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St. Cecilia Was Here

■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Musings of a Once and Future Music Director send me mail

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Lent and Latin, Latin and LentLatin is still, on paper at least, given pride of place in the Roman Mass. Yet except for an occasional Latin Gloria at Christmas or Greek Kyrie in Advent, suburban Catholic Mid-America saves Ye Olde Languages for Lent. That's if they don't totally ignore them, of course. I had at least one pastor who made it clear he had exactly zero use for Latin.There's a great



CS Lewis Anticipates the Style Wars. Sort of.Thanks to Dave Simmons for enlightening me... -j-"There are two musical situations on which I think we can be confidentthat a blessing rests. One is where a priest or an organist, himself aman of trained and delicate taste, humbly and charitably sacrificeshis own (aesthetically right) desires and gives the people humbler andcoarser fare than he would



Poor St. CeciliaTrumped by a turkey this year. Ah well, sing something nice. Have some cranberries.Jay



Five Masses, four parishes, one weekend I don't think I'll try that again, but it was fun. About 250 miles on the car though. Only real hitch came when the 6pm cantor didn't show, so I had to lead the mass at a strange parish I'd only played at once before. But even that went okay, though I punted on some of the less familiar tunes / settings. I had learned them well enough to accompany, but



Goodbye, Karen Marie didn't know Karen well, but she opened her home to me for the 2005 NPM convention. We spent some quality time together, she filled me in on Milwaukee history - I grew up there, but left in '69, still a teenager. I had the privilege of pushing her around town in her wheelchair, we shared a concert and "



More on the Motu Proprio the series of concessions that have already been made to Catholic traditionalists, and the radical views and program of those to whom this pope has given his approval and endorsement in the past, it is difficult to believe that with Summorum pontificum a definitive compromise has been reached and the



New Motu Proprio both sides in the furious debate over the wider availability of the 1962 Missal for voicing “very divergent reactions ranging from joyful acceptance to harsh opposition, about a plan whose contents were in reality unknown,” according to an advance copy of the documents obtained exclusively by Whispers, Benedict yields a clear verdict



Pentecost 5C at St. Paul's Episcopal, Romeo, MIEntrance - In Christ there is no East or West (McKEE)Gloria / Kyrie - Gloria (Mass for Grace, Haywood)Psalm - Ps16 (TALLIS' CANON, Morgan)Gradual Sequence Hymn - Alleluia (Sinclair)Offertory - I Have Decided to Follow Jesus (unk)Sanctus - Sanctus (Mass for a Soulful People, Brown)Mem Acc - (omitted)Amen - Amen I (Robinson)Lamb - Lamb of God (McLin)



The awesome power of prayerFor those of you who are inclined to discount this kind of stuff, you'll find plenty of reasons to do so this time too. But if you believe God can and does intervene in response to prayer…...Mom-in-law Stella, 89 now, has lived with us for the past 5 years, and has a lot of health issues, but none of them life-threatening. Until now. Docs found fluid behind her heart


2007-04-10T14:26:55.973-04:00 those of you who have left me comments over the years. My new layout ate your comments. Hopefully, the new comment engine (Blogger rather than Enetation) will be a bit more reliable.In other news, I fixed the "email me" link. And the new layout ate the "other blogs" links as well, but they were largely inactive anyhow. And you can click "about me" to get to my other blogs,



From the Tiber to the ThamesA small Episcopal Church near my recently departed parish gave me a call. Their director, a colleague of mine, is leaving for warmer climes, and they're considering replacing her with me. I've done some reading up on Episcopal worship - as usual, the de jure doesn't exactly marry up with the de facto - the transition won't be too tough. It's aided, of course, by my 40



"Once and Future" Once AgainI was sacked last week, without warning, via FedEx: "You are hereby terminated". Classay... apparently Fr.'s Dream DM became available and he jumped at the chance. Arrogant and cavalier to the last. The choir and cantors are upset: to quote one, "Well, Fr.'s broken up yet another family".So I'm back at my old urban parish playing Gospel Hammond again. And not



Wishful thinking, but I hope they're rightEUROPE'S top human rights body, the Council of Europe, said today the death penalty in the US was "on its deathbed" after two key rulings by US courts."The United States of America is on its way to join the rest of the civilised world where this inhuman and barbaric punishment has already been rejected...."These decisions... mark the definitive beginning



Chrysostom on the Real Presence:I'm guessing Arinze hasn't seen this. Or was unmoved.



Happy St. Cecilia Day!Sing something! C'mon, I'm waiting...



Through the Past, Snarkily - a digest of my gear experiences, as told to - a first - a cross-post between my two blogs. But on-topic for both...GOOD TIMES:Fender Rhodes Stage 88, 73 - both were frustrating, but both were magical when everything clicked. The Rhodes is the reason I got serious about playing. Still love my 73 (replaced the 88 in '79), but am fully cognizant of its



Still here. Haven't had much to say. But here's something.Choir started up this week - we sing during the summer, but don't rehearse. Back to the regular drill now. So only one rehearsal, and already I'm facing a near revolt over our concert situation. The choir, most of them, seem to be as much about reliving the glory years with a previous director, with pageants and cantatas and songs



Bye, Mom.Mom passed away this past November, after a brief illness, at the age of 78. She would have turned 79 last week. She spent the last 10 years of her life in Kalamazoo, in a retirement community there.Before Kalamazoo, she spent 25 years in the Detroit area, and still had many friends there. So we had two memorial services, one in Kalamazoo in November, and another last week in Clinton



USCCB vs. CDW? Authenticam rightly stresses exactness in rendering liturgical and biblical texts into the vernacular in order to assure doctrinal fidelity. But even St. Jerome, the great doctor of the Sacred Scriptures, who spent twenty years translating the Bible, was not a literalist. He himself said: “If I translate word by word, it sounds absurd.”



Evidence of God in the back yardExactly 8 ducks on the pond this year (make way for ducklings!), plus an occasional crane and a pair of canadian geese. Ducks and geese haven't come to terms yet. Not sure if deer are living in our yard this year, but they're certainly frequenting it. Lots of rabbits, a few squirrels/chipmunks, and the tree frogs are chirping like nobody's business. Robins now, the



More on the Style WarsI think some people will never be "fed" by traditional music, orchoral music. Bob Batastini, late of GIA, suggested it may be abackground thing - if you sang in a good school or church choirgrowing up, you appreciated choral music. Or playing in a symphonyor concert band with some exposure to the classics could do it. Iknow my semesters in college choir a few years ago



The Power of PrayerSo, I almost died. Subarachnoid brain hemorrhage, Dec. 23rd. Thanks to some talented doctors and the prayers of thousands of parishioners and internet friends, I pulled through.Boy, my head sure hurts, though. Another couple of weeks for that, they say. I returned to work and to my parish music job last week.In the words of Fr. Doc, "Please continue to pray for Jay. We



Recycled pre-blog bits: entry #2, from 3/4/2001The Desert Island Game - For Real This TimeMost of us have seen some variation on "the desert island quiz". If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 CDs would you want to have with you (presumably, you'd also get a CD player and a large supply of batteries)? Or what two people would you want to be stranded with (answer: my wife and almost



Recycled pre-blog bits: entry #1, from 4/26/2001Cantor: Make a Joyful cacophony unto the Lord!Assembly: Make a Joyful cacophony unto the Lord!Cantor: Praise the Lord, all ye nations. Let every thing that lives and breathepraise the Lord. Let the geeks and salesmen and farmers praise him. Let soccermoms and image consultants and internet addicts praise him. Let thestructurally unemployed,



Notes from the Music Guy XVIII don't know about you all, but I sure missed the alleluia. We're singing a lot of them this weekend, partly just because, finally, we can. And partly because we must! As Christians, Christ's resurrection, his conquering of death, is the ultimate victory, the consummate joy.Some other Christians do not forego the alleluia during Lent, even some which are in communion