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The Job Lounge

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More Resume Help on Susan Ireland's Resume Site


I have lots more about resume and job search help on my other website, Susan Ireland's Resume Site. Come take a look. There are lots of resume examples, cover letter samples, and articles on how to do this, that, and everything else to do with resumes and cover letters. Oh, there's also a section on thank you letters — what to say in a thank you note, how to send it, and when to send it. Join us

New Career Blog I Recommend: Career Nook


If you're feeling overwhelmed by some of the career sites on the Internet, you're not alone. Some of them are so big and hard to navigate, I get lost looking for even the simplest things. Here's a breath of fresh air: Career Nook. Career Nook is a blog with a really personal touch. Created by Ronnie Ann (former contributor to the Job Lounge), it is a forum where you can ask your career questions

What Jobs Should You Apply For?


Patricia Frame talks about how to know if you're qualified for a particular job and whether or not you should apply for it. Here you go...

When Only Paper Will Do


This post has been deleted. See comments below.

Don't Use the Word "Various" in Your Cover Letter


It's one of my pet peeves about cover letter writing: the word "various." Here's why I think that word makes a letter weaker, not stronger. And how you can replace it with something much better. Continue reading...

A Spider's Dream Career


My friend, Ronnie Ann, sent me a link to a short story she'd written. She didn't intend it to be career-related but I saw a bit of a career theme -- enough so that I think you'd like to read it. It's about a spider who finds himself telling some new friends how he discovered his dream career in quite an unlikely way. In the end he... Oh wait, I'm not the story-teller. Let Ronnie Ann tell you

How to List Education on a Resume


In the last few weeks I've worked with several job seekers to finish up their resumes. I picked eight of them with varying types of Education sections. Here they are, along with links to sample resumes with Ph.D., Master's, and Bachelor's degrees, as well as no college degree at all. Check them out...

Do You HAVE to Write a Thank You Note After the Interview?


You don't have to send a thank you letter if you don't want the job you just interviewed for. But if you do want that job, better follow this advice to write a thank you note... a good thank you note. Continue reading...

Optimize Your Networking Events for Job Search


Excellent tips by Recruiter Peggy McKee on how to make the most from your professional networking events to find a job.

Resume Advice for Veterans Who Are Job Seekers


I agree with this resume advice for military veterans who are in job search. It's also good advice for all job seekers.

Using a Cover Letter Template for Best Results


Using a good cover letter template can really improve the chances of your resume being read by Mr. Employer. Here are my three tips for picking and using a cover letter template so you get the most from this important step in your job search process. Continue reading...

A Resume Template Is a Smart Resume Tool


If you don't want to spend time fooling around with details of resume formatting (margins, indents, and all that), think about using a professional resume template. In this post I explain the three types of resume templates and how to pick the right one for your situation. Continue reading...

Invest in Yourself for Career Success


Recruiter Peggy McKee reminds us why it's well worth it to invest in ourselves through learning and job search coaching for career success.

Tracking Your Job Search Stats


Okay, this video was made for military vets, but it applies to all job seekers. It's about keeping track of your job search metrics (how many resumes sent out, how many interviews, how many networking contacts, all that stuff). Recruitment Professional Patricia Frame explains how to do this in a way that's helpful but not stressful.

Job Search Help for Women Military Veterans


Job Search tips specifically for women military veterans by Patricia Frame. Patricia is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force. She now works with other vets to help them transition into the civilian workforce. Thank you for this video, Patricia!

Should I Use a Resume Template to Create My Resume?


Some people think it's cheating to use a resume template to create a resume. I think it's a smart move. Why start with a blank screen when you can use a template that has all the formatting done for you. Here's how to pick the right resume template for your job search. Continue reading...

Should References Be On Your Resume?


Recruiter Peggy McKee tells us why you should NOT put anything about references on your resume. Check it out:

Making Your Social Media Portfolio Work For You in Your Job Search


Social media can be a blessing and a curse. Although Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ allow us to share and stay connected to friends, they also now serve as the first impression we make on potential employers. For most people, college is the time in their lives when they are the most likely to be photographed in somewhat comprising situations. Even if you’re just a face in the crowd of a large

Social Media for a Job Search


In this video you'll hear a recruiter's view on the value of social media for a job seeker. The video was created to help job seeker's who are transitioning out of the military but it's useful for all job seekers.

Should You Have a Job Objective on Your Resume?


As a national recruiter, Peggy McKee appreciates a good job objective statement on your resume. Here's why:

Need a Good Cover Letter Template?


I think a cover letter template is a job seeker's best friend. Breaks writer's block and keeps you on track. And a good letter template doesn't make your cover letters sound like form letters. Here's are free cover letter templates, sample letters created from letter templates, and info on how to download my Word cover letter templates. Continue reading...

5 Chronological Resume Samples Made From Functional Resumes


I've been updating some of the resumes in my collection of resume examples. In particular, I've converted five of the functional resumes to the chronological resume format. Take a look: Chronological Resume Example: Project Manager Chronological Resume Example: Medical / Pharmaceutical Sales Chronological Resume Example: Flight Engineer Chronological Resume Example: Editing Chronological

How to Pick the Best Resume Format


Here's a list of resume formats, templates, and articles to help you understand which resume format is best for you. Continue reading...

Should You Call to Follow Up With a Hiring Manager?


Career Coach and Recruiter, Peggy McKee, disagrees with the job search advice that says you shouldn't call a hiring manager. Here's why she thinks a gutsy approach of calling is a good idea:

Looking for Resume Tips, Examples, and Help?


In case you didn't get the memo, The Job Lounge has moved to its new location: Susan Ireland's Job Lounge. I post fresh articles there about resumes and cover letters. So, join us at the new site. You can even subscribe to get the new posts via email. See you there!