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Paradise Philippines Learns To Blogtimize!


I'm officially joining the Paradise Philippines SEO contest. This will just be one of my numerous contest entries. Why so many entries? Because the more entries, the more chances of winning. Just read the rules here if you want to join too.No, don't expect that I'll be posting about the beauty of the Philippines as a paradise here. That's why I just changed the title to Paradise Philippines

How To Increase Your Feed Subscriptions


This is based on my personal experience. One of my blogs is averaging 600 unique hits everyday but my Feedburner subscribers were only 30 at the average. After doing some changes last February 9, I was able to increase the subscriber 3x in just 3 weeks. I already hit the 100 feed subscribers today.Here is the list of what I did:I enabled full feed subscription.I enabled e-mail subscription. I put

Ituloy Angsulong SEO Contest


Who will win the ituloy angsulong SEO contest? Every contestants are doing their best to finally win the biggest SEO contest in the Philippines. It's the final week! Hope we can still climb up the SERPs.Support me by linking to this site: ituloy angsulong. Thanks!

Adsense New Referral Pricing Structure


Adsense revised its pricing structure for referrals: AdSense Referrals: * When a publisher who signed up for Google AdSense through your referral earns their first $5 within 180 days of sign-up, you will be credited with $5. * When that same publisher earns $100 within 180 days of sign-up and is eligible for payment, you will be credited with an additional $250. * If, in any 180-day

Switching To The New Blogger


I finally switched to the new Blogger (because Blogger forced me to upgrade!), upgraded my template and did some tweaking so as to come up with this layout. I'm still figuring out how to post the Adsense ads inside the blog post, i.e. the post will wrap around the ads. This is my first post using the new Blogger. I'm still using the classic template on my other blogs. I'll move to the new

Broken Internal Links Can Affect Your Site Ranking In Google


I'm not sure if this is true, but it happened to my ituloy angsulong contest entry recently. I've got 8 broken internal links as reported on my Google Sitemaps account, and on that same date, my blog rankings on Google SERPs dropped. It was a tremendous drop that I can't find my blog on the top 100 for the ituloy angsulong keyword! The broken links occured when I removed some of my recent posts (

Privacy Policy


I respect your privacy and I am committed to safeguarding your privacy while online at my site Blogtimizer. The following discloses the information gathering and dissemination practices for this Web site.Log FilesLike most standard Web site servers, I use log files. This includes internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser type, internet service provider (ISP), referring/exit pages, platform type,

Adsense Beautifier - against Google Adsense TOS?!


This is a major development in Google Adsense implementation. I think, most blogs that I've seen need to check their Adsense implementation because they might be violating the TOS. Inside Adsense recently discussed about placing images near your ads. Most people says it's okay as long as there is a border between the image and the ads. Someone even made a Wordpress plug-in for it and called it

Wrapping your Adsense code inside your post


For the past couple of weeks, I've been busy studying different things so as to increase my Adsense earnings. I studied a little bit of Javascript and came up with the following tweak so as to put your Adsense ads inside your post. You will see this code at work at my Wantusawa blog. You'll notice that the Adsense ad is actually inside the post. So, how did I do that? Here is the step by step

How to "Continue reading here..."


For the past few weeks, I've been looking for a tweak on Blogger to put a "Continue Reading here" on the main page and archive page, forcing the reader to go to the permalink pages where your advertisement are more relevant. I can't find a decent tutorial on the net, but I did find some Blogger blogs with such kind of functionality. What I did was to study their techniques (by reading the source

Money for blogs


Recently, I earned a total of US$80 from my personal blog and my textmates blog, just for putting up a single text link on the sidebar! Interested? Visit this site. It's not a scam! Want some proof? Check this out.By the way, I'm starting to learn Wordpress. Check my Wordpress blog here.That's all folks!

My MFA sites list


Since I'm getting numerous requests of the MFA sites that I blocked using Competitive Ad Filter, your waiting is over. Here is my MFA sites list. To the owners of these sites, sorry guys but I don't want your cheap advertisements on my blog. Ok, here it goes...10-bestsites.com25-topsites.com50webs.com7-topsites.com8-topsites.com8-topwebsites.com8bestsites.com8topsites.com9topsites.comad2006.

Using Web Directories As A Link Building Tool


by: SeoAmitPatelEven in this era of technological breakthroughs, many website owners have a wrong idea about web directories. They think these web directories are simply a way to gain a one-way incoming link. Inclusion in the different web directories is seldom perceived as more than a one-time entry event. The aim is to get listed and obtain the inbound link, for better of for worse. Traffic

Keyword Density & SEO


by: Mike FrancisKeyword density is an important factor in search engine optimization (SEO). Keywords, as the name indicates, are the key factors in a web page, while searching. The webpage will be displayed in response to the search about the particular keyword. However, it won’t be an easy job for the search engines to list the results, as millions of web pages, with the respective keyword, are

My blog got indexed after 2 days!


Yeah, and I was surprised!Here is what happened...I made a new blog, last October 3, and put its link on my PR5 blogs ( and Up to now, this blog is not yet indexed.Now, here is what surprised me. I made another blog last October 4, it's Mesothelioma Awareness. I did the same thing, I put a link on my PR5

Preferred domain name on Google Sitemaps


Do you have incoming links to your blog in http://www.*** format and http://*** format? The bad news is that Google treat each links differently, as if they are pointing to 2 different pages. This is the reason why my currently has a Pagerank of 5 and has a Pagerank of 3. Imagine if these links were treated as

Tweaking the description meta tag


I attended the First Philippine Blogcon 2006 last Monday, September 25, 2006. It was a blast. It inspired me to continue what I'm doing. You won't believe how much blog money these guys are making.Marc Macalua, the SEO expert gave us some tips on on-page optimization. One of his tips is to make a unique meta tag description for each page. He showed us how to do it in Wordpress, but unfortunately,

Get the most out of those clicks


I tried using the Competitive Ad Filter feature of Google Adsense and my earnings per day tripled overnight! I still get the same number of clicks, but the amount I get per click increased 3x!What I did was to block those low paying advertisements. Which advertisements are these? If you see advertisement that says, "Here are the top sites on..." or "We've got the chosen sites on...", block them

Proper ad placement


For the past few days, I kept on experimenting on my Google Adsense placement. If you are not new here, you will notice that I removed the 160 x 600 Wide Skyscaper ad on my left sidebar. Instead, I used the 728 x 90 Leaderboard now, just below the Google Search box. I just found out that it performs better than the Wide Skyscraper. Maybe because it can be seen easily by the visitors, and it seems

Wrapping around the post to the ads


After doing some Adsense experimentation, I have come to the conclusion that wrapping around your blog post to the Adsense advertisement generates a higher click thru rate. The use of wider ads like 336 x 280 works best. Blending ads to your background color and removing the borders gives higher click thru rate.Many readers are asking me, how were you able to wrap around your blog post to the

The Title Tag


The title tag is one of the most important tags in your website/webpage/blog if we are talking about SEO. Search engines prioritize this tag when someone search for a certain keyword. Though to the ordinary blog readers, it is nothing but a simple title at the upper left hand side of their browser, to the search engine, it gives a hint of what your blog contains. And they give so much weight on

Link exchange


When I started learning SEO, I found out that one of the common activity that a blogger do that makes SEO easy is link exchanging. It was already my habit exchanging links with my fellow blogger. Most bloggers I know do the same. Link exchanging as soon as their sidebar goes longer and longer. My personal blog got a long list of blogs on the sidebar that I decided to use a dropdown menu to save

Blogger beta launched


If you are using Blogger in your blog, you probably noticed the change on the sign-on screen. It says, "Sign in with your Blogger or Google account." Hhmmm, when I first saw this, I thought, they are doing some major changes on Blogger. And yes, they are! They launched Blogger beta yesterday! A new range of features are waiting for us. I just hope I can switch to Blogger beta soon. Read more

Spams in blogs


First. What are spams in blogs? These are comments made by spammers to promote their site. These are usually done by a spammer application, spamming hundreds or thousands or millions of blogs in just one crawling.You may ask, what do they get from spamming other's blog? Nobody click on those links, anyway? Yeah, you are right. I don't even click on them either. So, why are they doing this? They

Optimizing your Blogger template


Inside AdSense, the official blog of Google Adsense has a very good article on optimizing AdSense on blogs. Read about it here. I religiously followed their suggestions and saw significant increase on my blog money. But still, I'm not satisfied with the result that I continued experimenting. You'll notice that my ad positioning now is quite different from their suggestion on that article. After