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Preview: Comments on drugwar pledge

Comments on drugwar pledge

Comments on 'work to reduce the harm of the drug war'


Comment by przepisy kulinarne
Polecam przepis na stronie - faworki, jakie robi moja babcia. Smacznego.

Comment by USA free stuff
I was very amazing to see such a well-done work. I bookmarked your site to visit you again and recommended it to my friends

Comment by Albert "Max" Abramson
Be sure and move your browser to Law Enforcement Against Prohibition is a group of dedicated individuals working to put an end to this insane war on drugs.

Comment by Otel
thanks for you.. Otel

Comment by Oyun
thanks you..!!

Comment by Oyun
War on drugs do more harm then good..!!

Comment by Oil paintings
The pledge looks very conditional. Just take a look at the phrase, only if 99 other people will do the same. Why not do it without any conditions?

Comment by baby
Well, something surely HAS to happen about the drugs and I don't think you're providing much of a solution here. How do you propose the drug issue is sorted out? Education is not doing enough; and neither is the public. Something has to be done, and a drug war is certainly more effective than nothing. If there is another system we ought to use it, but no one seems to be coming up with anything vaguely effective.

Comment by Albert "Max" Abramson
Also, for those folks planning on joining us in New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project, don't forget to also sign up at

Comment by Max Abramson
I have also created a Yahoo Groups page with more information on it. There are two polls and two photo albums already up, so feel free to sign up.

Comment by Max Abramson
Congratulations! We have reached our goal of 100 signers. We still have six weeks left to gather volunteers, and there is now a google group I am encouraging everyone to join. Thanks to everyone for the effort in gathering new members. A lot of activities are being planned for the coming year to actively educate more people about this matter. Please continue on and join the google group Everyone's effort is greatly appreciated. Albert "Max" Abramson pledge creator

Comment by Max Abramson
So far, we need only two more signatures. Stay tuned for December 31st when we kick off our harm reduction education campaign. If everyone signs up just one more friend by December, we'll have 200 people to work actively on this project.

Comment by andreas
Interesting info Thanks for article

Comment by Meteko
War on drugs do more harm then good.

Comment by Katalog firm
Good article.

Comment by Rob
So what? wheres the DEA when we need it?, thank you was really intersting to read..

Comment by Audio
YHanks Matt

Comment by Dj Tiesto
Great site with very good look and perfect information.Keep up the good work. Thank you…

I will spend the next 60 days doing all I can to promote and educate people on the benefits and government lies of medicinal cannabis, but only if 50 people join me. I will also donate $100 to CA-NORML if 50 people join me in making the pledge of educating folks as best as you can, with the aid of printed materials if necessary. I speak publicly and will perform myy obligation in front of an audience. Being an Attorney and a legal, medicinal vaporizer user of cannabis. I can semantically say that I do not SMOKE cannabis, I volatize it for phyto-inhalation [ I am also a Crohn's sufferer and a terminal Hep-C patient (acquired thanks to a transfusion at the age of 5.) According to the State I live in, if a doctor feels that this highly useful substance helps a patient, the state must issue a medical ID and allow the person to make use of dispensaries, or grow their own medicine. The FEDS do not recognize this, and have been raiding LEGALLY MANDATED dispensaries, arresting WHEELCHAIR BOUND CANCER PATIENTS and generally fighting a loosing battle. George Washington grew and cultivated hemp, both for it's useful properties, it's oil, and it's medicinal properties. The "Save the Children; this will confuse them" argument doesn't fly with me. Medical cannabis programs are rather strictly controlled, and there is no chance a child would ever receive a cannabis card or a recommendation from a doctor. Please peruse the below links: Thanks! Ida

Comment by Jeffrey Hughey