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For Your Consideration

the musings of a restless soul and hopeful pioneer

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One Year Birthday


Happy Birthday to this blog!! December 26th, 2006 was the day. And to celebrate... I'm shutting it down. Well, that's the plan, at least. I'm trying my hands at iWeb and seeing where that takes me. I knew blogger was doomed from the start (glitchy and limited, are we?), but I just wanted to try the whole blog thing out. And tried it has. So now to what will hopefully be bigger and better... I introduce:

My New Blog

It is a part of my whole new site that I have launched. It's not done yet, but you can have a look for yourself and tell me what you think.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I got too busy and was without a computer for a month. By the time I decided to reorganize my life and make room for things such as blogging, I decided to relaunch altogether. Therefore, all my energies of late have been put into getting that site off the ground. Hope you understand?

You should start seeing regular updates at the new site soon... If you would be so kind, please change your links to:

Blogger, it's been fun. See you at the other site :o)

Life of Late


Sometimes taking life too seriously is a disease that eats away at your soul. Fortunately, only about a quarter my soul was gone this time before I decided to take antibiotics.

The Second September


A September ago now I had a wonderful trip. There must be something magical about that little ex-church in the center of Nashville... it somehow pulls you and throws you into a place somewhere quite far away actually. Last September, it was away from the hell of a new life that I had found around me. From the groans of my soul and the constant lump that burrowed in my throat. And then he came out, dressed in those colorful wings, as if he knew exactly where he would take all of us and was merely toying with our sense of stability. "What the water wants is hurricanes," Sufjan humbly spouted to the crowds on his opening lines. "I have a red kite; I'll put you right in it. I'll show you the sky." And that's exactly what happened.

This September another escape occurred, though one of slightly different dynamics. My soul was not rotting; my times have not been hard. My times have just been nonexistent. I sit here and I honestly cannot remember the last time I had the ability to sit and think, not worrying about a meeting I had in five minutes or a paper that was waiting to be written. But yesterday, a Irish man once again used the Ryman as a portal to access another world. It was a world where time didn't really seem to flow at all, where my busyness was drunken away. And it was incredible. What an experience. Even without his beloved Lisa, his vocals that soared from one extreme to another made up for the difference. Clocking in at an hour and 45 minutes of straight playing time, unsupported, it was a gem of a night. The famed drunken "Cheers Darlin' " finale couldn't have been done better, and I don't think I've ever seen an exit from the stage as masterfully executed and as appropriate to the evening as the one that played out before my eyes there, bringing me back to the present world a new and freed person.


Two different Septembers and two different circumstances, yet the same effect. September at the Ryman has brought me into the year once again. I wonder what will greet me for the next one.

Bongo vs. Smile


As much as it has felt like home, upon returning to Belmont a few weeks ago, that is, I have realized that I have been deceived. But as I finish up my first (of many) Bongo porch happenings of the year, I realized that I am now, truly, home. Belmont could not exist without this quaint porch, as so many of my friends have earlier stated, probably in ways much more eloquent than myself. But this Bongo trip was marked by a peculiar occasion. Smiles. Yes, I was quite taken back really. Not that I was never given smiles by the wonderful baristas and such, but the overwhelming "I don't give a (fill in expletive as according to your degree of hard core-ness)" attitude is a hallmark at this place. And now, I stand at the coffee prep table getting all the my precious toppings with which I am about froth my coffee, and smiles are invading my personal space from everywhere. From all the employees -- one of which are even humming and another even taking the time to ask my how my day was thus far. Just now one came up to me, offered to take my plate, and then had a conversation with the chap sitting next to me about how he loves his dog. To top it off -- wonderful friends that give some the best good morning hugs I've known just made their presence known as well. I really don't know what just happened. I am not sure to be happy at the sudden turn of happiness or not. Peculiar dilemma. humpf

Summer 07, A Playlist


Uh-hum.. *clears throat*... My summer playlist is finally here. A little late, but hey, it's only Labor Day, right? I thought about pulling out a quote from each of the songs like I did last semester, but quite frankly, I'm too busy and tired to do that this time 'round. Let me know if you wanna hear the songs and I'll figure something out. Hope you enjoy. Your thoughts would be much appreciated.

(image) (image)

Control Room


Tonight in my Mass Media and Society class, I was hit over the head. For the second part of the class, we watched Control Room, a documentary of Al-Jazeera in the early days of the present Iraq War. It is one of those films that I believe every American should be required to see. It's a documentary, so naturally, there is a bias involved. I can't name a documentary where there isn't. But it does a great job of showing both sides of the spectrum while asking the question, "Does objectivity even exist?"

As J. Hoberman of the Village Voice puts it:

This absorbing, significant, and shamelessly entertaining movie not only goes through the looking glass but, no less significantly, turns the mirror back on us.

Personally, after seeing the film my heart is once again quite broken over the state of our world and the state of humanity. I am both revolted and devastated. Please do yourself a favor and, maybe for just a moment, lift the veil of Americanism up from over your eyes. Watch the documentary. See what some people's world is really like. See the suffering, see the various perspectives, see the people trying to find the white and black in a gray world. It will be worth it. Check out the documentary below:

(object) (embed)

A Reprieve and a Return


Thank you for allowing me the break from this addiction/burden that I needed. Starting my second year at college and getting everything lined up that needs to be lined up has been more taxing on me than I thought it would, though I feel great about where I am. I took this Friday night, after some casual Wii playing with some friends, to spend with God and reflect on where I am and find guidance for where I am going. In my journal gazing, I ran across some timely words:

"A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for."
-- John Shedd

"Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at something that doesn't really matter."

Thoughts, Sunday, August 12th, 2007, 11:47pm


Staring, hoping, into the dark chasm hanging up above, that some of those lights will flash before my eyes again, leaving its tail behind for a few seconds for dramatic effect. Mesmerized is a good word, I think. It's things like meteor showers that have opened me up again lately. And it's things like gliding, flying even, above what almost seems like glass while that golden orb takes its final bow to complete its performance in yet another act of the story of the cosmos. Standing on the edge of that big boat, admiring the Caribbean water, which really is quite as transparent as your imagination would have dreamed of but never quite hoped for in fear that it could never live up to the expectation. On this day there are no waves, and even the subatomic particles only God is small enough for remain fixed and calm. You really are soaring above a sea of glass. And to make it that much more impalpable, untouchable, sacred, just as you thought it was already too much, a creature, a magical creature, a dolphin, makes her dramatic appearance. And then another. And another. And there's a family of them--all dancing as the sun sets gently over the waters. Or how it turns into the great abyss. Completely dark in every directions. It's really no wonder they thought you could fall off the edge of the world. I almost believed it myself. The tiny lanterns hung up above are magnificent. There must be a million of them. Almost. You could try counting, but I'm pretty sure you'd never get to an end. New ones always seem to slide out from underneath their cover, only very dimly at first. And the longer you stare, the more you see. But never to be outdone by the Old Man himself, shining down quite pompously to his subject Earth. His rays getting wider and wider as they approach on the water. And however fast your vessel is moving, on the water, the rays never cease to follow, the moon with a sly grin at your futile attempt. Impressive he is, though. The guardian of the night sky, keeping all in order in stead of the now resting sun. What a portrait set before you. What a symphony of colors and emotions. The wind in your hair reminds you that you are alive. Not in a metaphorical, adolescent kind of way, but solemnly alive, taking a breath and then one after that. That you have blood running underneath that flesh of yours. That you exist in something bigger. That your life is connected, even to the wind in your hair that will inevitable continue and rush into another innocent admirer's hair on the next ship 25 miles behind. Connected in those rare occasions that lights are seen somewhere on the horizon. Connected to the life it mandates. Some lighthouse, some village, some fisherman in his boat... some soul that is breathing along with you. All of these things I have experienced in the last week have been a growing signal to me. A wise high school English teacher once tried to teach me about life--and against my arrogantly futile internal attempts to stop her (my 17 year old mind was obviously much more aware of my world than she was)--apparently she succeeded. I'm not sure if she even tried to teach me about life, come to think of it. I think it just happened out of her passion for it. For the gritty, raw, aspects of it. But as Mr. Camus rightly screams from his pen, so she screamed from her living, the utter importance of action and reflection. The gravity of doing and then being what has been done. And strangely enough, it has made a lot of sense of life lately. The coming of April and Displace Me marked a new chapter in my life. I moved past the cage that had become reflection into the freedom of action. And that path took me out of my wallows, out of the rut, and into summer. Honestly, I haven't looked back.Until the meteor shower. Until the sunset. Until the night at sea. It crept back into me. An[...]

Attention all School-Goers (and Non-School-Goers too)


Tomorrow's the big day...

Make sure you lay out your clothes, make a sack lunch, get your books together, set your alarm....

...and prepare to shoot your friends to end a war.

We're talking laser tag for Invisible Children. You may have your first day of school tomorrow, but what could be better than Laser Chase for a cause in the afternoon?

Just come into the LC anytime between 1 and 9 pm to play one, two, three, or why not even ten games of laser tag?

Remember, 50% of all profits made tomorrow will go straight to Invisible Children. We will also be showing the newest media out of IC at the event. Can you think of anything better? I can't.

Check out for directions. See you there...

Lasers > Guns

Shoot Your Friends To End A War


So blogosphere,

I am organizing an Invisible Children benefit on Monday, and I would really appreciate your help. Here's the deal:

Come in to Laser Chase in Cool Springs, TN anytime between 1pm and 9pm on Monday, August 13th. Play a normal game (or games) of laser tag, and at the end of the day, Laser Chase has agreed to give 50% of their profits to the nonprofit Invisible Children. It's that simple. We will also be showing some new Invisible Children media at the event as well. The media alone is worth stopping by the event.

It's a nice, family environment, so it's safe and fun for the whole family. In fact, working at Laser Chase, I see that it's usually the adults that have more fun than the kids they bring! For those of you who unfortunately have your first day of school on the 13th, cheer up! It's only a half day, and the second half you can spend with you friends having fun and playing laser tag, all while helping to end the war in Uganda. Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?

You can get directions and information about Laser Chase through their website, or you can visit the benefit's facebook event page here.

So please make every attempt possible to bring all of your friends and families to this event this Monday. You won't regret it. And if you are feeling especially nice, I would love for you to repost this on your blog and try to help me spread the word. I would love to see hundreds and hundreds of people all playing laser tag for a cause on Monday!

Just remember, shoot lasers, not guns!



I have returned from my great saga and am quite pissed that an ocean isn't outside of my window anymore :o). There has been much contemplation and consideration of life and cruise-endom in my little brain in the last few days, and in time hopefully I will share all of these thoughts and various perspectives that I had on this relatively new phenomena. But for now, I must sleep, as I have 12 hours of hungry customers to please tomorrow at my wonderful job that is a server at The Franklin Chop House. Maybe I'll see you there?

An Absence


I am currently in Montgomery, AL, sitting in the dark while the rest of my family is counting sheep, staring into this bright light to inform the world that I will be unavailable for the next week. I will be on quite a large boat, stuffing myself with as much food as I can fit into my body, and soaking in the warm sun. It's my first cruise, and I am quite excited. I'll be sure to update everyone when I get back!

40 Day Fast: Get a (few) Goat(s)


The mastermind behind the 40 Day Fast, Kat, has another brilliant idea to wrap up the 40 Days: Get a Goat.


The idea is that everyone donate 5 minutes and 1 dollar and we come together to purchase a goat through World Vision to help a family in need. A goat can help to provide cheese, yogurt, milk, and a source of income for a family, and it only costs $75. Learn more from her post.

The response has been so great that she's already been able to purchase one, and she's over halfway to a second one. She's taking donations until 11:59 tonight.

I hope you have enjoyed the 40 Day Fast as much as I have. And not only enjoyed it, but have been heartbroken as well. And hopefully you've discovered some incredible blogs and writers out there as well. I know it has been something I feel honored to be a part of. It's exciting to see this new age of connectivity being used to make a difference.

Church Mafia in Action


Shaun posts:

Lately I’ve been talking about what the Church could be in a different way. We could be like the mafia, I’ve been thinking. If anyone in the “family” needs something - just imagine - someone else in the “family” pipes up with, “I Gotta Guy...”

I gotta a guy that can fix your back, put in a hot water heater, mow your yard while you’re out of town, help you cover your kid’s college what you need done.

Well, I need a guy and I’m hoping you are one or you know one. We’re family afterall.

A friend of ours, Judy, has been told she has only a few months to live. She wants to try to extend her life with chemotherapy to six months. Before the chemicals make it impossible for her to travel, she’d like to take a trip with her kids and husband, to Disneywhatever in Florida. Our church and friends have already taken care of Disney tickets and hotel accomodations but they need our help with airline tickets.

Brian and I fly a lot and are donating the American Airline miles we’ve accumulated to them. They’ll need a total of 125K American Airlines advantage miles to cover the five airfares. We need to make this happen quickly. If you have some miles or would like to donate some money toward a ticket, please email my friend Brian at

I need a guy. Can you help?

Can any reader help??

End of Year Shenanigans


And yes, that is the proper spelling of "shenanigans."

The time required for amnesty, as well as my personal safety, has finally elapsed, and I can now with ease of mind post these scandalous pictures. That's right, this is what happens when you are an RA at Belmont and have loving friends.


The full slideshow has been posted on my facebook. Befriend me if you have yet to already!

Wes Anderson's Newest


The Darjeeling Limited:

(object) (embed)

Oh man.... September 29th can't come soon enough...

In addition to Owen Wilson, Jason Schwartzman, and Adrien Brody, Bill Murray and Natalie Portman will also grace the cast list.

And a little trivia information for you as well: Wes Anderson, the director, and Owen Wilson were actually roommates together at the University of Austin, TX. This will be their 4th movie together. Small world, eh?

40 Day Fast


Today's post for the 40 Day Fast takes a look at North Korea. Very interesting and dire situation. Take a look.

CNN YouTube Debates


(object) (embed)

I watched the CNN YouTube Democratic Debates last night, and was thoroughly impressed by the process, if not the candidates.

The entire debate is posted by question on YouTube here, and I would really encourage you to check it out. It makes a big difference when people get to ask personal questions directly to the candidates like this (check out the first question. Strike one, Obama). Plus, it simply adds some humanity to the whole thing. Whatever your opinions, it certainly can't be denied that technology isn't constantly changing the way we do things. It's exciting to see all the opportunities this brings...



It's been far too long since the words of Frederick Buechner graced this blog. This one's from Now and Then: A Memoir of Vocation, page 93.

Words--especially religious words, words that have to do with the depth of things--get tired and stale the way people do. Find new words or put old words together in combinations that make them heard as new, make you yourself new, and make you understand in new ways. "Blessed are the meek" are the words of the English translators--words of great beauty and power--but over the years they have become almost too familiar to hear any more. "Heureux sont les debonnaires" are the French words--blessed are the debonair--and suddenly new beauty, new power, flood in like light. Blessed is Fred Astaire in white tie and tails. Blessed is Oliver Hardy in rusty black suit and derby hat as he picks his dapper way toward the unseen banana peel on the sidewalk. Blessed is my old friend as she tries to let me win at Aggravation, rattling her dice in the cup which the pills that keep her alive come in. Arrange the alphabet into words that are true in the sense that they are true to what you experience to be true. If you have to choose between words that mean more than what you have experienced and words that mean less, choose the ones that mean less because that way you leave room for your hearers to move around in and for yourself to move around in too.

Mr. Rice, Meet Tim... Tim, Damien.


September 13th, this man will be in front of my eyes:

(warning... profanity alert)
(object) (embed)

Ah yes...

September and the Rhyman have treated me well thus far. Sufjan, now Damien.

And yes, that is Glen Hansard, star of Once, playing guitar behind him in the video. If only...

TOMS Revisited.


When it rains, it pours, so they say.

I never really got that phrase. Partly because I like rain so much. So if its pouring, all the better, I say!

All that arbitrary introduction to tell you that since I posted about TOMS on Sunday, I've been seeing the company pop up everywhere, including on the good ol' blogosphere.

Seth Godin, the marketing guru, has a post about it here. Which raises some interesting conversation, I think.

I personally don't think Blake has set up his business model this way to be able to create a market buzz. I believe he genuinely cares about the cause, partly because I have a friend in NYC that knows him personally.

But I do think it's interesting how attractive it does look to the world when Kingdom ideals are put on display. It's so revolutionary it's something that people WANT to talk about. And THAT makes great marketing, even if it wasn't completely on purpose.

I wonder at the potential of the kind of buzz that would result in this world if we all put Kindom ideals on display.

Just a thought.

Some GOOOOOOD posts have been put up in the last few days from the 40 Day Fast. See the links on the sidebar to the right!

40 Day Fast: The Trendy Poverty


First of all, it would be a bit presumptuous of me to assume that most readers of this post today have visited this blog before. In that case, I must begin with proper etiquette: Greetings, and welcome to my small corner of the internet. It is a modest corner, I am aware, but I like it, and I hope you enjoy your stay as well.Today is my turn in the 40 Day Fast. For those that know me, I am sure they are expecting some post about Invisible Children and the ways to get involved. And while I do love the spirit of that organization and must admit they are up to some pretty neat stuff lately, I decided to spread my wings a wee bit and learn about something else, something that I think fewer people know about but that more people should.But to get there, I will start with a friend I have who works at Invisible Children. He was staying at my house in Franklin, TN, one day because he was in town doing some promoting for one of their events, the Global Night Commute, in 2006. When he came downstairs for breakfast, I was a little taken back by the words that were written across the shirt he was wearing:"Africa is the new pink."It really made me stop and think. Poverty and suffering are not new phenomena. They have been around for thousands of years. One only needs elementary sunday school and a few Old Testament stories to know this. I saw this poverty and suffering first hand when I visited Kosovo a few years ago and saw the devastation left behind from the Balkan genocidal conflict in 1999. I worked with Invisible Children and understood the barbarity of children much younger than I was (at the time 17) being forced into the violence of terrorist rebel groups. And perhaps what had the most profound and sobering effect on me was a course at Belmont I took in the fall called "Confronting Genocide." What an introduction to the real world. Despite my previous experiences with the issue of genocide and suffering, I think I am still just recovering from the shattering effect that had on my perspective of the world. But if poverty and suffering are so ancient themes, then why is it now, just now, that they are getting so much attention? Why has the picture of Africa become so... so trendy lately? As I sat at that kitchen table, I had to quickly examine my heart. Why was I focusing my energy on this activist cause in Africa? Was it because I genuinely cared? Was it because I wanted to take care of the least of these? Or was it because an Irish rock star told me to and I wanted to look cool, hip, and "trendy"?There are a lot of debates right now about this whole topic, but my opinion is, even if the Africa and poverty are the cool wave right now, let's ride that wave and get as much as we can out of it while we can. If "Africa is the new pink," let's take advantage of it! We can argue that the RED campaign is misguided because it is using consumerism to fight the nasty effects of... consumerism, but the fact is that in its very first year, it contributed five times more money to the Global Fund as the private sector had in the previous four years. And that will make a difference to poverty. And perhaps, after some initial "trendy" exposure, the whole Africa theme might just transform hearts as well, as I believe it did for me.As a business student in college, that gives me hope. I believe it is the redemption of capitalism. I can be a business owner and make a difference in the world in which I live. That is why the organization I wish to highlig[...]

On Rain and DJs


Rainy days are keen to me. Especially when spent in a local coffee shop by a window. And in this particular one, the rain on the outside is being matched on the inside by the rain of some hip-hop beat of sorts falling from above. And listening to it reminds me of the newly discovered yearning in my heart to become a DJ. Yes, I said it. Or typed it, rather. It's a bit odd for me, I know, but it's true. I've had two very fateful encounters with DJs this summer, both of which left a lasting imprint on my heart. Followed by the stunning admission by one of my best, equally un-DJ-esque, friends, who knew nothing of my hidden desire, that he, in fact, too would love to be a DJ. And so, I ponder at these quickly evaporating puddles how long I will actually entertain such silly ideas, and when I will actually grow up and become boring and stale. Because that's what you're supposed to do, right? Hah.. how bitter I can choose to be. I'm really not like that. Or at least, I hope I'm becoming a person not like that. Because that's what is important, right? Not the person you are, but the person you are becoming. And that's why I will someday be a DJ and not boring and stale.



I did it.

And I feel the need to come clean. And to provide some sort of proof of a logical thought process over mindless ho-hum hype.

And so, ladies and gents, I did, in fact, purchase an iPhone.

No, it is not like me to buy the newest and slickest, but in this case I crumbled. It was the perfect storm, if you will. I had been holding out on buying an iPod for about a year in order to get the next generation. I already had AT&T/Cingular, and my current phone had put in its 2 years and was due for a replacement. And his Highness King Steve announced the phone 6 months ago, allowing for ample saving time. And thus, the wee gadget became mine. And I walk around, listening to cool new tunes, browsing the internet, and talking on the phone with by nose in the air, sneering at the "inferiors" that aren't as cool, hip, savvy, etc. as I am. Because I have arrived. iArrived.

For what it's worth, I have had it for a few days now, and the complaints are null. It does live up to the hype, and I am still incredulous at what I am able to do with these metal pieces I hold in an orderly contraption in my hand. The battery won't die and the screen won't scratch. I still don't really believe that I really own it. But BAH, it's just a machine. Treat it like more, and that's when ye get in trouble.

So I guess that makes me cooler than you now? Something like that right? Or just a glutton for consumerism... you pick...

40 Days Wages On


I survived my first camp counselor experience, and I actually loved it! Such an incredible time of fellowship with other leaders and a chance to pour myself out into some younger guys. I had no idea what was about to hit me..

But now, I got some catchin up to do.

The 40 Day Fast still wages on, and here is what I've missed:

June 29 -- Stephen writes about Blood:Water Mission
June 30 -- Jeanine writes about The International Justice Mission, War Child, and Christian Children's Fund
July 1 -- Truevyne writes about Compassion International
July 2 -- Ryan writes about Living Water International
July 3 -- Jeremy writes about the local church
July 4 -- Steven writes about inner city ministries

And today it's Susanne's turn. There's been some incredible posts. I encourage all of you to read em!