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stupid internet name

Everyone, Everyone on the world wide web should have a made up, Stupid Internet Name. I'm just supremely unimaginative.

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this means nothing to me


Due to popular demand (ALL the voices in my head), more billboards:

you don't have to hide anymore


I've been having a bit o' fun on the National Billboard 2008 site, where you get to make your own contribution to National's election campaign advertising. Because I am completely shameless , here are my own contributions:Your turn, chumps.

all that distance reconciled


Amidst all the kerfuffle around Winston Peters' funding arrangements, I thought I'd ruminate on my preferred way of funding political parties.Being a wishy-washy that socialist it behoves me to be reflexively attracted to the idea of taxpayer funding and disapproving of the possibility of elections being defacto bought by that malign club of dark, smoky businessmen with the largest cheque books.

his heart in every line


“Should a smack as part of good parental correction be a criminal offense in New Zealand?” Ahh, the smacking debate. There's a good long rant in there somewhere, but it's late, so I'll just leave you with this: Where's the age limit?No, really. Where does the statute of limitations for my parent's ability to smack me run out if this wonderful slice of sadism passes in the referendum next year?

sitting in the dark


For comparison with the July 2008 results I posted last week - July 2005, again from TV3/TNS: July Original Actual # Correct % Labour 39 333.06 33.31% National 39 333.06 33.31% NZ First 7 59.78 5.98% Green Party 6 51.24 5.12% ACT 1.6 13.664 1.37% United Future 1.4 11.956 1.20% Maori Party 2.2

high above the golden calf


Well, after all that seriousness, let's wind-down with some funny posters. And since I haven't bagged religion for nigh on 15 minutes ... well, let's just say that there's a theme here ...... and, because I'm an equal opportunity asshole ...Now, I hasten to point out that none of these are my work, I've picked them up off various message boards and from For the weak of heart, or

panzers in poll-land


Nothing quite annoys me as the presentation of poll results in the media. Specifically, the dishonest presentation of the future make-up of parliament - complete with pretty graphical representations of all the seats in the debating chamber - by ignoring the sizable proportion of the public who have not yet made up their mind. The dishonesty is to my mind blatant and deliberate since no

despite your destination


Bad news from the news of Blogs - Span has decided to go offline. I'd like to think that she'll be back, brand-spanking and re-pseudonymed after a short and fruitful hiatus, but in the meantime we'll just have to make our own fun. You can in send those naked photos care of the usual address.While we're waiting for those to come through, some faintly amusing pictures I stole of the web:...

put on your new face


From The Culture of Fear: Why Americans are afraid of the wrong things, by Barry Glassner. Excerpt from pages 30-31.'The myth of Halloween bogeymen and bogeywomen might never have been exposed had not a sociologist named Joel Best become sufficiently leery that he undertook an examination of every reported incident since 1958. Best, currently a professor at the University of Southern Illinois,

should have known I would consume


... property rates have always seemed like a bad idea to me. It's a tax that only falls on a subset of citizens within the council's area (e.g. I, as a renter, pay no council fees, except theoretically through my landlord - though how much my landlord can recover from me depends on the ups and downs of the rental market), it takes little or no account of income (so if your locked-in capital far

there's battlelines being drawn


For the fans only: Two Halo 3 trailers. The first is a live action teaser called Halo 3: Arms Race, from Weta and the proposed director of the Halo movie, Neill Blomkamp. Personally, I think it looks right tasty. They have it looking the way it should - in that it looks pretty much exactly like Aliens.The second clip is the first Halo 3 trailer from back in 2006. That music always puts a prickly

a bad desire


I want to return to the subject of my post on police car chase policy. For the advocates of unrestricted police action in pursuit of the bad guys there seems to be an unspoken assumption that once you have broken the law, anything that happens to you thereafter is a fair cop, no matter how disproportionate that consequence is to the original crime. And I understand that impulse.There is a small,

a rider on the tremors


I was intrigued by a paragraph in yesterday's Herald editorial on the subject of the recent finance company collapses:"In unsecured finance markets that depend on a constant flow of new money to repay maturing loans, fear can be fatal" I am not schooled in the ways of finance, or economics, law, or even basic hygiene. But even I can read wikipedia, and it seems to my simple eye that all these

so your eyes can't see


A few opinions have been doing the rounds lately and I thought I might put my humble two cents in:Police chases. Look people, we all agree that the Police by and large are chasing in their suped-up Holdens Bad & Ebil miscreants. And we all want them to catch the little bastards. But. But there is a risk calculation that needs to be performed. Chasing someone at high speeds inevitably increases

through this field of trees


... or in this case, links:Sailor gets revenge for internet insult - lesson learnt. Don't call people nerds, even on the internet, and especially if they have a name like "Pyrodice".Phone mast allergy 'in the mind' - alternative title: No. Fucking. Shit, Sherlock. Seriously, if you believe electromagnetic radiation from phone towers is affecting your health then you need to do the following

to save you from your old ways


Things that irritate me #4633 "People who beat/kill their children will still beat/kill their children after the anti-spanking/repeal Section 59 bill passes, so there is no point changing the law"Yes, yes, perhaps I should have written this while the Repeal Section 59 debate was in full swing. But in my defense I'm a man who takes his procrastination seriously. After all, as an ex-Catholic I

I want to feel that fire again


File Under: Things I'd like to see, #7It might surprise the people who know me, but I have been known on occasion to frequent the local gym. Weights strictly, as when you're a heaving train wreck of a man you get to know your own aerobic limitations pretty quickly. And when you have mass on your side, it makes the most sense to use that large mass to move other large masses, although god only

I knew him long before he ever became a Jersey girl


So where to now for Harry Potter? Two words people: Grange Hill.Oh c'mon, surely Harry Potter would work fantastically as a school drama? 8-12 1 hour episodes for each book, some of the minor characters and unnecessary subplots can get a proper fleshing out, the teenage angst can be ramped up, and, most importantly, J K Rowling gets another great wodge of cash. Obviously it's a little early to be

the bastards of war


Bastard is a card game for 3+ players. I've heard it called a number of games, including Sick, Scum, Holy Jamamee, and هوو مني] جمال للفضيلة من ابنتك. But for me Bastard is a perfect description for the game, since that is the monkier I usually bestow on the people who beat me at it.Since I initially heard the rules second-hand, and over time have had several slightly different rule-sets proposed

this great evil


Hands down, the most disturbing music video ever: Unkle's Eye for an Eye.The message is unmistakeable - the forces of the Evil Teddy Bear Nation will one day come for us.And we must make ourselves ready.Carry on.Seriously though, the album Eye for an Eye comes from, Never, Never, Land, is an absolute stonker and worth every penny. Happy it is not - definitely qualifying for the moniker "Mood

reputation's changeable


Not Bad. Not bad at all.I was a late comer to Harry Potter (I saw the first two movies well before I read any of the books), and while I'll be the first to point out that they are not high art, they are definitely a jolly good romp. If I had kids I would definitely make them read them, if nothing else because they are the one true path to Satan, and much easier to read than the Necronomicon,

trade all your heroes in for ghosts


Gentlemen - it is good.Not Donnie Darko, Fight Club or Heat good, but good enough for an event movie, and all that that entails - explosions, fast edits and kinetic action. The dialogue is on occasion quite ropey, but mostly it knows that any movie involving giant robots fighting over something called "The All-Spark" - especially giant robots named things like Bumblebee, Ironhide, Starscream,

you know the secrets of the universe


Funny pictures, just because I can.I may be thinking of particular people I know with that last one.... especially here for the people I was thinking of with the Cat Proximity picture. And finally, it is traditional to end with this:Indeed."One day I had an asthmatic attack. These three asthmatics jumped me. I know, it's my fault... I should have heard them hiding." - Emo Philips

but your love alone won't save the world


Despite appearing to commit the heinous sin of wearing skirt-over-trousers, in the Maniac Street Preachers song Your Love Alone Is Not Enough Nina Persson reminds us that her swedish-scented voice can on occasion rent holes in bloody carcass of my heart, like a succubus on heat. She ain't half bad looking either.The incurably heart-broken should also look out for her singing The Bluest Eyes In

I got no time for private consultation


I seem to have collected several hundred links to articles of momentary interest during my travails upon the silicon paths, always meaning to tag them onto the end of my blog entries; but since my blog entries have been a little light recently, I guess I'll have to salt a few random ones here instead:The USB Missile launcher - now, I've got one of these. It's fun for 5 minutes or so, but