wilderness I said to them deliver me I did not do a thing they said I did and that was it and so I screamedNo Police State. yeah, that's right, no policy stateI screamed No Police State. No Police State.And so, I went home and I felt secureuntil the evil knocked at my door it was a legion of men it was an army and they called themselves the authority who were concerned for my safety so they said to me can we see some ID to use against you as you will seeour king he owns the land and he even owns youso this is what we're gonna dothey trashed my place, they tore it upside downthey took everything and then they threw it around then they wanted to put me under their carecause it looked like I could not take care of my affairs so I took no further thought for what I was gonna saycause they were gonna search and seize me anywayand so I screamed, No Police State yeah that's right, no policy stateI screamed No Police State. No Police State. And so I found myself attempting to sing part of that above No Police State Song at another one of Chris Flash's The Shadow and Iconicide's  2016 Tompkins Square Riot Reunion concert in Tompkins Square Park the other day, which was actually about a week ago, as it was that concert time of year again.  And it was mostly a punk rock concert with a few other speakers like Paul DeRienzo, Jerry Trudell, Warcry Priya and Father Patrick Moloney thrown in.  And I vended those DecorForU #blacklivesmatter, #occupywallstreet, #berniesanders and #theshadow necklaces, magnets and key chains for $1 each alongside those The Shadow t shirts and other merchandise as well.  And the Facebook event invite for that 2016 Tompkins Square Riot Reunion concert read something like: TWENTY EIGHT YEARS AGOThe environment in NYC, and especially AlphaBet City and surrounding areas, was drastically different. The city had made it clear, its underclasses were to be disowned. Tent Cities had sprung up in local parks. Warehoused and abandoned buildings were siezed and turned into squats by neighborhood residents who had had enough with the empty myth of Upward Mobility and Trickledown Economics[...]

A Go Africa Harlem Street Festival


Hey again bloggers, or whoever could be reading this blog. Okay, so in the age of social media web 2.0 user generated content, I have all of these photos sitting here from a few weeks ago or so, that just seem like they want to be shared on the internet somewhere, hence this blog post, again, in an attempt to maintain content for this blog and my other blagh whenever bloggers block possible. And so there was a Go Harlem Street Festival 2016 the other day in that city of New York where I attempted to vend those DecorForU ‪#‎berniesanders‬,‪#‎blacklivesmater‬,‪#‎occupywallstreet‬, ‪#‎brooklyn‬, ‪#‎harlem‬and ‪#‎yoga‬ necklaces, magnets and key chains for $1 each as one of those vendors at this Harlem Street Festival.  And it seems like I may have spent more time attempting to take photos of Gale A. Brewer, Manhattan Bourough President, and Charles Rangel, a member of Congress, who were speaking at this festival, as in some of those photos that find themselves posted above, then attempting to vend that jewelry.  And according to that Go Africa Network Facebook page post that reads something like:“We would like to thank Gale Brewer, Michael Blake, Senator Adriano Espaillat, Charles Rangel, Governor Andrew Cuomo, Gale A. Brewer, Manhattan Borough President, Carl E. Heastie,Healthfirst, D.j. Henri,African diaspora parade1, NY African Restaurant Week, Foundation for a Drug Free World, IDNYC,Carver Federal Savings Bank, CUNY Citizenship Now, MoneyGram Africa and American Red Cross for their participation and support of the Go Africa Harlem 2016 street festival on 7/16/2016. We are looking forward to the next street festival on 7/15/2017. for more information.”And according to that  Go Africa Network 2016 website page, they were proud to announce a lot of people, politicians, musicians, vendors and beyond and more to this event, as their description of this Harlem Street Festival read as follows:Street festival aims to support black-owned businesses in Harlem and New York City in general New York, NY — The second annual Go Africa Harlem Street Festival will be held Saturday, July 16 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on 116th Street within the boundaries of Adam Clayton Powell and Frederick Douglass boulevards in Harlem.The festival will include live music and dance, African food and beverages, African-American food and beverages, clothing and apparel, health and wellness services, financial services such as banking and insurance, city agency services in areas such as immigration, housing and social services, taste tests and giveaways.Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, a sponsor and supporter of the festival, will serve as the grand marshal for the event. Shaun King, senior justice writer for the New York Daily News and a prominent civil rights activist known for his use of social media to shed light on social causes, will serve as Co-cost for the event with  Charlene (“Charlie”) Cooper from WFXR, Fox News Some of the restaurants that will be participating in New York African Restaurant Week (NYARW) 2016, will be in attendance. A Taste of Africa, a community-based organization dedicated to promoting the best of African cuisine and culture that organizes the annual NYARW, is [...]

A Black Lives Matter Art Show at Out In The Streets Festival & Chashama


And on this day finds itself as Occupy Wall Street day one thousand and something, I think.  And Occupy Wall Street and that all things police brutality and beyond movement Black Lives Matter are still moving fast. And so again, I thought to repost this blog post from that Occupy Art blog in an attempt to maintain web 2.0 user generated content for this blagh and my other blog sometimes, whenever bloggers block possible because hey, it's less writing sometimes.Okay, so I guess I can say that another one of those Black Lives Matter Art Shows, or at least part of one, went to Out In The Streets Music & Arts Festival at Onderdonk House as part of Talking Walls in that neighborhood of Bushwick, Brooklyn, or is it Ridgewood, Queens simply because hey, I found myself taking some of those Occupy Art and Black Lives Matter posters and banners there and attempting to vend those DecorForU #berniesanders, #blacklivesmatter, #occupywallstreet, #brooklyn, #bushwick and #yoga necklaces, magnets and key chains for $1 each at that event also.  And if I must blogger say, that event rocked, literally, with those rock bands that played that really cool rock band music and beyond.  And the weather seemed to hold up on that day, so much that those pools that find themselves in some of those photos posted above, remained full at all times.  And Ridgewood Market was there vending also. And so that Facebook event invite for that Out in the Streets Festival 2016 read something like:July 16 - July 17Out In The Streets Music & Arts Festival1820 Flushing Ave.  Queens, New York 11385☀JULY 16 - 17☀2 days of MUSIC, ART and FOOD on 2 acres of outdoor park land at the historic ONDERDONK HOUSE ☀LINE-UP☀SATURDAY, JULY 16THThe So So GlosPotty Mouth // Guerilla TossBIG UPS // Beverly - BandFUTURE PUNX // B BoysParty Static // SOFTSPOT // FreindSUNDAY, JULY 17THFRANKIE ROSETEEN // HondurasEZTV // PILL // The Britanys // BOYTOYWeekender // The Teen Age // Dead Stars☀TICKETS☀ 1pm // SHOW 1:30pmii->ALL AGES 11 & Under FREE!!☀AFTERPARTY☀CHAPPO // Gemma // Surf Rock is DeadSunnyvale Brooklyn --> JULY 16 --> 10PM --> $5 w. wristband!RSVP::☀FOLLOW US☀web -www.outinthestreets.comfacebook - - @outinthestreetzinstagram - @outinthestreetsfestival****Lineup for the festival and all associated parties subject to change without notice****☀FEATURING☀Local vendors by Ridgewood MarketArt curated by Talking WallsFood by ALPHAVILLE. // 140 Wilson Ave.☀THE ONDERDONK HOUSE☀ The Vander-Ende Onderdonk House is the oldest dutch colonial stone house in NYC and the third oldest surviving structure in Queens. In the mid-1600's, Peter Stuyvesant granted the land it sits on (over 100 acres) to its first owners . The current house was built in 1709 by Flatbush resident Paulus Vander Ende. Besides a farm, the house has served as a speakeasy and scrap glass business and once established the boundary between Kings and Queens counties. Today the space is owned by th[...]

Alton Sterling. Black Lives Matter


allowfullscreen="" class="YOUTUBE-iframe-video" data-thumbnail-src="" frameborder="0" height="266" src="" width="320">First they came for the Socialists and I did not speak outBecause I was not a Socialist.Then they came for the Trade Unionists,And I did not speak outBecause I was not a Trade Unionist.Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak outBecause I was not a Jew.Then they came for meand there was no one left to speak for me.#2012 wake up world#blacklivesmatterAnd a host of Black Lives Matter related events and beyond have passed since I left that Stop Mass Incarceration Network Justice for Alton Sterling & Philando Castile #StopPoliceTerror-Which Side Are You On? protest at Union Square just yesterday in that city of New York that seems to have been part of a much larger nationwide protest for Alton Sterling and all victims of police brutality. And the latest headline news of the day on this day for the Dallas protests yesterday, has me wanting to say Occupy the NRA. And Alton Sterling was the 558th person killed by cops in 2016.  And if you don't take issue with this then you are part of the problem. And By the numbers: US police kill more in days than other countries do in years.  And that event invite for that Stop Mass Incarceration Network Facebook event invite read something like:July 7 - July 8at 7PMUnion Square Park, New York, New YorkFriday July 8 7:00 pm people will meet again at Union Square, 14th Street (south) end of the park near the steps. Bring your signs, your banners, your drums, your noise makers, your anger and and your determination to#StopPoliceTerrorThe Stop Mass Incarceration Network & the NYC Revolution Club call on you to get in the streets right away in response to the outrageous and criminal murder of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and of Philando Castile in Minneapolis MN police terror!Indict, convict, send the killer cops to jail!Carl Dix: this week we have #3deadin3days! Starting with so-called Independence Day:Monday #DelwarnSmall was shot by an off duty cop in from of his family during a road rage incident in Brooklyn NY.Tuesday #AltonSterling was murdered while pinned down by officers which was caught on video in Baton Rouge LA.Wednesday #PhilandoCastile was murdered in Falcon Heights, MN also in front of his family after complying with officers, also on video.And those photos and video that find themselves posted above from this protest, tell a story, part of a story. And what, if anything, does this have to do with a No Police State.[...]

Another Patriotic Holiday


The only thing constant is change and some stories do not end as you expect. You take a deep breath and you jump, or you try and jump.  And you hope that there is water at the bottom of the pool when you land.  And it is the saddest story ever told. And as I was wandering throughout the streets on this day, all of the activities and advertisements in the stores seem to point to the latest buy everything for this holiday day of the day.  And July 4th was this holiday.  Another one of those red, white and blue flag waving holidays, similar to those holidays of Memorial Day and Veterans day, where the patriots come out in force to wave those American flags.  And though that photo in this blog post above doesn’t really have anything to do with July 4th, it was taken on that July 4th weekend during that one day road trip in that state of New York near that town of Beacon, New York on the roadside towards that 2016 Vermont Annual Rainbow Gathering, that I never seemingly made it to, though attempted.  And even in the midst of one of those hippie peace and love gatherings, this is also what a police state looks like, with a description of that event that reads something like:We will gather peacefully for silent meditation in the morning of July 4th, 2016 until noon; and a peaceful assembly of free speech and expression from July 1st through the end of Vision Counsel; in the public lands of the White and Green Mountains National Forests in the states of Vermont, Maine or New HampshireWe, who are brothers & sisters, children of God, families of life on earth, friends of nature & of all people, children of humankind calling ourselves Rainbow Family Tribe, humbly invite:    All races, peoples, tribes, communes, men, women, children, individuals — out of love.    All nations & national leaders — out of respect    All religions & religious leaders — out of faith    All politicians — out of charity to join with us in gathering together for the purpose of expressing our sincere desire that there shall be peace on earth, harmony among all people. & to hold open worship, prayer, chanting or whatever is the want or desire of the people, for three days, but upon the fourth day of July at noon to ask that there be a meditative, contemplative silence wherein we, the invited people of the world may consider & give honor & respect to anyone or anything that has aided in the positive evolution of humankind & nature upon this, our most beloved & beautiful world — asking blessing upon we people of this world & hope that we people can effectively proceed to evolve, expand, & live in harmony & peace.Feel free to arrive a few weeks early to create the gathering and/or stay a few weeks late to clean it all up.Welcome Home.And so here is another one of those recycle this blagh July 4th blog posts in an attempt to maintain content for this blog and my other blog whenever bloggers block possible because hey, it’s less writing sometimes.The 4th of July AgainAnd here on this day is another one of those holidays that seem to repeat itself each year as if to say same holiday, different year, so much that I find myself reposting those holiday blog entries again, as this blog seems as if it wants to repeat itself some[...]