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Do you know a great dad? Look for LILY'S CAT MASK for Father's Day!

To order directly from Penguin Random House, click here:



 Illustrated by Émile Bravo

A fisherman napping in his boat is interrupted by a tourist. The tourist explains to the fisherman that he could make more money if he just spent more time fishing. 

The tourist doesn't stop there. With every page his business plan grows more ambitious. New boats are added, then a smokehouse, a canning factory, a private helicopter, a Paris restaurant, and an export business. 

"And then you could come and relax here in the harbor, take a nap in the sunshine, or just enjoy the magnificent view!” says the tourist.

The fisherman has a short but perfect reply. 

Illustrated in a handsome cartoon style (inspired by THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN),
THE FISHING LESSON is a funny and insightful story about work and contentment.

(Thank you to Eerdmans.)

Get On Your Bike


It starts with a clash (a very human and realistic one) between two friends—William (a dog) and Bobby (a panda). Their quarrel escalates, sending Bobby out the door and onto his bike. Bobby travels on winding city streets and out to the Dutch country­side. 
For the youngest child, Bobby will have to be pointed out, especially in the first sketchy cityscape. The book is teaming with animals reminiscent of Richard Scarry's Busytown.  
In each lively spread you can find Bobby passing vibrantly varied groups of animals. To name just a few, there are deers on bikes, bears on scooters, pigs in dapper suits and picking tulips, and bunnies on boats. 

Calming down as he rides, Bobby bikes over a canal, and back to a forgiving William. 
Get On Your Bike is written by Joukje Akveld, and illustrated by Philip Hopman (illustrator of the wonderful Mikis and the Donkey). 
Loved it! 
(Review copy from Eerdmans)

Welcome 2018


Ed Emberley's Drawing Pages: Welcome 2018 with hound dogs, mice, elephants and more!

The New Year for Trees


Tu B'Shevat begins on the evening of Tuesday, January 30th 

and ends the evening of the January 31st


Illustration for Sadie's Snowy Tu B'Shevat, written by Jamie Korngold

World Read Aloud Day!


Skype with me on World Read Aloud Day

Skype visits are approximately 15 minutes long. I introduce myself and talk a bit about my books, read a short picture book, and answer some questions from students. My available times are between 8 am and 5 pm EST.

If you’re a teacher or librarian and you’d like to schedule a free Skype visit, contact me via 
Skype In The Classroom

Oliva Narrated by Dame Edna


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Thank you to the folks at Everyday Diversity


for including

Visit EVERYDAY DIVERSITY to see more picture book suggestions:

Clover Robin's 'Bug Hotel'


So looking forward to seeing the beautiful collaged artwork in Clover Robin's very first illustrated book, 'Bug Hotel', which will be published by Little Tiger Press next spring. Check out more of her charming art here...

Need a Holiday Gift for a Shy Child?


Look for my book, LILY'S CAT MASK here:

At Night


HARDCOVER; Published: 9/2/2016
ISBN: 978-0-8028-5471-1
41 Pages
ages 2 to 6

AT NIGHT starts with a series of animals paired with descriptions of where each one sleeps. (Mischievous minor characters roam the night.) A bat "dangles from the cave roof," a polar bear "snores loudly in his ice cave," and a little boy "sleeps peacefully in his bed." All is in order.

But then you come to two full moons—one in total eclipse—and the book literally flips into dreamland. The polar bear "snores in the doghouse," (or on top of the doghouse). "The dog dozes on a tree branch," and "the leopard dozes in the ice cave."

Bansch's illustrations are textured with collage and pen. Her work is sketchy and playful.

AT NIGHT is a bedtime book perfect for a preschooler who understands order, but enjoys when order is turned upside down.

allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560">

Thank you to Eerdmans Books for the review copy.

A Year of Reading: Great Dads


A Year of Reading: Great Dads: Two books with great dads who both understand and validate the fears of their children. Lily's Cat Mask by Julie Fortenberry Vik...

Happy Halloween



 I'm the one on the right with my friend, Kim. The photo is from LILY'S CAT MASK, and was taken a few years ago by Kim's mother, Marion. Thank you, Marion!

The Call of the Swamp


Davide Cali illustrated by Marco Soma I put off reading The Call of the Swamp when I received a review copy. While Boris, the main character, looks appealing (like the cute salamander, the axolotl), I assumed that the story would be too surreal for my taste.Instead I found that Boris's story rings true. It's about the pain of not knowing where you belong in the world. It's moving from the parents' point of view as well. Beautifully rendered, sweet without being saccharin.  Eerdmans Books for Young ReadersHARDCOVER; Published: 9/25/2017ISBN: 978-0-8028-5486-5Ages 4 to 9You can see more artwork by Marco Soma here:[...]

Jean Little Library:


 Lily's cat mask by Julie Fortenberry: This story is a warm homage to every child who's ever had a beloved toy or piece of clothing that gave them confidence. Lily is fee...

Goodreads Giveaway


Starts today!

   Win a copy of Lily's Cat Mask



Tuesday, September 19th is TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY


In honor of the day, I'm linking to a Pirate Boy door-hanger from my publisher at Holiday House!

It's August 26th




illustration from LILY'S CAT MASK

The Library Voice:


 Find A Book Is Part Of The Top Ten New Books With ...: One of my favorite weekly things to read is... ... from my friend Matthew Winner

Starting (Or Back To) School


Seven books about the new school year (mine included).I Am Too Absolutely Small for SchoolFroggy Goes to SchoolWemberly WorriedSchool's First Day of SchoolOliver and His AlligatorThe Name JarLily's Cat Mask[...]



CREATING CREATIVES  have step by step instructions for these fantastic cat masks! Visit THIS PICTURE BOOK LIFE to see more.


Thank you, Creating Creatives for the jpeg!