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The Gluten Free Blog – delicious Gluten-Free Recipes + GF topics for the Celiac and Wheat-Free population!My goal: help you achieve satisfaction in your Gluten-Free diet, health, and life!Blog includes Celiac Disease science/medical news plus gluten fre

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Purple Sweet Potato Pie for Thanksgiving: Pumpkin Pie Alternative


Purple Sweet Potato Pie An Alternative to the Traditional Pumpkin Pie Slice of my Purple Sweet Potato Pie This year, I wasn't able to quickly procure any pumpkin puree for my traditional gluten-free Thanksgiving dessert of choice, so I decided to get a bit creative and work with what I had at hand: purple sweet potatoes!  I really like these potatoes roasted, by themselves, as they are

Loquats / Nesperas in Season and a Delicious Fruit


Loquat / Nespera Time is Here Ripe Loquat (or Nespera), Spain / Portugal variety, about 5cm (1.75 inch) A Lesser-Known Tasty Fruit, available nearly worldwide I first encountered the Loquat, which grows on an evergreen shrub or tree, while in Houston, Texas.  There were plenty of the bushes growing around the neighborhoods, and it seemed like nearly everyone owned the plants just for the

Chocolate Lemon Cheesecake Recipe: Yogurt, Mascarpone, Ricotta


Chocolate + Lemon = Tasty GF Recipe! Gluten-Free Chocolate Lemon Cheesecake I generally like the combination of citrus flavors and chocolate / cocoa.  And, since I had some extra cheeses and yogurt to put to use, as well as some lemons, I decided to assemble this super-simple cheesecake. The Recipe / Directions When baking for fun, I don't usually take time to measure ingredients or

Gluten-Free Biscotti Recipe : Apple Cinnamon variety


Gluten-Free Biscotti Recipe Apple and Cinnamon Flavors join Almond — delicious treat! Gluten-Free Biscotti Recipe : Apple Cinnamon flavor I finally got around to posting this delicious Apple-Cinnamon Gluten-Free Biscotti recipe (link to full recipe) on my recipes-library site.  This is a recipe that Kate came up with a while back, and it extends upon the basic Almond biscotti formula with

Buckwheat is Gluten-Free and Safe for people with Celiac Disease


Pure Buckwheat is Really Gluten-Free I had an anonymous reply to an old Gluten-Free blog posting where I had used buckwheat in a gluten-free pumpkin and spice pancake recipe, and the anonymous poster made it clear that, even though they have Celiac Disease, they remain misinformed about buckwheat and still think it contains gluten. I have tried repeatedly to get the word out about the fact that

Sobreiro de Pegões Portuguese Red Wine Review


Sobreiro de Pegões Portuguese Red Wine Review Simply put: Spectacular! I rarely review alcoholic beverages here on The Gluten Free Blog. In fact, the last such product review was for Carolyns Irish Cream liquor in 2010, and before that some various gluten-free beer reviews.  But, my wife and I came across a wine that we think is absolutely fantastic, so I figured why not post a quick review?

Easy Gluten-Free Fig-Paste Recipe


Homemade Gluten-Free Fig-Paste Recipe Last week, I posted a blog entry about how fresh figs are now in season along with some recommended preparations and uses for these figs, one of which was to create your own fig paste.  After harvesting some 20 pounds or more of figs in the past week, it became quite clear that I had to get busy... Step 1: Wash the Figs, Cut in Half, place in Vitamixer

Fresh Figs in season, and delicious gluten-free recipes using them...


Figs, fresh-picked from the trees I really enjoy this time of year when figs are ripening on the trees and plentiful.  Yesterday I came across a small cluster of fig trees growing wild on a tiny strip of public land where a couple streets meet at an intersection (barely a 2-foot wide area between an alley and a larger road). These trees, which are approximately 15 feet tall and 10 feet in

Pomegranate Cocoa Lemon Gluten-Free Antioxidant-Rich Snack


Pomegranates as the basis for a tasty GF treat One of my favorite fruits is the wonderfully delicious pomegranate — a fruit that requires a bit of patience when it comes to retrieving all the individual edible berries (seeds) from within its thick reddish skin and the inner near-white pulp. I have tried repeatedly over the years to improve the efficiency with which I can harvest those little

Gluten-Free on Comedy Central's South Park Cartoon Season 18 Episode 2


The Ravages of Gluten : SouthPark Style For those of you that may still be unfamiliar with the TV Cartoon Series "South Park", I must first issue a warning to readers: South Park is considered an adult animated sitcom, and it runs on the Comedy Central television network.  The adult rating is mainly due to the coarse, raw, nature of the comedy the show delivers, especially due to the substantial

Nestlé Gluten-Free Chocolate Corn Flakes


Gluten-Free Chocolate Corn Flakes? Now these sure sound oddly interesting! Nestlé Gluten-Free Chocolate Corn Flakes My wife just noticed this new Nestlé gluten-free cereal listed for sale on the Continente hypermarket website, currently on sale for €1,53, or about USD $1.70 (at current exchange rates), for a 13¼-ounce box (375 grams). I have had Nestle's regular / traditional gluten-free

Romanesque Cauliflower (Couve-flor) : as beautiful as it is delicious!


Romanesque Cauliflower A delicious vegetable with visual presence to match... One look at the picture says it all: this gluten-free vegetable known as a Romanesque Cauliflower is simply visually fascinating in its structure and almost a natural work of art.  And, if you like the taste of cauliflower but find it to be to "bland" or lacking in flavor, and if you like broccoli but find it perhaps

Costco UK: Gluten-Free Organic Coconut Flour bulk bag


Nutiva Organic Coconut Flour Gluten-Free Coconut Flour — Awesome GF Recipe Ingredient, Bargain Price! If you are looking for great addition to your gluten-free baking ingredients, look no further than your local United Kingdom (UK) Costco right now!  This quite large bag (4#, or 1.81Kg) of Nutiva Organic Coconut flour was £4.99 (roughly $7.50 USD), which is a fantastic deal, and hopefully

Hazelnut and Blackberry Crumble Dessert Recipe


Simple Recipe using Local Foraging Bounty Combining my Hazelnuts (Cobnuts) and Berries into a Dessert Over the past couple months I was lucky enough to find quite a few wild blackberries, black raspberries, and hazelnuts (a.k.a. filberts or cobnuts) growing nearby here in Bath, Somerset, United Kingdom — along walking trails, bike trails, and other public areas. I have written about each

Fresh Black Raspberries in Season


Fresh Black Raspberries: Yum! Bushes full of berries... There has been an absolute abundance of wild berries this year here in the southwest United Kingdom, especially blackberries and black raspberries.  The image below shows a typical wild black raspberry bush, or patch — perhaps better described as a hedge of raspberries or nearly a forest of raspberries — that I keep running into all over

Gluten-Free Recipe: Fresh Hazelnut Butter


Simple Recipe for Homemade Hazelnut Butter It does not get any easier! I have been putting my freshly picked and roasted hazelnuts (aka, cobnuts or filberts) to use in a variety of ways in my gluten-free baking and cooking. My last blog posting was about how to make your own Nutella (type) hazelnut / cocoa spread.  This time, things get even easier since my hazelnut butter is just a simplified

Recipe : Nutella-like, but better, Hazelnut / Cocoa Spread


Chocolate Hazelnut Enjoyment Simple Recipe for Nutella-like Hazelnut / Cocoa Treat I just recently harvested and roasted some fresh Hazelnuts / Cobnuts for gluten-free recipes I think they will work well in.  I am starting with some very simple ways to use them, beginning with a variation on the Nutella (brand) chocolate-hazelnut spread. My version is quite different from Nutella — if anything

Fresh Hazelnuts Harvest and Preparation


Harvesting and Preparing Fresh Hazelnuts Hazelnuts / Cobnuts / Filberts in Season in the UK I very much enjoy the flavor of hazelnuts.  Hazelnut (the nut of the hazel tree) is also referred to as cobnut or filbert nut according to species.  I do not know the specific species of hazelnut I have harvested this year, but they sure do taste good! I really have no idea how many hazelnut trees are

Wild Cherry-Plums Season: time to cook and freeze some.


Cherry-Plums In Season Sweet Treat on Local Trees (Somerset, UK) The summer fruit harvest continues.  Soon after my recent blog about preparing the wild blackberries harvested this year, the (apparently) wild plum trees in the area really started to hit their peak for ripening fruit.  Fresh Cherry-Plums (halved / pitted) I suspect these trees grew on their own (wild) since they are growing

Fresh Blackberries : Simple Cook and Freeze Method


Extending the Fresh Blackberries Season Blackberry Puree Ready-to-Use for Many other Recipes This year I have been fortunate enough to encounter a bumper-crop of fresh blackberries growing wild where I live. There have been so many blackberries ripening at once that eating them all while fresh is just not possible — I can eat perhaps a quart of berries a day, but something has to be done with

Awesome Gluten-Free Bread : Genius Brand Spiced Fruit Loaf


Genius Spiced Fruit Loaf is Simply Excellent Gluten-Free Bread! Fantastic Gluten-Free Bread at Reasonable Price Genius brand Gluten-Free Bread : Spiced Fruit Loaf Variety This bread is simply fantastic, gluten-free or not! When I first encountered this gluten-free bread, with a brand-name of "Genius", I could not help wondering if the bread would live up to its name.  Without a doubt, it

Waitrose Fiery Alcoholic Ginger Beer Review - Refreshing and quite nice!


Waitrose Fiery Alcoholic Ginger Beer Review A new Gluten-Free "Beer" to try This adult-only ginger-beer is a delightful recent find I encountered in the United Kingdom at the Waitrose grocery store chain.   When I first came across the bottles at the store, I was immediately intrigued by the description on the label: "An alcoholic ginger beer made with Jamaican Ginger, Sicilian Lemons, and a

Costco: Gluten-Free Honeyville Almond Flour bulk bag


Costco has Gluten-Free Honeyville Blanched Almond Flour New item at our Costco: 3 pound bags of fine almond flour! Honeyville brand Blanched Almond Flour (Gluten-Free) 3# bag at Costco If you have been looking for a very fine almond flour for your gluten-free recipes, check your local Costco store: I just came across this product this week at our Houston, TX location. The flour has worked

Gluten-Free Halloween Items and Party Recipe Ideas


Some Festive Gluten-Free Halloween Party Ideas Dressing up some favorite GF party items for Halloween Have you been contemplating what foods to make for a Halloween holiday party — whether appetizers, desserts, or other snack items? Kate, one of our gluten-free blog contributors, put together a sampling of her own ideas for some simple to make, and simple to convert from everyday fair into

Probiotic Amounts in Kefir and Yogurt : Billions, perhaps Trillions


How Many Billion Probiotics are in your Yogurt / Kefir? Probiotic Pills Prices are Ridiculous Compared to just consuming Kefir / Yogurt [Note: this is a followup to my last closely-related article where I consider Healthy Gut Microbes May Prevent Celiac (beneficial bacteria as a defense, perhaps)] Probiotics are those "beneficial bugs" that exist in vast quantities in healthy