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The animals of a jungle have decided to hold a meeting. The lion has come, the tiger has come, the elephant has come, the monkey has come.. But The meeting hasn't started. Guess why ? Because the Donkey is busy reading this SMS !

Found U.....


I chased love i found friendship,
i chased desires i found hopes,
i chased reality i found dreams,i
chased a monkey

i found you.

My friendship...


My Friendship is like an onion, Which has many layers in it, it will add taste to your life, but if you try to cut it, you will have tears in your eyes

Aapki Yaad mein..........


Aapki yaad me mene kalam uthai, lia kagaz, tasvir apki banayi, socha tha dil se laga ke rakhe us tasvir ko, par wo toh bacchon ko darane ke kaam aayi...

Wonderful People..


Wonderful people r carefully created by God, wonderful moments are carefylly planned by God, wonderful friends like you are carefully gifted by God.

Can't Hide any more..


I cannot hide this from u any more.
I don't want 2 hurt u and I feel it's best if I tell u,
before you hear it from someone else ............

Potato Prices Have Gone Up !

Got Drunk..


I mixed RUM in water and got drunk. I mixed BRANDY in water and got drunk. I mixed WHISKY in water and got drunk again. Now I have decided never to drink water again !!!

My feelings for U..


From Mon to Sun..
From Jan To Dec..
From birth till my death..
my feelings 4 u have never changed.
For me..
you've always been ..........
a headache!

Very Urgent.. I need Ur Photo!


Could u fax me ur photo very very urgently ? Mind u -
it's really very very urgent,
damn serious and very imp ....
I'm playing cards and we've misplaced the JOKER.

U & ME


1 day u'll B srprisd 2 c ME beside U.
U & ME laughing,
U & ME crying, U & ME dreaming,
U & ME holding on,
U & ME...
just U & ME sitting in a MENTAL HOSPITAL & ME CHECKING U.

What a Good Personality u Have..


Good looks catch the eyes..
But Good Personality catches the heart.
You are blessed with both! FLATTERED???

Don't Be!!!
It was sent to ME, and I just wanted you to read it..

kya hoga is desh ka.............


India ko azad hue 57 sal ho gaye. phir bhi no progress why? kyo ki aaj bhi bholi-gawar janta KAAM-Dhanda chod ke mere SMS padh rahi hai... kya hoga is desh ka.

Kanjusi Ki maha dasha


Punditji ne apke mobile ki rashi dekh kar bataya hai ki apke mobile pe Kanjusi ki Maha Dasha Mandra rahi hai. Turant mujhe dher sare SMS bhej ke Grah ki Shanti karen.. Dhanyavad

9 lessons in Life.


9 lessons in life:

Learn 2 care,
learn 2 smile,
learn 2 cry,
learn 2 give,
learn 2 forgive,
learn to share,
learn to trust,
learn 2 love &
learn 2 SMS me DAILY...!!!

Good Night and sweet dreams


Hayo Rabba!!
Tussi so gaye? inni jaldi?
ik mint ruko mainu gud nite te wish kar len do!!
gudnite hai ji !
O tussi chaho to sweet dreams bhi dekh lena...

Miss U..


Arth may stop rotating, birds may stop flying ,candles may stop melting,fish may stop swiming,heat may stop beating but i never stop missing u....

If u think i miss u all the time u r wrong i miss u only when i think about u but Damm it i think u all the time i miss u sweetheart ..

There are 24 hours in a DayNight, 10 hours for work, 8 hours for sleeping, 3 hours for eating, 2 hours for exercise and 1 hour for other activities, But all the 24 hours I do MISS U badly..

In My Lyf..I learned how 2 smile.How 2 Laugh.How 2 HardWork.How 2 Love.How 2 cry..but i neva learned how 2 stop MISSING YOU...em MISSIN YA SO MUCH JANU

143 is numerically saying "I MISS YOU" What if I ask u 23423 same as "DO YOU MISS ME TOO? Would u answer me 312 same as "YES I DO"

Me and U are like Hare and Tortoise.I remember u and miss u so fast like Hare, But da only one thing make me very slow then u at last; That is when u give me a SMILE

No matter how softly one pray.


No matter how softly one pray.

GOD listens n understands,

He knows da hopes n fears

we keep in our hearts,

for when we trust His

Sometimes GOD pushes us


Sometimes GOD pushes us to our limits
he tests us beyond our ENDURANCE..
..because HE has greater FAITH in us....
then we have in Ourselves!

its a nice feeling


its a nice feeling when U know that

some 1 loves U

some 1 Misses U

some 1 needs U

but it feels much bettter

when some 1 never foregets U thats ME........

Among Thorns There Are Flowers.


Among Thorns There Are Flowers.
Among Stones There Are Diamonds.
Among Friends There Are Angels.
And Among Angels There Is YOU :)

Some friends r worth 2b thrown


Some friends r worth 2b thrown, some r good 2 keep, some r 2b treasured 4 ever. I think u r the one 2b thrown in the treasure box 2b kept 4 ever

Holy Passion


The holy passion of friendship is so sweet and steady
and loyal and enduring in nature
that it will last through a whole lifetime,
if not asked to lend money.

Boy's Don't Cry


When i wish something i close my eyes
and count it slow from 1 to 5.
when i need something i dont feel shy,
To friends of me i dont ever lie.
To win something i always try and
if i wont it most i dont let fly.
If i lose something i say its not mine
because the fact is that boys dont cry.

Courage does not always


Courage does not always roar.
Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day
saying, "I will try again tomorrow"

Shores never meet,


Shores never meet,
but share the same ocean.
The moon & stars never meet,
yet are in the same sky.
We may not meet often,
but yet you are my good friend!