Published: Sun, 22 Apr 2018 00:19:59 +0000


So-Called Land of Twins Baffles Fertility Experts


"The town's high incidence of twins has baffled fertility experts -- underscoring a more regional twin trend and an array of elaborate African rituals around them." Baffled

Volcano Didn't Actually Erupt, Baffling Scientists


"A volcano that was mistakenly thought to have erupted is baffling scientists".

Many Scientists Baffled as Honey Bees are Disappearing


According to this article, the "disappearance of bees has many scientists baffled". The solution to this problem is so obvious I'm surprised no one noticed it before. Ask the scientists who aren't baffled what is going on! Sheesh!

Seabirds are dying. Oh, that's just great.


Hey guess what. Seabirds are dying. And sentences are getting shorter. "Scientists Baffled" used in headline. That part's good.

Doctors Baffled As Dead Rise Again. No Sign of Zombies Yet.


"Medics have been left baffled after a hospital patient pronounced dead on Easter Sunday was dramatically later found to be alive."

Scientists Dumb-founded at Huge Explosion at Particle Accelerator


When you're baffled and you know it, that's one thing. When you're baffled and you're not aware that you're baffled, bad things can happen. According to the Time Online, Fermilab scientists made elementary mistakes in the design of the magnets and their anchors at the Cern particle accelerator complex near Geneva in Switzerland. Fermilab scientists were "dumb-founded" at their mistake, which resulted in an explosion powerful enough to lift a 20-ton magnet off its mountings. Uh, isn't this the particle accelerator that the scientists assured us was completely safe?

Makeup Experts and Hairdressers Help Eliminate Bafflement


Makeup experts and hairdressers are helping archaeologists reduce their bafflement at Roman beauty utensils. "We hope [makeup experts and hairdressers'] knowledge [of beauty utensils] can help us [scientists] identify some of the items in our collection which have so far baffled us," a baffled scientist said.

Massive Invisible Whirlpool Baffling Scientists


A huge, 200km-wide whirlpool off the coast of Australia is baffling scientists. This slow moving whirlpool, which takes one week to rotate once, is also "invisible to the human eye", making it all the more mysterious and baffling.

A Baffling Bird Flu Outbreak. This Does Not Inspire Confidence.


Uh, oh. A bird flu outbreak and bafflement do not go well together.

Lack of Earthquake Baffles Scientists


That's right, a complete lack of an earthquake has baffled scientists. Normally, the opposite would be the case. Special bonus points for using "Scientists baffled" as the first two words of the headline! Many thanks to for this extremely valuable plug.

Muck blamed for horrific plague of flies


"Muck spreading on nearby fields has been put forward as a possible cause" for the "horrific" swarm of common flies. "But experts say there is no proof to back up this theory." What proof do you need? We're talking muck here.

Fish dead. Perplexity ensues.


The mysterious sudden deaths of more than a thousand fish along the Ottawa River continue to baffle government officials. "It's like a jigsaw puzzle." Except the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are dead fish.

Yellow jacket nests the size of a car. I'd say that's perplexing.


Insect experts are baffled, as well as perplexed by the gigantic yellow jacket nests that are being discovered in "old barns, unoccupied houses, cars and underground cavities". Or rather, gigantic nests of yellow jackets. When we get nests of gigantic yellow jackets I'm going to run screaming.

Oak Tree Waters Itself, Baffles Everyone


A San Antonio "red oak tree has baffled tree experts, water specialists and nursery professionals" because water is squirting out of the trunk.

Fish with Human Teeth Baffling Dentists and Wildlife Experts


"A fish ... with teeth that look like they belong to a human has baffled wildlife officials" I told you people that genetic engineering was bad! What's next, fish with arms and legs?