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The Twisted Logic of the Blind Crusader is Always Dangerous

Updated: 2014-10-01T23:16:27.503-06:00


The Real Reason Behind the Phil Robertson Backlash (Duck Dynasty)


What happened here is clear to me:

The attention and praise Duck Dynasty was receiving from all walks of life was extremely frustrating to those in the media and some on the far-left. Their entire stereotype of southerners and conservatives was being dismantled with every episode. People supported a generational family who have faith in a particular religion and who practice a unity that liberalism has tried to minimize. It went against their cause in making broken homes, illegitimate children, and the lack of personal responsibility an acceptable norm in this country.

Deep down they hated this show; with all their heart. But they were forced to keep their mouths shut because Duck Dynasty was so popular they would risk looking foolish if they tried to push back..... Until now.

Their wish came true. A man spoke, in depth, about his personal beliefs, and they surrounded like a pack of disgusting hyenas. The same people who will shamelessly attack an African-American conservative for not being a slave to the leftist dogma; are the same types of people who will disparage a successful man, who worked hard his entire life; provided for his family; loves his children and grandchildren; and a man who tells the truth about how he feels.

These people are reprehensible human beings. And that she be clearly noted.


Obamacare: The Liberal-Utopia-Dementia


The thing with "Liberal Utopia Dementia"; is that their process of reasoning is so skewed, that in their mind, hurting the American people, while taking away their choices, is completely necessary.

 Millions of people are losing their insurance. And it's not that they refuse to take responsibility; it's that their sickness doesn't allow them to recognize their own glaring mistakes. It really is a sickness. 

How else do you explain a willingness to hurt so many people? Liberalism is Lennie petting the American people to death.


Greatest Movie Scene Ever!


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I Need A Hero - Johnny-5


All Signs Point to Shit Being Fucked (Part 10)


Have you ever given yourself a pat on the back while masturbating? -I have. 

Have you ever thought, "Maybe I actually am an idiot"? 

Have you ever looked up at the stars and said to yourself, "I'm not impressed"?


Dennis Miller Decimates Obama and Axelrod


Here's the clip of Dennis commenting on the public statements made by President Obama and David Axelrod about the Boston Marathon terrorist attack:

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Dennis makes a great point about how the left ascribes racism where there is none. And how President Obama tip-toes around blaming terrorism (while making political expedient tragedies a cause of his)

My Spinning Back Kick (Joe Rogan Style)


As part of my fitness routine, I like to train myself in different types of fighting techniques.  -General kick-boxing, ground-and-pound type sessions. However, I had never really tried performing a Spinning Back Kick. Body and Head leg kicks, yes. But never a SBK. 

I saw a YouTube video of Joe Rogan teaching GSP how to use the Tae Kwon Do SBK effectively. It came naturally to me. After a few minutes I got the hang of it and on my 3rd practice I was able to get some substantial power out of them. Check It Out.

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Me. The AR-15. And A 30 Round Mag (Gun Control)


Guns aren't the problem. I have owned a firearm for years and my gun has never jumped out of its holster and killed anyone.

The problem is: the illegal use of handguns by violent criminals or psychopaths. -you can't ban that. And you can't pick and choose which parts of the Constitution you want or don't want.

And  my message to the Far-Left:  

Be pro-choice! Support my choice to be a legal gun owner. Support my choice to own and drive a vehicle (which are responsible for far more deaths). Support my choice to defend myself. Support my choice speak up for my rights. Be pro-choice. It's my body and my life.

Thanks for being pro-choice!

--The 2nd Amendment is real. You can't pick and choose

Obama Blames GOP in Hopscotch Deaths


This morning President Obama blamed Senate Republicans for the deaths of 27 kids during a school yard hopscotch game.

The beloved childhood activity took a bizarre twist when John Boehner slapped a youngster after the boy claimed his mom was upset because the GOP refused to pay for her birth control and then denied her access to an abortion; forcing the mother to give birth to him. From there, all hell broke lose! 

The line at the end of the last hop point was backed up. dozens of kids were smashed together; creating a funnel of destruction and despair. 5 kids, including two girls suffocated under the immense pressure. 12 survivors made it out alive but unfortunately, 27 perished.


Twitter: A Love Note


For too long, I have went without love in my heart. For too long, this world has been a cruel place. For too long, my life has been empty.

But I was saved!

You came like a thief in the night, wearing night vision goggles; completely naked wearing only one tube sock. Your reverence shot a tingle down my leg like that tingle Chris Matthews felt when he crapped his pants watching President Obama sneeze; falling instantly in love.

You gave me hope where there was none. Time, where none existed. Erections, when strapping a few horses to my pickup failed. 

My world is whole now. I've hash-tagged my way to happiness. I've felt the lightning bolt of love all the way from my head to my toes. Every morning is like Christmas morning when I wake up to you by my side. I can tell you anything. And you will always listen. You will always be there for me. I Belieb in ThatAwkwardMomentWhen two people make eye contact during sex.

You are my sunshine Twitter. You are my smiley face on the LOL of life. 

#JustSayin I love you,


George Bush in a Bathtub


Yet, another reason why GW is awesome!

Paul Harvey: If I Were The Devil



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Touré: "An Aborted Fetus Saved My Life"


Touré explains how the termination of his first unborn child, years ago, made it possible to love his real child now. -Watch the insane liberal-logic at work

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Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Side-note: I'm not pro-choice or pro-life; expect I'm against late-stage abortion. The personal choice is one I have not had to make or even think about. It's an issue with no right answer or right position. 

How Republicans Win 2016


Step one: Nominate a charismatic candidate with new ideas and who isn't afraid to speak his fuckin' mind!Step two: stay away from old, tired super-religious conservativesStep 3: Play dirtyStep 4: play really dirtyStep 5: Play really, really dirty.Step 6: Win at all costs.. you bunch of pansy-ass, timid, frightened automaton idiots!We are never going to have the media on our side. And, as we saw during the 2012 campaign with President Obama, the most efficient way to claim the White House in modern times, is to hail outlandish accusations at your opponents. We watched Mitt Romney sit back while the Left dragged him through the mud; kicking him with steel-toed boots while mocking his religion and reveling in his failures. We watched John McCain (a war hero with decades of leadership) lose to the most unqualified presidential candidate in US history. [Let me say that again: The most unqualified presidential candidate in history]. Senator McCain thought he could 'rise above' negative campaigning; he thought being civil toward the opponent was what the country needed in a leader. -He basically took a shit in one hand and hoped in the other... and we all saw which hand filled up first.  I want a candidate who is going to point out the stupidity of the opponent. I want someone who will have the guts to publicly laugh at the fact that a man with no qualifications, is actually trying to be president. I want a candidate who is going to say, "this is bullshit, we all know this is bullshit." -We have our issues. We have our message. We are on the right side of most arguments.... we simply need someone willing to do what it takes to win... otherwise, if we lose, being right means absolutely nothing.@AsalamaTweetum[...]

Kelly Clarkson Makes Bill Clinton Very Happy


Kelly Clarkson -Check
Viagra -Check

Obama Gun Control; Liberal Hypocrisy and The Right's Insanity


As a gun owner and frequent target shooter; and advocate of not being murdered in my own home, I take exception to any law, thought or legislation that would seriously infringe upon my rights to protect myself in any way. However, I also take exception to commentators like Sean Hannity, right-wing bloggers, or ads like those from the NRA that demagogue the issue to the point where it takes away from  the sane Republican arguments. 

I predicted this type of behavior in several posts years ago pointing out the fact that the conservative wing of the GOP would turn into the crazed leftists we saw during the Bush Administration. -And they are making us look stupid. Spouting off tirades about "tyranny" under Obama, or "King Obama" or this president being a "dictator" of sorts in his approach to governance. -These arguments were the exact same craziness spewed from the Left at George W. Bush. It's nonsense.

Yes, President Obama is trying to pass very liberal legislation on gun-control, taxes and healthcare (all stances I very much disagree with). But that is his prerogative. It's the GOP's job to counter the attempts of the far-left with rational alternatives.

It's not "tyranny". Obama's proposals are simply counterproductive. Statistics are clear when it comes to anti-gun legislation or banning guns... violent crime increases and murder rates skyrocket as seen in Chicago.

More importantly, the 2nd Amendment is there for a reason. The left cannot  pick and choose which ones they recognize. And the glaring hypocrisy doesn't help. Hypocrisy that most on the Left ignore.

-The Obama Administration exporting assault weapons to Mexican drug cartels (resulting in countless murders) and then exploiting kids to push an anti-gun agenda. Or violating privacy rights of legal gun-owners whilst decrying law enforcement for checking IDs of ILLEGAL aliens.

I have serious issues with how this President is trying to lead this country. And yes, we need to confront that leadership. But the key is to be smarter than the opposition. Not spew the same type of nonsense the left used during Bush's term in office. Lest you forget, in four years there will be a new president with new policies. Obama isn't the king. So people like Sean Hannity need to stop acting like Left-Wing lunatics. Lunatics who thought the same way he's thinking now... that George Bush was seizing power to be President forever.


The Oregon Mountains


Living here in Las Cruces, NM I sometimes forget how beautiful the landscape can be.


I took this shot with My Android Incredible 4G HTC from the West Mesa Vantage point at the edge of the city. Working out in the high desert is slightly inconvenient because of its distance from my home; but the great thing about working out here is the view. -Both looking westward and eastward. The sunsets are always magnificent and the mountain range is second to none in terms of beauty.

Great air, great weather and great views.

Black Ops 2 PS3 (Lag)


UPDATE 12/6: Black Ops 2 Update 1.04 detailed here.

UPDATE 11/26: The first Black Ops 2 Patch is detailed here.

UPDATE Servers Down: No one can even get into a game. Almost a decade now and PSN and CoD can't even get opening week right!

Servers likely shut down by Activision over complaints about online problems

Well, it has been the first full day of Call of Duty: Black Ops brought to you by Treyarch. And the real issue is................ Of course, LAG. 

The Playstation Network as well as the Call of Duty servers are once again sub-par. Significant online loading bugs still exist as well as the dreaded advantageous lags the game gives to users with inadequate internet connections. my $70 dollar extra/month comcast Powerboost 25MBs DL and 4MBs UL speeds are no match for the ghetto connections of Mexico, Puerto Rico and Europe. Thankfully it's not a full second Lag like in the despicable online mode for MW3 but it is still quite bad. -It's not like this problem wasn't expected... It happens every game and it seems to actually be getting worse.

Gameplay: Well, it's hard to say. For brief moments (and I mean very brief) of even gameplay the online mode looks like to have a lot of potential. It seems like it might actually be fun to play. The player movements are a little more rigid compared to MW3 but it is still very fast play. Weapon variety leaves a lot to be desired, however.

HQ spawns (not sure with every game mode) seem to make no sense. I think to limit spawn trapping, Treyarch overcompensated. Just when you've worked to control a position with your team, the newly dead are given automatic flanking positions. And it seems like spawning is in bunches; to where if you take out one person you're always shot in the back by their teammate. You kill one person turning around to get a new position and another one comes from where he/she should not be coming from. 

The one highlight I would say after playing opening night are the "Killstreaks". -Really Cool

The Meant to Be


She is so close. I can see her laugh. The thought of meeting her provided hope when the air around me was suffocating. A rare woman indeed.

However, I cannot truly have her. All I can do is dream of, The Meant to Be.

-Anthony Tafoya

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Anthony Tafoya from Las Cruces, NM

I'm a searcher of all things interesting; mostly while I'm watching TV.

War On Muslims; Egypt Libya


I don't do my Opinionnation posts much anymore but I had to after this Libya and Egypt shit. #GoodOleDays  The United States is not in a war against the religion of Islam... We embrace Muslim Americans who embrace rational thought... And America will always embrace those individuals who think clearly. I, for one, want more Muslim/Americans to come to our country. I want them to succeed in every day life. i want them to be part of this countryUnfortunately, hundreds of thousands of them, maybe millions of them do not... We accepted 9/11 hijackers into our country and into our flight schools not because we hate; but because we allow all people to have opportunities. We didn't burn down their embassies and murder them for trying to embrace our culture. And we do not murder them simply for trying to identify with our faiths. We embrace Islamic heritage and we support their hopes. WE GIVE OUR LIVES FOR THEIR FREEDOM.However, with them, a cartoon caused massacres. Opinions caused massacres. Books caused Massacres. Love between two people of differing religions caused massacres. Hope for freedom caused massacres. Dissent caused Massacres. Free Speech caused massacres. Civilized thought caused massacres.There is no middle ground with these people... if you can call them people.The United States has not subjugated these people. we have not taken their land. We have not tried to erase their religion. There is no left-wing, 'root cause' of this violence. -The ROOT CAUSE is their unmitigated violence. THE FACT IS, is that we are a global community and if these radical Muslims can't accept that, then there is no excuse for their existence. -We did not make them poor. We did not make them desperate. We did not steal their oil. We did not try to change them. We did not force them into different religions. We did not target thousands of innocent people to murder for reason.I'm tired of Democratic leaders making excuses for the senseless murder of Americans. I'm tired of the left-wing trying to make excuses for the medieval violence of radical Islam.It's true that some cultures in the Middle East can only be controlled by violence and oppression.. But that's not our fault. It's not our fault, that when we try to give the majority of Islam freedom, that the controlling factors murder  without thought. -That's what they do. -They Kill!!!!The truth is, that there is no open-mindedness with these so-called people. When happiness and freedom are a dream of an oppressed people; the oppressors will KILL. And the fact is, that the only way to free these people is to kill every single demented person on this planet.... It just so happens that the most demented people in this world have taken stake in the Mid East.This goal has been stymied by Democrats for a decade now... I give President Obama credit for keeping in place all the Bush-Era counter terrorism measures but I abhor the fact that he is trying to play both sides... There are only two sides. -RIGHT and WRONG.Christianity evolved. Judaism evolved. Everyone evolved... except for Islam. Barbarism has embodied every religion throughout history... This country had even embraced racism for decades. BUT WE EVOLVED. Islam has NOT. Thank God for President Bush and the US Armed Forces he led. Giving a real chance for the oppressed majority to fight for their independence. Freedom uprisings and counter thought have given a real opportunity to evolve from the Middle Ages. -We can't stop. We have to kill every single one of these radical Muslims. IT IS THE ONLY WAY. -And [...]

Best Quotes Ever


Here are some of my best Twitter quotes ever:

-I have the killer instinct when it comes to laziness 

 -I don't argue. I just point out exactly how you're wrong. 

 -It's Impossible for me to be Racist.... I hate everyone equally.

-I think at the speed of sound 

 -Good things happen to those... who have the means and opportunity to secure good things.

 -I'm not jealous..... I just know you're lying 

 -I wonder what the perfect pillow feels like? 

-Love Life... and maybe one day, just maybe.... Life will Love you Back 


Eastwooding an Angry Bird


              #Eastwooding :

Chick-Fil-A; And the Left's Uncontrollable Hatred


I love how the MSM is playing this one. Calling it an "Anti-Gay Controversy". It has nothing to with being for or against gay marriage... not to mention, for most Americans, being against gay marriage doesn't mean, in any way, they hate homosexuals. So, go fuck yourself on that one. 

 People aren't going to Chick-Fil-A to support the CEO's remarks. They're going in support of free speech and they are going out of disgust. -Disgust for those groups trying to silence and financially hurt people for expressing their own opinions. 

People recognize the political bullshit being spewed by so called "tolerant" groups who, with their actions and comments, have proven to be extremely intolerant of opinions that differ from their own. That's why people are lining up... to mock the idiots who are tying to shut down a legitimate business.

Anthony Tafoya; My Progress and Workout Routine


I have always been in excellent shape given that I've played competitive soccer since I was 5 years old; all the way up to my college club soccer team. However, (even during college) for a few years, I let myself go. 3 years ago I was 200 lbs. And at 5ft7 that's not a good thing.If you are like me (someone who was always in great athletic condition), and one day you catch yourself in the mirror, horribly out of shape, you wonder, 'what the hell happened to me?'. With lower back pain and shin splints due to being overweight; my mind was made up. "No More Bullshit", I said. And so... the training began.I lost almost 20 lbs in about 2 1/2 weeks. I hit it with Two-A-Days. Afternoon weight training and evening Spin and Zumba classes... I busted my ass for about a month straight with that regiment. I reached 180lbs and was walking around at that weight for quite a while. -In my mind I thought I was in awesome shape.... I wasn't 'though.I was going through a lot of personal issues until about 8 months ago. I was drinking at least 4 days a week and eating up a storm. I was at the gym every single day; not making any real progress. I was building muscle and somewhat leaning out, but not enough. (And I was training very hard). I always pride myself on being the one who works the hardest at the gym. I was just letting the beer and food get in the way.So, about a year ago, I had successfully cut down to 170 (despite drinking heavily). And again, in my mind I thought I was making real progress. -But, not with the beer dragging me down. Sure, I looked pretty good but I wasn't at the elite level that I had convinced myself of being. I tried to play it off. I thought, 'it doesn't matter how much I drink because I work hard enough to still reach my goal' -Nope.Thankfully, I got my mind right and came to realize that all the bullshit around me was not going to stop me from reaching my ultimate goal. (walking around at 155lbs). I started eating better and cut my drinking to only social occasions. Maybe once a week. I stopped allowing irrelevant  circumstances dictate my life. I freed myself from wasted-time and nonsense. -It felt great!Anthony TafoyaI'm currently 158lbs and leaning out to an elite level. I train myself with elite MMA fighter standards. -My body used to hate running. I had so much lower back pain and shin pain that it was literally unbearable (at times I couldn't walk after tying to run). Now, when I run, I feel like I used to feel on the soccer fields. I feel like I'm me. -Because the only time, in my life, I ever feel right and comfortable is playing soccer. I'm glad I have that feeling again.Current Regiment:I don't lift heavy. The only exercise I max-out with, is Squats. (Remember, there is a difference between REALLY working out, and sitting on a bench lifting a weight). I use high rep, high intensity training and core strength routines. Standard "300" workout. (Pull ups; Dead Lifts; Box Jumps; Push Ups; Floor Wipers; Kettle Bell Lifts). 300 consecutive reps without rest split between the above workouts. Once a week.--Intense Spin Class Tuesday and Thursdays--Sprints, Hurdles, Tire Lifts, and Interval Training once a week.--Heavy Bag 1-2 times a week -- Monday-FridayI engage in all the standard workouts. (but with less weight, high intensity and high rep) Chest, Back, Legs, Arms, Core, Abs etc.[...]

All Signs Point to Shit Being Fucked (Part 9)


When you were watching, "The Hunger Games", did you find yourself rooting for Katniss to lose because the film went from being great to being teenybopper bullshit?

Have you ever felt guilty for telling the truth?