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Parenting, education, the Christian walk, and other ticklish subjects

Published: Sat, 24 Feb 2018 14:33:30 +0000


Comment on But can you get sweet tea in Dover? by Ticklish tea | CharityGifter

Sun, 15 Jan 2012 16:08:54 +0000

[...] Ticklish Ears » Blog Archive » But can you get sweet tea in Dover?Aug 28, 2006 … (CHRIS) WALLACE: And, finally, Senator Biden — finally, we’ve got about 30 seconds left, but I can’t let you go without some politics. As we’ve … [...]

Comment on Mouth Shut, Laptops Open by Teaching College English » Surfing in the Classroom

Fri, 18 Jul 2008 15:39:03 +0000

[...] Ticklish Ears has a discussion up about surfing the web during class. He and Professor Flanders both were thrilled by that. [...]

Comment on North Carolina Lottery - Thinking Too Small by Ticklish Ears » Blog Archive » North Carolina Lottery - Thinking · NC Lottery .info: NC Lottery Results, NC State Lottery Numbers, Tips, Tricks, News and Information

Mon, 02 Jun 2008 14:43:14 +0000

[...] Ticklish Ears » Blog Archive » North Carolina Lottery - Thinking North Carolina is one of the dozen states in the nation that still have no lottery (according to the National Association of State and Provincial Lotteries , 38 states have a [...]

Comment on “I could write a sonnet …” by Jacob

Thu, 23 Nov 2006 03:54:24 +0000

Good news... 0 and 1. Now what could be so hard about that? ...

Comment on What if Michael Jackson were from India? by David

Fri, 20 Oct 2006 02:18:12 +0000

Oh, gug and schmoo! I messed up the links. Try them now - they should work. And be sure to click on the link in the Sun article to watch the video.

Comment on What if Michael Jackson were from India? by Robert

Fri, 20 Oct 2006 01:43:42 +0000

I'm getting a server error when I try to follow those links.

Comment on I’m still here … by Suzi

Mon, 16 Oct 2006 04:26:44 +0000

Hah! Then maybe you can impart words of wisdom to me. I'm trying to decide if homeschooling is still the best thing for my boys.

Comment on Radical CS Curriculum Change at Ga Tech by Robert

Wed, 27 Sep 2006 16:14:27 +0000

I think this is a major direction that curricula in general -- not just for CS -- is now headed. We're delivering college education now to the "culture of remix", where personalization and flexibility are key. Unfortunately, since I work at a small college with 3 math and 2 CS professors, I don't think we'd ever be able to pull something like this off -- and so there is a kind of threat being posed to places like ours. I'm also not quite seeing how the Threads approach is any different than just havign 24 different tracks within your CS major.

Comment on Washington Post finds nice things to say about Christians by Brian in MA

Tue, 26 Sep 2006 15:49:47 +0000

I find it amazing the number of "Christians" you can find when you look for people who like to pick and choose which parts of the Bible they like and recreate Jesus in their image. After all, what sane person doesn't want to be Christ-like? As a Roman Catholic Christian, I find it offensive when politicians dare to call themselves Catholic, and then just chuck out the Bible and the catechism for their own "personal path to Jesus". This woman is just another Cafeteria Christian, who lambastes all oher branches of Christianity as impure while never cracking open a bible herself. And what was with this nonsense: “When we present Jesus as a pro-war, anti-poor, anti-homosexual, anti-environment, pro-nuclear weapons authority