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In response to: Tiger Woods is done, repeat, done


The PGA should get a grip. Tiger wont even qualify for the last Fedex tourney and yet is in the top ten players...number 1 please. just pure marketing by PGA. The worlds number 1 is a joke. All other sports they have a playoff to show the number one team or player. Not golf. Because then people couldnt make him number 1. He will never break Jack's record so give up on that too. Dustin Johnson is the number 1 player. And lets face it Phil doesnt care about being number one. When Tiger drops from number 1....end of career.

In response to: Tiger Woods on Steroids? It 's not a ridiculous question


It's blatantly apparent that no one on this forum has ever lifted weights before. Tiger Woods is 6 ft 1 and 185 pounds, hardly the body type for a steroid user. Check out the Vanity Fair photos. Tiger doesn't look that cut at all. With a trainer and dietician, and I'm sure Tiger had the best of both, it would have been very easy for him to put on 10-15 pounds a year.

In response to: Jimmie Johnson's wrist injury more proof NASCAR drivers way dumber, smaller than golfers


Jimmie Johnson is the smartest racecar driver in Nascar. He has a lot of CLASS, he is very intelligent & obviously he likes to have fun & is not boring. He obviously makes better use of his time than sitting & writing bad stuff about other people. I'm VERY proud to be a fan of his. Get a life & learn how to spell!

In response to: Tiger Woods is done, repeat, done


A gentleman? Wiow! The bar must be set pretty low for anyone to call Tiger that.

Banging the neighbor next to his own child's crib? For that act alone I find the guy totally disgusting.

Yup, stick a fork in him...

In response to: Tiger Woods is done, repeat, done


" a real gentlemen"

What ?
Hes not even a real golfer anymore.
A REAL golfer "and a gentlemen" dont act like this turd has done.
A REAL golfer knows how to act and react both on and off the golf course.
I always knew there was more to this guy than met the eye,even if he makes 18 hole in ones in a row he will always be a looser in my eyes.
Wouldnt surprise me at all if they find out hes a drug user too..
Another example that shows what fame and big money does,it makes your ego and wallet big,and your soul small and puny..

In response to: Tiger Woods is done, repeat, done


TW is so done, I agree. He is a smart*** to the sports announcers when they ask him about his day on the course and why things have gone bad for him. He is like a confused puppy that has lost his training. No other golfer in the world could be as arogant as he is.

In response to: Golfer Supremacy Rankings: Where God and golf aren't a Mission Impossible


ella es una de las mejores de bollywood y del mundo,es muy hermosa y es mucho mas hermosa que otras chicas de otros paises,me gusta como canta,como baila y como actua en devdas,Dhoom 2,kuch na kajo y en shakti

In response to: Shroud of Turin golf towel: bring idol worship to your golf bag



Can you tell me if the turbo power Ti7 taylor made look alike irons 3-lw comes in left handed .
Have a customer looking for does irons, also please tell me the offset of the irons
hank you Vic