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John, I posted this response over on Vinoceller. N...


John, I posted this response over on Vinoceller. Not sure how often you get over there.

I seem to fit as your "target" participant in several ways: I'm a small winery, participate in multiple online wine forums, and write a blog for my winery. However, the schedule sounds pretty boring. Any one of those topics might be an interesting conversation with fellow vintners and consumers, but a structured weekend of it sounds grueling.

However, take those same topics, choose one per month, and start a discussion group that meets over lunch. Getting it going to a critical mass will be a challenge, but such an informal group might prove useful for participants.

Good luck.
Randy Sloan
Match Vineyards

Interesting article.Regarding Salmina/Larkmead how...


Interesting article.
Regarding Salmina/Larkmead however, it could be argued that Larkmead Vineyards (Solari/Baker family) would occupy the seat you now attribute to Frank Family.
The Salminas sold Larkmead Vineyards and Cellars in 1943 to Bragno & Co who then quickly sold to National Distillers. In 1948 the Solari Family purchased Larkmead and has owned the Larkmead Vineyard property ever since. Admittedly the original winery building itself was sold after a false cancer diagnosis in the 1950s (now owned by Frank Family) but the Solaris retained the rights to the name Larkmead Cellars and Larkmead Vineyards. So in essence the original company named Larkmead that held the seat has been in the ownership of the Solari/Baker family for 50+ years. I guess it depends if you view the physical winery building as the seat-holder, which I would disagree with. There's some good historical information on our website
Andy Smith, Winemaker, Larkmead Vineyards