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Washington Outsiders

Liberal/Progressive/Populist Thoughts from way outside the Beltway... We'll tell you how it looks from out here in the Other Washington... And rain on the conservatives parade.

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help in orange times!


Naomi Klein: The Worst Is Yet to Come with Trump, So We Must Be Ready for Shock Politics

Chris Hedges Best Speech In 2017


we must not turn away.....we must not forget and we must get out the mirrors.   how is the cancerous phase of unregulated crony casino capitalism working for you?  is a question i like to ask.  i'm thinking Chris rivals me for most pessamistic person i know.....and he is way smarter.  and he gives us a way forward......his optimistic side screams thru resist   keep hope alive......  we must live

Bellingham gathers for women's march


saturday january 21, 2017 was amazing!!!!

orange times


the greedy selfish continue....they are licking their chops on repeal of ACA for instant tax cuts.....wonder what they are gunna spend it on??? oh and let's not forget little marco polo rubio's attack on the affordable card act.......didn't get much attention other than rethugs railing about what a failure ACA was.....   H.R. 676 - the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act - was

orange times


→1/12/17 as i'm listening to news and commentary I have become very feels like “don't look here, look over here, look over here........” I still keep coming back to, there is no hope until we get out the mirrors and start owning it. The evil that is done in our name and colored over is heartbreaking. And most of the time it's the juvenile “i know you are, but what am I .“

orange times


12/31/16  Subjecting us all to the orange fascist is just like playing with fire on the 4th of july … are getting your rocks off and endangering all of us. The prevaricator in chief coming to an earth near you.  1/9/17  I am still struggling to understand how so many among us could put all of the earth in such peril. And there is not nearly enough dark humor to cover this one. I have a

orange times


→get ready rivers....... oh and Jim Hightower still has such a way with words.... "augustus trumpus - the master of factual flexibility" where i may say...liar liar pants on fire.

orange times


→after the illusion......  In this age of invasive media with many entries into ones psych, it was just a matter of when.........our symptoms are on display and we have a poster boy of the orange race leading this nation of people. I diagnose him (I admit I am not qualified) as having an extreme anti social personality disorder dripping in narcissism. (is that where the orange comes from ???).

Trump doesn't like this picture


→This Russian puppet wants the media to publish only 'flattering pictures'. If that's what he really want, he needs to resign before he is sworn in and move to some other country. This is America, and we have freedom of expression. He and his followers aren't going to take that away.

Water is Life: Solidarity March with Standing Rock


it was a privilege to stand with those who are trying to protect the earth for future generations who rely on it's precious resources thank you !!!!!

Just Scrap The Cap (We're Movin' In)


so well said....!!  →

happy playing with fire in July day


 this was a bad year! I have survived bad years in the past. The year the guy across the street had mortars mounted on tables at the edge of his property aimed at the sky over my house comes to mind. Two big bags of garbage collected on my quarter acre. Can used fire toys be recycled? This year the foreplay started a few days before the ultimate orgasm. I am speaking from the morning

11 years later......


→we continue our proxy impact in the's a very sad legacy we leave and there seems to be no end in sight.  history will not be kind ........ late update....  river made a post april 9 2013  ten years on....guess i just got used to not looking since 2007 was her last

Ten years later...........


I think this story by Chris Hedges speaks to the profound sadness about where we find ourselves today.  The war criminals who orchestrated the immoral, illegal war continue to live the high lives.  Dead eye dark side dick got the best healthcare money can buy and a heart.  Their children are seen bringing commentary, as if they have qualifications.  The price we are going to end up paying in

Thom on our commons


Mass extinction coming...?


let us behave as if our descendants lives depend on us. →



and why am i suprised......i am trying to figure why the pale, stale and male righties aren't salivating....more to be revealed. shame shame shame....don't know how we are going to save this home for our descendants....the fossil fuel orgy will continue until our land air and water can no longer support live as we know it. shame shame shame.... wake up fellow citizens of Earth.... Secretary

just for fun....Garfunkel and Oates




my input to the scoping process........ Rail Infrastructure I am very concerned about the effect on Amtrak passenger service of the increased number of trains using our rail infrastructure if GPT starts shipping coal and using our rail infrastructure to get increasing amounts of coal from Wyoming and Montana. I have had the pleasure of using Amtrak to travel from my home in Ferndale, Wa. This

dear president obama


and all who care about our descendants home..... late at night when i read an email asking for feedback i thought sure, i'm rich with opinions and ideas .  i think mostly it was trying, as near as i could tell,  to just plug me in to a campaign slot and i zoomed thru most of it, only answering the odd question.  n finally there was a last question to the effect of what's on your mind.....



Absurdity Today with Julianna Forlano


→thank you for this link citizen steve....i've found a place to go when i can't pretend we are not destroying our descendants home as we continue with business as usual with no limits on their credit cards. by human design, we are all involved. absurdity today nails it.  i got linked to Julianna today right after screaming to no one in my room as a bp oil commercial is marketing good

thank you Leslie Gore.....


Whatcom Peace & Justice And VFP Chapter 111 Welcome Author and CODEPINK Cofounder Medea Benjamin


→I had the good fortune to hear Medea speak about the use of killer drones as they become the latest product of the military industrial complex worldwide.  I remember how horrified I was when 60 minutes showed the new way.  It looked like youngsters I've seen playing video games.  Medea speaks about the place we find ourselves with conviction, passion, humor and is incredibly well informed.  She

Don't frack with my water