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A descendant of ancient Egyptians who like to ponder everything and not taking it as it is.

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F U!!



Cairo never looked better!!



Simply Egypt!



Facebook:connect or reject?



I've once read a phrase(though methods of communications are advancing,people are becoming less friendly)i couldn't agree more especially after spending sometime over facebook,i thought it would be nice for people to get to know each other andto get together especially if they do have things in common like writers they like,music they listen to and so on,as i believe that nothing get people together better than didn't take me long to find that i was wrong and to find some groups that are destined to specefic persons and other groups that provoke hate with no apparent reason,i couldn't believe when i found groups such as:let's see how many Muslims are we on facebook,fuck Islam,fuck Christianity,how many Jews are we?and so on.I'm totally against people being held together by religion,as it does not make any sense,what makes Egyptian Muslims connected with Malysian Muslims?They have different history,traditions,language,culture,does believing in something that happen more than 1000 years ago make them somehow related?this is stupid.I don't understand either the point with all these(fuck)groups,what are they trying to do?if you want to criticize go on ,there are discussion board,forums for so,just to hate something for what it is,is not logic,I couldn't help but notice Muslims attacks against any group they found offensive even if it is nice and aims mainly to discuss like:hejab is not mandatory,secular and proud,say no for nekab, proves to me that i wasn't wrong after all and that Muslims don't beleieve in discussion and that every Muslim is a potential terrorist,ifyou are so sure of your religion,why are you so afraid to discuss it,for those who think that i'm exagerrating,one visit to the site and the group i've mentioned and find out yourselves.

Cartoons i like.3



My favorite book is.....


I have noticed something that is almost there in most Arabic or Egyptian blogs,that people write in their personal profiles that their favorite book is the Qur'an.Well,i have nothing against people who want to choose their own favorite books but may i know why?In civilized countries people read books and meet every week or two weeks to discuss the book and see it from all its aspects in what's called a book club,is that possible with the Quran?Can it be criticized or discussed?It can only be explained and by people who did it hundreds of years ago which means it can't even be explained according to our modern times.Some people will say Quran is a great book because it tells us what's wrong and what's right,which is not true,laws have been knows a long before all Abrahamic religions not to forget Hammurabi and his law codes.Others will say that Qur'an tells us about the other prophets and people,which is not true either,we can find more stories in the Bible and the Torah,so actually it's not a very unique book if you ask me,some people will say they like it because of its outstanding language,which is difficult and most of people don't understand it,and how can other people who don't speak Arabic understand such thing?You find people here read Qur'an everywhere,work,buses,driving,in the streets and everywhere as reading more gives you more bonus as they think,but do they actually understand what they are reading?No,because they would have noticed the contradictions in most of verses or verses that's simply non understandable.The last study revealed that the Arab person read less than 5 books a year which means nothing,so no wonder as they don't read anything in the first place,they would definitely choose the only book they have read as their favorite!!

The real tolerance.


Some people take Turkey as an example of moderate Islam being a secular country and almost a European one.i never actually agreed on that,walking through Turkey streets it's no different than any other Islamic country,the reality is Secularism and Islam will never go along,freedom and Islam will never go along either,and for those who think otherwise,here are the latest news where 3 persons were slaughtered in a brutal way only because they were working in a missionary publishing house.For those who doesn't know missionary actions are very restricted in Islamic countries and almost forbidden,not to forgot the Egyptian doctor who were tortured in Saudi Arabia being accused of working for a missionary just because he's christian,the same goes in Egypt where people can only know about Christianity from their,when Muslims have the right to talk about their religion anywhere in the world and spread their crap everywhere they won't let other do it and also kill those who try,it's only their eternal fear that someone might reveal their ugly faces which are revealed already,i just hope that before anyone talk bout Islamic freedom and tolerance think about it,that no Islamic countries let missionaries work freely,when you think it's about tolerance and love and live and let live you better think again.

Yes or No?


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Very fantastic indeed!!


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Though I've always considered South Park as my favourite show,i didn't like the(specials)episodes so much,especially those which deal with holidays and stuff till i watched last week episode called:Fantastic Easter Special.The episode was great and not only because it was freaking hilarious but some quotes really mean a lot.The episode parodies The Da Vinci Code in a funny way saying that Jesus put a rabbit in charge on earth as st.Peter.When Jesus appeared later in another scene he said :that's why i put a rabbit in charge,Because man can't actually control people.At the end of the episode where the rabbit has become the pope and the 2 priests asked it:Your holiness,what should we tell the world about how to run their lives?and of course it didn't answer and one of them said:It isn't saying anything and the other said:Just as Jesus intended.
We hope one day that religion would stop controlling our lives in such an awful way,we hope that one day that people are the ones to control their own lives,we hope that people understand the religion-any religion-never managed people's lives and will never do.We hope for the day when a human being of flesh and blood would equally treat other human being of flesh and blood just like him apart from all this religion trash that only got us into endless chaos.HAPPY EASTER for everyone .

The usual hypocrisy-2


From the nice blog:

Now what do you call this?


Reading today's new i found horrible news about how 2 suicide bombers blew themselves up and killed 150 Shia's on their way to visit some sacred place.Muslims used to call those who blow themselves up killing tens of innocents martyrs especially if they are Jews or Infidels even in the Arab media they say(suicide bombers-according to foreign media) so as not to piss off Muslims,now i have a simple question for Muslims are those who killed these people martyrs as well?and if not what are they?Some will answer saying that if two Muslims fight,they will both go to hell,but didn't who blew themselves knew that?i asked someone about that and he told me ,no as Shias are not Muslims and they want to kill us that's why we have to get them first!!!! and is the solution to kill innocents with blowing yourself up?This is so gruppy if you want war then declare was but don't go killing innocents for nothing.

Cartoons i like.2





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Remembering Ofra Haza


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Ofra haza( November 19, 1957February 23, 2000),one of my favourites,Of Yemenite Jewish ancestry,nspired by a love of her Yemenite-Jewish culture, the appeal of her musical art quickly spread to a wider Middle Eastern audience, somehow bridging the divide between Israel and the Arab countries. As her career progressed, the multi-lingual Haza was able to switch between traditional and more commercial singing styles without jeopardising her credibility. The music, too, cleverly fused elements of Eastern and Western instrumentation, orchestration and dance-beat.This song was filmed in Jordan it was an international song for peace.

For more about Ofra:

And in Arabic:

Sorry,we don't shake.


Reading the news like a month ago,there was this one talking about a Muslim officer who refused to shake hands with her boss,because she is a woman and he's a man and this is against her religious beliefs,That didn't surprise me at all,it happens all the time in Egypt,it kinda amazed me at the beginning because before women used to shake normally even if they were veiled,i don't remember having problems with that with women before here but what would we say about the religious obsession that's going on?According to wikipedia:Generally it is considered inappropriate to reject a handshake.I don't know what was this woman thinking?Was the boss the wolf who was waiting there and dreaming about her hand shake?Here it has been something normal and guys learned never to initiate it with a girl.My opinion that it's nothing related to religion or integrity or any that crap it's all about how the society men are animals and just animals who wait any chance to have a touch of any female. the greeting gesture that is known worldwide have become another sexual taboo in Islamic countries and worse, in Europe where females are not just a walking objects of desires like in our countries but where females are humans and shaking hands only means greeting.In all different cultures and countries there are different types of greeting but with Muslims only it's:i reject your greeting because you are a man who just wants to eat me and i have nothing to do with it as i am only an object of desire.

Happy Valentine's Day.


(image) Happy Valentine's day for everyone,may love always be there.

Islamic schools:Love and tolerance.LOL


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Arab attitude.


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Thanks for Urban infidel for bringing that up.

Blood diamond,a movie or a diamond?!


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I never wanted to see this movie,i never liked the trailer,i never liked this genre of movies,but this movie was the only choice in the cinemas complex that day so we just went for it me and my friends,5 minuted after the beginning i was stunned,the movie was so amazing,coming at the end i actually had strange set of different emotions,i never get emotionally involved watching movies but this movie was actually citing facts that happen everyday in Africa,seeing all these killing and how people are murdered for no reason is really so strong,i remembered Somalia,Darfur,and a lot of similar places in Africa.The movie also shows smuggling of diamonds and how poor work hard for it for the sake of big companies and rich people and how does this industry fund rebellion and terror,It's very much a "message" movie, with many scenes showing us how children are doped and brainwashed into being the cannon fodder of Africa's civil wars; and a subplot about how the First World's thirst for diamonds and other natural resources is feeding these conflicts.And the movie is fueled by DiCaprio's intensity and believability. There's not a false syllable in his South African accent, and hardly a moment when he doesn't convey a warped upbringing and poignant love/hate relationship with his home continent. All what i can say that this is a multicarat message movie and i highly recommend it for anyone as he/she will find sure a message that touches his/her soul.

Time to laugh.


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In Abu Dhabi:


Saudi girls saying goodbye to veil, hope Egyptians will come back to their senses as well.

Women,not to rule.



The Mufti of Egypt issued a fatwa that Islamic Shari'a doesn't allow for women to be president or to rule a country but it can be a judge.for those who don't know women in Egypt were not allowed to be judges for several years because of what the Islamic prophet said:Failure awaits those who make a woman rule them.and after several attempts of reform and trying to glorify the ugly face of Islam they allowed women to be judges.That Mufti is really a great man and focuses in very serious issues.when the ferry drowned and 1000 passenger died we never heared him saying anything,when videos and pictures of Egyptian police torture against innocents were all over and everyone saw them he never uttered a word,Hundreds of economic and social problems facing Egyptian in every aspect of their life and all the Mufti sees that there's a problem with a woman to be a president.I will not mention names of great Egyptians women,i will not mention how Islam gave women all their rights like and all this Muslims shit they say all over,I will not mention great female politicians all over the world and thorough ages even from Pharaonic era, i will not mention all this because every issue needs a separate big post.I will just ask you what did your great MEN do with their power?From the very beginning till now we never saw anything but destruction and humiliation?what is the difference?In America women were judges for years and everything goes fine,your inferior look to the woman is the problem,your religion dealing with woman is the problem,the woman is not the problem and she will never be,the problem is in your mind and in your religion,ev(image) en in heathen religion,females were sacred,there were god and goddess,your religion put females in the depth of the dirtiest quagmire,some smart asses will say,it's the same in Judaism ,true ,but we don't see a Jew coming up every now and then saying Judaism gave women all their rights and make them better as Muslims do.again i say the problem in not in women,it's simply in your minds.

Islam,my way.


couple of days ago i was watching a TV show that was hosting a sheikh who answers people's questions,the man was a prominent figure in Alazhar which means he knows all about religion and all religion related crap,books and stuff.that man issued a fatwa that nikab(the woman to cover her face)is not mandatory and it;s even a bad custom and if a woman wants to cover her face she'd better stay home,the man was completely against it to wish i was surprised to tell you the truth,Sheikhs are either neutral or in favour with nikab but never against it.Anyway a while after phones and mails starts to come with threats and curses to the poor man with a lot of evidences of how it's mandatory and how much score a woman would get wearing it,which i wasn't surprised as this is the typical Muslim attitude,so no wonder.What i want to know,what do you people want?this man is a man who is responsible for fatwas and you don't like it either.It seems not only Islam has brought enough chaos to the world but to its own people as well.every time i talk with a Muslim he tries to make it as Islam is a moderate religion and whenever i mention a verse or something some other Mulim said he keeps on saying oh no this is extremism this is not how the real Islam is.Muslims are in such a really big chaos,someone would say that this exists in every religion,true,but Muslims only want to apply their chaotic religion in every aspect of life in strange thing like face covering or a woman driving a car,beard or no beard and the the list goes forever ,stuff that don't exist in any religion or culture and it did they are not a matter of discussion in our new modern world.after 1400 years of appearance of Islam,its people still live in chaos and still asking what to do and what not to do,unlike the people of of the other faiths who came to their senses and know the religion is never an answer only Muslims still believe it!!!Whenever you talk to someone about veil he says it exists in Christianity and Judaism,great but who wear it?who apply it?who act like dickhead about it?only Muslims of course.Every Muslim has his own Islam and has his special way regarding it,Muslims will never agree and will never get better,just look around and see if this religion make your lives better or more messy?Muslims are making their best to make Islam look better,but the truth is:its ugly face will always be there.those people who opposed the sheikh were Muslims and don't accept the fatwa of a Sheikh so how things can get any worse?[...]

Once again.


Once again the Sheikh of Australia is saying what he thinks about Australia,representing the eternal Islamic Hypocrisy.I was wondering was your describing Australia or yourself?