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Preview: A Rose trying to bloom in this thorny world we live in.

A Rose trying to bloom in this thorny world we live in.

"You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill connot be hidden." -Matthew 5:14

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God’s promises and love in my lifeSo if you would have asked me at 4:45 today how my day was, I would have told you it was going pretty rotten. I woke up to a dark rainy Monday morning.. not always the most fun way to start off your work week. After breaky I started on school. The rest morning wasn’t so bad, just hard to concentrate on school. People seemed to just keep coming. Keaton was at our house in the morning, then Maria watched Rose ( a little 2 year old from our church) and she was VERY distracting- in the cutest way. Then the rest of the Blakston clan came to pick Rose up. More distractions.It was 11:20 by this stage and I hadn’t made to much progress on school, but I had to leave it and get ready for work. Lou dropped me off at work at 12 and I finished at 4. I did not feel very well at work though. I was sore and tired (from the weekend) and didn’t want to be smiling and chatty to people. I wanted to be in my cozy bed with trakies on. It’s continued to bucked rain all day (sunny and blue skies one minute, poring rain the next) and was a bit chilly (not like the beautiful sunny spring day we had yesterday). After I paid a library fine I went home. A pile of dishes and school work to be done, awaited me at home. It was 4:45 and I had had a crummy day. Then I looked outside right as the sun had broken through the clouds. Then the beautiful rain we need so much came falling to the ground. Though I didn’t see a rainbow I was sure there was one out there, and was reminded of God’s promises and love. After that It didn’t seem like such a bad day. I did the dishes quickly, finished my school quickly, ate a lovely dinner with my family and looked out at the beautiful sun and rain (which continued to shine and fall). I realized that It had been a pretty nice day. And they day wasn’t even over.. So I decided to post on my blog.So Hello everyone (or anyone.. if anyone is reading this). I trust God is blessing you abundantly in my absence. I do apologies for the very long break I’ve taken from posting. I wont promise that I will start regulartly again.. but I decided that I should post today. :)Let me share with you what has gone down in my life sense I last posted (8 MONTHS ago!!) -I got a Job at WORD, ( a Christian book store in Frankston) that my neighbor manages, in March. Its going very well and I feel very blessed to have this job.-In June and July Ruth and Kate (friends from the states) came out for 6 weeks. We had a blast; 5 giggle girls all in one room. We managed to show them a bit of our Country. We flew to Tasmanian and spent a week there with relatives of friends- who are now our friends :). We also took a road trip to Sydney with two girls from Geelong, Jane and Emily. We drove there in one day, stayed two nights with Jane’s Aunty and Uncle, saw everything there was to see in Sydney in one day, then drove home. :) It was a blast. Ruth and Kate left 2 days before we did. -Thomas came three weeks after Ruth and Kate and is staying for 6 months to a year and working here and helping with the church. He has been such fun! The day we picked Thomas up from the airport we went to Kennet River alone the Great Ocean Road and stayed there for a few days.- We’ve been to America and back. July 11 we took off, and landed again back home on the 15 of August. Highlights of this trip; Seeing Family again, International Conference08, Catching up with friends, being back home again in Indiana, Road trip to New York (stopped in Pennsylvania, which was great!), flying business class 20 out of 21 hours home. :)-We left Charity in America. She stayed behind and is now at Purdue with Zachary. - Allen came. Is staying for up to a year and working.- A week after I got back I went snowboarding with some mates -We flew to Canberra with the Blakstons and stayed there for 4 days. So that’s a very quick summery of what has happened since I last updated you all. Just ask if you want more details. Well I trust you all are doing well. God blessIn HimTamara RoseRomas 14:8 If we live, we live to the Lord; and if we [...]



What Hurts the Most....Is not being able to give them a hug and say "goodnight, I love you" every night, so that you're sure, if you die in your sleep, they knew you loved them..Is knowing I can't be the older brothers for BenjiIs sitting down at the table and thinking "wait, not everyone is here".....It's not having those other two opinions on Friday night when we're all arguing about what movie to watch.Is knowing when when you just need one of those hugs only a big brother can give, that you can't have it.. yet.Is not being able to be there for them when they need me and vise-versaIt's knowing that when I end this post and go inside that they're not home..Is not having two more people teasing me..Is knowing that they're growing up without me..Is, when we Skye or talk on the phone, I can here them and see them but I can't touch themIt's not being able to get into trouble with them.. :) Or having them there when I get into trouble to tell me off.Is knowing that no matter how loud I yell they wont be able to here me.. :)~What hurts the most.. Is having the two people that are closest to my heart, be so far away from my hand.. ~(yup, this is my bub- Allen) (and this find fello I call Zachary)This post is for my big brothers.. you maybe be thousands of miles away, but that distance doesn't weaken my love for you any! Miss you more then you know.. Thanks for being my older brothers.. (and these are my siblings.. I love them all so much and more.. :) what can I say, they're my best friends.. my heros, forever and always!) allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />And here is a video of me having fun and getting into trouble with some brothers of mine :) hehe- so much fun.. [...]



Welcome to a new year..It's weird. Its 2008... But for those of you who are still stuck in 2007, still saying "next year I'll do this or that" when its really this year, or still writing the date 1/10/2007.. I'm with you. I always do this though, and it takes a few weeks for me to stop doing all those things and realise it really IS a new precious year God's given me. *smile* Its funny.. at the begging of each year I wonder and wonder what God had in store for me.. then at the end of it I look back and see what God has shown me, taught me, put me through and for what reasons (some aren't always clear), what blessings he's poured out, what hardships he's strengthened me by.. etc.~2007~ What God has taught & done for me this year. Taught me to trust Him with my heart.Looking to Him for answers.. not the world.Held me together, when I thought the goodbyes would rip me apart.Taught me about death- in a very real way.Granted the desire of my heart: trip to AmericaProvided food, clothes, and breath every single day {plus much much more!}Given me counselors & friends to encourage, build me up, teach me at just the perfect time.straightened my priorities out- made me take a second look at what I've got.kept my family safe.Peace.[this is only a very small, veg list of what God did for me over 2007. Ask me for more details if you want them. Trust me, I could go on and on..]~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~I must say having having New Years in Australia is a bit different.. 1/1/2008: I went to Sorrento font beach, read bit before everyone else came, ate lunch, played botchy ball, swam and got salt water in my eyes, talked with lots of friends, made sand angles, played Frisbee in the ocean, got a tan/ little sunburn, ate ice cream, missed my brothers and snow, and laughed. :-j@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@Many prayer request for our family & family Church family- go to Charity's Blog.*123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930313233343536373839404142* It's hot here.. and I have a pool waiting for me.. so God bless you all in this New Year! and...WELCOME TO 2008![...]



Christmas...Christmas. A happy, busy, stressful, joyful, crazy, lovely time of the year!Christmas. before I moved to Australia..I used to jump out of bed in the mornings and run to my window to look at my beautiful white Christmas, then quickly make my way the living room where out stockings full of candy hung and join in with who ever else was up in the trading. Mum's amazing breakfast comes next, then family worship (as always) and then opening presents! :) Then all the laughing, hugging, "Thanks you" 's and all that jazz. *sigh* I love my family.Usually, a few days before Christmas day my mum's family would get together (the Coles) for a lovely feast, singing Christmas carols, pressys, laughing, and enjoying this big crazy bunch of people I love so much it hurts! Most of the time the day of Christmas -after we had had our family Christmas in the morning- we'd get together with my dad's dad's family (Blackwoods) for a late lunch, which is always great. The day after its my dad's mum's family (Wallace) we get to spend time with. You really can't beat family. And around that time we'd have a few other little ones with friends, church, adopted grandparents etc.Christmas in Australia.So, this is only my second Christmas here, and last year i did get my white Christmas (it hailed for 10 min in the morning), but this year it's suppose to be a little more sunny and warm, and we're planing on going on a picnic in the City. Starting new traditions here has been much harder then I thought. In my view Christmas with out all your family, isn't Christmas at all. And i must admit i sulked a fair bit this year- about not having my brothers, my extended family, the beautiful white Christmas I always remember waking up to etc.-, but i finally realised God has placed in our lives a surrogate family, and I'm happy. And hey, nothing compares to a white Christmas, but a picnic in a beautiful park, with my new family here, doesn't sound so bad ether. :)So, Have a blessed Christmas. Now matter where you are. No matter how hot or cold it is. Enjoy it. Thank God for this time to spend giving, laughing, rejoicing in Christ- who is God- becoming a man and dieing for our sin, realising what's important to you, thanking our Redeemer for the life He's giving us and love it.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Random fact about me you might not have know [before reading this post, I mean]Sometimes the laugh gets stuck in my checksWhen I am {attempting} to cook, i have to measure "a pinch" :PI once ate half a mud pie with worm in it (my siblings made me!)I can touch my nose with my tongwhen I laugh hard I cryI have walked through (and ordered) a Drive through. I weed-whacked (for you Australians that's whipper-snipped) for the first time in my life two days ago... and almost killed myself!!I have been proposed to by four different people ( 2 lil' boy, a guy my age, and one old gentleman old enough to be my great-great grandfather) in the past year.I have walked 1/5 of the way across a frozen over lake when there was no only like 3 little patches of snow on the groundI don't like coffee ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Family. I love 'um.. but that doesn't mean I always like them. :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Anyways, that's about it for now. So lovelys, I pray you have aVERY beautiful Christmas, and a lovely New Year!God blesswith love in my great Savior,Tamara Rose[...]



Onions make me cry...Look at this people, I'm updating and it's only been like a few weeks! :)Warning! this is going to be a very random post, most likely. Today I made dinner! *gasp* I know, I know! Don't worry, mum was helping a bit, and Maria was in the next room, so it was all under control. But I didn't do too bad, I don't reckon (ask my family if you want to know the real story :))~~~~~~~~~~~~~~As some of you know i work (Volunteer) at a nursing home, and yesterday i went and had a funny conversation with this dear lady ( i love all the people!.. most of the time :j):Me: Hello Ruth.Ruth: hello, love.Ruth: why are you in here? You're much to young. Go live your life don't wast your time with lots of old people like me.Me: But that's the cool bit of it, you all have lived so much longer then me, and its so neat. So you've got lots of stories are so much wiser.Ruth: but still, you should be out in the world, living your life. Enjoying each moment you have.. Because, trust me dear, life goes by so quickly. And before you know it you're old like me, in here, and life is gone. SO enjoy it while you can. :) I love the old dears dears. Even Bob who has asked me to marry him about 6 times ;) It's to much fun.+++++++++++++Okay, i just had to share this as well (and yes, i know we're going from senior citations to 1st graders, but that's okay).A first grade teacher had twenty-five students in her class and she, presented each child in her class the first half of a well known proverb and asked them to come up with the remainder of the proverb. It's hard to believe these were actually done by first graders. Their insight may surprise you. While reading these keep in mind that these are first graders, 6-year-olds, because the last one is classic!1. Don't change horses......until they stop running.2. Strike while the......bug is close.3. It's always darkest before......Daylight Saving Time.4. Never underestimate the power of..... termites.5. You can lead a horse to water but...... how?6. Don't bite the hand that ...... looks dirty.7. No news ......impossible.8. A miss is as good as a......Mr.9. You can't teach an old dog new......math.10. If you lie down with dogs, you'll......stink in the morning.11. Love all, The pen is mightier than the ...... pigs.13. An idle mind is......the best way to relax. 14. Where there's smoke there's...... pollution.15. Happy the bride who......gets all the presents.16. A penny saved is...... not much.17. Two's company, three's......the Musketeers.18. Don't put off till tomorrow what...... you put on to go to bed.19. Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, cry have to blow your nose.20. There are none so blind as ......Stevie Wonder.21. Children should be seen and not...... spanked or grounded.22. If at first you don't succeed......get new batteries.23. You get out of something only what you......see in the picture on the box.24. When the blind lead the blind...... get out of the way.25. Better late than......pregnant. :-)______________________Christmas is coming. Believe it or now, I'm actually sorta starting to get a bit excited about it. Pretty much when people ask me what I'm doing for Christmas i answer; "sitting at home and crying, how 'bout you?" :) The only real Christmas present i want to see under the tree at the moment, is a big box with my brothers inside.... I am having a laugh at all the e-mails going around between my family at the moment about 'Christmas lists' and Christmas presents. Okay, what ever happened to actually shopping at a store, not online!? Hehe, welcome to the life of a nerdy family (and one that is separated by 950,000 miles). Oh the joys..It's heating up here.. i know.. summer and Christmas.. it's pretty much to weird to think about.. so just don't. ;) I just want school to be done with! Almost.. Lord willing, only like 1 or so more weeks for Ben and me (Maria and Charity are already done, and have been for two weeks!).Well.. [...]



One Day the Night will never come...Hello, fellow blog-mates! I wonder if anyone reads my blog anymore, considering I haven't updated in like years. If you really want to know what is going on in my life, I would advise you to read Charity's blog because she actually takes the time to record some of it for public viewing.Yesterday, we had a lovely church picnic at Arthur's Seat. It was Melbourne Cup Day, which means everyone in Melbourne took the day off to watch a horse race. Pretty silly, if you ask me...but we didn't have to do school, so who can argue about that?? We had a wonderful time talking, laughing, kicking the footie around, BBQ-ing, walking, racing, looking at the beautiful view of the ocean, and, of course, posing for photos. I'll have to include some for your personal pleasure and enjoyment. Many of you already know about the Patersons -- a Scottish family that came here 3 weeks ago to immigrate and help the ministry here. Sadly, they decided they didn't like Frankston and are now returning, after these short weeks, to the U.K. We are a bit in shock and sad to see them go, but we are praying for God's grace to be poured out on them as they seek to start over yet again in the U.K. Also, a girl named Amanda (in the picture beside me, below) has been coming to our church semi-regularly for the past few months. She came with us yesterday but she was really not feeling like socializing as she was very upset due to an accident that killed one of her friends and seriously injured one of her best mates in Sari Lenka. She has immigrated here for uni and work and is planning to stay, even though her parents and brother and many good friends are still in her home country. Please pray with us for her, as this is a very rough time. And pray that we would know how to encourage and love her through this time and hopefully as she continues to attend church. Even though we are very disappointed about the Patersons, we are overwhelmingly excited about the Blakstons who are, Lord willing, planning a move here to Frankston in early January. This will be such an encouragement and blessing to me and my church.Please pray specifically thatThey would get their house finished and ready to rent outThey would find a house here that is CLOSE!!!Jono would find a job hereAnd God would make their transition very smooth and uncomplicated...and SPEEDY!!!Well, hopefully I will now get into a pattern of updating a little more regularly. Sorry it's been so long. I would make excuses like, "I've been REALLLY busy", or "A lot's been going on"...which could be partly true. But I hate it when others use those excuses for me, so I won't.Enjoy the life God has blessed you with. Breathe in the air He's given you, and live like you're trying to impress Him...not everyone else.[...]



Friends walk in and out of your life.....only good friends leave foot prints.If I've learned one thing, it's this; you never know when God will send a friend to come knocking on your door.(-: Elli- five weeks ago she was just a niece of a family i baby-sit for, coming from Germany out to Aus for 5 weeks holiday. Now, she is back in Germany and i have made a new best mate!The past 5 weeks us girls have used every spare minute to spend time with Elli. We girls took her to the city on two occasions. She's had dinner with us it least 6 times. I went to with her, Walter and Gabriel (her uncle and aunt) and there four boys to the Great Ocean Road for a weekend why she was here. We girls have had a few sleepovers with Elli, watched a few movies, laughed till our sid's ached, and just all-a-round loved every minute we spent with our new the Frankston train station before we went to MelbourneElli and i listend to our music one side..and Charity and maria sat accross from us and listend to their music.Flinders train station..Starbucks..La Porchetta!to much fun..I love you (ich liebe dich), Elli dear. Come back soon! I miss you already (ich vermiss dich)! And thank you God, for sending a friend... Proverbs 27:9 Ointment and perfume delight the heart, And thew sweetness of a man's friend gives delight by hearty counselSong~ "Black Roses Red"- Alana Grace[...]



Hope in the Lord....


Palm 19:1 The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

Psalm 62:5 Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from him.

Isaiah 40:31 but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.



My Incredible summer!On June 14th we left for the United States of America... we where going home for 5 weeks and I wasn't planing on wasting a minute of it.If I could sum up the whole trip in one word it would have to be.... Magical or Amazing... or wonderful, or beautiful.... hm, I actually don't think it can be summed up in one word. :) actually maybe GRAND :-D yup, that pretty much sums it all up!Enjoy some of the pictures of our time. God bless you, lovely friends.(these are all out of order but i hope you get the general drift) now... I'm back in Australia.... sitting here in the cold... missing my summer, my friends, my old life... but knowing this is where God put me, right here and now, and this is where i am supposed to be. live life, love it, know God is the only hope you have in it. God bless.[...]



~ I can only imagine ~


2 Corinthians 13:11 Finally, brethren, farewell. Become complete. Be of good comfort, be of one mind, live in peace; and the God of love and peace will be with you.

Psalms 121:3&4 He will not allow your foot to be moved; He who keeps you will not slumber. Behold, He who keeps Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.

So, goodnight my dear friends, sleep well, and take heart, for the Lord will watch over you, always!

with love
Tamara Rose

I can only imagine- mercyme
-- that is another link to the same thing (just a little bit different and a different song Redeemer). And here is the story



The ultimate camping!Bush camping! Meeting people, out in the bush, tenting, and having a blast! How much better can you get then that! I loved every minute of it, and i would trade any of my many bruises for anything! :)We started off our journey at 5:20 Thursday morning, and returned home at 6:10 Sat. night. :) Three days of grand fun!! :) Charity and I decided where we wanted to sleep. Tony M. with his two grand kids-Ashley, and Thomas. My new friend Sam (and me and his dad, Brett, where great friends as well :) skiing, tubing, and hangout out with folks by a camp fire... :) what better way to spend a day?Saturday afternoon we started back on our 4 hour tip home. Satisfied and ready to go home. :)Find more lovely pictures of our camping adventure on Maria's websight.God bless, my best mates."Now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling, and to present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding job, To God our Savior, Who alone is wise, be glory and Majesty, Dominion and power both now and forever, amen." Jude 1:24-25Song: Madi don't leave- by, PlayRaidoPlay(you have to go down below the archive and play it, but DON'T watch the video. Its very dumb! But that's the only way I could get it on my blog- the songs great though!)[...]



Heaps of beautiful pictures!Thanks a million to Zach for most of them. And the other ones thanks to MJ for them! I love Camera's, and siblings who can take beautiful pictures.Make sure you read my post below about my adventures in writing. ;)________________Philip Island!on our birthday we went. And Allen, Maria, and myself went exploring. Its a beautiful beach! ___________________Third time for saying goodbye to my dear brothers.and about the 8th time I've gone to the Melbourne airport in the past year! The kind Blakstons came and saw them off, then we went and got ice cream with them.So out last look at them... it least until JUNE 14! Yup, that's right, the Blackwoods are coming home! June 14-July 17. *sigh* 5 weeks of home! How much better can we get! :) Can't wait to see ya'lls!_______________________Dixon's Creek Family camp 2007Now that was one Grand camp! :)Lots of people..Lots of sports and gamesLots of fun and fellowship with all these GRAND people! :)Lots more playingLots of Music (it was a GREAT band!)Lots of GREAT food (thanks to the Blakos for all that yummy stuff!)Lots of fun dusty bush walks!Lots of relaxing, Sleeping, and studying._________________________Mine and Charity's birthday Grand night in the CityAll five us girls got into a one (maybe two) person picture thing- for about 5 minutes because its kinda of hard to get 5 people to smile all at once,Especially when you're being suffocated. ;) It was fun though. EXCEPT that the picture came out blank!! These are Jono's pictures (the guys where standing outside laughing at us all crammed in). *sigh* to much fun.___________________Well i hope you enjoyed these lovely pictures. Take care my friends. And I'll see you soon! :)[...]



Rain drops falling all around me....

We have received two days of beautiful rain! This land needs rain so desperately that it would take a whole two weeks of rain to quench its thirst and dryness.

Last Friday night & Saturday (while some of my family where up at Dixons creek for a working bee) It rained contentiously though the night. IT was a beautiful sound waking up and hearing the rain fall on the tin roof above you. Then it rained (/ poured some) most of the day Saturday.
Yesterday it sprinkled on and off during the day, then in the evening it rained ( go to Charity's blog to read about our walk last night. :)). I must say if you haven't ever spun around in the rain before, you really are missing out.

Update on Family camp: three weekends ago was out RP family camp at Dixons creek. It was a wonderful time of food, fun, & fellowship. The talks my dad gave, and Lynsey's sermon on reconciling relationships where very good and useful (For me it least). It was really good to just be together with the Lords people.

The week after family camp was great as well. I believe you all know that Allen and Zachary came out, and that now we (the Blackwoods) are official permanent residence of Australia (if you didn't know, now you do). They made it just time time for Camp, and then mine and Charity's Birthday. They where only here for 10 days, but it was a very lovely 10 days. IT was almost like they never left.

The weekend after Dikko, we 6 kids went up (Sat. day morning) to Karin & Lynsey Blakstons for the afternoon. We went to Hanging Rock again, and had a picnic! :) Me and Maria had a near death experience- after we tired to find our own way down. sigh why can't the Blackwood children be normal and take the path!??!. But thankful after some panicking, calling out to some strangers, almost tears, and a crowd of people gathered 'round- a very nice Ossie bloke (older, don't worry =)) helped us get down. and we made it back to the PATH, and found the others who where waiting at the bottom.
That night we went to the City with Jono and Lou B & Matt and Justine G for out birthday. We went Lazar tagging at Crown, and then went to get some food at the food court and just walked slowly along the Yarra River, watched the torches light up, then whet and got some ice cream. It was a lovely day, and i couldn't have asked for anyone better to share my late birthday party with. :)

Allen and Zach left two Tuesdays ago and now its just normal and boring again. :) Actually life in the Blakwood house is never really boring. Tomorrow Ben, mum, and I have our home school group (oh what fun... not. :) jk, it's alright- just not as fun w/o C and M there), then the next two weeks are school holidays. Yeah! Easter weekend we might go away camping with some people, but we are still deciding if we we are going to or not. Then Easter Tuesday-.... like three weeks, I am cat sitting for The Lumleys (an older couple from our church) who are going away on holiday- so that should be interesting to see how that goes.

Um... i think that's all the news i have. So now that you are all updated on my life... I'll stop typing and you can stop reading. :)

I hope you all have a lovely day
God bless

Song: Rascal Flatts Bless the broken road
I decided i needed some country. :)

(Ok, as soon as Zach sends me some pictures i will put them up!)



Listening to the rain poor down
Thank you God! Please send more!


Happy late birthday to Charity, Rose, and me :-)
I had an absolute splendid birthday! I got the two things i wanted most for my birthday- and they came on an air plane Friday morning! That's right- Allen and Zachary are here! My brothers are back! We are a whole family once again. They made it just in time for Dixon's creek family camp (I'll update about that soon- with pictures D.v.), and mine and Charity's birthday.
Most of you should know that me and Charity Share a birthday (also Joel Edwards & Rose B.) and have for 14 years- yup that's right, she got me for her 3 birthday! Aww... could you ask for a better present!? :) lol- these past 14 birthdays have been full of sharing cakes, party's, matching presents, and love of course. :) I'm just now starting to see that's its pretty sweet to share a birthday with with my sister- and our 18th & 21st we are having a huge blow-out and your all invited! :)
We had a lovely birthday breakfast yesterday morning, then we did out paper round (with Allen and Zachary's help), then we went to subway on our way to the beach. It was a lovely beach, about an an hour and 15 min away from here- Philip Island- and we spent the afternoon there. Then came back home and Matt and James Pluke stopped by, then Ralph dropped in with some lovely yummy presents! :) And he stayed for cake and ice cream, then decided to stay for a movie- Born Supremacy- he didn't end up leaving tell 11:30 (ish), so it was a long, but lovely day!
(More pictures of yesterday, this past weekend, and are party we are having on Saturday coming soon Lord willing!)

Charity- no matter where life takes us, no matter how far we apart we are, no matter who comes along, no matter where we are or where God puts us- you will always be my sisters, and i will always love you, and no one can take that from me! I love you my dear beautiful sister, and i'm honored to have such a wonderful big sister to look up to.
(image) (image)

A very happy birthday to Rose Blackston also! 1 year old- She's a little dear. And me and her already have a great friendship goen'. See she's a lot like me. First of all her name is Rose and mine is Tamara Rose . What else... she's very feisty... and um... well I've been called feisty (you guys think i am?) before. She adorable and I'm... ;) nvm, we don't have that in common i guess. The list goes on and on, and pray our little friendship will too. :)

So i got the bestest birthday present, the weekend before i had the bestest lead up to my birthday, and I've got the greatest sister and friend to share a birthday with. :) God is good indeed!

Verse: 1 Corinthians 15:58 -Therefore, my beloved brethren , be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.

Song: "Here with out you"- Three Doors Down.



Exhausted from the past, trying to live in the present, but excited for the future...Last weekend:Sunday, we had a Joint Psalm w/ Geelong! There was 88 people the last count we had. It went very well. We ended up staying in McKinnon all day, because there was no point driving 45 min home, eating, then turning around and coming back right away. So we had lunch with Some of the Blakstons, Hughes (Denny and Jeane), & Margret. After lunch some of us went to a park, then came back and set up for church. It was really good to see people also.____________________________ This weekend:Saturday: Woke up at 7:30 shut my eyes for a minute, then woke up at 8:30 to Judy Rogers blasting in my lounge. Cleaned and got ready for Carolyn's and Thomas Hugues's baby shower at 10:30-12:30. 1:10 me and maria went to a girl from our Churches 12 b-day party at the beach (with 15 girls!). And i thought I was a drama queen- you should have seen these 11 & 12 yr old girls! Wow... :) But it was fun-made some friend, swam, ate, jumped off a pier, laughed, and pretend like i was at GCA in 5th grade again. :) Good stuff. Got home around 5 (had to pick up a refrigerator on the way home), then went to our neighbor,Rosa, 's party- us girls ended up staying till 9 (me and MJ stayed the whole time it least). Got home, washed the dishes, cleaned up my room, hit the bunk, exhausted! Was a good full, long day! Sunday was wonderful. Had a fellowship lunch, then AGM (annual general meeting), got home around 3:45, didn't get a nap in (was typing out my testimony for someone), went to church, came home, took a walk w/ my sisters, put on an Odyssey, then studied my eye lids for a few hours.______________________________Next weekend:Dixon's Creek Family Camp! I can't wait. I could hardly do my school today i was so excited. They moved it to Labor day weekend (instead of eater weekend) this year because its warmer, and Lord willing the weather wont be so bad (it was really wet and muddy last year). But I love Dikko whither the sun is shining, or the rain is pouring! And at Family camp heaps of people come! Family camp 2006- my first time to Dixon's creek, and i feel in love with it! :) ___________________________________________So I'm tired from yesterday, but living in today, and looking forward to tomorrow! :) God bless.Matthew 6:34- "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble."Daniel Bddingfield-"if you're not the one"[...]



One rainy night....three sisters set out on an adventure across the world.... or maybe just their neighborhood. walking on dangerous sidewalkslaughing and being silly with a crazy sister and there's another one of thoes crazy sisters :).Thanking God for the bit of rain... :)Life is good with sisters... I wouldn't be here w/o my sisters. I love 'um!______________________________________Some cool randomness....Maria is a good photographer ain't she. :) Welcome to the first day of march everyone!well I must go to bed. G'night fokes. God bless you in the hours, days, weeks, months, and years ahead.~Tamara Rose"tiger Lilly"- matchbook romance[...]



Let the rain drops fall... it hides the tears

Quote: "whoever said only sunshine bring happiness, has never tried dancing in the rain"


Observation: There is school, then there is life. Don't get the two mixed up. Enjoy living and breathing each day God gives you, and serve Him to the fullest.

Verse: Isaiah 41:10 -"Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand."

--God bless my friends--

song: "to little, to late"- JoJo



Don't blink, you might miss on out life....

It's short, so make the most of it while you're here. Make the most of every opportunity.

It's funny how things can change. How time flys by. Its funny how when the tears come, it clouds your vision, life goes blurry, and you can't see as clearly. when the world goes dark, who will lead the way?

When everything gets turned upside down. When the world you thought you could trust walks out on you, who will walk in?

When nothing is OK, when everything goes wrong, when sleep won't come. Who is there, Who is left?

In one second everything can be taken away. When life goes shaky, your palms get sweaty, and start to slip and fall, who do you hold on to when nothen' is left to hold?

One word: God.
But, God has a hold of us when we slip, all of us, and he isn't ever gonna let us slip out of his grasp. When the world goes dark, His love will light the way. Things change for a reason, He's has a plan. It may not be what we expect, or even want, but He works all things out for good, and we have to keep our hope in Christ, and trust Him wholeheartedly, because you know what, He knows what he's doing.

But don't go through life with your eyes closed, don't let it slip past. Live your life with Christ shinning through you. And remember He's always got a hold of you, through the good and the bad, and he isn't ever gonna let His children go.
So "draw near to God and He will draw near to you."- James 4:8a

Do you feel like every things slipping in? Is your hope in Christ tonight? If not, quit messen' around and get things straitened out. God is God, and He knows you better then anyone and Loves you more then anyone, and He is ALWAYS there, He will never leave us nor forsake us.

Psalm 125: 1&2 "Those who trust in the LORD are like Mount Zion which cannot be shaken, but endures forever. As the mountains surround Jerusalem, So the LORD surrounds His people both now and forevermore."

Quote of the post: "God sometimes takes away the things which are most dearest to our hearts, to show us how much we take for granted"-the Four feathers - this is to true.

"It end tonight"- all American rejects



Hot and Tired....

But thankful its God day of rest for us. Thank God for Sundays!

Well this weekends average has been somewhere around 37 C- 98.6 F- and with no AC and no pool its been almost unbearable! The intense heat here is crazy! Yesterday Ben, MJ, my mum, dad, and I went to the beach. It was good fun- but the sand was burning- so we stayed in the water most of the time! It cooled me off for a little bit, but at 8 PM it was still 37 (in Melbourne). That's the really bad bit, it doesn't cool way down at night- so its very hard to sleep. Lord willing it will cool off tonight and next week.

God's amazing Ocean

More Beauty

:) (these are just some pictures from a few months ago we took of a beach we were at)

Tonight I am giving my testimony at church ( even though i became a member a couple weeks ago- things got a little hectic and my dad kept forgetting :)) So I better get a move on. But for all you people in America who are getting like 2 (or 14 if you in New York) Feet of now and freezing- Well enjoy it! Seriously, its better then frying ;) Have a snow-ball fight for me, and I'll have a sand-right for yous! :)

Have a blessed Lords day friends.

Cartel - "The Minstrels Prayer". Thanks for JJ for this song. GO here to see his cool blog.



Happy Valentines Day to all:-) Me and My daddy- My Valentine "mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the nicest daddy of all?" :) I knowWe got all dressed up- Maria and Charity look lovely don't they? :)Our Valentine.Me with my Beautiful sisterHope every ones day was filled with lots of kisses and hugs. SO Happy Valentines Day to all and to All a good night :)[...]



A Beautiful miracle from God


On Sunday, around 6-8 PM, Thomas James Wilson Hughes was born. The newest addition to our church family

He was born to Carolyn and Raymond Hughes. (they are one beautiful family, huh? :) I think so)


We went to see the new little Hughes family this evening and I'm still pumped from seeing him! (even more pumped then the Colts winning the super bowl this morning - for us. I've had an exciting day! :)) He is a gorgeous baby boy and I know, with the help of our Lord, Caz and Jonah (nick names) will be wonderful parents! And I can't wait to get to know this little guy more and more in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead! He is a little bundle of joy and blessing- for Carolyn and Ray, for Tony and Norma (Carolyn's parents), and all the other family, And for our church and my family! He is a little miracle from God. :)



No more sleepen' in :(

Yes, once again the dreaded school year has started. No more summer break (but its still summer for another 2 months). Its a pity. And Alas, I'm in Algebra..... Can you say "CONFUSED TAMARA!!!", 'cus that's what I am. Actually its only Algebra 1/2 and this week has been supper easy (the first lessons are always easy!), but I'm just waiten' for the dreaded weeks and months ahead.

(for those of you who are wondering, C is not in Saxon maths 87- and I'm not in Algebra 2, we were ganna switch but C freaked out when she saw how easy mine was and I freaked out when i saw how hard hers was. The print was WAY smaller!)

In other news....

It has just been a lazy Friday night. Pizza and a movie, session meeten' with my dad and the elders. James G. is over for a "sleep over" (or whatever little boys call it) for Ben's birthday. They have been playing on the Xbox for 6 or so hours. Then tomorrow we are going rock climbing.

Some modeling shots us girls took before Church last Sunday night.


Maria and I in a tree.

Squinting because of the sun. I have two beautiful sisters don't I. God blessed me. :)

"The Reason"-hoobastank



A year ago today....

I was stepping on to Australian soil for the first time. I was in Melbourne, Victoria air-port for the first time. I was confused and tired. I was surrounded by people I didn't know. I was embarrassed in kisses and hugs from people who didn't know me. I was in a strange place with strange people. I was beyond hipper. I had so many feeling and emotions, that I thought I'd explode! :) I was amazed by everything! I had major jet lag. I was bouncing on my bed. I was thinking these were the sweetest people I had ever met.

A LOT of things have changed sense then, and a lot of the weirdness and strangeness has warn off- but one thing will always say the same, and that is how much i love these people and how amazing and sweet they are! I love them so much, and my love grows for these people every minute longer I'm with them! And to everone who said (before we left the states) that the time would fly (yes, all yous who i got SO annoyed with)- You were so right! The time has flown by, but its also seemed like we've been here forever, in one sence! But i'm learning to enjoy and love life as it comes, and not to long for the future or dwell on the past. And to quote my bro Zachary-"Everything is not good, but God is, and it's gunna be, so I'm going Great." :-)

[The mission team, some of my church family, and my family at Surrento back beach.]

P.S. Happy birthday to Ben (well yesterday)- He finally turned 11! :) Ok well i guess he's 12, but sense he skipped his birthday last year, I don't think he should be aloud to be a year older. Oh well, Happy birthday lil bro.

Verse of the post: 2Th 2:16-17 Now may our Lord Jesus Christ Himself, and our God and Father, who has loved us and given us everlasting consolation and good hope by grace, comfort your hearts and establish you in every good word and work.

"I don't want to miss a thing"- Aerosmith (thanks to Tricia for this song)



Some of those wonderful, amazing people who i love SO much!


Some of my wonderful church family at Walhala! I love these guys!!



Its over...*sigh*... I made it through yesterday and made it to tomorrow, which is today- Praise the Lord.I didn't thank I could get through with it, but with, and only with, the Lords help and strength He got me though- and a lot of other people though- Muriel's Funeral yesterday. It was a a very difficult day, but I think, with Christ, my dad preached the message clearly. My father is a strong man. And we are praying that we can fine some good out this tragic death. Its has been a very long week. A week ago Thursday I really felt my heart break, for real, for the first time- so I can't even imagine what the family, what Robbie- Muriel's dear husband of 43 years- is going though. Please keep praying for Robbie, his two sons and two daughter's in-law, and the grand children, other family members, our church family, and me and my own family. Your prayers are needed and appreciated. Memory's of Muriel burns: Muriel taking us girls to Chocoholics and buying us milkshakes. She always wanted to know how you really were. She was Always caring for people, and showing her love for Her savior by loving others. :) She was an amazing godly example to me, and a great friend (to me and many others). She will not be forgotten. And I loved her dearly. And Robbie... Robbie amazes me more every time I see him. He blew me away when he told me he loves me like a daughter. He really lights up my life and I love and think he's about the sweetest man I know! God bless Robbie. So Please, Continue to pray for Robbie - especially as other people return to their normal lives and his "normal" is no more.With hope in Christ, for with out Him we have non, But with Him we will ALWAYS have hope!~Tamara RoseRobbie and Muriel Burns- Valentin's day, 2006. Exodus 15:2 The LORD is my strength and song, And He has become my salvation; He is my God, and I will praise Him; My father's God, and I will exalt Him. Psalms 18:2 The LORD is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer; My God, my strength, in whom I will trust; My shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.Psalms 27:1 The LORD is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid? [...]