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Ibn Bint Jbeil

poems, paintings, drawings, & somber memoirs of a distant/painful war.

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Century Of The Self


An amazing, inspiring, revealing documentary by Adam Curtis.There are four episodes:Happiness MachinesThe Engineering of ConsentThere is a Policeman Inside All Our Heads: He Must Be DestroyedEight People Sipping Wine in KetteringI have embedded these Youtube recordings of the film below, in order.Episode 1:Happiness MachinesPart 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Episode 2:The Engineering of

My friends, Maymanah and Athir


Maymanah Farhat's articles, most recently an article on Gazan artists.Above,Maymanah with husband, painter Athir Shayota (1) (2), and new daughter Souha.

Israeli Terrorist Army stooge PUNKED


listen to the audio here as a stooge of the Israeli Destruction Forces is PUNKED by a caller:

Modern David & Goliath


artwork by Ben Heineclick to enlarge

Gaza Endures


A blogger living in Gaza under fire. Click banner:(design by Ben Heine)

Gaza Rising, Palestine Rising


Saga of a Calling Card


(enlarge pictures for larger view)I've been asked countless times if I had a business card or calling card, and my answer has always been an awkward nay. So I set out to create one. I started with the first one below. I wanted to incorporate images from my paintings as well as my Arabic geometric design work. I included one of the most recent paintings from my Land Memory series, as well as a

Arabic Geometric Design 7azzoora


Who would like to try to solve a 7azzoora? In my ongoing quest to dissect, try to understand, and re-invent traditional Arabic geometric design through a digital medium, I have created here 12 versions of the same design motif. Here's the 7azzoora: Which two are identical?!?(click on image for larger view)© Ibn Bint Jbeil 2008



On the occasion of this happy Eid, one cannot but look forward towards a hopeful tomorrow, when future generations of Arab-Americans will evolve into a more synthesized community of Arab + American, when they will become a truer hybrid (!) of the two cultures. Some presumed new elements of this new culture will be things like new hybrid foods, fashion, and language.While many of these phenomena

This Ramadan...


This Ramadan does not feel complete. I am alone during this Ramadan, and it is not a good feeling. Some things are missing from deep inside me.Gracious Ramadan and Blessed Eidgraphics © Ibn Bint Jbeil 2008(click for larger images)::

The Passing of Mahmoud Darwish


Mahmoud Darwish1941-2008In Loyal Memoryto the greatest Arab writer of our time(graphic by Ibn Bint Jbeil)Mahmoud Darwish passed away this weekend, and with him passes a grand epoch of our collective existence. For many of us, his poetry embodied our life struggle, our populist dreams and our humanist expressions, and the struggles and dreams and expressions of our mothers and fathers. His writing

Fee Lubnan


I guess my article about "Life in Lebanon: Between Shatara and Junoon" did not come. Instead, I came up with the poem below. Maybe the article will come in a week or a month or a year; but it will definitely come. Also, check out the pictures at the bottom of this post. (I have been slow in downloading and organizing the pictures I've taken. More to come later.)As I type this, I am sitting in

Lebanon grabs me and shakes me up


I am still in shock.Actually, I have moved to a state of depression. (But am also still in shock.)For someone trying to settle his family in Lebanon, and thereby deal with everyday matters from the perspective of a resident of the country, not a happenstance tourist, Lebanon is certainly a very difficult place to be. It is utter chaos. I am sure there are some places elsewhere in the country that

Off to Lubnan


My family and I will be leaving for Lubnan in two days. I went to the studio yesterday and emptied my entire library of books into almost two dozen boxes, which I stuffed into our little car, which I am shipping to Lubnan (the whole car full of books) via a big sea ship across the Atlantic. I hope to revive my library somewhere in Lubnan. I have some book shelves, a drafting table, easle, and a

5 Days Until . . . .


. . . . my family and I will smell, see, touch and taste the lovely red soil of Lubnan.I promised my 9 year old son, who is infatuated with geography and nature, that we will visit the highest white peaks of the Lebanese Mountains, and explore the blue sea, and roam amongst the hills and valleys of the South, and swim in all kinds of rivers, and climb all the fig and olive trees._

Karm el-Meedan, Land Memory Series


This is the latest of my paintings in the Land Memory Series (see here for previous paintings in this series.) This latest one is called Karm el-Meedan, and is actually a composite of 16 unstretched canvases, each 12 inches square. It is not just paintings, but mixed media composed of paintings and found objects, including ceramic shards, bullet casings and rusted barbed wire fragments.I found

in Palestine, in Lebanon, and everywhere...


I like to imagine thatthe spirit of this painting glows radiantlywithin the breasts of the freedom seeking peopleof the world,but it's meaning is lost on those who grovelat the feet of money and empire.( image: Le domaine d'ArnheimRené Magritte, 1962 )

Penetrate the Wall With Poetry


Click onto Edward's angelic faceto penetrate the apartheid walland hear Mahmoud's cosmic voice.

Vote for ONLY ONE!


UPDATE: The poll closed at the end of May. There were a total of 40 votes. Kabar Mo Aba received 11 votes (27%), Noj CmMain received 12 votes (30%), and Ryhilla Tinclin came out on top with 17 votes (42%). Too bad she lost in real life. Ha Ha!(The poll question was: which candidate's campaign picture do you like most?)_