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Preview: Celeb Gossip

Celeb Gossip

Celebrity gossip ! And also what I find funny and absurd about certain celebrities. Occasionally I may say something nice, but don't hold your breath.

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Celebrity Co-Stars That Are Married!


For any True Blood fans, you probably do know that Anna Paquin and Steven Moyer are married! They are happily married and the new 2014 True Blood season is going to be beginning soon. Sookie hasn't been with Bill in a couple of seasons now, though. Maybe there will be a resurgence of their relationship. Who knows? I am excitedly waiting for the new season to start though. Some interesting celebrity co-stars that are married are: Steve Carrell and Nancy Wallis! They have actually been married for close to 20 years, long before they appeared on "The Office" together. It's rare for a celebrity marriage to last that long but it's refreshing to see! For any Buffy fans out there, Willow and Wesley ended up together! If you watched the show, they didn't like each other much. However, when the cameras weren't rolling they were falling in love. They have been married for a decade now. Love really can happen in Hollywood--and wow, actually last!

Where is Justin Beiber?


Where has Justin Beiber gone? It seems like everything in the news is about him destroying peaceful neighborhoods and corrupting women overseas. He's just a regular little thug. Maybe it's time for him to make an image change. He definitely needs an image consultant. Even the little girls aren't screaming for him as often anymore. How many more years before he's a has been? He definitely won't have his sweet innocent looks forever. Are you guys still big fans? If so, why?

Haha, Britney Spears is gonna be on Apprentice?


Hello there blog readers, you're not going to believe this. Britney Spears, a.k.a trainwreck may be "hired" by Donald Trump to appear on his dying show, "The Apprentice", or as it will be called this season "Celebrity Apprentice". He's also trying to get Paris Hilton. Um, she doesn't need the job! Her parents have almost as much, if not more, than you do Donald!

So Brit may actually need the money AND a good PR boost. If she can hold herself together, it may win some fans back. I, however, think that it would just worsen her image. Afterall, she cries on a dime (ahem, anyone remember her interview with Matt Lauer, BAWL CITY YA'LL.

Scary scary scary! So we'll just have to wait and see heheh.

Joel Madden is gonna marry his baby mama Nicole Richie?


ON it was reported that Joel Madden announced at a concert that he had just proposed to his baby mama. The jailbound mommy's reps haven't confirmed yet. I am pretty sure she said yes :-). Afterall, she won't be having a child out of wedlock at least. Maybe Lionel Richie won't be dancing on the ceiling but he can probably rest easier knowing she will be married.

Joel seems like a good guy. I mean, Hillary Duff said he was a good guy, so he must be at least somewhat decent. And he is proposing to Nicole Richie since she is pregnant, no telling if he really wants to marry her or not but at least he's doing the right thing. Good luck to the lovebirds!

Britney Spears Rags on Lindsay Lohan


Ahem, the pot calling the kettle black? Most definitely! On Brit's official homepage, she is found ragging on Lindsay Lohan when asking her fans to help her come up with a new album title. Where is Britney's P.R. rep and who runs her website? Please control this childish girl!

Britney is so frustrating. She whines "I'm going to act more mature, i was acting so stupid because of my divorce!". Then she acts like a real idiot again. Please, stop it! Grow up. At 25 years old, you are hardly all that young anymore. It's the point where you should be pretty mature. Come on, Brit, face it! You're not "barely legal" anymore, get a grip on yourself. Stop hanging on to the past and move on. You're a mommy now too.

Paris Hilton is a jailbird


Paris Hilton is a jailbird

Aren't those words like magic to your ear? The celebrity wanna-be is in jail for her DUI and driving with a suspended license. Well good, she deserves it. She had plenty of chances to fix herself before landing in jail. She drove with suspended license twice and was reported to drive like a maniac. This celeb's money didn't buy her out of jail.

Of course, it's not like she isn't getting special treatment. She's in the "medical ward" instead of in the jail cell. She has it much easier there. Oh boo hoo, Poor Paris, she can't sleep on satin sheets. She must need anti-psychotic meds now.

Give me a break! She needs to serve her time in the jail cell. Put her back. Whiny li'l primadonna. I tell you what, she's an example of how NOT to spoil your child. She assumes that she's only going to get everything handed to her regardless of how badly she acts. Sigh. Mr. and Mrs. Hilton, you should not have spoiled her so much! Now she's famous for being nothing more than a partying social diva with a sex tape. Gag! This can't be what Conrad Hilton had in mind.

Whoops! Celebrity whoops by Britney Spears!


I'm not going to post the pic because it's not appropriate in my particular blog, but I'm sure you guys have all seen the Britney Spears vaginal shot pic! It's utterly disgusting, let me just tell you that! If you surf the web, you'll find it. What was she thinking? It's twice now that she's done that in just a few days. I was just starting to think that maybe she was growing up by divorcing Kevin Federline and starting things anew with a more mature attitude. Well it looks like I was wrong!

She is acting like a skanky young lady. Hanging out with Paris Hilton is not exactly great for your reputation. I guess we see that she is basically going through an identity crisis. Is she the sweet mommy? The pop star diva? Well, we have no idea yet. We will just have to wait and see.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Got Married, and they looked great


This picture is courtesy of E!Online
Tom and Katie got married. As strange as Tom is, you gotta give the guy credit, he was COOL forever! So recently he's become a little weird. We can forgive him. Especially as hot as he is.

Britney Spears dumps Kevin Federline -shouldn't be a big shock!


Britney Spears, the former singing teen queen, has called it quits and filed for a divorce from Kevin " Fed Ex " Federline. It's not like he's going to be completely broke, he gets some money (probably a couple of million is about what he gets after everything is said and done, there was a prenup signed in this marriage)

Britney is smarter than she looks. Good thing she got the prenuptial signed. She might have been screwed out of a lot more money than that. She wants custody of both the children which I'm sure she will probably get. Although there have been rude remarks and unkind things said about Britney's motherhood which has at times been criticized. We should all remember one thing. Most of us have been young and niave, even young and niave mothers. She's still new at being a mom but it sounds as if she is putting them first. Kevin is a hard partier and also has 2 other children from a previous relationship with actress Shar Jackson. Britney seems like the more logical choice :-).

I actually thought a few weeks ago that they were still in love with eachother in their own silly goofy way. But apparently I was wrong. Either that, or Britney had that same age-old mentality, that love doesn't pay the rent. His money making capabilities are nowhere near in the same ballpark as hers.

Anyway, as much as I laughed at the two of them, any divorce is sad when kids are involved. I hope they can get along despite everything for their children's sake. Ah yes, and KFed now known as the trademark "Fed Ex " (duh I hope he knows that's a trademark and he can get sued), I even wish him luck. Afterall, youth is short-lived and he's nearing 30. Perhaps he will grow up and smell the coffee .

Does Anyone Else Think Flavor of Love "Flavor Flav" is about as attractive as a cockroach?


Listen, I first want to state he seems like a pretty straight forward, honest guy. And second he also seems to be sweet. But I'm just going to say it, Flavor Flav is one ugly dude! I can't believe that on his show "Flavor of Love" young attractive women are fighting over him. You know they must be gold diggers. He's nearing 50 years old and he looks like a shriveled up cockroach. I'm sorry, but it's true!

I laugh at the girls who call "New York" (one of the most notorious cast mates, she seems to be obsessed with Flavor Flav)a gold digger on the reality show. Like they aren't gold diggers haha. Flav's got a pretty nice big house and he's rich. He can give them a jet-setting celebrity lifestyle, and that's why they want to be with him.

It really boggles the mind what some people will do for a moment of fame. I hope these girls know that they look really desperate by going on this show :-). There's got to be more dignified ways of getting your face and name out there. I call it the groupie syndrome. Young girls in need of attention or craving the wealthy lifestyle flaunt their bust and their derriere in hopes of finding a rich man to sweep her off her feet on his way to Paris first-class :-)

Hey now girls, if any of you genuinely are in love with Flavor Flav, please accept my humblest apologies. I guess you love him for his brains ;-)

WTF, the NEXT PussyCat Doll? Isn't there enough of them already?



Have you guys heard about the reality show coming up, The Search for the Next Pussycat Doll? I knew that reality television was a big seller, but come on, do we really need more Pussycat Dolls? The lead singer is already enough "pussy cat" for the entire band, we don't need anymore! I still say the lead singer looks a heck of a lot like Eva Longoria from Desperate Housewives.

Reality television television producers and network television big-wigs, please listen to normal Americans when we say, REALITY TV IS GETTING TO BE TOO MUCH! Survivor is already old news, annoying, and even downright stupid if you consider that I cringe at the thought of watching another season of bone racks compete for a million dollar prize.

Come on Pussy Cat Dolls, leave it alone! You guys are already popular and hot the way you are. If you add another girl, I can say with all honesty I will have a pussycat doll migraine. And possibly, so will the rest of America (and any other country who may watch it)

Holy Mary Mother of...Have you guys seen funny man Ryan Reynolds lately?


Well hello, Ryan Reynolds. This photo is courtesy of TMZ

My God, I knew this guy was cute. One of those cute faces but I did not know he had ALL THAT hiding under his shirt. I feel like a schoolgirl gushing over him, but wow, he's a hottie.

I loved him in the movie with Amy Smart, Just Friends or Best Friends whatever. He cracked my up in his fat suit and that funny chick from Scary Movie (OMG, what is her name!) oh yeah, Anna Farris, cracked me up!

Ryan Reynolds, a lot of us ladies knew you were sexy, but we didn't know you had ABS of STEEL. Amen, brother, you are hot !

Nicky Hilton breaks up with Kevin again. Did I mention she looks sensational?


Nicky Hilton, 23, has broken up yet again with her cute but short counterpart Kevin Connoly. I think he's kind of cute in an adorable baby face sort of way. Anyway, apparently they've had an on-again, off-again relationship for a couple of years. Give it up, Kevin! I would stay away from the Hilton sisters. Although Nicky is a lot classier and more intelligent than her notorious sister Paris, unfortunately she is very indecisive about men. Does anyone else remember her quickie marriage a couple of years ago that ended about as fast as Britney Spears' first marriage to her childhood buddy? I think Nicky has some partying still left in her as she is only 23 years old. Kevin is kind of acting like his character on Entourage :-)

But my goodness, Nicky, you always look stunning! Is it just me or is she the better dressed sister as well? Anyway I'm sure she will recover from the break-up just fine and it appears that she holds herself up well under stress

Britney Spears has supposedly shed her baby weight


Mrs. Federline (that's right, Mrs Federline!) has reportedly shed most of her baby weight. I'm kind of surprised, but then again, she's still young and can bounce back fast. And of course, she's rich and has people help her lose weight. Afterall, they keep getting paid if she gets skinny and makes more money :-)
She's lost around 26 pounds in the last month so this article at MSN hot gossip claims.

She's looking pretty good, I must say. Maybe she can rejuvenate her career and try to help her hubby Kevin Federline. I don't know how successful his career is going to be, but it is going to be twice as hard for him because he is known as Mr. Spears.

I wish them well, actually. The press has been unusually hard on them. Not that I don't think some of it is funny and perhaps a bit true. But it has been a bit harsh. Maybe she can mature and grow up and so can her husband so they can be taken more seriously.

Why I love Dog the Bounty Hunter


Okay, so this is one case of my adoring a celebrity. Others may call him risky or niave. Some people downright just cannot stand him. But I adore Dog the Bounty Hunter and his strange wife Beth. Why??? There's something endearing about a couple who wears outrageous 80s-style hair, prays daily with fervor, and catches bail jumpers for an occuptation. What's endearing? They are REAL. They don't beat around the bush or pretend to be something they are not. Do I think they sometimes act silly or ridiculous? Sure. Do I think that sometimes they are smart and vigilant? You bet. Just like any couple, there are good things and bad things. Their family members (there are TONS!) are each their own unique character.

I really hope that Dog doesn't get extradited to Mexico and that everything gets pushed by the wayside. In case anyone was in a cave the last couple of months, Dog Got Arrested and is facing a possible extradition for catching an escaped serial rapist in Mexico.

FREE DOG! :-). Don't let him go to Mexico and pay for doing something that our government couldn't do, which is keep this creep from escaping our clutches.

Celebrity Mommies are Getting Skinny !


According to this article at Tmz about Tom Cruise being concerned about Katie's baby weight , he is extremely worried about her looking excellent for their pending nuptials. I truly do not know what he is worried about. Have a look at the picture above, she was healthy and pregnant, and now she is slim and trim!

I think she looks great. If she lost much more weight, she'd be looking like the other overly anorexic-appearing celebs. Good luck, Katie! Being married to a high-maintenance guy like Tom Cruise is not going to be all candy and roses!

Personally, I give them about 5 years maximum. She just seems way too young and smart for a domineering husband like Tom. I may be wrong, of course. He may be an excellent husband. You can't believe EVERYTHING you read in the tabloids....

Shanna Moakler giving up on her feud with Paris Hilton?


Shanna Moakler, the ex-Playboy centerfold wife of Travis Barker, has apparently decided to end her short-lived feud with the oh-so-annoying heiress Paris Hilton.
I posted a few days ago that I thought Shanna was a class act when compared with Paris Hilton. I won't say that Shanna is what I would call "bring home to mom" type for a man, but compared to Paris, she is. Shanna has said she is ready to move on with her life. For this young mother, I think it is the best thing she can do.

According to this article on TMZ Shanna is happy to move on with her life. The former Miss New York is still young and she will probably have young suitors going after her soon enough. I doubt she'll miss her rooster-haired rock star hubby after some time.
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Ashlee Simpson is the smart sister?


The gossip reports accross the web, say Ashlee Simpson has gotten a nose job. I guess it's true, there are before and after pics. And having a good time with almost every famous Tom, Dick, and Harry she runs into. Is she kind of a slut? Maybe :-). Her new blonde hair almost gave her a new personality. A new slutty personality and a new look to match. Thank God she's not as dingy as her sister Jessica though. This one actually has a chance at having a worthwhile life. Do you think she can read the newspaper without getting a headache?

How about it folks? Ashlee is the smart sister or not?

Tori Spelling and E.T. are one and the same?


OK guys, I've always thought Tori Spelling resembled something from another planet. Indeed, her face is an ugly sight. Please see my comparison between Tori and E.T. which I think is one and the same, or at least a very close resemblance.

So tell me how close is the resemblance? :-) I happen to think they would pass for twins.

Paris Hilton's Next Victim? Travis Barker.


I didn't believe the whole Paris Hilton and Travis Barker rumors until I saw this video and article about the whole Paris and Travis hook up First off, he was married to Shanna Moakler, who might I add is GORGEOUS. Shanna may not be a complete class act, but she seems to be a much classier person than Paris Hilton. Shanna also happens to have some of Travis's children! Soooo and did I mention she was a Playboy model?

Anyway, talk about going from mercedes to geo metro! Travis isn't exactly an Adonis, don't get me wrong. But from Shanna to Paris? In the class department there is no comparison! Shanna wins. Maybe when Paris turns 30, she will grow up and act classy? Her little sister is more mature than she is by a long shot.

Travis Barker is on my DUMBASS list now

Jessica Simpson and John Mayer = In Need of Some Nookie!


According to, Jessica Simpson and John Mayer were spotted at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. There have been rumors circulating for a while about her and John Mayer. You know what I think? They are just kicking it! THAT'S RIGHT, THEY ARE TWO YOUNG ADULTS WHO ARE IN NEED OF PHYSICAL AFFECTION.

Yeah that's right, THEY NEED NOOKIE! I don't know why the paparazzi speculates about "are they a love match?" or "are they dating"? Why don't you just say that "are they hooking up in the bedroom"? That's right folks, even the stalkarazzi doesn't like to admit it. They are just burning the mattresses.

Although I can't imagine how exciting John Mayer could get. I picture him getting all emotional afterward and running through the halls of his high school, screaming at the top of his lungs. I mean, he's a pretty cheesy dude. Match that with her dim wit, and you have a match made in hell.

Please if you two do it, practice safety! Please! A child product from those two would be a nightmare

Yeah P Diddy on My Space, WTF?


Did you guys hear about P Diddy videotaping his bathroom visit? It sounds REAL creepy. They showed a clip on MTV or Vh1, trying to remember which, of his Myspace page video. It was of Diddy taking a pee. Eww! He was talking about how refreshed he felt. Is it just me, or is someone as successful as Diddy NOT supposed to be SO bored that he's videotaping his bathroom visits? Well you could only see him from the waist up of course, duh guys! But SOOO weird! He opened a can of worms up with that myspace video. It was almost "Michael Jackson Weird". You know, so strange that you can't really explain it? Here's a link to his myspace page, it seems normal right now at least. Diddy's Myspace

Watch out, P. Diddy, you are about to start getting too weird to be cool. The only reason you're cool to me is because you're a smart businessman. But dang man, keep it cool or you'll be losing money quick. Afterall, people are fickle. What's cool today, is not cool tommorrow.

P.S. please make a good band someday on Making the Band plz

Jessica Simpson Time of the Month? (NOT employee of the month)



LOL Jessica Simpson does not look believable as a cashier. Whoever heard of a high-maintenance cashier with fresh botox injections? I watched Jessica on an interview the other night, and she was wearing an overdose of make up. What in heck is up with that? She's only 26 years old. That divorce from Nick must have taken a toll on her because she's definitely not as peppy as she once was. I seriously do not think she can act, it's sort of like Madonna's attempts at acting in Desperately Seeking Susan or a few of the other laughable projects Madonna has done. Except Madonna is actually almost believable as an actress, minus a few flaws. Whereas Jessica is sort of like the token dumb blonde, except that's not acting, it's REAL! Come on, I know you guys saw her on The Newlyweds. She puts the DUMB in BLONDE, 4 real. So I must conclude she's not an actress, she's merely playing herself. SHe was QUITE bitchy on her interview (possible claws coming out)? I say she's on her TIME OF THE MONTH. Definitely not anyone's employee of the month.

haha the real paris hilton


(image) Wow, if I had the artistic ability to create Paris Hilton, it would look just like this! A skanky girl who just happens to be a millionaire. Guys, I just don't get people who admire her. Is it because she's extremely rich and loves to act like a ho in public? Please someone explain this strange phenomena to me.

GOSSIP? Well, this isn't really gossip. Paris will be featured on a South Park episode. I can't wait to see it. She will probably be doing something very naughty (think videocamera!). After seeing their parody of Mel Gibson, I am excited to see the disgusting version of Paris. At least they are honest. Sometimes brutally honest lol. Watch out Simple Life, here comes ho Paris

Lindsay Lohan, annoying voice but nice outfit!


(image) Well hello Lindsay Lohan! This red headed freckled diva is quite annoying (that screechy voice!) sometimes, but she knows how to look fabulous. She really does pull off this dress! I'm jealous of this outfit. I am not extremely into fashion like some of the celebrity watchers, but I could handle wearing some of her outfits. I guess if I made a few million per movie I could buy some cute stuff like that.

Lindsay Lohan has one of the most annoying voices and next to Paris Hilton, she is one of the most annoying celebrities to me.

Does anyone else agree with me that she has one of the most annoying, screechy voices?!?!