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Published: 24 Mar 18 09:52:42 GMT


Scott Adams totally loses it over Anderson Cooper

24 Mar 18 09:21:52 GMT

Royal Flash: I’ve never seen Scott as annoyed:

Winx sets a world record for Group One flat wins

24 Mar 18 07:09:17 GMT

,ndo: 17 Group One wins, passing American horse John Henry who had 16 in 1984.

24 straight wins, behind Black Caviar's 25.

Trump's Trade War

24 Mar 18 00:25:20 GMT

xampl9: I think there's a word that people have forgotten that describes what he's doing. And in a way, he's borrowed a note from the North Korean playbook --


Push push push, and then start negotiating.

Io, here is my stock trading performance.

23 Mar 18 18:53:08 GMT

DrNo: You can use this to compare to your model.

2017 returns

1st quarter
mine:      21.26%
s&p 500:    5.53%

2nd quarter
mine:        -10%
s&p 500:    2.57%

3rd quarter
mine:        37.5%
s&p 500:    4.79%

4th quarter
mine:        14.26%
s&p 500:      6.12%

Random HN spot

23 Mar 18 18:18:17 GMT

brone: Just saw this while idly wasting my time reading HN: (

> I just interviewed a guy who Capitalized random Words on his resume,

It occurred to me that about 90% of the time I've seen people do this, they've turned out to be paranoid, angry, authoritarian right-wingers of one stripe or another.

(100% certainty if they capitalize "Police" or "Army" when just referring to these entities in the abstract rather than using the official title for some specific instance.)

It's a surprisingly reliable tell, at least in my experience, if not quite perfect. I've worked with a couple of people who capitalized random words and they seemed fairly normal.

But who can say what lurked, hidden, in their subconscious!


23 Mar 18 17:47:25 GMT

Io: I recall you currently work in "finance", have previously worked in finance and have even been involved in "derivatives".

Yet you don't trade by yourself, not even measly stocks like WildRiver does. Being a finance guy with strong math, I'd expect you to be a guru in options.

So why don't you trade your own account?

Is the internet fucked?

23 Mar 18 08:44:20 GMT

Alan Dershowitz: SESTA/FOSTA exposes platforms to new criminal and civil liability at the state and federal level:

Looks like Neelix Dodged a Bullet

23 Mar 18 01:29:57 GMT

Bored Bystander:

LOL. In rural Tennessee near Knoxville. Wtf.

uber car cam video released

22 Mar 18 21:09:06 GMT

Reality Check:

The pedestrian should have been more cautious crossing an unlit road with a 45mph speed limit at night, so she will be found partially at fault.

The driver though is clearly responsible as well since he was staring down at a screen at the time of the impact. If he had his eyes on the road, he would have seen here before he did and might at least have been able to hit the brake and stop accelerating, or swerve. He probably would have still hit her, but she might have survived.

Tech experts though point out that the vehicle's laser and radar system completely failed here as it absolutely should have picked up the pedestrian crossing the road and didn't at all.

big fight at IHOP

22 Mar 18 21:02:05 GMT

Reality Check: Late night group was getting rowdy and rude to server. Manager asked them to be less loud. That made them mad. He  then told them to leave and called the police. They then attacked him and started throwing dishes and chairs. Manager defends self - by throwing chairs. Entire restaurant then becomes 100% a western saloon bar scene.

People like that the manager had some WWF wrestling moves against the customers.

I think they will sue him, and he'll be fired.

Io, your language, ...

22 Mar 18 20:00:43 GMT

Lotti Fuehrscheim: How did it survive where it did?

After the Goths entered the Roman Empire, the Latin Roman Empire never regained control over the area, while the Romans of Constantinople used the Greek language.

How did your Latin population maintain sufficient cohesion through through centuries of Huns, Slavs and various other hordes from the East?

Having issues?

22 Mar 18 19:27:04 GMT

Io - what are you going to do?:


22 Mar 18 18:59:29 GMT

Io: "Căpălit" in Romanian-Hungarian, this ting as the meaning of life:


22 Mar 18 18:18:14 GMT

Io: In 12 years in "finance" I never had:

1) A colleague volunteering to face real life beside me.
2) An interviewer asking on my CV anything more clever than "what's a quant?". My kudos to that guy if I ever meet him again.
3) Found, be given or in general think there's a hope.

Still, there is.

Retiring early

22 Mar 18 15:53:18 GMT

Io: One way which is unattainable for me now, is being single and saving aggressively starting with early 20s. If I were single now at my current salary, I could live a (frugal) life where I'm spending X on the cost of living (food and shelter) and save 4X. So a single year of torment at my current job would have paid for a subsequent 4 years of liberty. If I were single, I'd be leaving this job with the speed of a dog unleashed from it's chain.

Instead I'm the breadwinner of a family including a wife and kid, which reduced that 4x to a measly 1x. And what kills me is that the whole last year, I haven't practically saved a dime, not only I didn't work my ass off for 4 years of freedom, I've worked for nothing. Just live another day, like 6 billion troglodytes in this world, and at least if it were an easy thing to do.

But each day feels like I'm tasked to conquer Stalingrad while giving a club and a pair of gloves. And if I somehow managed to stay alive, it's not 4x, not even 1x, it's 0x. Just lived another day, completely helpless in avoiding the horror of the day to come.

So how do *you* do it?

Teresa May warns the EU about Russia

22 Mar 18 15:43:48 GMT

Royal Flash:

Ummmm, Teresa, I think Europe probably knows already, half of them were occupied by Russia at one time or another.

Fuck Teresa and her non-stop virtue signalling.

She’s getting as bad as Trudeau and Merkel.

Would certs help?

22 Mar 18 13:44:28 GMT

IT guy: I recently became unemployed and am looking at opportunities.

I was a long-time Java developer until I pivoted a few years ago into open stack development (Python). I'm thinking about going back to Java, especially as there are a lot of interesting new developments in the Java world with Java 8 and 9.

It will be difficult with my recent experience, so I was thinking of getting an Oracle Java Certified Programmer certification to refresh my skills and prove my capabilities. Would it be worth it? I hear people on forums like this dissing certs (Bored's words: "certification faggotry"). Also, it seems to be associated with Indian dev's for some reason, as if proving skills through learning technical information is a bad thing.

Was also thinking about picking up one of those Big Data certs in Spark and Hadoop as that's something I'm interested in.

Am I wasting my time?

A part of me sort of feels like I'm having to prove myself all over again, which suggests something's not quite right.  After all, I'm a senior dev, I can learn new things, success on the job has to do with general problem-solving skills -- not tech-specific knowledge -- doesn't it?

Boris the Buffoon

22 Mar 18 12:47:46 GMT

Rafael Sabatini: Boris Johnson:

"Vladimir Putin will use World Cup like Hitler's Olympics".

Alexander Yakovenko, Russian Ambassador to the UK:

"Nobody has the right to insult the Russian people, who defeated Nazism and lost more than 25 million people, by comparing our country to Nazi Germany,".

Boris is a virtue signalling idiot.

Good Resume Examples?

22 Mar 18 11:37:02 GMT

Thanks: Does anybody know where I can see some good examples of resumes for software developers?


22 Mar 18 07:59:29 GMT

Lotti Fuehrscheim: Yesterday we had a referendum on a new data-surveillance law that will allow the collection of all data-exchange for criminal investigation.

It seems only a tiny majority voted against this law - and the results will probably be disregarded by government and parliament anyway.

In most of the municipalities this referendum was combined with local elections for the councils, but in some, like here in Groningen, these elections were postponed till autumn because there are mergers and reorganisations going on, and here only the referendum was held.

In those places there was a strong majority against the law (70% in Groningen, for example) because mostly opponents bothered to vote, while in the other places the sheep-citizens were at the polling station anyway, and there the votes were almost equal.

There is a very significant opposition in the North


22 Mar 18 03:08:10 GMT

Anon for this: So my long distance girlfriend got date raped about 17 years ago, and got pregnant.  Abortion wasn't available, and so a baby girl entered the world.  The "father" (I use that term loosely) disappeared from her life for 12 years (age 2-14) until a twist of fate resulted in them reconnecting again.  That baby girl just graduated another year at junior high school, and guess who came along?

My girlfriend chose to tell pretty much everyone that she was date raped (including her daughter).  The guy is married and has a 10 year old son, who also came to the event. 

The problem with this situation is no one likes the guy, except the daughter.  She's never really known him, they haven't bonded, he's never parented her.  His wife is jealous. 

I'm not really sure why I'm posting this, to CoT of all things.  I'm just really sorry that this situation happened, 17 years ago.  I asked my girlfriend if she could go back in time and not meet the guy (they met on a bus), and she said no.

Working spaces - what's next?

22 Mar 18 02:19:46 GMT

This is too f*ing much: First we had offices.

Then we got cubicles.

Then we had open space areas.

Now there are companies that will not allow people to sit at the same desk every day. You have to book a desk in advance or search for one that is available ...

I wonder - what's next?

Reddit admins cleaning house again

21 Mar 18 20:51:05 GMT

xampl9: /r/gundeals was banned about an hour ago.

Stories are any sub that did trading in anything that the soy-boys don't like is gone too.  (they changed their terms of service and now they're getting rid of the ones that don't comply)

An old fashioned, rustic, traditional CoT thread

21 Mar 18 19:57:55 GMT

Bored Bystander: Rustic, fresh, vibrant, as Gordon Ramsey would say...

It surprises me that there is that much energy here for a career thread. It would be even better if DrNo wasn't 1/3 of the thread and I wasn't a remaining 1/3. :)

I have a confession to make. I'm a shitty programmer.

21 Mar 18 15:50:29 GMT

anon: I do just about everything in VB.NET web forms.

I cut and paste a lot of code from other projects I have done.

I don't use source control

No agile or any of the other trendy stuff you hear about these days.

I know SQL inside and out as well as do my own project management, if that's a positive.

My employers are happy with my products so they don't know any better.  Most employers seem to be obsessed with tools. 

Ok you guys can beat the shit out of me now!

My job situation.

21 Mar 18 15:47:29 GMT

DrNo: So I was planning to exit in 2019-2020. However, the current situation is that there will be layoffs coming. It is no fault of the employees. For years, the company (small business) owner couldn't, wouldn't, or have no idea how come up with a new products or services. Our biggest customer decided to leave us and that would leave a gapping hole in income. Other customers are too small to fill the gap.

So this company couldn't pivot like Amazon. Amazon knew selling books is coming to an end and it pivoted. Licensing client/server software in a niche market is tough. You are in the niche for so long that you have no expertise in anything else. When your niche goes away, so do you.

Now I have to do jobs hunting.

BBC Newsight broadcast led to Syrian air strike on hospital

21 Mar 18 15:34:43 GMT

BeebBot: The surgeon speculated that the BBC broadcasting an operation he had performed over Skype/Whats-app had led to an air strike on the hospital, he thought maybe his computer had been hacked:

So the BBC brought in some experts to disprove his claim.

One of the experts said hacking was unlikely but pointed out that in the broadcast the hospital's mobile number had been visible.

"Newsnight should have obscured that number in their report," he told the BBC, "it may have been possible for the Syrian carrier to ping the mobile and get its location".

In response the BBC said: "... we haven't seen any evidence to suggest that the attack was linked to the Newsnight report".

Stupid fucks.

Fuck the BBC.

UK Freedom

21 Mar 18 15:18:51 GMT

BeebBot: So according to Boris Johnson, Putin attacked the UK because the UK believes "in freedom...":

Just not the freedom of poking fun at the Nazis by teaching your dog to Sieg Heil.

Austin bomber dead

21 Mar 18 08:07:13 GMT

Mrs. Merton: Blew himself up?

Police lying

21 Mar 18 07:59:21 GMT

Alan Dershowitz:

Not sure about this.

While I can see that they entered without a warrant or just cause, they did find a gun 'but little to link it to the woman'.

Right, so she lived there but din' 'no nuffink about no gun?

Wind power goes subsidy free

21 Mar 18 07:46:08 GMT

Mrs. Merton: Well, almost anyway:

The Government is still paying for the grid connection.

CoT thoughts ... ?

21 Mar 18 02:29:58 GMT

Jones: > When President Donald Trump called Vladimir Putin on Tuesday morning, he congratulated the Russian leader on his re-election as President.

He did that in spite of the fact that he had been warned not to do so by his national security advisers -- including in briefing papers emblazoned with the words "DO NOT CONGRATULATE," according to The Washington Post.

Because of course he did.

The reasons why not to offer congratulations to Putin are many.

First and foremost, Putin's victory -- in which he won more than 70% of the vote -- wasn't a democratic election of any sort. Putin controls not only the levers of government but also the state-run media.

"An American president does not lead the free world by congratulating dictators on winning sham elections," Sen. John McCain, an Arizona Republican, said in a statement.
Then there is the poisoning of an ex-Russian spy and his daughter with a nerve agent while on British soil earlier this month, an act that British Prime Minister Theresa May has laid at the feet of the Russians. (Trump and his administration have been less willing to point the finger directly at Russia.)


21 Mar 18 02:25:12 GMT

Jones: United Airlines dead dog got more coverage than Austin bombing. That's what sells.

RIP - Katie Boyle

20 Mar 18 16:49:49 GMT

The Grim Reaper ™:

Is technology double-edged sword?

20 Mar 18 15:52:03 GMT

DrNo: Funny comment about iRobot Roomba:

good to have roomba take a floor plan of your house, nest cam document where cameras are and have them both tell alexa to let everyone know when your not home so home intruders have an easier time robbing your house.

Lesson for any coward or wannabe cops

20 Mar 18 15:11:19 GMT

DrNo: After the first shots, the school resource officer was alerted and ran to the scene.

'He pursued the shooter, engaged the shooter, during which that engagement he fired a round at the shooter. Simultaneously, the shooter fired a round as well' and the shooter was injured, Cameron said.

The shooter was rushed to Charles Regional Medical Center in critical condition, but was pronounced dead at 10:41am.


This is how you do it. We must require all cops to be ex-military from now on.

Debugging Behind the Iron Curtain

20 Mar 18 14:03:08 GMT


Long story short: railstation controlling computer unexplainable crashes were caused by transports of livestock heading to the slaughterhouse. The cattle were comming from Chernobyl and although deemed safe for consumption, they were so radioactive that caused random bits to flop in the PDP-11 computer, to such a degree that it crashed.

Poppies already?

20 Mar 18 13:41:45 GMT

Mrs. Merton: People are wearing poppies already!

I didn't think it was until November?

Count Dakuka verdict any moment

20 Mar 18 11:58:01 GMT

Royal Flash: The guy being prosecuted for teaching his dog to raise its paw in response to anti Semitic phrases and putting it On YouTube.

He did this as a joke because his girlfriend thought the dog was cute.

Fifth Texas package explosion

20 Mar 18 11:02:48 GMT


Fifth Texas package explosion reported outside of San Antonio

A fifth package has exploded in Texas outside of San Antonio. Federal officials say the explosion is likely linked to the "serial bomber" that has been planting packages in Austin.

Medical thermometers

20 Mar 18 05:33:52 GMT

Io: I hate electric thermometers, they're total shit. I've bought like a dozen of them, "best quality, super-precise" they said... result has always a 5°C tolerance meaning they say I'm either (un)dead at 32°C or I'm gonna die soon at 42°C.

And due to EU restrictions it's impossible to find mercury-operated thermometers anymore in pharmacies, they are the most precise things available.

Luckily though, Ukraine is near so everyone who wants to buy a mercury thermometer has easy access to them:

Brand new, from Ukraine:

Check check, nobody

19 Mar 18 23:42:12 GMT

Lotti Fuehrscheim:

Brennan tweet instantly destroys all CIA credibility

19 Mar 18 20:37:39 GMT

Royal Flash: Calling for a coup against the elected president, he’s clearly insane.

Tommy Robinson detained on way to Calais

19 Mar 18 20:17:40 GMT

Royal Flash: British government being stupid yet again.

The police detained him for questioning on his way OUT of the country and insisted on checking all his documents.

This despite them knowing in advance that they were all in order via ANPR automated checks.

100Tb SSDs

19 Mar 18 19:38:23 GMT

Royal Flash: Now all we need is a lower price:

What happens to Britain???

19 Mar 18 16:15:42 GMT

DrNo: The United Kingdom will agree to follow all European Union rules after Brexit and keep the nation’s borders open for the duration of the transition period to 2022, with further bad news for fisheries and communities in Northern Ireland as a new agreement was reached in Brussels Monday.

French couple allegedly murdered nanny then burned body

19 Mar 18 16:13:30 GMT

BeebBot: The BBC are reporting about a French couple who are on trial for allegedly murdering their nanny:

The accused, Ouissem Medouni and Sabrina Kouider are described by the BBC as 'French nationals'.

The couple have admitted they tried to dispose of her body, but deny murder.

The body showed signs of violence, fractures to her sternum, four of her ribs and her jaw.

More than eight hours of harrowing recordings were recovered from the defendants' mobile phones of Ms Lionnet being interrogated.

Sabrina Kouider is claiming that her former partner is controlling her through 'black magic'.

That's funny, they don't look very french in the drawing by the court artist...

Is murdering and burning the body of your nanny the normal practice in France?

Is a belief in black magic common in France?

...oh wait...

They're French Algerian.

That isn't mentioned anywhere in the BBC 'news' report.

How strange!

I wonder what the main religion is in Algeria?

Fuck the BBC

Shatner interviews Walter Koenig

19 Mar 18 15:51:44 GMT

xampl9: Turns out that the supporting actors on Star Trek harbored some resentment towards Shatner because he was so self-centered during the series.

Does Twitter shadow-ban?

19 Mar 18 15:40:45 GMT

Mrs. Merton: On the one hand 'Project Veritas' has undercover videos where employees of Twitter openly claim to shadow-ban people they object to (like Trump supporters).

On the other hand, in (sworn under oath?) replies to questions from Ted Cruz at a Senate hearing, Twitter Public Policy Director Carlos Monje claimed they did not.

Anecdotally, Scott Adams claims that his own brother has told him that he is unable to receive tweets he has made.

Is there a general consensus on this issue?

Does it actually matter?

Social media companies are oppressors.

19 Mar 18 14:59:22 GMT

DrNo: What’s got Tim Berners-Lee riled up is the way dominant platforms such as Facebook have used their popularity. The Oxford professor says the tools they offer and the choices they make behind the scenes play too big a part in steering the conversation — to the detriment of society.

“The web that many connected to years ago is not what new users will find today,” Berners-Lee said in a blog post on Monday. “What was once a rich selection of blogs and websites has been compressed under the powerful weight of a few dominant platforms.”

“This concentration of power creates a new set of gatekeepers, allowing a handful of platforms to control which ideas and opinions are seen and shared,” he said.

The dominant players have cemented their position at the top by creating barriers for competitors, hiring the tech industry’s top talent, and buying up inventions and startup challengers, according to Berners-Lee.

The British computer scientist zeroed in on Facebook FB, -7.27% and Twitter TWTR, -3.02% : “The fact that power is concentrated among so few companies has made it possible to weaponize the web at scale. In recent years, we’ve seen conspiracy theories trend on social media platforms, fake Twitter and Facebook accounts stoke social tensions, external actors interfere in elections, and criminals steal troves of personal data.”

Don't forget Google.

19 Mar 18 14:56:38 GMT

DrNo: Around the same time, Google was becoming involved in a program known as the “Enduring Security Framework” (ESF), which entailed the sharing of information between Silicon Valley tech companies and Pentagon-affiliated agencies “at network speed.” Emails obtained in 2014 under Freedom of Information requests show Schmidt and his fellow Googler Sergey Brin corresponding on first-name terms with NSA chief General Keith Alexander about ESF Reportage on the emails focused on the familiarity in the correspondence: “General Keith . . . so great to see you . . . !” Schmidt wrote. But most reports overlooked a crucial detail. “Your insights as a key member of the Defense Industrial Base,” Alexander wrote to Brin, “are valuable to ensure ESF’s efforts have measurable impact.” -Julian Assange

Per Kim Dotcom

19 Mar 18 14:55:09 GMT

DrNo: Because YouTube belongs to Google and Google is the biggest supplier of user data to the US Govt. Everything you do on any Google service, any search, any email, ends up in the NSA spy cloud. And Google provides custom search technology to the Govt to spy on you better.

Unfortunately all big US Internet companies are in bed with the deep state. Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. are all providing backdoors to your data. You may have noticed they all favor the Democrats. Why? Obama made them feel special for sharing your data. Privileges!

Per Edward Snowden.

19 Mar 18 14:51:57 GMT

DrNo: Facebook makes their money by exploiting and selling intimate details about the private lives of millions, far beyond the scant details you voluntarily post. They are not victims. They are accomplices.


Facebook and Zuckerberg would rank up there with Stalin, Mao, and Hitler.

Interesting study on race vs. outcome

19 Mar 18 12:59:09 GMT

Alan Dershowitz: Most white boys raised in wealthy families will stay rich or upper middle class as adults, but black boys raised in similarly rich households will not:


19 Mar 18 10:54:06 GMT

Police are asking residents in the Travis Country neighborhood to stay inside of their homes until 10 a.m. Monday.

Merkel attacked!

19 Mar 18 10:39:36 GMT

BeebBot: International news - right?

Now go have a google and see if you can find it.

Give up?

The man was shouting Merkel’s name as well as some slogans “in a foreign language”.

"Allahu snackbar" perhaps?

The religion of peace!

Fuck the MSM

Fuck the BBC

“The media”

19 Mar 18 02:17:37 GMT

Jones: “The media” are consistently accused of being biased but never found to favor those making the accusations.

Why SACD didn't take off

19 Mar 18 01:57:57 GMT


In retrospect - people didn't want to buy a new player. And when they did buy one, the heavy-handed copy protection would mean it wouldn't always work.

lost decade

19 Mar 18 01:38:52 GMT

Practical Economist: Russian GDP 1.3 trillion USD (2007)
Russian GDP 1.283 trillion USD (2016)

UK, France, Germany...

In 2017, China was the world's largest economy for the third year in a row. It produced $23.1 trillion in economic output according to World Factbook The European Union was in second place, generating $19.9 trillion. Together, China and the EU generate 33.9 percent of the world's economic output of $127 trillion.

The United States remained at third place, producing $19.4 trillion. The world's three largest economies combined produced $62.4 trillion.

That's 49 percent of the world's total economy. No other economy is even close to any of these three. The fourth largest economy was India, producing $9.5 trillion. Japan was fifth, at $5.4 trillion. Germany, the strongest country in the EU, produced $4.2 trillion.

Putin wins election

19 Mar 18 00:14:57 GMT

xampl9: Well -- I for one never saw that coming.