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creative life a drip at a time

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The disunity in the body of Christ is not a result of a lack of theological consistency or purity. It is because we make Christianity about theology and not the Kingdom of God. This is not to say that good theology isn't important, but in our relationships with each other as brothers and sisters in Christ, God can overcome theological disagreements. However, he will not make anyone want the



Do you think it was ever far from the minds of the people people being taught by the disciples that one of the twelve had actually betrayed Jesus?



If Christianity is really about believing in Jesus and living a good life so that we can go on to a pleasant existence in heaven rather than a painful existence in hell, then the Bible doesn't make sense.



Surely the God who created the universe, with all its diversity, would expect the people made in His image, those who are the representative Body of Jesus, to be more creative with the communal process of reconciling the world to that creative God than we are.Instead we prefer to conform ourselves two or three well marketed ideas about what Christian community should/could look like, rather than



I shared this thought recently with some new acquaintances:Putting on a "great" worship service is like putting on a "great" Thanksgiving meal. You can make the food taste great, the layout can be great, the photos with family can look great...the perfect Thanksgiving. But what really matters is the issue of "do you get along with your dad?" If your family loves each other then even balogna



the rule of God is like a computer virus that started out as a few small lines of code hidden in a document but eventually controlled the whole network.



My comments on this conversation that was a response to this thought:Look, I'm going to be real here, (cue lighting, side shot camera 2, sit casually on stool), I struggle with all of this.(cut to front camera 1, pause, look at, cue camera shot of congregation, back to camera 2, begin background music) I've said this before, and I'll say it again, the last thing our



Some thoughts to remember about the Church: It's is bigger than your church. Like it or not, you don't get to control it by the rules you like to apply to your brand of it.You don't get to define the type of people whom Christ says belong to it.All your efforts don't determine the success (or failure) of it.The good news of the kingdom for the world (you know, including the people outside of



Not only is Zed posting at Education Coup...but I'm posting at my own site: jkdoyle.comAnd never fear...and this is a promise to the two or three of you who still check in from time to time...liquidthinking will be back soon.Jimmy



It seems that some of you have been kicking around this old blog... like it is some kind of dead body or something.Folks, it's not a dead body.  It's a living museum of ideas.  So come in!  Enjoy the thoughts of the past as much as they are to be enjoyed.And, for those of you who are interested, I have been blogging about education reform and, specifically, Charlotte Mason and her ideas about





George Bailey vs. Howard Roark in the Circle of DoomThe name of the blog, "Evangelical Outpost," made me suspicious. Normally, when I see that something is from an "evangelical worldview," I anticipate something that sounds more like modern political and social conservatism equated with Christian evangelism, and I get a bit antsy.But this entry has got to be one of the best write-ups I've seen



Holiday season provokes unwarranted, random generosityIt seems that some secret Santas in Spokane, Washington have given a few people a reason to believe that humanity is still capable of some amount of good. I love stuff like this. I'd like to see an entire army of people doing stuff like this all the time.Oh, wait, this guy is already doing it.



Flipping thru the channels this morning I found Rick Warren on Meet the Press. I thought it was a good interview overall. Recently Rick had a bunch of folks over to Saddleback for an AIDS conference. Singer Bono and Senator's Barak Obama Sam Browneback and others were there.Here's part of the transcript from Meet the press. The part that stands out to me is the interaction at the end between



Monasticism Everywhere--or rather the New Friar MovementTerry sent me this link on a post over at Prodigal Kiwi. Relevant Magazine also ran this article in their weekly email. I followed the link to the InterVarsity book, The New Friars: The Emerging Movement Serving the World's Poor. It looks good, I may order it and give it a read. It may be that "New Friar Movement" more accurately



Missions is the New WorshipI noticed that Wade Hodges picked up on this little line from someone. I just want it to be known (as far as I know) that statement originated with me at a church camp this past summer.I'm thinking of trademarking the statement since it's getting around. I'd appreciate it if anyone using it would go ahead and write it this way: Missions is the New Worship™.



Let me direct your attention...Colby Craige wrote something that hit me in the right place at the right time. Maybe you'll think it's as cool as I did.Here it is.



The New Monasticism I keep coming back to the ideas espoused by the "movement" that is being called "The New Monasticism". Since I heard about it a year or more ago, it seems like I keep coming across it. I've liked the idea of intentional Christian communities in terms of proximity of living, shared table, and common vision for a while. I've come to believe that the closest we get to what



Blog Changes I got tired of the old look that we'd had for the past 3 years. I got this minimalistic design from some free blogger template site. I don't know if I like it or not. I've also switched us to blogger comments...which means the old haloscan comments don't show up on the page anymore (however, they do show up on the archives). I made the change to blogger comments just for Blake



When I GoAfter Wednesday I'll have been to three funerals in the past month. The first was a 22 year old, the second an 18 year old, and this next one will be a 19 year old. It's tragic and I wish that this wasn't happening.Funerals don't usually bother me. Other than the obvious focus on the departed, they also cause me to think about my own death (may it be when I'm very old and have



Yizkor--A Remembrance Prayer for JoshO God, full of mercy, Who dwells on high, grant proper rest on the wings of Your Presence--in the lofty levels of the holy and the pure ones, who shine like the glow of the firmament--for the soul our friend Joshua who went on to his world. Without making a vow, I will give to charity in remembrance of his soul. May his resting place be in the Garden of



MourningMy heart is grieving and tired. It's been a tough few weeks. Three weeks ago a student who graduated last year was killed in a tragic car accident. She was a wonderful student who lived for Christ, and that I had the great pleasure of knowing since she was in the 8th grade. The response to her death by friends and family was a testimony consistent with her life...full of honest



Late Night RantingBlake Ewing lays the smack-down on the church with the most presumptuous name in town. And for Tulsa, Okla-freakin'-homa, that's saying something.



Great U2 and Green Day Video of The Saints are ComingHere's a link to the whole live set from Monday Night Football back in September.



For all interested partiesI've started a new blog over at and will be posting all education related posts on that from now on. I desire your input (especially if you consider yourself an educator... that means you, too, Aola), as I hope to aid in starting a school here in the Tulsa area and will want to bounce ideas off of people.Hop on over for a visit.