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Political musings from the Voice of Reason

Published: 2005-12-21T08:40:31-08:00


There she goes again


You remember Cindy Sheehan? You know how the media collaborated in giving attention to her publicity stunts far in excess of their relevance? Well, she doesn't. But the peace movement in the U.S. remains small. Why? One thing that has...

Well, so much for that statistic


As Jack Murtha is fond of saying, over 80% of Iraqis want us out. But... alas, the facts. According to a recent (and very comprehensive) poll of Iraq: Q33 - How long do you think U.S. and other Coalition Forces...

Welcome to thirty years ago!


The blogosphere (and the mainstream media, too) is a-buzzin' about the latest web video from the RNC, featuring a white flag of surrender waving in front of prominent Democrats as they make their doom-and-gloom pronouncements about Iraq. I swear to...

Hello Murtha, hello fodder


Too good to pass up from Mickey Kaus, here we have the Hon. Rep. Jack Murtha on ABC's This Week: [T]here's a civil war going. We're caught in between a civil war right now. Our troops are the targets of...

A great honor


As some of my readers know, my day job is with Microsoft in the Xbox group, which among other things should explain why I've been a bit too busy to blog much lately. On Friday we had a big party...

Ah, the objective press


From the Independent (UK), in an article about a Belgian girl who became a failed suicide bomber: Western governments have been forced to recognise that the Iraq war and the televised brutal treatment of Muslims has radicalised an entire generation....

Dear Rep. Murtha


Dear Representative Murtha, The headline on the Associated Press article reads, "Insurgent ambush in Iraq leaves 24 dead." Ever notice that when you see a headline like this, it turns out that the vast majority of the dead are themselves...

They even have the same initials


From MSNBC: PARIS - President Jacques Chirac said Monday that more than two weeks of violence in the poor suburbs of France is the sign of a “profound malaise” and he ordered new measures to reach out to troubled youths...

Not dead yet


Been in Las Vegas for the last week. Had a blast, spent a pile, but was unable to blog. I'm back now, and will resume my regular irregular blogging schedule shortly. Stay tuned.

Jurisprudence 101


Watching the Democrats break out in hives over the nomination of Samuel Alito, Jr. to the United States Supreme Court, I am once again stunned by the sheer amount of ignorance about the role of the judiciary in American society....