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My Funny, Funny Family

Oh, my! This is fun.

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The Other Side of the Peninsula (Day 3)


On Wednesday, our third day in Door County, Erik started work early so he could get in half his workday before we had to check out of our hotel. The day was chilly and overcast so we ran the gas fireplace in our suite. At noon, we drove to the library and worked some more until 3 p.m. Then we drove on up highway 42 to Sister Bay in search of lunch. We ended up not seeing any promising looking (image)

Door County Sunset (Day 2)


It's 9:30 in the morning, and the bay is trying to pretend like last night didn't happen. It's all business again, steel-cut-oats gray with a sailboat  moored out there, going nowhere. But I remember the gaudy show it put on last night. I hope I'll never forget it. It was around 7 p.m. when I walked across the street from our hotel to its tiny private beach, with its wooden swing and a few (image)

Ice Cream Break


After my enjoyable stint at the picnic table outside the Ephraim library, I stopped into Wilson's to get myself a root beer float. But when I saw that today's top flavor was chocolate peanut butter explosion, I was stopped in my tracks by guilt. I could not get ice cream here without Erik. So I biked back to he hotel, where I found him holed up in the stuffy room, typing away, I kidnapped him (image)

Door County Day 2


Today we got up and had our bikes out of the car and on the road by 8 a.m. We figured we could bike down the side of the highway along the Bay to visit one of the breakfast places in Ephraim. Our hotel is in Ephraim too, but a little outside the main drag. The morning was overcast and the ground was wet, so it might have rained during the night. The water in the Bay looked like slate roof tiles. (image)

Day 1 Door County, Continued


When I returned from shopping yesterday we took a quick dip in the pool and ate lunch in our room -- Erik really loved the smoked whitefish I'd bought. Then we worked all afternoon, alternating between the tables on the veranda that runs along the second floor and inside our suite. As the afternoon went on, a few clouds appeared over Green Bay, turning the water from deep blue to the color of (image)

Door County: Day 1


That is the view from my work table here in Door County, Wisconsin, where Erik and I have come for a kid-free working retreat. It's better in real life though, since I am taller than my laptop and can see over thebats to he always-moving deep blue bay. We arrived in the area last night around 8 p.m., after dropping off our girls at camp about 3 hour away. We had no reservations and hoped to (image)

Home Is Where ... Where Is It Again?


This morning as we pulled the bike out of the garage for the first time in three weeks, Toth looked up at the sky and said, "It's good to be back in Alameda. Even if it is cloudy." When we returned from the holidays this year, we all felt for the first time since our relocation 18 months ago that coming back to Alameda felt like coming home. Well, sort of. The Midwest did its best to make that (image)

What to Say to the Newtown Families


Yesterday was Dec. 14, a day that was once just another step in the holiday rush. Now, I think of Dec. 14 as a black box on the calendar page, a day that I would burn out of the month if I could, to cauterize the horrible images of what happened on that day last year in Newtown, Conn. I thought of writing this post as a letter to the families who lost their children at Sandy Hook Elementary (image)

Day 4: Canoeing the Dordogne


When I was planning this trip, the one thing I fixated on most was canoeing the Dordogne River. We'd glide past picturesque villages and castles, take in fall foliage, and maybe stop in one of the villages for a picnic or a drink. We woke up on Day 4 of our trip kind of kicking ourselves that we hadn't squeezed the canoe trip into warm, sunny Day 3. It was market day in Sarlat, so we drove there(image)

Day 3: La Dordogne and Castles


We woke up on our first morning on the ground in France to the smell of coffee and the sound of children -- the three sons of the other family staying in our B&B. We breakfasted with the family -- two parents, three kids and a Frency granny -- and our hostess, Anne, on croissants and fresh bread and butter, yogurt and jam. Conversation was lively, and we were happy we'd chosen a bed and breakfast(image)

40 in France: The Journey


OK, I'm not literally turning 40 in France, but the trip is my 40th birthday present to myself (and from my parents, who are giving me TWO whole weeks of childcare to make it possible). On Wednesday, Oct. 16, I leapt out of bed, knowing that it was The Big Day. Since Epu was not going to work, he took Toth to school while I ran around attending to last-minute details. When Epu got back we went (image)

My Fabulous 40


Once upon a time, about 10 years ago, our friends go married. In France. In the South of France. Erik and I thought it would be lovely to attend the marriage, but the airfares were high and our bank accounts were low. I don't remember if Nutmeg had been born or not. We didn't go to the wedding, and the rest of our friends did, and they had a wonderful, wonderful time. Ever since that day, my(image)



We don't have any more babies. As I type this, former baby Toth is at his five-day-a-week preschool, and the girls won't be home from elementary school for hours. Because I take all my emotional guidance from Grey's Anatomy, let me sum up the feeling of watching your kids happily dance off to a day that doesn't involve me with the following paraphrased quote: "When someone lets go of your hand, (image)



I read a lot on blogs about goals, and how setting goals is essential to getting where you want to be in life. Then instead of being inspired I think about how I have not achieved many of my goals. I have not completed a novel or even a really polished short story. I haven't traveled as much as I would have liked, and I haven't enabled my kids to become bilingual while their minds are still in(image)

Lie to Me, I Promise I'll Believe


A friend recently broke the news to her 9-year-old twins that there is no Santa Claus. They asked, and she found that a lie just wouldn't come out of her mouth. Out came the truth instead. It got me thinking. When I was a child myself, old enough to be in on the adult secret of Santa but young enough to know that this is the tiniest of the truths that adults keep from children, I swore that I (image)

A School-Day Morning at Our House


Why describe the carnage at our house on a Monday morning? Oh, I don't know -- in case anyone is trying to decide whether to have more than one kid? Because if you do, you might have a morning like this. Or hundreds of them. The alarm goes off and I stumble into the kitchen to make two Aeropress lattes. After grinding beans, heating water and milk, pouring, squeezing every last drop of coffee out(image)

Letting It All Fall Away


Another post about a movie, but this one is not a paid post, guys! Just all me.I just finished watching this movie on Netflix: Following Sean. Did you ever hear about a film from the '60s about a 4-year-old boy living with hippies on Haight Street, who claimed that he "smoked grass"? This second movie shows what happened to that little boy when he grows up.I won't spoil the movie by telling you (image)

TWINteresting Movie Roles


This is a sponsored post.In Jack and Jill, Adam Sandler plays a guy named Jack, and he also plays Jill, his "identical twin sister." Looking at the Jack and Jill Web site got me thinking about other twins in movies, and how some twins are played by real-life identical twins while others are played by the same person.I wonder what the casting calls are like when movies need to cast identical twins(image)



In my post about my first night in Montreal, I mentioned having poutine for dinner. What is poutine, you may ask? Why, it's a Montreal specialty -- french fries with cheese curds and gravy. Here's the one I got that first night, at Franx Supreme, a hot dog restaurant in a mall food court.It didn't taste very good. The gravy was kind of nasty. But I felt I should press on. After all, there are all(image)

Montreal With No Kids


Epu's unemployment has not in general been a good thing for our family, but a couple happy side effects have occurred. One is that the number of companies inviting him to interview and urging him to consider relocation has been a great confidence boost to him. He did not realize his skills were so much in demand!The other side effect, we are living right now. We were offered the opportunity to (image)

Wish We Could Just Pray


Recently I had dinner with a devout Christian who I have admired from afar for years: Crystal Paine, author of the blog Money Saving Mom. I've interviewed her before and she has featured one of my guest posts on her blog, and despite how different we are, we really like one another.During our dinner, she mentioned that, like all parents but especially we self-employed moms, she had trouble (image)

Holiday To-Do List


I just put a bit of a spin on all these plans by deciding to send the family car up to the grandparents' house (with Epu and the little kids in it, as well as all our presents for everyone) on THURSDAY! The good thing: After Thursday night, I should be pretty chill.THINGS TO DO BEFORE CHRISTMASShop for gifts. (Sublist to be completed at later date but not published.)Decorate house.Declutter house(image)

Halloween: The Weekend


Halloween is not a day, you know. This year, it's a four-day weekend.Friday night, we dug the ice skates out of the crawl space, put on costumes and went to the Halloween Edition of Friday Night Family Skate. I hate ice skating, but it was worth it for this picture.Today, Pebbles had an in-costume birthday party at 10:30 a.m. As soon as I dropped her off, I took Nutmeg and Toth downtown for (image)

Pedal Pushing


Nutmeg rode her bicycle up and down the block this afternoon, over and over. No training wheels, no adult "getting her started."I raised both arms and sang "We Are the Champions" for her. But my feeling was only part pride. The other part was relief.See, Nutmeg asked to have her training wheels off more than a year ago, right after the end of kindergarten. She tried riding without the training (image)

Laura Ingalls Wilder, Global Warming and 9/11/2001


This weekend we drove a very long distance in a supreme act of indulgence. We went all the way to the town of Pepin on the Mississippi River, and back again, all because someone just had to attend the Laura Ingalls Wilder Days festival in Laura's birthplace of Pepin, Wisconsin. And if we didn't go, there would have been a major tantrum.The girls kind of wanted to go, too. Toth got to stay at (image)