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"Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person." Mother Teresa

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I can't tell you how much it means to me to have all of you to take the time to read me. These past five years have been amazing. Please take the time to come over to my new site. It's new and improved!...:-)

God bless you and and your family this new year!

Merry Christmas!


(image) I pray that each of you experience the fullness of God's love this new year. We celebrate today the amazing miracle that changed mankind. God gave us his son. Christ took upon himself all of sins. and washed our souls clean. In this profound and great love there is happiness and joy. I pray that all of you experience it. Let God into your heart. He picks up the broken pieces and makes it all beautiful.

My Christmas Message To All On The Political Spectrum


I usually would never use a line from a modern movie to make a more profound point, but every once in a while there is a line in a move that strikes me. This happened when I was watching the movie, "2012." Near the end, one of the main characters declares, "It is when we stop fighting for each other that we lose our humanity."

Which brings me to my Christmas message. All of us here on the right or left, in this subculture of political obsession are, in the end, fighting for each other. No matter where we are on the political spectrum, we all want to make this world a better place. We all want what is best for the people who live on this planet.

We all have different ideas on how to do that well. Some of us are profoundly right, and some of us are profoundly wrong. It is only in the end, when we face the One who loves us best, that we will be able to see whether what we believed was indeed right.

But until then, we continue on in this life, doing what we can to effect change. To lift one another up. To bring a better life for all.

For all our differences, it would do us well to remember that at the heart of all of this, all this writing, all this watching, all this perspective, we are simply caring about the world around us and the decisions being made on our behalf.

We are...... "fighting for each other."

This really is at the heart of all great religions. It is certainly at the heart of my Christian faith. Christ said, "Love one another as I have loved you." Christ told us that it is in taking care of one another that we find God and purpose in life. When we stand for those less fortunate, we are fighting for each other. When we fight for freedom, we are fighting for each other.

In this great nation our founding fathers believed that we were and are "endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights." They didn't believe that these rights were given to man by men. They did not believe that this nation was by accident. In order to form "a more perfect union" they understood that it was the "blessings of liberty" given to us by our Creator, that would indeed be necessary to fight for. They did fight. They fought for us.

And now, still...we are fighting for each other.

I wish you all a blessed and happy Christmas, but special blessings to those who stand at the gate and watch those who lead us. We watch and work to make sure that those who lead this great nation are being worthy of the work bestowed upon them, and that they are understanding the greatness of their service to us.

So to bloggers, commenters, columnists, authors, radio hosts, political pundits, news anchors, and reporters, I say many blessings to you, and may you always keep fighting the good fight.

For it is there where we truly do keep and treasure our humanity.

A Party Switch For Health Care


Rep. Parker Griffith, a freshman Democrat from Alabama will announce today he is switching to the Republican party.


Griffith is also a Doctor. He is a radiation oncologist who founded a cancer treatment center. It is expected that he will emphasize the reason for his switch is this debacle of a health bill.

Remember what I said before. Every Senator who is a Doctor is opposed to this bill. If anyone understands how these laws, mandates, and rationed care will affect us, it is the Senate Doctors.

via Politico

Update: His presser:







Haloscan (my commenting host) is going to start charging on Christmas. I am actually in the process of making some BIG changes here. I may or may not finish the changes in time to save my comments. I can import them if I do. If not, they will be gone and that's a shame.

But keep checking back. I have news coming. Big changes. I'll have my Christmas message tomorrow.

I'm so grateful for all of you that take the time to read me.

Be Careful What You Wish For...


As I have mentioned before, I don't have much time to write this week, but Charles Krauthammer's take yesterday on Fox News pretty much says all you need to know:

And the process is really insane. This is a reform of one-sixth of our economy. The one thing Democrats and Republicans agree on is that this is the most important, transformative piece of legislation that's going to pass for years, and they haven't seen it as of today, and it has to be all done and approved or disapproved by midweek.

No legislation of this importance has EVER passed without bi-partisanship. Ever. This one will pass on a purely partisan basis. Is anyone paying attention? No. It's Christmas. Which is why Reid is doing this now. I want all of you to think about this. Right or left, do you really want a "transformative piece of legislation" passed that as of yesterday no one has even seen??

Insane indeed.

I need to add this. This is from an interview with Sen. Judd Gregg (R., N.H.). Keep in mind that this is a Republican that had enough of the respect of Pres. Obama to be asked to be in his cabinet (which Gregg declined) This is how he sees what is happening in Wasthington:

“An ideological supermajority in Congress, along with a government run by community organizers, has taken over.”

“They’ve taken over the student-loan program, they’ve taken over the automobile system, and now they’re taking over the health-care system. There is no limit to their belief that people should be controlled by smart bureaucrats in Washington,” says Gregg. “They’re putting our country on a path that will reduce the quality of life for the next generation, undermine our nation’s wonderful exceptionalism, and Europeanize our economy to curb its growth.”

Harry Reid’s health-care bill “was purchased,” says Gregg. “Our system of checks and balances is gone. We now have a government that lurches with great speed even though our system is founded upon incremental change.” And don’t hope that the House stops the runaway train, he says. “I think the House is ideologically even further to the Left than the Senate. There are many people there who are committed to taking us down the road toward nationalization.”

When you hear The Tea Party Movement talk about losing our liberty. This is what we are talking about.

The Grinch Who Stole Liberty


Oh my gosh. Seriously. My oldest kids are home from college, my house if full children ages 12-22. I'm shopping, cleaning, cooking, wrapping, and going to Christmas parties. I don't have time to blog. But here I am because this is so important.

The Democrats are trying to rush this health care bill through when everyone is busy just like I am. It's a travesty. The ironic thing about is that BOTH the left and right are against this health care bill (although for very different reasons). But no matter, Dem Majority leader Harry Reid is determined to shove this down our throats. Senators are still reading the bill, and yet they are going to be forced to vote on it within two days. This process is a travesty. They are voting on a bill they have not even read through about something that affects every person in America’s quality of life. All small businesses will be affected with taxes and mandates. It’s going to cut Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements to hospitals. This bill won't even take affect until 2014 (except for the taxes of course). There is NO reason to rush this before Christmas. 61% of Americans are against this. Just about everyone (excepts Democrats in Congress) wants to start over. It boggles the mind.

Even though Reid has payed off Democrat Senator Nelson from Nebraska big time for his vote, who was against the abortion part of the bill, the abortion language is still egregious (I believe this is what's called selling your soul to the devil). It would be the first time since 1977 that there would be federal funding for elective abortions. The Catholic Bishops have come out and said that this bill in it's present form is "morally unacceptable."

One Senator is saying that the bill sets up a constitutional challenge:

Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.) asserted that the compromise on abortion contained within the bill, which would seek to segregate federal funds from subsidizing health plans covering abortion, is unconstitutional.

Harry Reid can be the Grinch who stole liberty in Health Care this Christmas, but this is far from over. The American people aren't going to stand for it this time.

That, I can promise you.

Climate Change Summit Update


For those of you interested or keeping up, Copenhagen's Climate Change Summit has been a disaster. India and China had had enough. Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh and China premier Wen Jiabao walked out of the summit along with their respective delegations as talks failed. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev left the deadlocked UN climate summit today because of another scheduled event. Obama's badly given speech didn't impress anyone (click the link to see how pathetic Obama is without a teleprompter).

A multilateral meeting between President Obama, Premier Wen, Prime Minister Singh, and President Zuma secured "a meaningful agreement". It's said to not be "sufficient to combat the threat of climate change but its an important first step." It's a "legally non-binding" agreement to do all sorts of climate change stuff, but pretty much means no one HAS to do anything.

All in all, a very good day for those of us who find the global warming alarmists silly at best, and dangerous at worst.

And once again Mother Nature laughs and laughs as over a foot of snow is expected to greet Obama as he flies from this global warming crisis back to Washington D.C.

Global Warming and Blizzards


It's just too funny.

World leaders flying into Copenhagen today to discuss a solution to global warming will first face freezing weather as a blizzard dumped 10 centimeters (4 inches) of snow on the Danish capital overnight.

“Temperatures will stay low at least the next three days,” Henning Gisseloe, an official at Denmark’s Meteorological Institute, said today by telephone, forecasting more snow in coming days. “There’s a good chance of a white Christmas.”

Denmark has a maritime climate and milder winters than its Scandinavian neighbors. It hasn’t had a white Christmas for 14 years, under the DMI’s definition, and only had seven last century. Temperatures today fell as low as minus 4 Celsius (25 Fahrenheit).

via Ace (bloombergnews)

This does seem to happen to Gore a lot. I think Mother Nature is yanking his chain.

Death Panels. Yeah, I said it....


Republican Sen. Tom Coburn recently suggested that seniors will die sooner if Congress passes the medicare cuts in the health care bill. He has gotten all kinds of grief about that from the left, but I think they may have forgotten that Coburn was a practicing physician for 25 years. I think he knows how Doctors see things. He explains in a piece at the WSJ today (emphasis mine):Doctors respond to government coercion instead of patient cues, and patients die prematurely. Even if the public option is eliminated from the bill, these onerous rationing provisions will remain intact.For instance, the Reid bill (in sections 3403 and 2021) explicitly empowers Medicare to deny treatment based on cost. An Independent Medicare Advisory Board created by the bill—composed of permanent, unelected and, therefore, unaccountable members—will greatly expand the rationing practices that already occur in the program. Medicare, for example, has limited cancer patients' access to Epogen, a costly but vital drug that stimulates red blood cell production. It has limited the use of virtual, and safer, colonoscopies due to cost concerns. And Medicare refuses medical claims at twice the rate of the largest private insurers. Let's see... an independent Medicare Advisory Board that decides rationing practices. Gosh, that sounds like a...(dare I say it?)..a death panel. Sure it's hyperbolic, but it's certainly true. This panel will limit access to certain procedures and/or drugs based on such things as cost concerns, and some seniors will die sooner. Sarah Palin was right, and any honest person looking at that part of the bill would admit that she was indeed.But this "death panel" won't just affect seniors. We are all at risk. Coburn points out that the health care bill explicitly states that health insurance plans "shall provide coverage for" services approved by the U.S Preventive Services Task Force. You may have heard of them lately. They are the ones responsible for advising women under 50 not to have mammograms. So in a world where this health bill is implemented and those guidelines for mammograms accepted for example, health insurance plans wouldn't cover mammograms for women under 50. That saves money for them for sure, but who do you think would die sooner there? By the task force's own numbers, 47,000 women under 50 could die under these guidelines. Death panel indeed.Read Coburn's piece. He has much more on the tragic consequences of the government run Medicaid as well.But this part struck me. In the bill there is a penalty of $750 if you do not buy insurance. As Coburn points out, how long until savvy consumers realize that it's much cheaper to pay the penalty than the $5,000 in annual premiums when they know that coverage can't be denied if they get sick? Not long.These are just a few of the things horribly wrong with this bill. It's time to start over. It's time to do this right. The Democrats are trying to rush this through for their own political agenda, and that is just wrong. All of us want to fix things in health care. There is agreement on many many things, but the Democrats are shutting out the Republicans and the American people on this.We aren't happy. If this passes, I don't think you will see the usual resignation of defeat from the American people. This is different. We are done being railroaded. We are done being ignored. There will be the largest non violent protest since the days of civil rights.You just wait and see.[...]

Tiger and Obama


Well, you knew the comparison was bound to happen. Tiger and Pres. Obama. But who would have guessed it would come from a liberal at the Huffington Post?

In the past few weeks, the two most famous and arguably most successful black men in America have taken a huge fall. It has become clear that both pro golfer Tiger Woods, just named Athlete of the Year by the Associated Press, and the American president, Barack Obama, the first black person to lead the country, suffer from a surfeit of hubris which has finally caught up with them. If both men somehow thought they were untouchable, they have been put to right. Both have crashed to earth and it may well be true that they can never recover their earlier status again.

Let me ask a real simple question. What in the world does having hubris or crashing to earth have to do with both men being black?

Oh, maybe she answers it here:

It is tragic when an icon falls. When a black icon stumbles the tragedy seems doubly problematic.

Really? Doubly problematic? And why would that be? Good grief. The implication here is that since most black men can't even dream of doing what these two have done by achieving so much while being black, that it makes it ever the more tragic. Gee, Obama and Tiger, you are letting the entire black race down here.

How ridiculous. Neither Tiger or Obama would be any different, acted any differently, governed any differently, played any differently, had they been white. This has NOTHING to do with color. Sure, both are historical, but they aren't the sole identifiers for black people. They are not defined by their color. Neither of them have ever made a big deal out of their color. They are proud of their heritage, sure. But Tiger was about golf, and Obama was about politics. They rose from the ranks because they were good. Both were as talented as they come. Obama can give a speech like no other, and Tiger can hit a golf ball like no other.

Now, they both are proving they are human. They are proving that they aren't perfect. But what they do or don't do has nothing, and I mean nothing, to do with the color of their skin.

Tiger is a promiscuous rat. Selfish at best, a pervert at worst. Never once thinking of his wife or children as he went after what he wanted. Obama is a liberal disappointing liberals. He is finding it much harder to lead than it was to campaign. But again, what has any of that got to do with color?

Hey, if a liberal or anyone else wants to rant and be critical of Tiger or Pres. Obama, be my guest. I don't have much use for either one. Both of them go against my beliefs, my politics, my faith, and my values. But lets keep the criticism on those issues. Let's look at these men for what they believe and what they do, not as some icon for blacks.

I'm not one for icons, no matter what kind. I'm of the "believe in yourself" crowd. Does having Tiger as the best golfer in the world and Obama as the President inspire black kids? Sure, as well it should. But that is just a small part of who they are and what they represent. If they fall, it doesn't say one thing about the black community. It only says something about them themselves. They don't speak for all. They speak for themselves.

Smart Girl Nation!! (bumped!)


(image) Check out my new radio show on with my co-host Smart Girl Politics chicks Teri Christophe and Molly Teichman! Listen every Tuesday 9pm eastern, 8pm central! Hear our first two shows in podcast at site!

Code Red!


From SmartGirlPolitics:

Can't be in DC for today's Code Red rally at the Senate? No problem, you can still participate. Please call or visit the district offices of your Senators and tell them to kill this bill. If you have some time to make a few extra calls, please contact these moderate Democrats and let them know that the country is counting on them to vote against this disastrous legislation:

Byron Dorgan (D-ND) 202-224-2551
Kent Conrad (D-ND) 202-224-2043
Jim Webb (D-VA) 202-224-4024
Ben Nelson (D-NE) 202-224-6551
Joe Lieberman (I-CT) 202-224-4041
Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) 202-224-4843
Mary Landrieu (D-LA) 202-224-5824

Code Red twitpic here.

Today Is The Day


We are at a tipping point. I think today we will know if this boondoggle of a healthcare bill will pass or not. We Republicans have never been a part of this. The Democrats like to pretend that Republicans were holding things up, but it was always the reasonable people in their own party.Yesterday they gave in to Sen. Joe Lieberman's demand to take out the buy in to medicare starting at age 55. The public option is dead, thank God (I do imagine it as a zombie, coming back to eat us later though). I imagine they will give in to Sen. Nelson's demand to take out any funding of abortion. All they care about now is passing something, anything. What's important now is to be able to say they did it. They can say they finally passed "comprehensive healthcare reform," which will cost nearly $1 trillion over a decade. We still have the tax hikes and Medicare cuts in the bill, but no matter. They will jaw for weeks about how historic and important it is. Never mind that the majority of the American people are against it. That doesn't matter to the Democrats, because they have always believed that they know best. They believe they know what the American people need more than the American people know themselves. At the very core of the Democrats's belief system is their certainty that the American people are ignorant. They will never say it of course, but they feel it is their duty to provide for the masses, who can't be trusted to make decisions for themselves. In an astounding display of denial yesterday, Majority Leader Harry Reid declared, "Democrats aren't going to let the American people down." Ummm...Harry? If you pass this you will let 61% of us down. You just don't get that, do you?We all know that once a government program begins, it never ever ends. Ever. So, if this passes, it will just be the beginning. It will forever be tweaked, added to, enlarged, and petted until it grows into the blob that is most government programs. Ezra Klein at the WaPO says it plainly enough here:"With $900 billion in subsidies already in place, it's easier to add another hundred billion later, if we need it, than it would be to pass $1 trillion in subsidies in 2011. With the exchanges built and private insurers unable to hold down costs, it's easier to argue for adding a strong public option to the market than it was before..."Don't think we are taking this laying down. As Michelle Malkin reports, the Tea Party activists are turning up the heat today in Washington for the Code Red Rally on Capitol Hill. Laur Ingraham is hosting. Speakers include Sen. Tom Coburn, M.D. (R-Okla.) and Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.). The Tea Party activists here in Houston sent us a special deal to fly to D.C. today and return tonight. I have never seen anything like it before. So if you are in the area, PLEASE join them at 1:30 pm, Upper Senate Park, on Constitution Ave. between New Jersey and Delaware St. NE. More info here and here.In all probability we will know which way it goes after the Senate Democrats meet at 5:30 p.m. If Reid comes out saying he's going to file cloture, we are done. If it falls apart, it falls apart there.[...]

This is how bad Cuba is....


Ever wondered what it must be like to live in Cuba? You know, that socialist/hollywood dream of healthcare for everyone?

This is how bad it is:

...the national soccer team of Eritrea went to Kenya to play in a local tournament. Looks like they all defected.

When the team plane landed back home, it was reportedly only carrying the coach and an official.

Nairobi may not be your idea of heaven, but if you're from Eritrea, it looks real good.

The Desperate Democrats Fight Dirty on Health Care Bill


You know the healthcare fight is getting desperate on the left when they start going after the wife of the independent they see standing in their way. Oh boy.

Washington (CNN) - Sen. Joe Lieberman whose opposition to a public insurance option has drawn outrage from liberal groups for months is used to finding himself in progressive crosshairs.

Now it's his wife's turn.

Activists are setting their sights on Hadassah Lieberman, launching a celebrity-studded petition drive to convince the nation's largest breast cancer non-profit to end the Connecticut senator's wife role as a spokeswoman.

The move to pressure the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation came the same day Lieberman's husband angered Democrats by announcing that he would not support an expansion of Medicare to cover individuals under the age of 55. Organizers did not point to that decision, instead citing Hadassah Lieberman's own ties to the health care industry.

Wow. This is hardball. Lieberman refuses to vote for the healthcare bill in it's present form, and they go after his wife.

Add to that this the video and audio of Obama speaking about how to get to a single payer healthcare system, that just so happens to beReid's exact new plan, and you have Democrats scrambling. They had hoped that this kind of thing wouldn't be exposed. Clearly it is a government run plan that they want. This game we are playing right now is just a means to an end. The end being a single payer system. We don't even have to speculate or accuse. They have said it themselves. They (especially Obama) don't want you to remember past statements. And if the MSM have anything to do with it, you won't.

A new CNN poll shows 61% of Americans opposed to a dramatic new health care system, and this "new" proposal by Reid about a Medicare buy-in doesn't seem to be going anywhere even with some in his own party. On CBS's "Face The Nation" this Sunday, Sen. Nelson called the buy-in proposal "the forerunner of single-payer, the ultimate single-payer plan, maybe even more directly than the public option."

If I were Nelson, I'd make sure his wife is watching her back.

No Surprise



This shows video and audio of Obama speaking about about how to get to a single payer system in healthcare. It just so happens it's Reid's exact new plan.

via HotAir

Palin Rocks Late Night


(object) (embed)

In case you missed it. This is awesome. Leftys can say what they want about Palin, but no one can deny she has the "it' factor. She sparkles. No doubt.

Please Let This Be So......


From Lowry's blog post to God's ears...or something like that. Because really people, this is the only chance we have. So clap your hands and say "I believe in a Congress that won't pass this boondoogle!"

Rich Lowry at NRO:

The Reid bill is really tottering now. "If this thing falls apart, you can look back to today as the tipping point," says a Republican aide in the Senate, echoing what Lamar Alexander notes in the Costa post below. First, there was last night's CNN poll showing 61 percent opposition. Then, there was the devastating CMS report today. "Nobody went to the floor that I could see to defend it on the Democratic side," says the aide. The back-drop for all this is the non-deal that Reid hyped as a break-through earlier this week, only to have it unravel almost immediately. Even Bill Nelson says the Medicare buy-in is basically a "non-starter." "You're starting to see other Democrats nibbling around the edges," the aide says. He predicts that if one Democrat comes out clearly against the Reid bill, others will follow, in a dynamic like the unexpectedly decisive defeat of the amnesty bill a few years ago. Reid also has to worry about the clock. He needs everything to break exactly right—a CBO score coming in on Monday, a score that's good, no intervening, unexpected drama—to force a final showdown next weekend. If he goes to Christmas break without a bill, it gets much harder to pick up the pieces in January. Since the Senate debate began, the bill has only gotten more unpopular. It’s all still in flux obviously, but we just might be watching the bill fall apart before our eyes.

Who Needs Democracy Anyway? (Scroll For Update!)


A lefty friend of mine, dave bones, across the pond sent me to this lefty site about Copenhagen's Climate Change summit. I came across this interesting tidbit:(U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) Lisa Jackson appeared yesterday at the UN Climate Change Summit to assure the international community that the EPA will not let democracy get in the way of regulating the deadly toxic gas known as carbon dioxide at home. Her “endangerment” declaration means that CO2 will still be subject to intense regulation under the Clean Air Act, giving the White House executive power to limit CO2 emissions- even if Congress does not pass a definitive climate bill in 2010.I could hardly believe that. She is saying that even if Cap and Trade doesn't pass, the Obama administration will implement these regulations anyway. So I looked it up on Yahoo News:U.S. Environmental Protection Agency chief Lisa Jackson, meanwhile, said her agency's decision that greenhouse gases should be regulated would be a dual path of action by the Obama administration and Congress.The EPA determined Monday that scientific evidence clearly shows they are endangering the health of Americans, and that the pollutants — mainly carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels — should be regulated under the Clean Air Act. That means the EPA could regulate those gases without congressional approval. Who needs Democracy? Why even have Congress? Represent the people? Oh, come on. That's so old school. Now, with the Obama administration we no longer need that pesky Congress. We will just regulate the h*ll out of everyone and bypass this annoying thing called Democracy.Unbelievable.UPDATE: Newt Gingrich is paying attention:But take a step back and consider what this ruling means in practice. According to the EPA, greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and a host of other gases that are emitted whenever people heat their homes, drive their cars, mow their lawns, tend their farms, or, for that matter, breath.Without so much as a vote being cast, the EPA regulation suddenly micro-manages all of this. It makes all economic activity more expensive. It makes creating jobs more difficult. It puts government bureaucrats, not entrepreneurs, at the center of our economy.The ruling is alarming in its breadth, but perhaps even more disturbing is what it reveals about the Obama administration's view of democratic and constitutional government.The Obama administration seems to regard government of the people, by the people and for the people as an inconvenience rather than a blessing. If the peoples' representatives in Congress do what it wants, great. If not, they will use their power to get their way by any means necessary.Apparently, that includes issuing open threats to another branch of government. Here's what an anonymous senior administration official told Congress, speaking through the New York Times:"If you don't pass this legislation, then ... the EPA is going to have to regulate in this area," the official said. "And it is not going to be able to regulate on a market-based way, so it's going to have to regulate in a command-and-control way, which will probably generate even more uncertainty."The arrogance and totalitarianism of this statement are breathtaking. Not only does it reveal shocking contempt for the rule of law, but the official concedes that he or she will allow the EPA to further damage the struggling economy -- i.e. "generate even more uncertainty" -- in order to enact the administration's climate change [...]

Michelle Bachmann Just Rocks



Palin Hits Back


In my post on climategate I referred to Al Gore sneering to Palin about her piece on climategate. She fired back yesterday and it's a doozy:

The response to my op-ed by global warming alarmists has been interesting. Former Vice President Al Gore has called me a “denier” and informs us that climate change is “a principle in physics. It’s like gravity. It exists.”
Perhaps he’s right. Climate change is like gravity – a naturally occurring phenomenon that existed long before, and will exist long after, any governmental attempts to affect it.

However, he’s wrong in calling me a “denier.” As I noted in my op-ed above and in my original Facebook post on Climategate, I have never denied the existence of climate change. I just don’t think we can primarily blame man’s activities for the earth’s cyclical weather changes.

Former Vice President Gore also claimed today that the scientific community has worked on this issue for 20 years, and therefore it is settled science. Well, the Climategate scandal involves the leading experts in this field, and if Climategate is proof of the larger method used over the past 20 years, then Vice President Gore seriously needs to consider that their findings are flawed, falsified, or inconclusive.

Vice President Gore, the Climategate scandal exists. You might even say that it’s sort of like gravity: you simply can’t deny it.

You gotta love this. How many times in the last eight years have you, as a Republican, said to yourself, "Why don't the Republicans fight back??? Why don't they answer their critics???" It was so frustrating for so long. Now we finally have someone willing to fight back.

I just love it.

via Ace

There Is Always A Silver Lining


Who said great news can't come out of a bad economy? As The New York Times reported yesterday, the ACLU this year, largely without warning, lost its single largest source of funding as a result of the financial crisis. The loss of that individual donor, who had been contributing $20 million per year, was a major blow to the organization, "punching a 25 percent hole in its annual operating budget and forcing cutbacks in operations." That loss came on top of substantial fundraising losses last year from the financial crisis and the Madoff fraud, which had already forced the group to lay-off numerous employees and cut back substantially on its activities. The lost donor made clear yesterday that he continues to support the ACLU's work emphatically but is simply now financially unable to continue his support.

Of course Mr. Glenn Greenwald is practically weeping over this. He believes the ACLU has done so much for liberty. But the truth is that the ACLU has done more to harm this country than probably any other leftwing organization. The American Civil Liberties Union is based upon a noble purpose. But it's radical interpretation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is antithetical to the United States. It is today perpetuated by socialists (and, yes, communists) and is an arm of the radical left. Their claim of being non-partisan is a joke. The ACLU has done nothing but attempt to reform American society according to the ideals of liberalism. They have thrown in a few token conservative cases so they can say they are impartial, but it's laughable. We are all aware of who they are and what they want to accomplish.

Maybe now with this, their goals will diminish. We can only hope.

The Voices of Evil


Ever wonder what evil sounds like?

You can hear it here.