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Woodcurls, woodchips, sawdust, just plain floorsweepings, it is all the stuff left behind after something useful or beautiful is made in a woodshop.

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A Twist of Faith by John Donnelly


John Donnelly has been a reporter for more than thirty years. For ten years he was a reporter for The Boston Globe throughout Africa. During his travels he continued to meet ordinary USAmericans doing independent relief work all over Africa. A Twist of Faith is the story of one of these ordinary citizens doing good work in Africa. John Donnelly meets David Nixon in Malawi. Nixon is a carpenter

Grass Fed Beef


We have 1500+ lbs of 90/10 ground beef. The steers were free ranged and finished on corn. They were given NO antibiotics or added hormones and were fed NO animal byproducts. The beef was processed according to NCDA standards and packaged for resell with appropriate meat handling/processing certificates. The ground beef is packaged in 1lb vacuum packed flash frozen therma-sealed bags. The ground

A Challenge & My Response


A friend is struggling with his faith in Jesus the Living, Resurrected One. That is OK as I struggle and wrestle not only with scripture but with this life of, with, by, in, through Christ on a daily basis. We were involved in a conversation and he questioned and challenged me on my understanding and experience of living what I know as the "spirit-filled-life"' I have mulled over not only his

Pimento Cheese


I have always loved pimento cheese. It was one of my favorite foods as a kid and both my parents make pretty good spread. Pimento cheese is big here in the south. Farm Hand Foods pairs it with a locally made polish sausage for an outstanding sandwich. Watts Grocery has it on their lunch menu and adds a bit of bourbon for a true twist on two great southern foods. Reliable Cheese Company has



Been thinking about this hymn. My hope is built on nothing lessThan Jesus’ blood and righteousness.I dare not trust the sweetest frame,But wholly trust in Jesus’ Name.RefrainOn Christ the solid Rock I stand,All other ground is sinking sand;All other ground is sinking sand.When darkness seems to hide His face,I rest on His unchanging grace.In every high and stormy gale,My anchor holds within the

The twisted logic of the right on Amendment One.


NC's political and religious right,of which I count myself as one, is defying the very definition of what it means to be conservative and faithful. I am struggling as I put my thoughts to pen regarding my opposition to NC Amendment One. Luckily for me a friend jotted down a great thought on the matter. Silvanus Slaughter is a poet, artist and musician born and raised in Oxford. NC. "One of the

30 hour push for Cocoa Cinnamon


I like being part of a team! Yesterday morning I had to drive to Albermarle, NC on honey bees business. It was a quickly planned trip so I left Oxford heading south and had not eaten breakfast. Along the road I checked my Twitter feed and realized The Durham Farmers' Market was going to be open by the time I drove through Durham. I also noticed Pie Pushers was making breakfast biscuits. Then I

Larry is just awesome sometimes.


My dearest friend Larry McGarr wrote something very profound over on my FB page. It was so well written and thought provoking I wanted all of you to enjoy. So, today, Thnx for the guest post Larry! Apparently scripture isn't much help when it comes to how we are to share the truth. We approach the Gospel like we're throwing mud on the wall just to see what sticks. We call it 'sowing seeds',

Zesty Chicken Frittata


1/2 onion chopped 3-4ozs fresh spinach 2 large Roma tomatoes sliced 4-6ozs roasted chicken cubed 2-3ozs Feta cheese cubed 2-4 Ts Cackalacky sauce 2 ts Agave Nectar 4Ts olive oil kosher salt fresh black pepper 8-10 eggs beaten 1 well seasoned cast iron skillet Preheat oven to 350º  Add Cackalacky & Agave Nectar to chicken and marinate. More spicy, more Cackalacky: less spicy, less Cackalacky.

The Kingdom of God is like...


the people in this video.

Wild Goose 2012


Come fly with us as God's family flocks together for a few days. Unless you join the conversation your voice will not be heard. The 2012 Wildgoose Festival from The Work Of The People on Vimeo.



N.C. BBQ Sauce via Haiti


I LOVE N.C. BBQ! I love bbq in general, but N.C. being my home state I am partial to the home pig. I love all the sauce variations, but grew up eating the vinegar based simple sauce of eastern N.C. I also love the Durham food scene and fell in love with the food of the Old Havana Sandwich Shop on Main St. Though Cuban food culture does not have a hot sauce, the Haitian influence of one owner

Where's the Beef??


Several steers have been harvested and processed for immediate delivery. We have 1000+ lbs of 90/10 ground beef. The steers were free ranged and finished on corn. They were given NO antibiotics or added hormones and were fed NO animal byproducts. The beef was processed according to NCDA standards and packaged for resell with appropriate meat handling/processing certificates. The ground beef is



N.C. GOP leaders push to have marriage defined. I consider myself a political conservative & have voted Republican 96% since I registered to vote in 1982. I have voted for a democrat when I considered that person to be the best qualified. I am also a Christian, a follower of Jesus and my faith is dear to me and the defining guide of my daily life. I am also a citizen of The U.S. and the great

Come chase the Wild Goose with me this June.


Lenten Thoughts


I grew up in the South. I also grew up in the evangelical church of the South. We did not celebrate Lent. Thinking back, I am not sure I had a any real understanding of the Lenten season until I was in HS. In my thirties like many I began to ask simple questions about my faith, my world view and my future. In this time of searching I read authors I had never heard of, built friendships with

Surprise, surprise, surprise, the honey bees even shock me.


A nuc is a small five frame hive of honey bees. It is a place to start new hives and a place to store queens in the spring and summer in case you need an emergency queen for a colony.Every year I keep 5-10 nucs around. I sometimes build them into full size colonies or divide the space and keep two queens in each nuc box. At the end of October 2010 I had two nucs left over from the season and not

Winter buzzing of the bees


Honey bees are insects. They do not hibernate in the winter but, they do go dormant in the cold weather. When our temps begin to lower the bees' internal metabolism slows down. When the temps go lower than 45'F their flight muscles move so slowly they cannot fly. The bees spend all their time and energy staying warm. They form a small ball about the size of a melon and use their kinetic energy to

My homeless friend is a poet.


I have a homeless friend, he is a poet. The first time you meet him you would never know such a thing. He has broad shoulders, muscles on his arms the size of tree trunks & a "I dare you to look at me wrong" look in his eye. He is always shaved and wearing clean clothing. He has a deep raspy voice and is easy with a joke; once he knows you.The first conversation I had with him he told me about

Homeless Doggie Fatboy is Loved and Cherished.


This is a picture of Shelley, Joy and me with Fatboy. Fatboy is a homeless dog who lives on the streets of Durham, N.C. Fatboy might be homeless but, he is not alone. Fatboy has a human companion named Troy. Troy suffers from severe social anxiety and fear. He adopted Fatboy about six weeks ago. Fatboy has someone to love and care for him and Troy has a loving and faithful companion to help him

Why I support nose studs and the ACLU at the moment.


Ariana Iacono was suspended from Clayton High School again today. She wears a small nose stud in her left nostril & face piercings are against the Johnston County school system's dress code. She will not remove the offending piece of jewelry and has been removed from school once again.WRALnews ORIGINAL STORY.The Johnston County School Board is flat wrong on this issue and I find myself on the

A homeless man sleeps in an alley of the #1 Best Place to Retire.


I had to teach a class this morning. As soon as I was free I called David Smith and met him at Blue Coffee Cafe in Durham,NC. He and Milton had been out all morning meeting the homeless and looking around the city. The early morning found them on the top of a parking deck. They looked over the edge into an enclosed alley and found a man sleeping on the ground. So compelling was the scene they

My day "under" the bridge...


My friend David Smith is starting a new organization. The purpose will be simple. Find homeless, hapless, helpless and hurting people in Durham, NC and show them God's love in practical ways. For some it is a new sleeping bag, for others a new pair of socks or shoes or clothes or a listening and compassionate ear. The goal will also be to introduce all who are helped to the love of God & life

My friend David the street preacher. His laptop was stolen.


This is my friend David Smith. For more than 40 years he has devoted himself to helping people. Actually, he has devoted himself to helping people connect themselves to their Creator. Now, they may not know they have a Creator, they may not know they need a Creator but with love and patience David tells the story of The Creator & His Son Jesus. Through the years David pointed countless folks to