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The Most BORING weblog in THE world

A Geek, A Computer, And a Little Too Much Time

Published: 2005-10-14T16:16:00-07:00


Dave Darbel


This is supposed to be a purely anonymous weblog with no last names mentioned but yesterday I saw Dave come in and mentioned to him that i miss him becuase of lots of holidays he had banked and took recently and a crazy work schedule.

Dave Darbel is one of the guys that I work with. dave has his own schedule although it will change soon. Saves schedule? 4 days on 4 days off 12 hour days. I was going to do it last year but it would suck horribly. During the regular work week I wouldn't mint the 12 hour days, but how about Saturday and sunday working 12 hours by yourself in an empty office. At least Dave Darbel has his own weblog that he can update to talk about those long lonely dayys away from home.

I miss you Dave

Very cool traffic map


I don't live in LA but this is a great map that shows you the highway speeds and conditions in real time for all highways in Los Angeles - Greater Los Angeles Traffic Report

I just don't know if it would be safe to try to check this while driving at 70 on a highway

Recored companies trying to charge Apple more


Greedy Bastards, first Apple saves them a bit from filesharers and now they are trying to force more out of the company that helped them so much.

Record companies try to screw over Apple

Fibre is my friend


I have forsaken the mighty bagel and Nutella for Captain Kirks favorite.

That's right I have made fibre my friend by bringing a big box of Presidents Choice brand Fibre First...the same thing as All Bran. The only issues are my daily supply of Milk and sneaking into bathrooms to poo.

I chose the Presidents Choice by carefully studying the packaging and it ends up this brand has a whopping 13 grams of fibre for every half cup of cereal.

WestJet, Hockey and Edmonton


Yesterday Katy and I had to go to edmonton to do some support stuff. The flight up was fine and I got to watch a little bit of the movie Fever Pitch and Myth Busters on WestJet Live TV in the seatbacks. Coming home was much more exciting. Hockey season has just started and I was able to again on the way back to Calgary watch Live TV on the WestJet flight but this time it was a hockey game. I have never watched a hockey game on a really small screen but the quality was great and if I was on a really long flight I would easily be able to watch a whole hockey game on the plane.

Vancouver is the best city to live in?


(image) I grew up in Vancouver and the high housing prices and crappy economy in the late 90s drove me out to Calgary. Now apparently Vancouver is the best city to live in the world - Vancouver?is 'best city?to live'? - Oct 4, 2005

Calgary, my adopted home is number 10 on the list.

Bruce just used a word I don't like



Is that a word?

Harrys Story


I work with a guy named Harry. A few years ago Harry was a normal healthy guy and one day got sick and could not get better. It ends up that Harry got some kind of rare heart infection or virus and had to get a heart valve transplant. He is now fine and fishes through the summer and plays video games throught the winter and does tech support for some of the most demanding users in the country.

This is why the story is really interesting. Harry used to hate indian food, he had an apartment near some family that was always cooking curry and it made him physically sick. Always.

After Harrys surgery he not only was able to eat indian and curried food but he now loves it. It is his favorite food.He is sure that his heart valve is from an east indian and he says that it is now part of his heritage.

Very strange

irregardless of why aggreeance is not a word


Most people with a university education as well as me believe that the words irregardless and aggreeance are not real words.

Well here is a bunch more

Crystal Meth as a family business


Wayne was at my desk telling me that I should get started in the crystal meth business as a family business.

Here is his plan. Get addicted, get the rest of the family addicted and then build up a business that I can hand down to the children. I am not sure how well it will work as crystal meth shortens a person lifespan. Also I am not sure if I would be a responsible parent feeding drugs to my 2 and 5 year old kids

mmmmm the KFC may be greasy but it sure is good


I just had popcorn chicken for breakfast left over from last night. I feel sick again just like last night but I can't wait to eat some more again.

KFC says that it was only 560 calories but my gut sure thinks it was more

Katy had an epiphany


Nutella tastes a lot like the inside of a Ferrero rocher candy so when we did the obvious "to the internet" we found that they are made by the same company. These guys also apparently make kinder surprises. Now I really do have no excuse for my breakfast, it seems I am really eating candy on my bagel.

Facts about where Nutella is made

Boney M


The very exciting song Rasputin by Bony M was on the radio just a minute ago and Jeff turned it up so that every one in the office could dance. After the dance party that no one took part in we had a chance to see Nelson go solo doing is Russian dance. To bad no one but Jeff and I were here to see it

Dirty keyboard


(image) I am not a very neat person. But, this is the grossest keyboard that I have ever seen! I know that if you put a keyboard in the dishwasher with no soap it will clean it and even fix a broken one but this one has no hope

OK, I suck


Tonight I am too busy to watch TV so I am recording, on VCR no less, The Apprentice, Everybody Hates Chris, Dancing with The Stars, ER, Survivor, and CSI.

When we will watch them is anyones guess