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Part II.I don't blog here anymore. I pretty much only comment at a handful of blogs like PublicAddress, thehandmirror, inastrangeland, thestandard, kiwiblog... all the links are on the side.I'll workout what to do with this at some point...

Criticising your own... or not


Shane Webcke's written a book about his career in League. I know little about him other than he was a forward, a hard-bastard in fact, and that he played for Brisbane and the Kangaroos. There's news coverage this morning that suggests his book was going to include critical comments about fellow players regarding an allegation of sexual assault made against them a few years back. Now, it appears

Congratulations England


A run-chase that almost faltered - a confident start followed by the wobbles, but still England won the game.The Ferns were resolute however, they turned a very getable score into an almost defendable one, losing only in the 48th over. I might blog some more about it but here's a couple of shots from the game.On the left, the late NZ rally, Doolan plays through midwicket. She went on to score 48,

Jane McGrath inspires Aussies


The Jane McGrath foundation will benefit from donations made at today's ICC Women's World Cup game between England and Australia just as it did during the last test between the Australian men and the South Africans at the SCG. It's great to see Cricket Australia so thoroughly get behind the Foundation which provides funding for breast care nurses on a national basis and promotes public awareness

Free cricket tickets... honest


It's an offer simply too good to pass-up, free tickets to the Women's World Cup final, North Sydney Oval, this Sunday from 10am.I 'spose you could do your washing, car's a mess too and God knows when you last visited the rellos (trans: relatives) but bugger that, go to the cricket, cheer the White Ferns, the kids will get a balloon animal and have their face painted while you grab a

Here we go, here we go, here go...


It was a glorious afternoon in North Sydney yesterday. The autumnal cool air and warm afternoon sun made for perfect conditions.North Sydney oval has old-world charm. The stadia are vintage, recovered from various developments at the SCG apparently. They're shallow and tightly surround the pitch. A large embankment on the east side of the ground is the perfect spot to sit if you've got a hat and

Ferns off to a flyer


India won the toss and elected to bat, they've lost two wickets for just 37 runs after 12 overs bringing the danger pair of Chopra and Raj together!Update: Browne makes the critical break through, getting Raj out caught behind for just 21 - her average before this game was 89. India now 68 for three and falling just below three runs an over after 23 overs.Update 2: Pulford knocks over Rumeli Dhar

Chicks sport, who cares?


What is it with the lack of coverage of women's sport in Australia? I recall being particularly peeved when the 2006 trans-Tasman netball was not live on television even though the rights were with the national free-to-air broadcaster.Coverage of the ICC Women's World Cup is good by comparison, it's live and although it's not free-to-air, all North Sydney oval games are on Foxtel. Tick for

White Ferns must win match against India


The White Ferns face India at North Sydney oval today, Tuesday 17 March, and must win to have a chance of making the final. Assuming the remaining super six games go on form, England will be in the finals and will face one of India, Australia or New Zealand.India have momentum in their favour having won a tight contest against Australia but little separates them from the White Ferns. Both have

Assume cultural stereotypes, first position!


I should hardly be surprised by news that despite topping their pool, something they were not predicted to do, the White Ferns will not play at North Sydney oval on Saturday as scheduled as I'd hoped. This is Because cameras are only at North Sydney oval and that's where Australia were playing there regardless of where they ended up in the first round (having come second).The White Ferns are now

Bound to be astro-turfing...


But fun, much more so than the 'naf mystery jacket owner Naked lied about created to flog cheap gear.I'm curious. Bets? Craiglist makes sense, some other networking/dating site perhaps?Update: it is not astro-turfing or some corporate strategy, I regret my earlier cynicism (I'm not usually cynical ), it is however, plagiarism. Melburnian Craig is reprimanded here for ripping off the idea from a

White Ferns off to tricky start


After eleven overs, NZ are two for 40. Tiffen still at wicket however.Update: Great recovery, NZ now three for 99. Tiffen took a back seat to Satterthwaite who's gone on to post her highest score, currently 69 (previous high score 67) and is scoring at close to a run a ball.Update 2: Now five down for 132 (32 over). Satterthwaite out for 73 from 76. Vice Captain Mason went cheaply but Sara

Windies defeated, next stop Bowral


The White Ferns beat the Windies out west in Bankstown - no match report from me, I was busy with public service.Next up are the South Africans who lost today to the Australians (Aussies posted a good score and the South Africans couldn't complete their overs). It looks like NZ fielded their top team against the Australians and gave some a rest today. I'll not make this weekend's game as it's in

ICC Women's Cricket World Cup


NZ's off to a great start in the ICC Women's World Cup beating the Aussies at home in a close game that, sadly, was decided by Meers Duckworth and Lewis. NZ would've won had the game gone on, honest, and despite the weather it was an cracker game. A prelude to the final perhaps?NZ won even after a mid-order collapse. Great batting by NZ captain Haidee Tiffen (see above playing strongly in front

Credit when it's due


Lindsay Mitchell and I will likely not see eye to eye on many things but I understand that she's a conviction politican and so I understand her dismay at reading an ACT MP suggest the Bill of Rights be amended to accommodate his pet project; discredited, knee-jerk law-n-order crappola.The three-strikes law's (and its variations) been around an age. As I've commented before, it's clap-trap

New season starts with rape allegation


If you woke up and wondered what time of year it was, this story would tell you it must be the start of the League season. Tragic. Just tragic! This must be the third or fourth year in a row that the start of the NRL has resulted in allegations of sexual assault.

Vale Matt Laffan


I heard last night that Matt Laffan had died. I'd first became aware of him only when he stood as an independent for Lord Mayor of Sydney. I then seemed to see him everywhere, on TV in the streets and around the courts. He was a remarkable character, an inspirational figure who appears to have never once let serious disabilities deter him from his goals. His passing is sad, but his life was

Having it both ways


The media are keen on the prospect of a common border between NZ and Australia. The focus is on passenger access and this makes sense if NZ wants to grab a larger share of the tourism dollars expanded by Australians. Enabling them to check-in and clear customs just the once will represent a real benefit and could shift business - particularly from the domestic market where suddenly a trip to

Andrew Little's election


I'm pleased that Andrew Little's taken on the Labour presidency. He's always struck me as an incredibly thoughtful and reasonable man, able to be a fierce advocate without being unpleasant or hectoring. His leadership of the EPMU has been characterised by a very constructive engagement with business leaders around shared goals; productive, profitable and sustainable industry. Mike Williams

An ambitious man in Australia


Key's honeymoon continues despite tough times in New Zealand but I wonder what happened to the fire from the election campaign? Remember John wandering around empty stadia lamenting that our biggest export was talent? What about the billboards that promised an end to all those teary farewells? That was all going to change wasn't it? John will claim time's moved on, that the global crisis has



Delusions of grandeur


Have you any idea who I think I am?It's not the gratuitous spending history (who takes photos of receipts for crissakes), the name-checking of minor celebs, nor even the vague racism - foreign waiting staff, goodness - it's the ridiculous belief anyone gives a shit. Surely this is a parody?Update: Kate accuses me of sexism on her blog. I've replied but it's not up and as Kate's previously



One of the most vexing issues in public policy is the impact of technology on our lives. Whether it's surveillance, stem-cell research or property rights, near constant innovation and ever increasing access means policy and regulation are always going to lag behind consumer practice. I'm anything but expert, I'm possibly a little careless in fact. I keep a watching eye the legal ranglings around

It's simple Malcolm, simple


Turnbull's on the backfoot as the media speculate about his leadership. Having been on the wrong side of the stimulus debate, the Liberals have replaced the Shadow Treasurer since the alternative was to replace the Leader. But news reports that Cossie rejected the offer to succeed Bishop have simply revived debate about Cossie's leadership ambitions.Turnbull's tonight defended Cossie's right to