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Moving the Storage Unit in Los Angeles


We are going to be evacuating the storage unit soon in LA, moving supplies to a Christian who has worked with us in ministry for years. The outreach will be continuing in Los Angeles, just in a different way. Thanks to the Church of Satan, literally wreaking havoc on the boardwalk at Venice Beach, no more tables are allowed representing "religion." These were called First Amendment spots until the police had to change the rules. The police now have had to say, "No more religious spots." They told us that although we had never caused trouble since we began in 2002, if they let us set up on the boardwalk, they would have to allow the Church of Satan. They changed the rules and our evangelistic table based on apologetics is no longer allowed on the boardwalk.There was no greater place for missions than the occult boardwalk of Venice Beach, a smorgasbord of all religions and occult spirituality, including Hinduism, Hare Krishna, Atheists United, Scientology and just about everything under the sun. There we sat since 2002 with the only Christian table on the boardwalk. The glory is that it ever happened in the first place!The team is now cleaning out the storage unit and moving everything to Dan, for us to use materials as needed afoot at Venice Beach and elsewhere. We plan to hand out every single copy of 'The Light that Was Dark' book that we have left in the storage unit to all of the psychics and vendors up and down the boardwalk at Venice Beach one last time. We are still partnering with Whole Foods to feed the homeless on Saturdays. Though many of the homeless seem unreachable with mental problems, Dan is happy to at least remain as a Christian witness on the boardwalk telling the homeless and anyone who will listen how to be saved as he offers them food.For the most part, our evangelism will drastically change beginning this year. We have postcards that will be used all over the greater Los Angeles area. These are already being used. No outreach table will be needed. God is already at work so much with these cards that we can hardly keep up!This storage unit move will require us renting a moving van from Home Depot for the day. I am asking God for an extra 200.00 to cover the cost of this move. Cleaning out the storage unit will save us money in the long run, as we have been paying around 130.00 monthly for a storage unit in West LA. Now that we are paying again for a storage unit in NYC, we need this monthly savings. I have thought about other ways we could have an outreach table on the boardwalk at Venice, but the ideas have never felt right. No other table could ever be the same. I was even willing to move back to keep an outreach of apologetics going there somehow. When God said, "No," to my plans for that, as I prayed it through, I was actually relieved. Venice Beach is hard. It is filthy, and the people are filthier on the inside than out. Still, as I worked as a missionary there, those were some of the sweetest days this side of heaven. I would leave that place, thanking God as a prayed for using me on the way back to my apartment in my car. I felt Him so close that I could not help but cry tears of joy. It was so glorious as people listened about how to be saved. I was honored that the psychics called me "the Christian lady." Well, I am still telling people about Jesus. I love to tell the story. It is just in other places now. And we are still telling people about Jesus in Los Angeles, just in a new way.God has ordained seasons under heaven for everything. We thank Him for the years of the outreach table based on apologetics at Venice Beach and we have been privileged to be used by Him there. Now, we look forward to all He has planned with these evangelism postcards and the opportunities in the future with Barnes and Noble book signings in Los Angeles for my Christian book for women, as well as outreaches to women through sharing the testimony of my book about how we are fulfilled and complete in Christ and how happy He alone can make us as we serve others in Jesus' name. It is a joy like no other on [...]

Pastor Endorses the Skyline Evangelistic Tract for Los Angeles


One of the missionaries using the cards in partnership with us, George Shaw, sent me this quote from a pastor who read the tract. With permission I am posting his response. We can barely keep up with demand for more cards as Christians are handing them out all over greater Los Angeles.

"These cards are powerful! What a great way to get the word out."
Pastor Leonard DeWitt
Ft. Wayne, IN

LTW Outreach: Rio Grande Valley


No one approached the outreach table until 10:00 A.M. A family with two younger girls came and received coloring pages on a creation coloring book with several crayons, a tract on Who Can Make A Bird? and, since Valentine's Day is approaching, a little box of heart candies.An older gentleman approached the table and challenged my Spanish. He truly believes in God and was not really interested in anything other than his Bible (at home). We certainly were able to agree that God is number one on heaven and earth. What a delight!A gal stopped by, and Janet gave her a New Testament and the little booklet Growing in God for her grandchild. It reminded me that I always love giving materials to grandparents.Two ladies and a determined young fellow, interested in only the King James Version of the Bible, stopped to visit. Because of his determination, Janet did give the young fellow my last one.One of the ladies did take a NKJV for a friend, and she held it close to her heart like a precious treasure. They did say what a blessing we were to them, and I certainly expressed what a blessing they have been to us. (By the way, this was Janet's first time working this outreach with me and she was absolutely wonderful with adults as well as children).For the first time, the pamphlet Is Abortion Really So Bad? left the table. The lady who took it was very convicted to pray for the unborn. I need to remember those young ladies who are faced with that possible decision and especially those having regrets as to going that route.A gal stopped by looking for a Bible with large print. She was pleased to receive a Gideon's New Testament/Psalms Bible in large print.Dear, sweet 'Pete' stopped by and expressed how he missed the conversations with my husband Curt who is now in heaven. He was concerned about how I was doing, remembered my name and even concerned with some of the events in my life as a result of my husband's 'going home.' What a joy and blessing! He was delighted to receive a current Daily Bread devotional.I had an enjoyable conversation with Juan. He took a Bible and Growing in God for his 15 -year- old daughter and The Most Important Story for his two younger teens.A teen gal took The Terrors of Hell. She was a delightful young lady with a much younger brother who enjoyed receiving all of the goodies for kids.A sweet, sweet grandma came looking for something encouraging for her 15- year-old suicidal granddaughter. She shared several other serious issues, and I asked if I could pray with and for her. She took several materials for her grandkids, as well as materials for herself. Dear Lord, bless her with Your wisdom, peace, courage, strength and comfort. Amen. What a joy to be here for those hurting as well as anyone with a heart for Truth.I was concerned that all week the only day that rain was in the forecast this week was Saturday until noon. We were blessed with a cool, cloudy morning but not even a little drizzle! In fact, the sun actually came out about 11 A.M. Praise the Lord!It turned out to be a beautiful day...... in so many more ways than one.Janie Rolf, Jerry Otteson & Janet FieldsRio Grande Valley Harlingen, TX[...]

Amazon Smile Supports Lighting the Way


I sincerely thank anyone who has taken the time to support our work through ordering their Amazon or Amazon Prime orders via Amazon Smile, shopping for Lighting the Way. Go to sign up at and Amazon will donate to Lighting the Way International.

LTW Work Goals Next Month


We have finished all of the bookkeeping for 2017, but I now must file all receipts for 2018, which will take hours. I also need a day to work in our main storage unit to get organized for the new year.We are having more witnessing cards made for Los Angeles. I need to keep that organized and make plans to return to Los Angeles this spring, clean out the storage unit there and close it, and do evangelism in Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Venice Beach with materials in the unit, as well as the new skyline witnessing cards. We now have an additional storage unit to fund monthly in NYC, so we are in the process of cleaning out the storage unit in LA (which is currently costing us 120.00 per month) and will close it this spring. I pray for the money to fly out there for a long weekend and make sure all of this is wrapped up the right way. I may also do a book signing at Barnes and Noble at The Grove and share my testimony and tips from my book 'Happiness No Man Required' with single women at the Harvest Home for Pregnant Women at Venice Beach, which is Christian based. I have to organize all of that and plan for it this spring.I am ordering more needed materials for the Rio Grande Valley outreach this week with a focus on reaching children and their parents with the Gospel. There is a list of things I am ordering for them from Lighthouse Trails.I am continuing to get up early in the morning, workout and have my devotional reading and Bible study and prayer. I pray I will continue this, as I love my time with the Lord every morning. I never stop it seems with work and my busy life, so the precious time for this has to come in the mornings. I have never really been a morning person before, so I am hoping to stick with this.Last, but not least, I need to update the Lighting the Way web site with our new outreach locations in Asheville, NC and updated photos for our University of TN outreach, which we hope to begin doing inside the student center this spring instead of outside. We also want to show more about our new evangelism with the skyline postcards.To save money, I do all of this. My assistant is my mother, and she makes a great one. She edits newsletters and helps me in outreaches I could not otherwise do alone. Speaking of which, I am preparing for a very busy weekend in March in Richmond, VA, working again with the Southern Women's Shows. I will be speaking on my tips from my book and on local television. I cannot imagine even hiring someone reliable enough to help me with all of this, so I am so thankful my mother is available in her retirement.I am also following up with Child Evangelism for materials for the children in Cabo San Lucas, MX, in Spanish.Also, praise the Lord, we have a leader for Boulder, CO, and all is well again and going strong with that outreach location. We may or may not get the evangelistic postcards done for Boulder. We will see what God has planned.On top of all of this, I am wrapping up my last CD--a bluegrass/hymns CD with distribution with Walmart, Barnes and Noble and hopefully Cracker Barrel. I pray that it will bring glory to Jesus. We have to record two more songs from scratch and wrap up the others. We are beginning work on that next month.God is good! I am so happy, focused and fulfilled!More soon to come...[...]

Postcard Outreach Planned for Nashville, Birmingham, Chicago, Los Angeles, NYC and More


God is at work through these evangelistic skyline cards, and we can hardly keep up! Below this summary are photos of the evangelistic "Look Up" skyline postcards created for NYC and Los Angeles. After the first order of 500 for LA, we have gotten another order in less than a month for Los Angeles--the teams are handing them out and running out. We are partnering with George and Goldie Shaw and their teams and Christian individuals working with Lighting the Way who want to hand out the cards all over greater Los Angeles. We keep running out.I gave out over 300 postcards the last time I was in NYC, and it was the best month of my life in NYC. The cards are all given out prayerfully, so as not to waste any. They really go, so we can hardly keep up with orders for more. We are praying that God will continue to provide for the cost of these cards to be created with skylines of various cities and provide for the cost of printing. My friend, Marilyn Tyner, co-wrote this great tract, and you can read more about her at her site at True Way Tracts  where these cards will eventually be made available for Christians in general to order directly.When I was in Cabo San Lucas last month, we got a request from some people working with us there at Calvary Chapel Safe Harbor to have the cards made in Spanish for evangelism to the Mexicans, and a sweet translator there hinted she would translate them for us. God is at work! We are praying about expanding to this new way of doing outreach in Birmingham, Nashville, Chicago, Boston, and Boulder this year. So far, we have only paid the graphic artist working with us in California to create them for NYC and Los Angeles. Marilyn is planning on copyrighting the cards, and, Lord willing, we will have skylines for many cities with these evangelistic cards going out everywhere. I have had a dream to do evangelism in places like Miami, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington D.C. It could be that God will answer that prayer through the making of these cards. I am so thankful and excited about this because no table is needed to potentially reach hundreds of people per day with the Gospel with these skyline evangelism cards. They are beautiful. People love them. We sure do serve a creative God! This is a very effective way of witnessing. All you have to do is approach a stranger and ask, "Would you a card designed for your city?" or "If you died today do you know for sure you would go to heaven?" or "Do you know how much God loves you today?" Everyone takes a card.I had barely posted on NYC's evangelism last fall with these exciting cards, when out of the blue, I got a call from missionaries George and Goldie Shaw asking, "Where can we get some of those evangelism cards for Los Angeles?"[...]

LTW Update: Rio Grande Valley Outreach


TABLE MINISTRYRIO GRANDE VALLEY Parking Lot on Jackson St., Harlingen, TX January 6, 2018 Oh, what a joy to be back on Jackson Street!The first visitor was a young boy, soon followed by his mom and teen sister. The boy did take the coloring pages (Jonah and the Whale) but didn't want a candy cane (had several left over from my handout December when I gave them out walking up and down Jackson St.). Mom took a Spanish Bible and sister took a Kids Devotional as well as the book, Knowing Aslan. It was like some sort of homecoming when dear Rosie found me at the table! (We both were in tears at the reunion). She had been looking for me for months. It had been 6 months since I had set up the table outreach. In fact, now, I'm not directly ON Jackson St. but rather just off of it in a parking lot with about 20 other vendors. Rosie brought friend Dianna with her who took several items including a devotional. Rosie took RBC's booklet "Prayer Changes Things," as well as a Spanish Bible for her handyman.A mom stopped by with two girls. Each one had a grand time picking out materials. The girls each took coloring pages, along with The Most Important Story and, of course, the tract about Butterflies. They also took the flag/cross lapel pin, including one for their dad who is a veteran.A young lady took something for Jerry (Winter-Texan from MN) and was thrilled to take a King James Bible. IvaDean does such a great job with kids. It was such fun reconnecting with her and Jack. (Attached is a photo of a typical witness of her ministering to kids as well as their parents/grandparents).I was so blessed for the help that the Lord provided: Jerry, IvaDean and Jack helped set up the canopy and Lana, bless her heart, showed up to help take things down. God is good! (See attached photo).I anxiously watched two teen girls as they spotted the book Deceived on Purpose. They looked at each other with a knowing glance and eagerly took it when they realized everything was free. They also took Ken Ham's book on Dinosaurs as well as an ESV Bible. I'm praising the Lord that my return to Jackson St. finally happened! I found a new means of obtaining a spot in a parking lot right off of Jackson St. yet right in the midst of the flow of people. In fact, I already have a spot for February and, Lord willing, I will continue to be blessed with the needed help. I was pleased that all 12 of my coloring pages (with a few crayons) left the table as well as several Bibles. It was SUCH a beautiful more ways than one!!!!!Janie and 'crew' Rio Grande Valley – Harlingen, TX[...]

Photo Gallery of Outreach to Catholics at Lady of Guadalupe Parade in Cabo San Lucas


This celebration is a mixture of Mayan and Catholic occult goddess worship, so it was very fitting as we handed out our DVDs exposing such apparitions of Mary as demonic. These Mexicans gather with occult drumming early in the morning to "wake up the Lady." It is a national tradition, and they are sincerely doing all of this with the hope of getting closer to God. Their desire for a relationship with God enabled us to run out of our evangelistic materials very quickly! They all wanted the DVD "Messages from Heaven" in Spanish from Eternal Productions. But when they watch this DVD they will understand more about what the Bible teaches, as it is filled with documentation on Mary worship with the Bible verses warning of it actually not leading them to God but leading people astray into the demonic realm. We prayed for every single person who received the DVDs, as well as the books and tracts we handed out on this day of Mexican celebration. We plan to do the same outreach with more resources next year in Cabo San Lucas on the Lady of Guadalupe Day.[...]

LTW to Cabo San Lucas Misc.Table Outreach Photos


More photos of our December 2017 table outreach in Cabo San Lucas...[...]

Witnessing to Catholics on Lady of Guadalupe Day in Cabo San Lucas


It is said that you cannot be Mexican without taking part in their Lady of Guadalupe Day, where the nation basically sets aside a day to worship Mary. It is actually a mixture of Mayan occult worship and a Catholic semblance of Mary worship based on past demonic apparitions. The Mexicans march in parades, dance to occult drumming and even get a day off work in some cases with the best of intentions of getting closer to God through the waking of the "Lady of Guadalupe."We brought DVDs from Jim Tetlow and Eternal Productions called "Messages from Heaven," which expose apparitions of "Mary" as part of occult worship and warn they are demonic. Every single person took this DVD with great excitement in Spanish. We also handed out books against Mary worship, and every single person offered one wanted it.We found that on this day the Mexicans were very open to talk about Jesus in general and what it means to be saved. We gave out all of our Spanish materials for Catholics at the Lady of Guadalupe parade in Cabo San Lucas and then at the resort where I stayed. The employees at the resort began their day with a parade and occult drumming to "wake up the Lady." All of the materials we brought with us were gone within minutes.I plan to return to witness on this same day next December. 2018 We now have a more secure address in pre-shipping materials, and we plan to use all of the DVDs and tracts we have in Spanish for Catholics in this exciting yearly outreach in Cabo San Lucas.[...]

Working with Calvary Chapel Safe Harbor in Cabo San Lucas


I wanted to write more about the sweet church partnering with us in evangelism in Cabo San Lucas, Calvary Chapel Safe Harbor. God is really at work in this church in many obvious ways. One area of enormous growth since I was there last is the children's ministry. A van has been donated, and the leaders of the children's ministry go to poor neighborhoods around Cabo San Lucas to pick up the children and bring them to church. Many of the children are so poor that they have no electricity. The dresses we had made from pillowcases were donated to the little girls attending this outreach every week. There was a little boy named Joel that especially took to me. He wanted to sit beside me and ran to hug me when he saw me. It really touched my heart being with these loving Mexican kids. When the kids were dismissed for the children's service, the van was so full and weighted down with so many children that I thought it might not make it up the dirt hill to take the kids to the park where they teach the children separately at their Bible study. We are going to send materials for the children to get their own mail from Child Evangelism in Spanish and look forward to keeping up with all God is doing as this ministry continues to grow. There is no paved road to and from the church. In bad weather, the dirt blows into the church. Teams gather early to clean off the chairs and floor before the church services. As I helped them clean off the blown in dirt off of the chairs one Sunday, I prayed for God to bless this church and continue to make it close to His heart. Though it is off the beaten path, word has spread about the church. By the time the service begins, it is filled with both children and adults to hear the sound expository teaching from Pastor Garrie Price (who teaches in English with an interpreter in Spanish).As Garrie preaches sometimes you can hear dogs barking from around the area and even roosters crowing from the surrounding poor neighborhood. Still, it does not keep the Gospel from being heard and understood. Garrie teaches in a way the Mexican people can understand who God is, how to be saved and what it means to live a life for Jesus. As I looked around at the plastic chairs to see all of the people so attentive to the teaching, amidst the sound of roosters crowing, I thought about how this church has it all. It has none of the distractions most American churches have to give oneself a false sense of security. This church's foundation is in God and God alone. It changes me and makes me a better Christian after I have attended with renewed appreciation for how God is at work to bring Himself glory and how that nothing is too difficult for Him. He makes a way... (The dirt hill from the main road down to the church) Pastor Garrie teaches from a pulpit with "Galatians 4:16" posted on it: "Have I become your enemy by telling you the truth?" I told the leaders of the children's ministry who pick up the kids from the poor neighborhoods in the church van and transport them to Bible study twice a week that they are the real heroes in this world to me. We plan to work on getting more dresses made from pillowcases as more children come and plan to get more evangelistic materials for all of the kids in Spanish as needed. The tracts we have used at the table ministry for Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses in Spanish are also being used in this church, as believers take them to give to people they meet during the week. The city has a surprising growing population of both Mormons and JWs.Pictured above is another resource Lighting the Way has provided that the church uses on display for any of the church members to take about the difference between the teachings of Roman Catholicism and what the Bible teaches about salvation by grace [...]

Packed Suitcases for the People of Mexico


We had dresses made from pillow cases for poor, little Mexican girls who cannot afford new clothes. Working with Calvary Chapel Safe Harbor, we came with suitcases packed of these dresses and evangelistic materials in Spanish. The beautiful dresses for the girls made from pillow cases turned out so well with the pretty ribbon at the top. The woman who sewed the dresses said she prayed for every single girl who would be wearing them as she made the dresses. She made them from her home in Sevierville, TN, and her Sunday School class donated a little cash for expenses for our trip. In addition to the dresses, we packed evangelistic materials in Spanish as the mail to Cabo San Lucas, MX, has been very unreliable previously. We put every single thing we packed to good use--we gave the dresses to the church where the children attend, Calvary Chapel Safe Harbor, and we used the evangelistic materials in both the table outreach and our surprising outreach to Catholics at a Lady of Guadalupe celebration, which happens annually in December. Because we were in Mexico during this time, the people were especially open to discussing the Gospel with us. We intend to go back every year at this time to witness at this celebration where the Mexicans are more open to discuss how to be saved. They are involved in the Mayan/Catholic goddess worship rites because they have a desire to be closer to God. They just do not know how. (I will post more photos of our exciting outreach at the Lady of Guadalupe celebration in a future blog post!)Here are the dresses made from pillow cases for the little girls: Book against Mary worship in Spanish--we gave out every copy we brought. Materials for children in Spanish from Child Evangelism so they can get their own mail as follow up about how to be saved--we intend to make sure every child who comes to church gets one. The Gospel of John in Spanish Pocket booklet of Bible verses--Catholics who do not normally read the Bible take it and say they will always keep it with them, a great introduction to what the Bible teaches This audio player is the Bible read aloud in Spanish--One was given to a woman in the church who was blind and could not see to read the Bible. She was so delighted to have the audible Bible in Spanish to hear the Word of God. Parents (who were not saved) took this booklet in Spanish to read to their kids about how to become a Christian through faith in Jesus as Savior, witnessing to both the kids and the parents. Generic sermons in Spanish about how to become a Christian on audio CD For Catholics and Jews and Muslims in Spanish about the difference between trusting Jesus as Savior vs. mere religionWe also packed DVDs exposing the occult dangers of Mary worship produced by Eternal Productions and gave them all out on the Lady of Guadalupe Day celebration. The church is also offering members at Calvary Chapel Safe Harbor the materials we brought for Mormons and JWs in Spanish. Every single Catholic offered the DVD against Mary worship one took it without hesitation. Heading to church to give out the clothing... ...with the dresses for the little girls...Look at the girls at church wearing the dresses we brought, so happy in their new clothes! It was so sweet and rewarding to see this photo. We plan to get it to the Christian woman who made the dresses for the girls, as well as the Sunday School class that gave to help with expenses for this ministry.[...]

LTW Update: Cabo San Lucas Table Outreach


We had a busy time of outreach at the evangelism table in Cabo San Lucas, MX, last month. We set up alongside other vendors on the beach as both tourists and locals passed peddling goods and water sport activities, across from the main strip in Cabo.We have a banner reading "A Free Gift for You" in Spanish with Bibles, books, tracts, sermons on CD and DVDs in Spanish to give to Catholics, children, as well as Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons. In addition to that, we had the special contribution of audio copies of the Bible in Spanish. Jackie, the pastor's wife working with us, took one for a woman in her church who could not see to read the Bible. The woman was really excited to receive the audio Bible for her to hear the Word of God in Spanish.Everyone who stopped by the table took something. All of the parents were thrilled about materials for children in Spanish about how to be saved! The materials for children are also part of our outreach to the parents, as the parents learn how to be saved, too, by reading the tracts and books to their children.  We also had books and DVDs against Mary worship, which were of great interest to all of the Catholics.On the back of every tract there was information about Calvary Chapel Safe Harbor, inviting the locals to church on Sunday.[...]

"A Friend That Sticketh Closer Than a Brother"


Devotional by Charles E. Hurlburt:

“A man that hath friends must show himself friendly, and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.” –Proverbs 18:24

Stay, lonely pilgrim, searching long for fellowship. Stop here and find, “A Friend.”

“There is a friend,” though all the world deny it. One who is always true and faithful. One who never leaves and never forsakes. No brother will, or can, abide as He. Will you be friend to Jesus as He is friend to thee? 

We worship Thee; we trust all to Thee and take from Thee all peace, all grace, all needed power to do and be what pleaseth Thee, our never-absent Friend. Amen.

Thank You for Partnering with LTW


I am overjoyed with thanksgiving to the Lord for all He continues to do. I can barely keep up! As we are expanding to all of the new locations, we cannot do it without your partnership. For anyone who gives 100.00 or more this year to Lighting the Way, I will be sending a thank you gift.

We praise the Lord for His faithfulness, as no contributions are solicited. God has provided for this ministry since we began in 2002, and He continues to provide today.

Also, check out our updated web site on apologetics here: 

I will not have much Internet access while in MX but hope to have another newsletter and ministry update sent out by the end of the year. We are thankful to have the home office still in TN with our largest storage unit based out of there and my mother overseeing everything when I am in NYC or elsewhere. We will be keeping the team in CA in prayer as everything is scheduled to be moved down to San Diego in about a week.

We look forward to all that God has in store in 2018!

By God's grace,
Lighting the Way
P O Box 5373
Sevierville, TN 37864

LTW Update: In Mexico with Cabo San Lucas Outreach


We are in Cabo San Lucas, MX, doing both the LTW table outreach to locals and tourists and also an outreach to needy children. Updates with photos will follow. Thank you for the prayers.

Counterfeit Spirituality "Dancing with Demons"


Check out this recent radio program on "Dancing with Demons" from Jan Markell to expose how demons masquerade themselves as angels of light.

LTW to San Diego to Begin Next Year


Years ago I had the joy of meeting Nick and Melinda and their pastor, William, in England at Ryedale Evangelical Church. HERE is a photo of Nick working with Pastor William, partnering with Lighting the Way in outreach on the streets of Pickering back when the outreach first bagan. (Go to Pickering Post for more information). It is absolutely amazing that back then God knew I would eventually be working with Nick and a new team in a table outreach in San Diego. Here are more photos from the outreach in England on the streets of Pickering:Although we are still partnering with Whole Foods in feeding the neighborhood at Venice Beach, I realized a few months ago that it was really no longer wise to be paying 120.00 for a Public Storage unit in Los Angeles since we could no longer set up at Venice Beach. I began to pray daily for God to show us where else we could do outreach in California for His glory. I knew that Nick and Melinda were now living in San Diego. On a hunch, I called them and asked if they would be interested in doing the table outreach in San Diego (fully expecting them to be too busy). Without hesitation, they were interested! Nick began telling me about his best friend, Cliff, who was also a sound Christian who loves evangelism. They have already spoken to their church about it to include it as a church ministry! Nick said, 'The sooner, the better for you all to move everything down."Again, this took prayer, because the move in and of itself was easier said than done. I wanted to fly into LA, do outreach afoot at Venice Beach one last time, and drive everything down in a rental van. Well, I did the math, and this was going to be too expensive. God had the perfect plan. And God bless Robin (who worked with me in outreach at both Venice Beach and West Hollywood). She is generously planning to drive everything down to Nick and Melinda next month. She has researched rental vans, and we are renting a van from Home Depot. Though she insists on not taking any payment for her time, I do insist on paying her something for doing this from the LTW funds. LTW will pay for the move. We are renting the van, literally by the minute, from Home Depot, and it is the best deal we could find. Robin will be worn out, as this calls for her to load the van, close the storage unit with Public Storage, drive to San Diego and then right back to Los Angeles to return the all of the traffic.I stand amazed at how God has put all of this together. I will be in Cabo San Lucas with no cell phone coverage when all of this will be taking place next month. It just goes to show that our ministry is not ours, but God's.I am reminded once again that He can do anything. I look forward to working with Nick and Cliff in outreach and thank Nick and Melinda for offering to store everything in their garage after the move, saving us 120.00 per month next year in storage expenses.God bless Robin, Nick, Melinda and Cliff, and I pray this move will go smoothly.Thanks to the evangelism postcards for Los Angeles that are being designed, God still has an open door for us to work in evangelism at Venice Beach, Santa Monica and downtown Los Angeles, just like the good old days. On top of that, old things have passed away, and, behold,  new things have come! (2 Corinthians 5:17).[...]

Our New Postcard Outreach in Los Angeles Next Year


God answers prayer! We are not only continuing outreach in California, but we have two new outreaches. In addition to San Diego, we will be starting a new evangelistic outreach in Los Angeles next year with missionaries, George and Goldie Shaw.

The same postcards we used daily in NYC last October are now being designed with the skyline of Los Angeles to be used in LA. We are partnering with Marilyn Tyner and her ministry True-Way tracts, splitting the cost with her for these cards. (More about her love for evangelism and knowledge of apologetics can be found on her blog at

I have known George and Goldie Shaw for years. They do ministry with and have reached countless Jewish people with the Gospel. They also work with Grace Community Church, my former church in Los Angeles.

One day this month I got a voicemail message from George asking, "Where can I find those evangelism postcards?" Without hesitation, I told him I would have them made for him and mailed to him and Goldie to use in ministry. They are going to send us updates on how they are used next year in ministry. Whenever I can, I will fly into Los Angeles, drive down to work with the new team in San Diego, and return to spend some time in LA working with George and Goldie in outreach. Of course, I will not be able to resist handing these out at Venice Beach, too! It may be that more Christians from our former team at Venice Beach would be interested in handing out the postcards with me. People will love them all over the Greater Los Angeles area. 

We have already paid to have these same cards designed for George and Goldie to use in Los Angeles and look forward to all God has planned.

NYC Ministry News


We just secured a storage unit in NYC for 40.00 a month. This is an answer to prayer! (Of course, we are moving our storage unit in Los Angeles down to San Diego with a new team there who will be doing outreach and keeping the materials free of charge long term.) This NYC space will be the only space we have monthly after we get out of the LA Public Storage space. This will total 100.00 per month for both TN and NYC compared to 180.00 per month, which we have been paying for both the CA and TN units now for years.

I have been saddened this month to hear of the horrific passing of my friend, Randy, in NYC. He was going to be my envoy for transportation to and from the ministry location at Columbus Circle with all of the table set-up. He was an Uber driver. We agreed for him to pick me up at the Manhattan storage unit, take me to the ministry outreach, and then pick me up from the outreach and take me back to the storage unit at the end of the ministry to save us money. He even insisted on doing it for free. He was a Christian and a wonderful man. He was beaten to death by an illegal immigrant. He was simply in his car in NYC, sitting silently and minding his own business, when a crazy man came up and began hitting the hood of his car with a hockey stick. When Randy got out of the car to ask the man to stop, the man began beating him. Randy was a gentle, elderly man with a very humble and kind heart. It hurt me profoundly to hear about this. The NYPD arrested the man who killed him. 

The family did not have the money for his burial. I was so moved that I felt God wanted me to do something. Lighting the Way donated 100.00 for his memorial service and burial. I also put together care packages of Hebrew/English Bibles for his Jewish family who are not saved, along with the booklets 'After Death, What Then?' and my Jazz CD that Randy loved to hear.

LTW Update: Atlanta


The team set up at Little Five Points last Saturday in outreach. The leader said they were very busy with meaningful conversations. (We will continue to post updates as weather allows the teams to set up at Little Five Points and Marietta Square. Plans to begin the new outreach to Muslims, outside a mosque, next spring).

Moving from LA to San Diego and More


VENICE TO SAN DIEGO:We are expanding to do outreach in San Diego. Some amazing Christians who worked with me at a table outreach in England are now living in San Diego, and God has put the whole thing together. When I called them about it, they wanted to do it without hesitation and have already spoken to their church about it. The team will be Nick, Melinda and Cliff.I had hoped to fly into LA, do Venice Beach one more time, clean out the storage unit and rent a van to drive everything down to San Diego. Well, it would just be too expensive. Thank God for Robin who has worked with me for years in Venice, as well as West Hollywood. This ministry is paying for her to rent a van from Home Depot. We are going to load up the van, and she is going to drive everything down to San Diego and then back up to LA. I am hoping God will provide an extra 300.00 to cover the van rental, gas and something extra to thank Robin for her time (though she does not want to accept any money). LTWW will be able to save money in the long run, as we have been paying 120.00 for a Public Storage storage unit in Los Angeles now for years. (We have had to pay for monthly storage in LA ever since 2004 except for a couple of years where members of the team were keeping everything in a private garage). Nick and Melinda have a large garage and will be keeping the materials  and supplies there as soon as everything is moved to San Diego.I have cried as I have prayed. I cannot help it that the rules changed years ago at Venice Beach due to the Church of Satan. Gone are the days for "First Amendment Spots." The city does not want any other "church spots" where we used to set up, alongside the Atheists United and the Scientologists. The most I can do is sell my books to women on the boardwalk, and it just does not make sense to do that so seldom, considering how the ministry has to pay for monthly storage. I cried when I thought of flying into LA to do outreach in Venice one more time by handing out books and materials up and down the sidewalk to vendors--I will never have sweeter times with God this side of heaven as I did as a missionary at Venice Beach with our outreach of evangelism based on apologetics. Well, God is moving us on now, and I look forward to all He has planned working with Nick and Melinda and Cliff in San Diego and am so thankful for this new open door.ATLANTA:John Rosser, the leader, now has another big box of more materials for Atlanta. They are planning on setting up at Little Five Points this Saturday. Next spring, they hope to do outreach to Muslims across from a mosque in Atlanta, as well as the new table outreach at Marietta Square.CHURCH SHOOTING OUTREACHES:Packets and signed copies of my CD "Still" about God's faithfulness have been sent to the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ survivors of the shooting back in Sept., along with hand written cards of sympathy. I hope the care package is an encouragement to themI am working on sending over 50 signed CDs of "Still" to the congregation of First Baptist Southerland Springs, Texas, to families of anyone who was killed and to every person who was shot and survived. We are going to have nice cards included for them all as well with the verse "Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 5:10[...]

Daily Evangelistic Postcard Outreach NYC


Oct. 7:Every single morning I ask God to use me as I step out into the city streets. I remain in prayer as I walk around with my purse filled with these postcards wherever I go, silently praying for God to lead me to the people with whom He wants me to speak about Him. There have been so many beautiful conversations and stories to tell. (Here on Oct. 7th, I am currently working from a weak Internet connection, and it took an hour just to upload these photos. As soon as possible, I will catch up with a sweet update on our daily evangelism in NYC, including people I have met through these cards who have asked in-depth questions about Jesus). I have even had the chance to pray with the woman pictured to accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior. She said she wanted to make sure she was going to heaven when she died. It has been the most glorious month. I have almost run out of the 300 postcards left with me last week, so more are being sent from California. I praise the Lord for the joy He gives to my heart as I tell others about Him. There are so many people hurting, and the Lord is seeking after them. I am so privileged to be used by Him in missions here. I may be teaching a class on apologetics with my friend and ministry partner, Marilyn Tyner, next spring at the Brooklyn Tabernacle. The Lord offers us the best life possible through obedience to Him. Though the road is costly, His joy and precious Spirit filling us with His love makes every single step of the journey more than worth it. This is a short life, and we will not have the opportunity to bring glory to the name of Jesus through evangelism, as well as persecution for righteousness sake, after we get Home. I want to make the most of every day for eternity. I have never felt happier in my life in His joy, which is like no other.November 16, 2017 update to finish the stories:One woman was crying on the sidewalk and texting nervously. I said, "You look like you need some encouragement today. Do you know how much God loves you?" I offered her a postcard. She wiped her eyes and thanked me. We had a good talk about Jesus. I got in a cab and asked the cab driver, "Are you by any chance a Christian?" He said, "I am Muslim." I began telling him about Jesus and stories from the New Testament. I told about how Jesus was a friend for sinners and told about the woman at the well, and how Jesus said, "Go and sin no more." The cab driver asked, "And then what happened?" I said, "She went and told her whole village about this Man who knew everything about her and yet loved her even though He knew about all of her sin when she had been so shunned by the other religious people. She told the whole village about meeting Jesus." I went on to share about the Sermon on the Mount and miracles Jesus did, and the guy said, "And then what happened?" I told him about the crucifixion and how the temple veil was broken in two from top to bottom and how the earth quaked when Jesus died. The Muslim driver asked, "And then what happened?" I answered, "Both the Jews and the Romans got nervous, afraid they might have in fact made a mistake, that this Man might be God after all, so they had His tomb guarded." He asked again, "And then what happened?" I said, "Jesus rose again! Even with His tomb guarded, His body left it." The cab driver asked yet again, "And then what happened?" I said, "Jesus appeared to over 500 witnesses after His resurrection." All of a sudden it dawned on  me to offer this curious [...]

University of TN Outreach


We checked the weather the night before, and there was 90% chance of showers all day. When the sun came out, it was obvious that God must have had at least one person for us to reach Tuesday afternoon at our University of TN outreach to students.One young, intelligent student came up, and he could not have been more open. He thought all religions were the same, and he really listened as I told him how and why Jesus makes all of the difference as our Savior, offering salvation by grace. He took materials and was genuinely interested as I told him how to be saved. He responded, "Fascinating!"We had meaningful conversations with others, and the Gospel was shared as students stopped to take materials.After only being there two hours, we looked up and the sky was dark and morose with grey clouds. As soon as we began packing up, the rain came. I had to run back to the car in the rain with the table set-up. It was worth it, though. We hope to see that student in heaven who stopped by, so open, and had never heard the Gospel before.We will get a permit to set up again as soon as the weather allows. We get to park at the Baptist Collegiate Student Ministries to make it very easy. I have found a wonderful, young Christian friend who used to be a missionary, who has offered to work with me in this outreach if we ever decide to set up on a weekend when I am in town."For we are unto God a sweet savour of Christ in them that are saved..." 2 Corinthians 2:15[...]

Work Today


Admin. Work Today: We are all caught up with bookkeeping for this year. Care packages are on the way in the mail for the victims of the recent church shooting in Nashville at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch, including copies of my CD "Still" for the survivors. I am also working on posting photos and a great update about our outreach last Tuesday at the University of TN. It was great to be back out there again.

Praise: WE ARE EXPANDING TO SAN DIEGO FOR A NEW OUTREACH IN CA! We have leaders there, and these precious Christians worked with me at a table outreach in England. They are now living in San Diego. Now, I have to pray about how God wants me to go about getting everything in the storage unit in Los Angeles down to them in San Diego. I may fly into CA the first of next year to have one more outreach at Venice and then pack everything up to send down South. This change has just come about today, so it is very, very exciting!