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Benjamin Kepple

Discussions on foreign affairs, religion, and the state of American culture...oh, heck with it. It's an electronic soapbox where I get to spout off about all the idiocy that manifests itself in this day and age. (All content Copyright Benjamin Kepple, 200

Published: 2012-03-20T20:46:22-05:00


Our Glorious Ocean of Hydrocarbons


A FRIEND OF MINE recently posted on Facebook this story from Investor's Business Daily detailing the United States' oil reserves, which may in fact be much larger than originally thought. Far from only having 22 billion barrels of proven reserves,...

Yeah, So I've Been Busy These Last Two Years


I HAVEN'T POSTED since December 2010? God. It's amazing what a new profession and graduate school training does to a guy. Anyway, I'm hoping to devote time again to the blog in the near future, because there's so much I...

Thanks for Saving Us, You Rotten Bastards


THE OLD SAYING has it that no good deed goes unpunished. The chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, and everyone else who works for the place ought be forgiven if that phrase has ruefully gone through their minds as...

Why Your Liberal Guilt Trip Doesn't Impress Corporate America


NOTED WITH AMUSEMENT: the squawks of fury and disbelief from commenters over at The New York Times -- and undoubtedly elsewhere -- over news that PayPal, along with Amazon, have severed their ties with WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks, of course, is the...

Drip, Drip, Drip ...


WELL. NOW THAT our brilliant Government has been horribly embarrassed thanks to WikiLeaks' disclosure of myriad correspondence from our diplomats abroad, one wonders what to make of it all. One would certainly hope this will prompt the Government, which once...

A Yellow Card for a Coup d'Etat


YESTERDAY'S golpe del estado in Honduras was a rather strange coup d'etat -- if only because it was executed almost perfectly. Within the space of a day, the Hondurans managed to exile their proto-caudillo, Señor Manuel Zelaya; installed a new...

Just Another Day in Los Angeles


IF YOU THINK this is weird -- well, just go down to Venice Beach, that's all I'm saying....

A Refreshing Call for Openness, But ...


SO TODAY I chanced across a column from Will Bunch, a senior writer for the Philadelphia Daily News, in which he chides the Washington media for their inept war coverage prior to our invasion of Iraq. Since even the most...

Report: Consultants to Blame for Venezuela-Coke Fiasco


By HARRIS SCHWED Financial Rant Venezuela Bans Coke Zero, Citing Health Concerns ------- Calls for Invasion Grow ------ A "Rare Win" for Embattled Brand Managers CARACAS -- The Venezuelan Government yesterday banned the sale and distribution of Coke Zero, citing...

The Most Dangerous Game


TWENTY THREE PERCENT. That's how much the workers affiliated with the Boston Newspaper Guild will have their pay cut, now that they've rejected a proposal from The New York Times Co. to cut their wages, implement furloughs, cut their benefits...

NHL Announces Rule Changes


FOR THE RECORD ... I think these could work. NHL Tries To Woo Fans By Increasing Scoring With Bigger Nets, 3-Point Line...

When Job Interviews Get ... Interesting


AS A JOBSEEKER, I was rather stunned at reading this great story in the Wall Street Journal about the lengths to which certain companies will go when it comes to interviewing prospective employees. The more novel tactics reportedly include: --...

The Untold Story of the U.S.-China Financial Summit


By HARRIS SCHWED Financial Rant BEIJING -- U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Chinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan, and their respective subordinates engaged Tuesday in a financial summit between the world’s two economic superpowers, engaged in a “testy but ultimately...

Today's "Alex" Cartoon Nails It


TODAY'S VERSION of "Alex" -- the long-running cartoon in The Telegraph which looks at financial markets -- pretty much nails the reasons behind the sudden rash of pessimism we're seeing about the markets' future....

An Editor's Pick in This Week's Carnival of Personal Finance


I ABOUT FELL off my chair this morning when I logged on to this week's Carnival of Personal Finance and found I was not only an editor's pick, but the first-listed entry in the entire carnival -- which gets more...