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More relevance than Gordon Copeland

Updated: 2016-09-08T16:21:49.304+12:00


Charity begins at the IRD


In today's Herald, the Mactional Government are still banging on about widening tax rebates/loopholes for charitable donations.
This despite the fact that studies have shown that for most people, the incentive of a tax rebate is low on their list of reasons for giving.

When in opposition, National made noises about how 'complicated' the tax system is and how it needed to be 'simplified' yet now in Government, they want to add an additional layer of complication of which the net benefit to the country will be close to zero. However companies and individuals will now have new ways to avoid/evade paying tax by claiming rebates for 'gifts' that were going to given anyway or imagined 'gifts in kind' that do not exist except on a filed tax return.

In a rather hamfisted way I did try make this point in a comment at The Standard yesterday, but as is traditional amongst Standardnistas it was ignored in favour of calling people 'fuckwits' and 'pricks'.


Zero Tolerance for ACT's paedophiles


From today's Christchurch PressA 60-year-old former teacher and ACT Party general election candidate from North Canterbury has been found guilty on 24 child pornography charges. Malcolm Albert Spark of Kaiapoi was yesterday remanded in custody after the jury returned guilty verdicts at the end of a three-day trial in the Christchurch District Court. Spark stood for ACT in the 1999 election, winning 584 votes in the Waimakariri seat. He was also on the party list, at No 41....The jury convicted him on all the charges: 10 counts of making an objectionable publication and 14 counts of knowingly possessing an objectionable publication.The publications related to child sexual exploitation.The department's case was that Spark had taken part in on-line chats with girls aged from nine to 15 in 2005, which led to him obtaining images which he put with a summary of what he had learned about the girls during the chats.It seems that in 2005, Mr Spark was already feeling pangs of guilt and wrote a letter to the Press editor in what now appears to be a blatant attempt to justify his own predatory behaviour.Burning witches?Sexual fantasy is an area kept mostly out of the public arena. I imagine there are a huge number of sexual fantasy categories of which sex with a child is one.In order to avoid creating more victims, we need to find out if people who engage in sexual fantasies actually expect to live out those fantasies in real life and if there is any evidence that sexual fantasies are lived out.If these people actually don't pose a threat, then we need to be very careful we are not burning witches.Soon digital artists will be able to create photograph quality images of people to satisfy many people's sexual fantasies. When viewing becomes truly victimless, will a crime still be committed?Finally, are we running the risk of heading towards a society with a new category of police -- thought police?MALCOLM SPARK KaiapoiTHE PRESS, 26 FEB 2005, Edition 2, Page 12.Perturbed by the lack of response to his suggestion of legalising child pornography, Spark tried again the following week.Why no discussion?Last week I wrote a letter on sexual fantasies and child pornography under the heading Burning Witches (Feb 26). It is an issue I perceived to be important and I fully expected a large amount of correspondence. To date, apart from two supportive phone calls, there has been no correspondence.I conclude the subject is of no importance, or it is too frightening for most people to speak up about. If it is the latter, then it is a sad commentary on the state of our free society.For a society to be truly free, any subject will be able to be discussed openly. The test of freedom comes when the subject is a difficult one. If I am right, in NZ we have still some distance to go before we can consider ourselves part of a free society.MALCOLM SPARK KaiapoiTHE PRESS, 5 MAR 2005, Edition 2, Page 12.Two things we can learn from this,1) This guy makes David Garrett look like a fine upstanding citizen.2) If this wannabe-pedophile was ranked #41 on ACT's list, what does that say about those ranked 42 or below?[...]

Show us your Titular Honours!


The Mactional Government has unleashed it's newest and most futuristic idea yet to turbo-charge New Zealand inc. Bringing back Sirs and Dames!
This is wonderful news for (soon to be) Dame Jenny Shipley, now she'll be able to command a much higher fee to sit on the board of a Chinese bank.

And a note to Allen Stanford, if Antigua ever takes that knighthood back off you, we've got plenty for sale down here in NZ.

Video analysis follows.

(object) (embed)

The 0.0001% Doctrine


In recent comments to the extremist Investigategate magazine Prime Minister Brian John Key said that climate change legislation needs to have flexibility built into it in case "the climate sceptics are right".
It is an interesting proposition to have government legislation written with discredited conspiracy theories in mind.

Perhaps PM John could implement this style of conspiracy aware government into other policy fields. Here are some helpful suggestions to get him started.

  1. Rewrite Kiwisaver legislation for the possible return of Jesus and the ascension of true believers to heaven.
  2. Ask MFAT to develop an action plan in the circumstances that President Obama declares the US to be a Muslim caliphate.
  3. Commision a study into the link between vaccines and autism.
  4. Ask for flexibility surrounding restrictions on the sale of tobacco for the possibility that it does not cause cancer.
  5. Ask the DPMC to investigate links between himself and the Illuminati.
  6. Direct the Civil Avation Authority to create guidelines for the piloting of alien spaceships in NZ airspace.
  7. Do away with regulations on air and water pollution so as to pre-emptively appease the future robot masters of New Zealand.
  8. Investigate links between the consumption of KFC and impotence in Pacific Islanders.
  9. Double the amount of electric lighting in government institutions so as to further dissuade lizard people from taking public office.
  10. Remove fluoride from the public water supply for fear it causes schizophrenia.


Live from the Job Summit


(image) (object) (embed)

Guilt upon exaggeration


Guilty upon accusation is a good brand to sell this issue around, however it is just ever so slightly hyperbolic. We have various characters going around saying how "guilty upon accusation" in Section 92A is unfair and not the kiwi way. Yet the Mactional Government recently passed legislation under urgency that allows employees in 'small businesses' to be fired within the first three months with virtually no recourse.
Being fired from a job for no reason, is that not "guilt upon accusation"?
Where is the anger in the NZ wankosphere about this law that comes into effect next week?
There is little outrage about "my rights" and "freedom" around this law since it will mainly affect people on lower wages - the working class (are we still allowed to say that?), not a significant demographic in the NZ blog clique. That's not to say opposing Section 92A is the wrong thing to do, the law is an ass. But it seems people are very choosy and myopic about "rights" and "freedoms" nowadays.

Our Precedent is Black


The 'controversy' around Section 92A exhibits all the traits of modern ridculousness, the act itself is absurd, as too are the opinions of the media industries that support it. But so too is are some of the protests against it. A strong and forceful message has been sent to the Government by thousands of people changing their profile picture on Facebook and bebo. And twitter as well!!! That will really stick it to them.

And while the Power/Joyce/Finlayson troika are reeling from that killer blow, the NZ wankosphere is going to 'black-out' their webpages for two whole hours!!! Of course you can still access rss feeds and read any new material after the 'protest' is finished. But hey, it's symbolic man, all the wankosphere joining together to deliver a meaningless act of self-expression that will invetiably recieve a meaningless and empty response.

Orewa Resurrection


(image) Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!

Clint Rickards and John Key BFF?


At last Wednesday's lunch where John Key announced Mactional's minor changes to business tax policies, among the 400 invited guests was none other than Clint Rickards, the rapist.
It's disgusting the way Rickards has slithered his way back into the system, using ethnicity as part of his defence for his despicable behaviour. But it's not surprising that the old cronies are protecting him, deeming him to be a fit and proper person to practice law and embedding him within the Waipareira Trust. There's probably an expectation that in a few years time we'll all have forgotten about what that "crazy bitch" said about innocent Clint and he can inch his way back up into a position of power. But some of us will never forget what this scumbag did, and his presence at any sort of governmental function other than inside a prison is totally unacceptable.

The idiocy of the "rolling maul"


Metaphors are funny things, in response to the economic crisis, we've had talk of Obama's Large Stimulatory Package and K-Rudd administering an "amphetamine shot" to the Australian economy.
Yet here in New Zealand we shy away from metaphors evoking the mainlining of hard drugs or large Presidential appendages. As a group of simple folk we prefer more earthy metaphors, be it weather, food, or of course Rugby. John Key's so-called "rolling maul" of "economic initiatives" appears to be the brainchild of a "marketing expert" who thinks that Rugby is synonymous to the national identity of NZ but does not actually follow the sport himself.

The rolling maul is a tactic that in modern times is used occasionally by skilled teams such as the All Blacks. However it is more commonly employed as a "go-to" tactic by distinctly average teams like England or East Coast. This tactic enables a team to achieve far more against superior opposition than they would have otherwise.

Even though NZ has a Rugby team that doesn't rely on the rolling maul to succeed, perhaps Key's metaphor makes sense in the spirit of the "little Kiwi battler", but in that case who are NZ's superior opponents? Our trading partners, Australia and China? Venezula? Iran? The invisible hands of the global economic crisis that are all around us? If so, shouldn't we be playing touch?

But whoever the opposition is, what happens when NZ finally collapses on the line to "score"? Do we get back up? And if so will we revert to the exciting back play NZ is renowned for or will we be forever condemned to playing the economic game in the style of Clive Woodward?

But the main reason John Key's metaphor is so bad is that there are currently experimental rules in international Rugby (ELVs) that include changes specfically designed to counteract the "rolling maul" tactic. The rules allow the defending team to collapse the maul without penalty, thus making the tactic far less useful, especially for a mediocre team like England.

So the "rolling maul" is not only ill suited to NZ's modern style of play, it is ineffective in the new global enviroment. Our "opposition" can collapse the "maul" stranding us far from where we want to be and we lose possession.

In the end, perhaps the "rolling maul" will turn out to be an apt description of his government's approach to the economic crisis though maybe not in the way Key intends.




Funny how our new and wonderful Minister of Social Development was not present at the economic summit/meeting/talk-fest of Ministers yesterday. Her ministry is going be taking on massive numbers of new 'clients' in 2009 and MSD programs should be an essential component of any poverty alleviation and economic stimulus measures.
Instead Mactional's 'plan' so far seems to be to funnel taxpayer money through business and cutting public spending in a repeat of the failed trickle-down policies of the past.

New minister pulls plug on costly summit


An emergency jobs "summit" due to be held by the Prime Minister in February has been axed after Social Development Minister Paula Bennett declared it a waste of money.

Ms Bennett said she was surprised the PM had continued with plans for the conference after his repeated warnings that he wanted careful spending of public money.

"As you can imagine, sipping my tea at 11 o'clock at night reading that made my face turn blue," she said.

"I then suggested quite strongly to the PM that he might like to revisit that in the current economic times. I told him I didn't think the New Zealand public would see this as a good spend."

Change we can believe in


11/7/96 The Press

New law will ban inefficient appliances

The Government will pull the plug on the sale of some energy-inefficient appliances and electrical equipment.

Energy Minister Doug Kidd yesterday announced new energy-efficiency legislation would be developed that would effectively ban the sale of some categories of electrical products that did not meet new energy efficiency standards.

Standards would initially apply to domestic hot-water cylinders, fluorescent lamps, and fluorescent ballasts for office lighting, but could also be extended to electric motors and domestic refrigerators and freezers after more analysis.

The legislation, which is expected to go before Parliament next year, will not apply to existing installations of appliances and equipment.

Mr Kidd said the new measures would benefit consumers through lower energy costs, benefit the economy through savings to businesses and reduced pressure to construct new energy generation plants, and benefit the environment through reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

Officials have estimated the net national economic benefit of the standards could be as high as $70 million over 15 years. Total carbon dioxide emissions are also expected to be cut by more than one million tonnes over the same period.

Mr Kidd said consumers would still enjoy a wide choice of models from each product type, but the least energy efficient and most obsolete technologies would be ``knocked out of the market''.

Standards would be developed in consultation with manufacturers and suppliers would be given time to dispose of stocks of non-complying products before the new legislation took effect, he said.

2/12/08 NZ Herald

Eco bulbs unlikely to be compulsory - Key

A proposal to phase out incandescent lightbulbs is extremely unlikely to go ahead under the new National Government.

Prime Minister John Key stood by National's policy in opposition against the Labour Government's plan to implement a new standard for lightbulbs, which would see old incandescent lightbulbs phased out by the end of next year.

"We have real concerns about telling people that they have to move to energy efficient light bulbs by decree," he said.

"We want to encourage people to do that, we think there may be benefits for them to do it, but it should be a choice they make as consumers."

Global Peace and Justice are Mossad Agents


Seriously, that's the only logical explanation I can think of for the way the nutcase left is behaving over the Israeli Government's ongoing war crime in Gaza.
It's an obvious outrage that is dominating news coverage right now. People are angry and have every right to protest, but why do it in such a self defeating fashion? Why smear 'blood' on a memorial to Yitzhak Rabin who was murdered by one of his own people because he sought peace? What is the point of standing outside a tennis tournament demanding penance from a 22 year old tennis player?

The IDF bombed a school in Gaza that was flying the UN flag killing upwards of 40 children, the death toll is now approaching 700. Yet these misguided trivial actions distract focus from the story of what is going on in Gaza and allows those who defend and/or endorse the war crimes to shift the conversation away from the atrocities.

The New Boss



The Board of Directors have spoken and the new guy is in charge.
An emerging national identity has been put aside to refocus on becoming the best performing subsidiary of Worldwide inc. This new NZ era of managerialism will be fronted by a man from Christchurch who combines the bravado, thick accent and MBA management of pre-9/11 George W Bush with Steve Carrell's character from the US version of The Office.

We Called It!



Posted in January 2005

John Key?
Now this is who I want. The 'Great White Hope', along with Simon Power and Katherine Rich, he is the future of the National Party, he has the qualities, integrity and 'X' factor needed to lead NZ in the right direction, and less importantly, he's the cutest National MP by far. I'd like to see Katherine Rich as deputy, but realistically I doubt that will happen. I must confess that although my support for him is probably influenced by the $500 bet I made in 2002 that he would be the next National Prime Minister, it is sincere and genuine support.

Who is John Key? Part II: John Key is Barack Obama


Nominated by Chris Trotter and Peter Dunne

Barack Obama and Key both share English as a first language.

Both were born on a Pacific island, within four days of each other, so they could conceivably be twins.

Obama's middle name is "Hussein". John Key's middle name is "Putin"

Current opponent is a polarising female career politician with the initials "HC"

Obama has run on a message of change. John Key is a candidate of change.


Obama's election slogan is Hope. Action. Change.
John Key's slogan is I'm. Not. Helen Clark.

John Key is not a muslim.

Obama possesses oratory skills and charisma rarely seen in a modern political leader.
John Key has a classical tory lisp and the finest oratory skills since Don Brash.

Michelle Obama is a far more attractive "Dick Cheney" than Bill English.

Our verdict: No. if a comparision with an American Democratic canididate is really necessary, try John Kerry. "I was against the repeal of Section 59, before I voted for it, but when I'm charge I'm going to repeal it"

Who is John Key? Part 1


In the first of a possibly 300-part series, we examine the toughest question the media are asking of the National Party this year.
Just who is John Key?

As Key is seemingly absent of any discernible personality or policy, perhaps it would be more fun to use figures from popular culture to characterise this otherwise dull & uninspiring politician.

Don Brash's alternating characters of Mr Magoo & Montgomery Burns worked well for Labour three years ago and to win in 2008, an effective character needs be selected for Key.

Unfortunately the character Labour have created for Key thus far is "a vacuous rich-prick who is a incompetent fool and out of his depth and also a hollow man with a secret right-wing agenda to 'loot the state' for his rich anonymous donors."
This character is so contradictory and would really only be believable in the confines of a bad soap opera or US presidential politics.

National's 'positive' characterisation of Key as "Mr. Ambitious" however is just as ineffective, being two-dimensional and with only a little more depth than the real thing.

The deafening yawn


At the Labour Party's unofficial blog they allege corporate right wing media bias is afoot because of the 'deafening silence' about a speech given by John Key two months ago.

After all, both Labour & the EPMU (who have "no connection to the Labour Party") issued press releases about what Key said at a high-powered meeting with the Kerikeri District Business Association just before Christmas.

Surely this should be front-page news in mid-Feburary?

Or maybe there's a 'deafening silence' because it's such a obviously coordinated attempt at a diversion from the Owen Glenn saga.

If National-Lite had any spine, they would stand up and shine the light back on National's anonymous funders.
But it seems Labour's winning election strategy is to shy away from the issue and look like they have something to hide..

The height of this ridiculousnesses with the PM not shaking Owen Glenn's hand at the opening of the Auckland Business School he paid for!

Why is the PM of New Zealand kowtowing to a bunch of journalists who spend too much time reading kiwiblog?
A guy openly bankrolls your party and your former university's business school, and you reward him by chaining him to Mad Dog Mallard?
Fuck them, you're the fucking Prime Minister, shake his fucking hand and smile like you mean it.

It makes for a marked contrast between the two party leaders, Our Great Leader Helen does want to be seen with a businessman that has made millions of dollars of donations to her and the country, and yet John Key will hold hands with the head of a Maori Mafioso and hongi with a dodgy activist awaiting trial on firearms offenses.

Extreme naivety vs Hardened cynicism, what a choice we have this year.

Headline with a pun based on the word poll


Another bad poll for Labour in the Dom Post today. National with a sizable 23-point lead.
I must take issue with the analysis of the results though.

One in four of National's support base have switched to the party this year. That suggests Mr Key easily won the early election year jousting - at Waitangi, over boot camps for young offenders in his state of the nation speech, and at the opening of Parliament.


No, of course, the rise in voter support has be as a result of the narrative our serious and well-respected journalists create. Silly voters don't care about saving or earning thousands of dollars in interest over a lifetime, what they care about is Tame Iti, boot camps and the 20 seconds of John Key's opening day speech they saw on the news.

The DomPost also claims "The plunge in her support is likely to spark speculation of a leadership coup." (against Helen Clark)
Her preferred PM rating is 29%, her party's is at 32%, A difference of just three points, yet National is the preferred party of 55% in this poll, while Key only has 44% support for preferred PM, a difference of 11 points.

Labour have a lot of 'issues' to resolve this year, but Clark's leadership is definitely not one of them.

Sensing Donors


Today on her blog at the National Herald, Audrey Young pondered "Was NZ First's mystery donation from Glenn too?"
This suggestion was based on the facts that NZ First received an anonymous donation of an unknown amount last year and Owen Glenn has donated money to political parties in the past and denied donating to NZ First.

In the world of the new media that's more than enough information to run with a story, after all what other possible conclusion could one make by looking at those two facts in isolation?

Though to be sure no-one thought she was lacking in journalistic ethics Young cautioned that

It is important to get fuller disclosure on this, not least to ensure that mud does not stick where it is not warranted.

Having unwarranted mud thrown about would be a terrible thing, so naturally as a responsible mainstream media outlet the Herald exercised restraint by making it the main headline on it's website for the afternoon.


Hilariously, later in the day, Winston Peters (in Africa), furiously denied the suggestion of a Glenn-NZ First donation to TVNZ's Espiner the Boy Wonder. Young later graciously accepted Winston's denial on her blog and said it was 'unfortunate that this may not be cleared up in a hurry' as Peters is not back in NZ until Saturday.

She's right of course, it was unfortunate and perhaps even inconsiderate of Winston to be out of the country, asleep and not available for comment while a senior journalist interviewed her keyboard about his activities.
There is a real story in there somewhere, after all Owen Glenn hasn't denied donating to NZ First nor has he denied that he has stopped beating his wife.

New Zealand's mostly widely read newspaper now has the less credibility than that of New Zealand's most popular blog. At least David Farrar has a disclosure statement.

The Bastardisation of Kiwisaver


The mysterious 'Superpoints' brand was launched at the A1GP in Taupo recently, many a puzzled spectator wondered what the product was. A visit to their website gave little away.

It's seems 'Superpoints' is a new customer loyalty scheme, that will piggyback on Kiwisaver accounts.
Every New Zealand home will receive SuperPoints cards and an information pack in the mail.
SuperPoints is a new type of customer card designed to help all New Zealanders take advantage of earning points from a lifetime of shopping. These points get converted to cash and added to the fund, to help grow your money on top of the $1,000 kick-start from the Government to start your personal super fund for when you retire. Your points never expire. Over time funds will compound and can grow into thousands of dollars for retirement at age 65. The funds are held by Guardian Trust and advised by New Zealand's most expert and well-established organisations.

SuperPoints gives the opportunity to make voluntary contributions into the fund whenever people choose. This is done through technology that will be available in any shop displaying the SuperPoints sign.

The first step to financial freedom is collecting the free $1,000 kickstart, thanks to the combination of the SuperPoints card and KiwiSaver.

This just seems crazy.

Should taxpayer's money in the form of $1000 Kiwisaver 'kick-start' be used to gain market share from FlyBuys and other customer loyalty schemes?

Is it really fair that workers currently in a kiwisaver scheme are forced to save 4% of their income to get the $1,000 bonus, while non-workers will seemingly be able to access the $1,000 through a customer loyalty scheme.

And is this a Labour Party election-year bribe initiative ?

Or maybe there's a misunderstanding on my part about Kiwisaver, which I thought was meant to be a voluntary retirement saving scheme for working New Zealanders with contributions from the employee, the employer and the state, not a (partially) tax-payer funded customer loyalty program designed to get people to buy more crap at the petrol station.

Karma Keymeleon


There seems to be no limit to what John Key will say and do to form a government, not even insane photo opportunities like this

(image) The way he's clenching The Godmother Titewhai Harawira's hand as if it was that of his own kin, seems eerily reminiscent of George W Bush's overly-enthusiastic hand-holding with Saudi Prince Abdullah
But if that's not enough to question Key's judgment with, there's this,

(image) What the fuck is he thinking?

Seemingly an unholy National-Maori Party Coalition.
Crazy fucking times ahead.

Labour 1, National 2 aet


National has made another step towards becoming part of mainstream New Zealand by adopting Labour's policy for interest-free student loans.
This will mean the thousands of people who have a student loan can vote for a change in government knowing they aren't going to get fucked over by their loan in the future.
So why are National trying to bury it with 'dead rat' spin at a junket in Rotovegas?

Later this year Labour will have no shame when it comes to trumpeting their newly found love of personal tax cuts even though they are ideologically opposed to it.
If National's reasoning is because "we lost the last election" then why not just adopt all of Labour's policies and invite Our Great Leader Helen to take over a grand coalition and become PM for Life, and Honest John can go back to buying ghastly houses.

This policy will win National far more votes than that 'boot camp' garbage, all we voters ask is a little bit of (fake) sincerity when selling it, be happy about it!, it's your damn policy, you can always blame Brash/English,/Shipley/Richardson for the past.

CommunoFascism a GoGo


This blog has now achieved official political hermaphrodite status.

(image) (image)

According the Labour Party's unofficial blog the Standard, we are of the right-wing persuasion, or as we like to call it - 'fascists', but now the ultimate arbitrator of NZ-blog political alignments, National's dpf has deemed us to be on the 'left' or rather, 'communists'.

Being listed as political opposites of & can only mean one thing, we are the NZ Blog-Clique's Peter Dunne.