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Live with Less Stress & More Fun

Last Build Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2018 13:14:30 -0600


Comment on Keep Your Eyes On Your Own Work by Scott Ginsberg

Mon, 22 Jan 2018 13:14:30 +0000

Amen. Competition is for losers

Comment on Be The Light by Jason

Mon, 15 Jan 2018 01:50:37 +0000

Love that!

Comment on Be The Light by Scott Ginsberg

Sun, 14 Jan 2018 13:57:16 +0000

Great post and picture. I like the mantra, "let there be light and let it begin with me." Anne Lammot, I believe

Comment on Listen In For Ideas on Creativity, Finding Inspiration, and Tinkering by Jodie

Fri, 12 Jan 2018 13:36:45 +0000

Just because I’d want someone to tell me...adultitis is misspelled in your image above!

Comment on Believing in Miracles by Jason

Mon, 08 Jan 2018 23:31:09 +0000

Thanks for the comment, Joe! Mirth is my favorite.

Comment on Believing in Miracles by Joseph Basehart

Sun, 07 Jan 2018 18:25:12 +0000

Keep dreaming. There's more ahead....stay tuned. Peace and Happy New Year, and Merry Christmas. The best is yet to come. "Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly." G.K. Chesterton I was clowning at a birthday party some years ago with Dandy. I'm Fine when we're together. The party went well, but I advised the host to consider getting their overweight cat away from the shrimp dip in the kitchen. On our way home we hadn't been to Sunday Mass, yet. My friend, Dandy, who's the least bit bashful said it would be o.k. to come as we were to her Church. We did. It was the Feast of the Epiphany. The original Wise Men brought gold, frankincense and myrrh. We brought the mirth and I think God smiled.

Comment on Wondernite 2017 by Jason

Sun, 17 Dec 2017 18:30:40 +0000

Thank you Naomi!

Comment on Wondernite 2017 by Naomi Magnus

Sun, 17 Dec 2017 16:36:16 +0000

Congratulations on your wonder-filled night!(image)

Comment on Wondernite 2017 by Jason

Sun, 17 Dec 2017 14:10:50 +0000

Thanks dude, the video likely wouldn't have happened if not for your insistence. :)

Comment on Wondernite 2017 by Scott Ginsberg

Sat, 16 Dec 2017 14:14:29 +0000

Unbelievable. I was there in spirit. Congrats on the success of WN #1!

Comment on Rulebreaker Facebook Cover Photos by Jason

Wed, 06 Dec 2017 23:19:37 +0000

Thanks Alicia - and I love your theory!

Comment on Rulebreaker Facebook Cover Photos by Alicia

Wed, 06 Dec 2017 00:10:09 +0000

I am a firm believer and practitioner of eating dessert first. My explanation is that you never know if you'll have room, so you might as well have the good stuff first! Love the graphics!

Comment on The Post-It Noted Desk by Jason

Thu, 16 Nov 2017 00:24:39 +0000

Wow - what a great way to fight Adultitis Judy. Well done!

Comment on The Post-It Noted Desk by Judy Herman

Mon, 13 Nov 2017 05:00:02 +0000

Love your website! Inspirational! It was a cold and rainy day not to long ago. I thought of you! I made homemade cookies and got a quart of fresh milk and delivered to my local doctors office. You can imagine the look of the people waiting to be seen (a full office)!! The aroma of those still warm cookies filled the room and the staff accepting them were speechless! I also wrote a note enclosed and said, perfect day for cookies and milk (about 2pm in a busy office) , and if anyone tells you that they came from the lady with the gray hair, To please “enlighten” them that I don’t have gray hair! The gray is my wisdom highlights and I just happen to be especially wise! I never left my name so I have no doubt that they are being especially nice to everyone. I’d say that was a win win!

Comment on Purple Goats by Purple People

Sun, 05 Nov 2017 13:30:08 +0000

[…] few weeks ago, I wrote about purple goats. Maybe you had to be there, but you can read that post here. The idea was about how we can make a big difference in our families and workplaces by making a […]

Comment on Purple Goats by Jason

Sat, 04 Nov 2017 19:41:03 +0000

Rock on, Darlene!

Comment on Purple Goats by Darlene

Tue, 31 Oct 2017 17:01:48 +0000

Hi Jason, I am being purple today, dressed up in a witch costume at the office. ;) Happy Halloween and have a spooktacular day!

Comment on Don’t Turn Every Could Into a Should by Cathy de Seton

Mon, 30 Oct 2017 00:24:21 +0000

this time last year, I was about to make a momentous decision - resign from a long time/term voluntary job - one I had loved, but had grown into "lost my mojo" based on things happening behind the scene. I finally wound up everything in mid March of this year and I set forth to "unwound" and look at "me" instead of what I had to task list disappeared... what happened and it didn't to start (as I planned) as there with "teething problems with the new team" read: team, as no one could manage it alone... back to what happened, I didn't have to be on hand for all kinds of inter-related events - I didn't have to turn up on the nasty/cold/wet days. And I found myself with all kinds of good time... then I think it was 2 months ago, I started winning prizes just for making a comment and this morning that went a step further - 2 prizes! 1st: for taking part in an extensive survey, I think 3 months ago = $30 prezzie card 2nd: another double pass to a movie "Maudie" (both online entries, with nothing to put forward other than my comments...) (I already won double pass to "The Changeover" and my friend & i enjoyed seeing a morning show - with only us in the cinema!) I haven't really got a To Do List anymore, yep I have things in my "task app" but really none of them are VIP, I can decide on the day in question...

Comment on One Way To Keep Your Team Energized During Football Season by Jason

Tue, 03 Oct 2017 02:08:19 +0000

Get up, stand up, c'mon throw your hands up If you've got the feeling, jump across the ceiling

Comment on One Way To Keep Your Team Energized During Football Season by Scott

Mon, 02 Oct 2017 17:31:06 +0000

Pack it up, pack it in, I came to win, that don't mean it's a sin.