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The philosophical musings of a serious Catholic thinker and writer. You know, because there aren't that many out there who have blogs, right?

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A Lenten Apology


Dear Readers,Since it is Lent, I thought it would be a good time to post a public apology to the writer Gabriel Garnica. Some of you may remember my "Ashes Favorite Sacrament, According to ABC/Washington Post Poll." The purpose of the article was to underscore the fact that many Catholics do not know what the Sacraments are. I attempted to do this by filling my article with "quotes" by invented



Hello dear readers,I apologize for being away from the blog and my other 38 apostolates for so long. Just to let you know, the baby and I are doing fine. William weighed 9 lbs 14 oz. In our moments of mother and baby bonding, I have been reading the portions of the Summa Theologica to William. His cooing tells me he really gets it. Anyway, my husband and I believe our children may be the keys to

Quick note


This Wednesday (July 2) in the a.m. I am scheduled to deliver son No.2. While the first son definitely gave me "Pope vibes," this one is feeling a little more like a future Nobel Peace Prize Laureate in Literature. Please keep me and the little bundle in your prayers on Wednesday.God bless,MM & William Walker Martin

Maureen's Mailbag


As I mentioned earlier, blog posting will be rather light for some time. To help you get by, though, here are a couple of letters from readers who understand what this apostolate is all about and support me and my great work. -- MMDear Maureen,I stumbled across your blog this morning and it just had me laughing out loud. In fact, I was going to post a comment about Chesterton (the patron saint of

My stuff is up at Inside Catholic today


Three of my stories are up today at Inside Catholic. They will be familiar to regular readers of this blog.As I mentioned before, you should add Inside Catholic to your blogroll, too, so you can keep up with their cover stories, as well as the goings-on at the Inside blog everyday.For my part, blogging will be light for quite awhile. If you add me to your Google or Yahoo! homepage, however, you

Woman Who Left Catholic Church Over Sex Scandal Actually Just Wanted to Sleep In


Photo courtesy of quickandsimple.comNeighbors are becoming disenchanted with Sandy Shaw's activism against the Catholic Church.BOISE, IDAHO – Neighbors who hailed an area woman for leaving the Catholic Church over the sex abuse scandal are coming to grips with the fact that she just wanted more time to sleep and run errands.Sandy Shaw, a data entry technician for Global Technologies, Inc. in

Gay Marriage Threat to Those Traditionally Married, Multiple Times


Photo courtesy of engagement rings of LondonGay marriage will wreak havoc on traditional marriage, say those who have been married and divorced.COLUMBIA, SC. – The California Supreme Court’s recent decision to overturn the ban on gay marriage is a threat to traditional marriage, say those who have been married multiple times.Miles Stewart, a Columbia attorney who is preparing to take his third

Light blogging


Hello, dear readers...Between being almost eight-months-pregnant and heavily involved in church work, I won't be posting a whole lot over the next few days. (I have a lot of work to do around here involving Dreft.) You have my permission, though, to read other blogs for news during this time.God bless,MaureenP.S. The nuns say, 'hello!'

My post is up at "Stuff Catholics Like"


It may be hard for you to believe, but I have actually found the time to squeeze a new apostolate into my already busy life. In addition to mentoring a new cantor at church and teaching an advent wreath making class at Michael's (evangelism is very important, as you know), I am writing posts for "Stuff Catholics Like," a new blog. These won't be news stories, but informative posts designed to

McCain Campaign Staffers Debate Whether Future Wars Should Be Waged Against ‘Whoever’ or ‘Whomever’


Photo courtesy ABC newsMcCain at a recent campaign rally.WASHINGTON, D.C. –-John McCain campaign staffers debated how to best warn the nations of the world of their impending demise in a grammatically correct way during a breakfast meeting at campaign headquarters yesterday.“Could someone please just tell me whether President McCain will go to war with whoever or whomever?”John Jenkins, head

Woman’s Call to Priesthood Actually a Raging Case of OCD


Photo courtesy of Hobbyistsoftware.comLeonora Simmons recently came to terms with the fact that her 'vocation' was actually an anxiety disorder.LOS ANGELES – What appeared to one woman to be a lifelong – and thwarted -- call to the Catholic priesthood has actually turned out to be an undiagnosed case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD.)“Since the age of five I felt called to the Roman Catholic

Read my news stories today at Inside Catholic


Courtesy of Dan LaceyOnce again, Inside Catholic is supporting my apostolate and bringing you the news no one else will. An order of nuns has been taking care of my family while I worked on these stories. The nuns and my family say, "hello." Read the stories now at Inside Catholic.While you are at it, you should add Inside Catholic to your blogroll, too, so you can keep up with their blog

The Perks of Faith-based Marketing


Photo courtesy of campusprogress.orgSpecial to“I suspect the Pope’s immigration comments may have less to do with spreading the gospel than they do about recruiting new members of the church…This isn’t preaching it is ‘faith based’ marketing,” Rep. Tom Tancredo, Colorado--Fr. Gaenswein, ask the marketing group to come in now.--Yes, your holiness. (exits the room)(Three American

Light posting


Hi readers,I just wanted to let you know that there will be light blogging going on here for a few days. Advent wreath-making classes and other church activities have me very busy. However, I found an order of nuns who have agreed to help take care of my husband, child and dog so I can focus on what is really important. In the meantime, you have my permission to check other

News Briefs


Catholics in Washington D.C. and New York City ask the Holy Father to offer up his suffering for them and their intentions.Papal onlookers beg Pope to ‘offer up’ poor musical selections from Papal visit for themWASHINGTON, D.C. -- Patti Renfroe said she knows that when the Holy Father hears “One Bread, One Body” played this week during his historical trip to the United States, it has to hurt his

Religious Order Continues to Blend In, Make No Real Difference in Community


Photo courtesy of curious mapsThings haven’t changed much in Spanish Fort over the years, thanks to the Holy Cross Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament.SPANISH FORT, ALA. – Holy Cross Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament, a religious order that has existed in Spanish Fort for over 25 years, has not changed the community for better or worse in any way during that time.Yesterday, in honor of their

Abortion Providers, Big Apple Advertising Firm to Launch $10 Million Campaign to Combat Anti-Choice Messages


Photo courtesy of Sydney Morning HeraldThe new ad campaign stresses the fact that abortion clinics even exceed the sanitation requirements of businesses such as nail salons.NEW YORK – The American Association of Abortion Providers (AAAP) and Manhattan’s J. Arthur Bosch Agency are kicking off a $10 million campaign this month to counteract the nation’s anti-choice propaganda machine.The campaign,

More News You Might Believe


courtesy 1000cranes.comAs hard as it might be to believe, in addition to being a devoted wife, mother, dog owner, advent wreath making instructor at my local parish, and light to the masses, I have found the time to write a few more breaking news stories. Read them now at Inside Catholic. or continue to be an in-the-dark-Catholic.Maureen

U.S. Kills Al Qaeda’s No. 2 Leader for 89th Time


Another No. 2 leader has reportedly been killed, according to U.S. Officials.WASHINGTON, D.C. – For the 89th time, the U.S. has reportedly killed Al Qaeda’s No. 2 leader, U.S. officials announced today.A CIA airstrike occurred late Saturday evening in the remote mountains of Afghanistan, northeast of Ghanzi, reportedly killing No. 2 Al Qaeda leader Aamir al-Ackdar. Al-Ackdar’s body has not been

Multimillion Dollar Class Action Suit Leveled Against California Archdiocese


‘Wedding Guests Who Attended Ceremonies Where Marriages Later Annulled Want Their Gifts Back’Wedding Bliss: Plaintiffs says they want married couples to work harder or send back their gifts.VESTAVIA HILLS, CALIF.– In a first-of-its-kind class action law suit, a group of plaintiffs have filed suit against the Archdiocese of Vestavia in California for “blatant disregard for the sacrament of

Disbelief in Jesus Not a Hindrance to Being a Faithful Christian, Say Catholics


Belief in Jesus no longer necessary, say many Catholics.NEW YORK – Belief in Jesus Christ is not a prerequisite to being a committed Christian, according to a majority of Roman Catholics in a new TIME/CNN news poll.In the poll, which was released yesterday, 86 percent of Roman Catholics stated that faith in Christ is “not necessary” to living a faithful Christian life or being a “good” Christian.

For Third Year, "Ashes" Named Favorite Catholic Sacrament


For the third year, ashes comes in tops as favorite Catholic sacrament.BOSTON -- For the third year in a row, the ashes received during the Ash Wednesday service was listed in an ABC-News/Washington Post poll as most Roman Catholic's favorite sacrament, topping both communion and baptism."There is just something about receiving those ashes that makes me feel, well alive," said Katie Stanbury, a

Mayor Ray Nagin Gives Up New Orleans for Lent


New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin Announces His Lent Plans to a Drunken Crowd.NEW ORLEANS -- While Christians across the world give up chocolate, alcohol and coffee for Lent, Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans announced today he made the painful decision to give up the entire City of New Orleans for 40 days or so."I love New Orleans and I love thinking about this city," said Nagin. "So, as an act of

Indiana Man Miffed $25 Donation Only Garners Downspout


'The UAE donates $100 million to Katrina Aid and gets our ports, and all I get is this?'For his $25 donation, Harold Moore was given a downspout somewhere in Pakistan.INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA-- An Indiana man said he is angry that his $25 donation to earthquake relief in Pakistan qualifies him for a downspout, while the UAE "gets the whole store" for their $100 million donation to Hurricane Katrina

White House Hires UAE Firm to Spy on Catholic Worker Volunteers, Other Threats to Terror


Dubai Hearts America employees are coming to a Catholic Worker House near you.WASHINGTON, D.C. -- In a news conference today, President Bush said he just learned that his administration hired a UAE firm last week to spy on Catholic Worker volunteers and other groups, but said the action was necessary to fight the war on terror and reward Middle Eastern allies."I learned about the hiring this