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The Stein Report is a weekday news site about immigration. Featuring commentary, headlines, and breaking news.

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Dear Stein Report readers, In order to make it easier for everyone to find the latest stories from the Stein...

Report Says Immigration Courts Inefficient


"U.S. immigration courts are inefficient and beset by delays, falling behind in processing proposed deportations in recent years despite having...

Swiss Referendum Seeks to Limit Immigration


"Swiss environmentalists, tapping into unease about population levels in their landlocked nation at the heart of Europe, on Friday presented...

Focusing on Reality in the Debate Over High Skilled Immigration


"Let's start with this fact: there are 17 million college graduates in the United States who are working menial jobs...

Supreme Court Hears Deportation Warning Case


"With the future of thousands of immigrants at stake, the Supreme Court on Thursday considered whether to extend a rule...

Robert Cringely - Bill Gates is Wrong About H-1B Visas


"Big tech employers are constantly lobbying for increases in H-1B quotas citing their inability to find qualified US job applicants....

Smuggling Truck Stuck, Abandoned on Fence


"Suspected smugglers tried to use ramps to drive an SUV over a 14-foot fence along the U.S.-Mexico border, but they...

Berkeley, CA Council Rejects Detainers for ICE


"In a surprising twist, the Berkeley City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to decline requests from U.S. immigration officials to...

Two-Thirds of New Jobs Go to Immigrants


"Two-thirds of those who have found employment under President Obama are immigrants, both legal and illegal, according to an analysis...

License Debate Shapes Washington State Election


"The governor and attorney general races in Washington state are sparking renewed attention toward whether undocumented immigrants in the Evergreen...

Biden - Obama Administration "Breaking Their Neck" on Amnesty


"Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday said that he and President Obama have been breaking their necks trying to get...

Scholarship Program for Illegal Aliens Kicks Off


"Starting this Thursday, Illinois officials expect thousands of young immigrants to apply for help for college through a privately-funded state...

Somali Immigrants Bused to Ohio Early Voting


Democrat operatives have been seen busing Somali immigrants to early-voting stations in the swing state of Ohio, and telling them...

Military Restarts Targeted Recruitment Program for Immigrants


"Late last month, the Pentagon reopened a program to recruit legal immigrants with special language and medical skills, which was...

Background on California Grocery Chain That Adopted E-Verify


"Two decades ago, Mi Pueblo Food Center began modestly as a small butcher shop run by an illegal immigrant. Now,...