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Drunken Samurai

This blog has nothing to do with Samurai, sorry. Mostly it is about whatever is on my mind or happening in my life that I feel the need to share.

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Fun in Sedona


 Last Saturday Kathy and I headed up to Sedona for a little Jeep adventure.  I have been wanting to run the trails in Sedona since I got the Jeep.  Firt up was Schnebly Hill Road which is a fairly easy (though rough) drive.  The trail goes North East out of Sedona and ends at I-17.  The majority of the trail takes you through some amazing red rock scenery.  Once we got to I-17 we went North for a while to catch highway 89A back to Sedona.  This road takes you right through Oak Creek Canyon, which was beautiful.After a lunch break in Sedona (Kathy and I have decided that Sedona has crappy food) we headed out for Van Deren Cabin.  This is about half-way up the Dry Creek trail and was very cool.[...]

14th Annual AZVJC Backway to Crown King Run


 Yesterday was the 14th annual AZVJC backway to Crown King run and Kathy and the girls and I went.  We has a blast!  The road was much rougher than last year due to all the recent rain.  There was still alot of water along the trail and it was raining at Crown King when we got there.[...]

Wheeling 101 - Raw Deal - Part 2


Here are some videos from the Wheeling 101 class. See Part 1 for the walk through.

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Wheeling 101 - Raw Deal - Part 1


Last weekend (Jan 14) Kathy and I went out to the Wheeling 101 class hosted by the Virtual Jeep Club. This is an event that the club puts on each year to introduce new Jeepers to the basics of rock crawling and off-roading in general. Since we are still very new to all this it was a no brainer.Our group was lead by Nena Barlow of Barlow Jeep School and Joe Daro of Absolute Offroad. Bother very capable and knowledgeable instructors. The trail the we ran was Raw Deal at Table Mesa, AZ. This is basically a short trail in a wash. Not a sandy wash but a rocky, concrete like wash. It has several interesting obstacles but nothing to crazy (I saw that now).Just getting onto the trail required that we go over this short concrete ledge. At this point I was getting a little worried as I had never even tried anything like this. It looked HUGE from behind the wheel. Looking at the pictures later I feel silly, especially after we got to the first real obstacle.This was a waterfall ledge about three feet high. We all got out and walked around it and talked it over for about half an hour. Then the instructors did some demos of different lines and the issues that might come up. Then it was out turn. With something like 14 jeeps we all got to see several do the obstacle. This turned out to be good because by the time it was my turn I felt good about doing this. I had a little bumper drag but made it over fine.Here are a couple more Jeeps on the same obstacle. Both of these Jeeps have higher lifts than mine but I have taller tires. It all seems to have balance out.Just a little farther down stream we come to obstacle two. This little water fall was about a foot high and we went right through it. After the first one this one did not deserve discussion. Kathy got to ride over this one so she had fun spotting and snapping a few pictures.After the second ledge we drove down a short rocky section of the trail. This was a little trickier than it looks as these rocks pretty good sized.After the trail enters another wash we get this part below. This is not sandy at all. The ground is hard as concrete and filled with undulations and dips of all sorts. This picture does not really show how tough this really is.Farther up the second wash we get to what I call obstacle three. This is a wavy, rutted part of the stream bed. At this part each wheel is doing something a little different and it takes concentration and patience to do it right.At the end of this irregular section is a small climb. The picture below does not show it well but your passenger wheels have a clean straight climb to the top but the driver side has a double bump to navigate.After clearing that bump we get to obstacle five. This is a big crack or crevasse. In the picture below I am taking a look at the obstacle as Nena waits. I was little worried as one of the earlier Jeeps cut a tire here.Once I was ready Nena showed me the line I was going to take.After the crack we turned around and headed back up the way we had come. Below is the first water fall but going up this time. After all the stuff we had done to this point I was still not sure about being able to do this. This thing looks really tough going up. I had learned so much I was surprised at how intimidating this was.It turns out it was the cleanest I had cleared an obstacle all day. The Jeep went right up slow and steady.It was an amazing, long, exciting, exhausting day and Kathy and I learned an incredible amount. Nena and Joe are great instructors and really know what they are doing. Their calm confidence made it easy to just do it. Check back for part two with videos of the cool obstacles.[...]

Harquahala Mountain


Last Saturday we decided, on the spur of the moment, to go on a Jeep run. We needed something relatively close and easy as Kathy had to work that night. We decided to do the Harquahala Mountain trail. It seems that the trail books rate this as a moderate trail but the clubs rate it easy. I would have to say it seemed pretty easy to me.The trail is southwest of Wickenberg, AZ near the town of Aguila. The trail was not too hard to find and there is a small staging area with a vault toilet and some info. There are a couple of picnic tables as well.There is also this impressive sign.The Jeep was nice and clean before we started. It had just been washed the day before but a clean Jeep looks strange.The road is very well maintained for the majority of the trip.As you get near the top the road gets steeper and the rocks are a little looser. None of this really posed an issue.Here is the Jeep at the top. Not too dusty, not as much as I was expecting. There is some radio equipment and solar panels in the background.There is also an old observatory at the top. There is not much of it left to look at and even the information kiosks are empty. It was built in 1920 and only used for 5 years and that is about all I know. I imagine that trail would have been a little tougher in a Model T.[...]

Rim Road/General Crook Trail Loop


On Veterans Day 2011 the family and I decided to go on a Jeep run along the Rim Road/General Crook Trail north of Payson. This trail is a nice loop through the Coconino National Forest. About 3/4 of the loop is unpaved forest roads.On the way we stopped at the Montezuma Castle National Monument outside of Camp Verde. I had visited the monument as a child but neither Kathy nor the girls had been there. Since it was Veterans day admission was free!There was still some nice Fall colors.After the monument was continued the drive to the scenic loop. Along the way we began to nice snow along the road. This had me worried as I was not expecting large amounts of snow. Once we got the start of the trail the road was pretty solidly snowed in.Fortunately, there had already been several vehicles down the road so conditions were not too bad. This would be the first time driving in the Jeep in the snow and it did great.Sorry it took so long to get this one posted. I almost forgot about it.[...]

Sugar Loaf/Four Peaks Trail Clean-up


This past Saturday I volunteered with some folks from work (Wells Fargo) to do some trash pick-up out in the Four Peaks area. We got out at about 7:30 am on a cold and rainy morning. The Forest Service had designated several bad areas that needed to be cleaned up and we picked one and jumped in. This is one of the popular shooting areas and it was a huge mess.There just about 100 volunteers (15 from Wells Fargo) and we filled 2 60' roll-off dumpsters. I was truly amazing how much trash and junk was scattered across the desert. It was hard work but we managed to get in a full day. I am still sore.It was a great day and now I want to run those trails.[...]

13th Annual AZVJC Back Way to Crown King Run - Photos


Last weekend Kathy, the girls and I went on the annual AZVJC back way to Crown King run. Here are a few pictures of the event. Once we got to the top we camped over night. [...]

New Tires On


I installed the new tires last week. I was originally planning to put them on after the lift was installed but that will not likely happen until the end of next month. They was too long to wait to put some miles on the new tires.

(image) Swapping them out alone in the drive way turned out to be a bigger pain than I expected. My plan was to keep the stock tires and run them most of the time and then switch them out before a trip. That is still the plan but it is getting more likely the new tires will just stay on.

(image) Between the new rack and the new tires the jeep is a lot more noisy. As you can imagine the noise is worse with the tops off. It sounds like a billion angry bees.

(image) The Jeep drives great with the new tires and I think it looks amazing. I can't keep Kathy away from it.

Garvin Wilderness Roof Rack Install


Last weekend I installed my Wilderness Rack from Garvin Industries. I ordered this rack about a month ago but just got around to installing it. I was actually planning to wait on this install until after the lift install but I needed the space in the garage.The rack was delivered in three large, and heavy boxes.It took me about an hour to unpack all the parts and then another hour to read through the installation instructions. Then I needed to inventory all the parts and organize. In all it was about 2 hours of work before I could even start the install.Let me say that the instructions for this product are top notch. The key to this install is to take your time and read the instructions carefully. You will be drilling holes in your Jeep and this is the last thing you want to screw-up. The only deviation I made from the instructions had to do with the install of the rear supports. The instructions call for removing both taillights at once. I preferred to do one side at a time.The picture below shows the passenger side taillight assembly removed. The is needed so that you can gain access to the backside of the rear fender. There is lots of stuff that will be installed on the inside. The only thing to know about this step is that you only need to remove the inner two screws to remove the taillight assembly. The outer screws do not connect to the body and do not need to be removed.Now we are getting into the stressful part - drilling holes in the body. I don't know about you but I spent lots of money on this thing and the idea of drilling holes in it freaks me out. You only get once chance to do this right so take your time. The first thing I did was put some blue painter's tape over the area where the holes will go. This protects the area as well as giving you a place to draw the guide lines for the holes. The instructions include good diagrams for how to locate the holes. Remember, measure twice, drill once...I measured three times.Once the measuring is done it is time to drill. You will start with a 1/8" pilot hole and then drill out the 3/8" hole. You will only do the rear two holes at this time (see below) and then you will use the bracket as the guide for the third hole.You can see in the picture below why you use the bracket to locate the third hole. It seems almost like it is in a random location. At this point you might be tempted to start installing the top bracket. I know I was high on the excitement of drilling holes that wanted to get to the next step. Don't do it. You will just be wasting a lot of time. You need to drill the holes for the bottom bracket because you must install both the top and the bottom at the same time. There is a connector bracket that goes inside the fender as some other parts that ties the top and bottom together. There are about 22 parts that need to be installed at the same time and if you forget one you get to take it all apart. I think it took me three tries to get all the parts in the correct order installed. A little more time reading would have prevented most of my troubles.Once you have installed all the bits you should have something like the picture below. I tried to get pictures of the internal stuff but they did not come out. Follow the diagrams in the instructions and you will be OK.Once the brackets are installed you can put the taillight back on. This part of the process took me about 4 hours but it really should not have taken more than 1 to 1.5 hours. The drilling part stressed me out and then not reading the instructions carefully for the bracket install cost a lot of time. Here is the up-right installed on the passenger side. No dings or scratches...a job well done.Now it is time to move on to the driver's side. This side poses the additional issue of the fuel filler and the license plate bra[...]

New Tires


(image) I picked up the new tires today. These things are cool. These are the BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM2 in size 255/80 R17. They are a little more than 33" tall. Just about 1" taller than stock. I can't wait to get the lift installed and try these out.

And So it Begins...


Everyone knows that if you are going to use a Jeep for what it was meant to do you are going to need to spend money on it. I certainly knew this before I bought mine. So with this in mind it should not be too surprising that I have made my first purchases on the never ending road of Jeep upgrades.Soon after I got my Jeep I started window shopping for all the cool stuff that is available. Wheels and tires are an obvious area where upgrades are common, and in my case, necessary. My Jeep came with 17" wheels but it only has street tires. I have already mentioned in a previous post I that I have already tested the limited of the stock tires. I have been doing a lot of thinking about the tire situation and I came up with three, mostly useless ideas. The only idea of the three that I liked turns out to be one I am pursuing.My plan is to have two sets of wheels and tires - one (the stock set) for daily driving and highway use, and one set for off-road and Jeep adventures. From the moment I first saw them I wanted a set of AEV Pintler wheels. I think these are the best looking wheels out there and they seem to be popular with serious off-roaders. The price, over $200 each, meant I was very unlikely to go this route. In fact, I have already set my mind on another set of the stock wheels when I found a set of Pintlers on craig's list. These wheels have already seen some serious trail time and have a but of rock-rash but they seem to be functionally sound. At nearly half off the price of new it was a deal I could not pass up.This one is almost perfect.This one has a little rash around the edge but no dings or dents.This one is in the worst shape with a large scrape.More rash...The last one is also in excellent shape.In addition to the wheels I found a good deal on a set of Spidertrax 1.5" Spacers from a guy on the Arizona Virtual Jeep Club forum. These will come in handy after I install my planned lift. It is a must have when running the stock wheels and a lift. I am not sure if they will be needed when running the AEV wheels but I will try it out and see.So with the first few hundred dollars in purchases behind me I feel ready for more. I think I will head over to Discount Tire sometime this week for a set of BF Goodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM2. Yeah, those'll do.[...]

Bixler Saddle and Clover Spring


To celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary Kathy, the girls and I spent three days adventuring in central Arizona. The first day, May 2o, 2011, was spent fishing at Lynx Lake and is a topic for another post. The second day we planned to drive up to Williams, AZ and hike the Bixler Saddle trail to the top of Bill William's mountain. This is a hike I have wanted to do for a long time but the need for a high clearance 4wd vehicle killed those ideas. But we now have this cool Jeep so I figured this was our chance.Set off early and found the Devil Dog exit from I-40 easily and set off into the woods. FR 108 is nicely maintained but I knew FR 45 would be rough. A couple of days before there was a huge storm that dumped lots of rain and snow across northern and central Arizona. Turns out this would be an issue all day. We quickly made a wrong turn and ended up taking the round about way to FR 45. We did find the road (I think) and it was in pretty rough shape. The jeep was doing great over the slick rocks and muddy ground. I, however, was getting nervous.The scenery was amazing. In the picture below you can see Bixler mountain and the we were looking for the trail head to the left of the mountain. The road got steeper and muddier the farther in we went. I finally got to the point where things did not 'feel' right and I decided to turn around before we got in over out heads. My street tires where loading up with mud and I was starting to loose traction. The jeep does not look bad in the pictures. I was actually surprised that there was no mud on the body. I am convinced that turning around was the right thing to do. We were alone and not sure we were actually on the right road. If we had gotten stuck it would have meant walking out for help. I am sure a more experienced driver would of had no trouble getting to the trail.Once things dry out up there or I get some new tires, we will be back. Once we turned around we drove into Williams to try the Bill Williams Mountain Trail. This was lots easier to get to as the trail head is right next to the ranger station and the road is paved. The trail is only three miles to the top of the mountain, but as you can see, there is 2200' of elevation gain. I knew this would be tough. We set off and things looked good at the beginning.The trail soon got steep and rocky. To make matters worse there was lots of mud. I guess this should not have been a surprise. Once we got to the Clover Spring trail head we decided that there was no way we would make it to the top of the mountain. We had traveled about a mile and it had taken an hour and we were nearly out of gas. The Clover Spring trail is an easier trail and it looked dry. Once we got to the spring we stopped for a rest and a snack. The scenery was beautiful and the weather was perfect. Going back down was much easier but the muddy spots were a little trickier. We were all very happy to be back in the Jeep at the end of the hike. It was a great day.[...]

Castle Hot Springs Road


On May 14, 2011 we took another drive in the Jeep. This time we went exploring the Castle Hot Springs Road that runs through the desert and the mountains between Morristown and Lake Pleasant. It is a well maintained dirt road with only a few rough spots, mostly at the many stream crossings.The road is named after the old Castle Hot Springs Resort that was very popular in the 1920's and 30's. The resort closed down after a fire in the 1970's. There is still quite a bit left and this is what we were out to see.Along the way you pass through lots of open range land and we saw lots of cattle as well as this horse. Not sure what she was doing walking down the road but she looked to be in good shape. After several dusty miles we got to the first area that we thought was Castle Hot Springs. There was some ruins and a wall. There was also lots of palm trees and an old barn. I am not sure if this area is part of the old resort but it was neat to see.About a mile farther down the road we found the real resort location. There is a full-time caretaker and this part is well maintained. There is another old barn and the really nice old house. The grounds are still beautiful.The road follows the river for about three miles after the resort. It is a little rough in that part but not bad. You pass several small mining outposts. Finally, you will see Lake Pleasant in the distance. It was a warm day and we were really looking forward to goofing around in the lake for a while.We found a nice little cove and spent a couple of hours at the lake. It was another great day.[...]

First Ding


I knew it had to happen some time but I was hoping it would be after it turned three thousand miles, but I have my first ding on the Jeep. The other day I was driving home from a friend's house when I heard the loudest rock hit I have ever heard. It was so loud I thought that maybe it was something other than a glass hit. I could not see any issues from the inside of the Jeep and by the time I got home I had forgotten about it. The next day we hopped in the Jeep and Kathy saw a 6" crack in the wind shield. When I looked at the outside this is what I saw.

(image) Whatever it was it even chipped the paint of the window frame.

Agua Caliente Road


This past Saturday (April 22) the family and I set out on another Jeep Adventure. This time we decided (OK I decided) to explore the area along the Agua Caliente Road southwest of Buckeye. This looked to be a really good road to checkout as it is dirt but well maintained. It also goes right past the 'ghost town' of Sundad, which I really wanted to check out. Most of the early part of the road is flat desert and you can see for miles in all directions. Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station is visible to the north of the road. The road is very well maintained as I expected and is passable to just about any street car. After about ten miles you come to a grade crossing of the Union Pacific Railroad. This is a pretty lonely spot. The tracks out this far west of Phoenix are only used for storage so you rarely see a train out here. Below is looking east towards Palo Verde. The think the mountains that you can see faintly in the distance are the White Tanks. Looking west you can see Yellow Medicine Hills just north of the tracks.After another 25 or so miles of driving, and passing through some fun curvy stuff in the Gila Bend Mountains, you will see the turn-off for Sundad. The trail that leads to the site is on the east side of the Agua Caliente Rd and is marked by a white triangular rock garden. It is actually easy to see. You follow this trail (which can be a little rough and should be done by 4WD only) for about a mile to the town site. There is not much left of Sundad other than some interesting rock gardens and some building foundations.After goofing around in Sundad for a while we continued on until we reached the Hyder Rd just outside Camel AZ. There is really not much out here but you will cross the railroad again. There was about 5 miles of railroad cars on the tracks. We followed Hyder Rd northeast until it connected with Rocky Point Rd. This is another dirt road that is a little rough as it goes across and old lava field. This road goes south around Oatman mountain and then crosses the Gila River. We followed this road until we reached the Painted Rock Historic Park. This is a nice little park with picnic tables and a large covered ramada. It also has restrooms. This was perfect place for lunch.After lunch we walked the short trail around a large pile of boulders that were covered in hieroglyphics. Most of the drawings date back 7000 or more years ago and others only a few hundred years. Mixed in are names and dates of visitors going back to the early 1900s and late 1800s. This area used to be right next to the Butterfield stage route. There are lots of historic markers and information and it was a very interesting little park. After leaving the park we followed Painted Rock Dam Rd, which is nicely paved, around south until it connects with Interstate 8 at exit 102. This part was interesting because is goes right past the site of the huge solar energy project.Once on the interstate we went east to Gila Bend and the exited and got on State Road 238. I wanted to find a road across the Gila Indian Reservation that goes north along the east side of the Estrella Mountains. On my map this road is called Rio Bravo Rd and connects with AZ 238 west of Heaton. I was hoping this road would be as well maintained as Agua Caliente Rd but this was not to be.We found the road and headed north but things just did not look right. There was lots of old buildings and junk right at the start of the road and it was clearly not well maintained. We pressed on and after a while we decided that we were, in fact, on the right road. Once you get to the base of the Estrella mts the road changes names (not marked on the road itself) to Santa C[...]

Mt. Lemmon Control Road


Last Sunday the family and I set out for our first adventure in the new Jeep. I wanted to get the wheels on the dirt and maybe get it into 4H. Kathy has wanted to go to Mt. Lemmon for as long as I can remember so I decided that the Mt. Lemmon Control Road would be a good first trip. This road, also known as FR38, goes from the Peppersauce Camp ground outside of Oracle AZ up the North face of Mt. Lemmon and ends just outside of Summerhaven AZ. The road is actually dirt for three miles leading up to the camp ground but it is nice and wide and well graded. Once you get to the camp ground the fun begins. Here is the sign at the start of the trail. If you look at the picture closely you can see how excited Sharleen is for the trip.The picture above is about half way up the trail. The road is starting to get rough and very narrow in places but passing the rare vehicle is still easy. There are sever water crossing along the road but they were all dry. The only water we saw was this small waterfall but the stream runs through a pipe under the road. Near the top we stopped to snap a few pictures to see how dirty the Jeep was getting. It was a very dusty drive and since the had the Freedom Top off the whole trip the inside was just as bad as the outside. On the way back down we spotted the helpful sign. There was a fire in this area a few years ago and there are, in fact, many dead and drying trees along the trail. A few more pictures of the dirty Jeep before getting back on the pavement. This was a great first trip and I think we are all hooked. I can't wait to do more exploring.[...]

The New Jeep


Last Saturday Kathy and I bought a new 2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. I have wanted one of these since the 4 door was released about 5 years ago and I have wanted a Jeep in general since I was a kid. This the Sport model with a few extra upgrades including the towing package and the aluminum wheels. It has power windows and door locks and is fairly refined for a Jeep. The color is Cosmos Blue and is even more blue in person. Below are some pictures taken at the dealer the day we bought it.




Now I just need to learn how to drive it so I don't make a fool of myself the first time I take it off road.

A Quick Update


Time for a quick update for those who are interested in such things. I started my ART122 Drawing II clase a couple of weeks ago. It is very different than my Drawing I class even though it is the same instructor. It should be a good challenge and will encourage me to be more creative. I started a new blog dedicated to my drawing. Check it out!

The COLD FROM HELL kicked in just after Christmas and it took the better part of a month to kick it. It also triggered a sinus infaction. This this crap, combined with the weather, has kept me off the bike. I am hoping that things dry out a warm up soon.

Kathy and I spent last weekend repainting the Living Room, the Family Room and part of the hall and kitchen. We added some new bookshelves from my parents and moved around the furniture. It was a tone of work (too much for one weekend actually) but it was worth it. Things are looking good. Just a few days after my last post about needing to do some work on the house the water heater went out. We got that fixed for the low, low price of only $850! Such a deal.

2010 already


It is hard to believe that it is 2010. The last five years have...well...not really gone quickly I guess. But it is still amazing to me that it is 2010. It has been quite a while since I have had anything to say on this blog. I have moved my political commentary to a new blog. My hobby stuff is now of two other blogs. That does not leave much to do here.

I guess I can talk about some personal goals for the new year. Fairly standard stuff I guess. One thing I would like to do this year is update this blog more often. Once a month would be good.

Another goal is to get more exercise. I bought a new bike in September and have been riding fairly regularly since. December kind of messed me up a bit. I want to keep this going and perhaps add in some regular hiking adventures as well. A few fishing trips this year would be very cool.

I would also like to keep up with school. Last fall I took a drawing class at Estrella Mountain Community college. It has been a long time since I have been to school (at least 8 years) and it was strange. I have a good time with the drawing class and I plan to continue taking one class at a time through the duration of the year. Art classes are a new experience for me.

I need to put some time and money into the house. The last couple of years have not been good for me when it come to taking care of the house. The housing market crash and the personal challenges hit hard. It is now time to get this back on track. The first project will be to install the garage door opener my sister got me for Christmas.

Enjoy life. Sounds simple but turns out it can be pretty tough. For a long time I have been just going through the motions and have been fairly detached. The good news is that I have a wonderful family and great friends and they have been a huge help through tough times.

New Blog


I have started a new blog for by politcial commentary - Not much to see but it will grow over time. It just does not seem right to talk about that crap here.

Random Pictures of Emily


Just thought I would post some pictures of Emily. There will be more to come.


Emily's Story


Tonight I realized that a lot of the reason people visit this blog anymore is for information about Emily. This blog has become the focal point of Emily's story. Recently I have begun to post on some topics of interest to me and I might do some more of that in the future, but this type of activity makes it harder for people to find out what they really want to know about and that is Emily.

To make things easier I have tagged all of the posts about Emily and they can all be viewed as a group. As I post anything new about Emily or that relates to her I will add the tag. If you have linked to this blog for Emily's story please update your link to her collection of posts, that way you don't have to wade through my incoherent ramblings on politics or some other stupid subject.

This was a tough task for me. It has been a long time since I have looked at all of the stuff about Emily and it really hurts...but it also make me very proud that I am her father. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of her and miss her.

Save the Mexican Children!


George Will brilliantly dismantles the administration and points out their many failings. Things are going to get very bad and the blame Bush mantra is going to get VERY old.

The 'Blame America First' crowd strikes again. Hmm, guns are illegal in Mexico and now they have a gun problem, drugs are illegal in the US and we have a drug problem. See a trend? The
answer that these kooks will come up with will be to make guns illegal in the US. Perhaps they should legalize drugs...but seriously isn't it time to rethink this entire issue?

I have yet to hear any credible stories that indicates that Americans are significantly involved in any weapons smuggling into Mexico. The one case I have heard of involved a Cave Creek AZ gun dealer that was charged with selling guns to a Mexican gang member who was using bogus documentation. This case has been dropped. It seems like the people who are breaking the laws in the US concerning guns are the same people in Mexico murdering and smuggling drugs and people into the US. Sounds like a mostly Mexican problem to me. Stand by for the cries of 'Save the Mexican Children!'

AIG is totally screwed and the taxpayers will have to pay even more to clean up this mess. How is a company that is too big to fail going to survive when all the experienced managers leave...and they will. After the way these people have been treated who would want to work for them? Not me. This company is done and it should have been allowed to fail a year ago. Keep an eye out for the part about working for a $1 annual salary, turns out this guy's bonus was his pay!

Album Meme


I got this idea from a friend. I thought I would try it out.

1 - Go to "wikipedia." Hit “random”or click The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.

2 - Go to "Random quotations"or click The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.

3 - Go to flickr and click on “explore the last seven days”or click Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

4 - Use photoshop or similar to put it all together.


Kind of a neat creative exercise.